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  1. I've not owed them anything for a long time after eventually paying off in 2012. I was one of those who got caught up in the payday loan cycle but am happy to say I I am payday loan free now. Constant rollovers and reloaning on the same day as paying back, borrowing from 8 lenders at the same time just to meet the interest payments. I was never asked about outgoings etc. I have been successful with most other lenders so will wait it out.
  2. Hi There I raised an irresponsible lending claim with QuickQuid back in July. At the 8 week point they replied saying they hadn't done anything wrong. I raised it with fos who replied with their assessment in November. The adjudicator upheld my complaint. At this point quickquid said they wouldn't consider the loans i had prior to July 2010 as they had been taken out more than 6 years ago. Fos said they should refund all interest plus 8% on my last loan and they would look into whether I should be refunded for the others. Fos gave quickquid 2 weeks to respond. I contacted the adjudicator after 3 weeks to see if they had received a response. I was told that QuickQuid didn't agree so it would have to be referred to an Ombudsman. Does anyone know how long this can take and how often the ombudsman disagrees with the adjudicator please? Many thanks C
  3. Sorry for not replying sooner I have been working away. They asked for income but never expenditure. The loans were all in 2010/2011. However if they had done proper checks such as looking at my credit file surely they would have seen that was the case? My biggest concern is the issue about being in a DMP at the time of each loan and their response when I wanted to add the outstanding debt to my DMP. There is definitely no default on my credit report. As I have been payday loan free for a number of years now I don't know whether to pursue the irresponsible lending route or whether to just let it go.
  4. Hi there. Thanks for your reply. I didn't tell them but they didn't ask.
  5. Hi, does anyone have any advice about taking on debt while in a DMP please as per my initial post? Thanks
  6. Thanks for replying dx. There's definitely no default on my cra just loads of closed loan accounts. There were 5 defaults on cra and 1 payment arrangement at the time of all loans with PDE. And as I said in my post I was in a DMP when I took the loans out. They definitely shouldn't have loaned to me so irresponsible lending is a potential route. But as they said it was my fault for taking out the loans while in a DMP when I tried to add them to it I am thinking I will probably get the same response now.
  7. Hi There Just a quick query. Back in 2011 after a couple of years in the payday loan cycle I just couldn't keep up all of the interest payments to the large number of payday loan companies I was with. I was in a DMP at the time for a number of credit cards and stupidly got stuck in the payday loan cycle. I tried to add the PDLs to my DMP but Payday Express refused to agree to this because I shouldn't have taken on any further credit while in the DMP. I wasn't aware of this and my financial situation had become dire so I resorted to the PDLs. I was thinking of going down the irresponsible lending route with PDE but I am put off because I don't want to stir up any issues as I have been PDL free for a couple of years now. I had a number of loans with PDE and rolled them over regularly. They emailed me regularly saying that I wasn't using all of the credit available to me. I always paid on time up until mid 2011 when I had to admit defeat. They never registered a default and as I said I finally paid them in full. Does anyone think it's worth pursuing or should I just let sleeping dogs lie? Thanks in advance for any views. C
  8. Result! Got email today with an offer of a refund. It's a couple of hundred less than I worked it out to be but I can live with that!
  9. Hi dx. Seems to make sense. OD started at a certain level and was increased twice so seems that a new ppi policy was created each time. There's no debt with this one and the account is still active.
  10. And still waiting will contact fos again tomorrow grr
  11. apparently I had 3 ppi policies on this account. And they have confirmed that my complaint has been upheld on all of them. Just waiting now for the refund. ....
  12. I had a ppi payout from mbna in 2014 but not had a call. Anyone received anything in the post yet?
  13. Thanks I did wonder whether to sit it out. I am hoping to remortgage next year in the spring and thought it might be worth challenging it but if there's no point I will save my energy!
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