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  1. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/408616-trying-to-reclaim-ppi-but-paragon-says-no/?tab=comments#comment-4978454 same boat mate, paragon say no and not regulated Paragon informed me that the PPI was done by warranty Holdings Ltd, guess what, now dissolved
  2. This is a thread to contain my payday loans, my original one is here: HERE Here is a list of the payday loans i taken out from 2011-2014 (ish) The last contact i made with them was December 2017 as instructed by Redbridge Finance a company who was "supposidly" going to help me claim compensation from them. Wonga Quickquid Payday express Mr lender Myjar The money shop The cheque centre To name but a few, there are probably more but it really hurts my head when i try and think back. I am not being chased for any of the above debts at the moment, and not all of them are on my credit report. The only ones that are on my Noddle credit report are: Lantern: a debt collection agency wanting £262 default date 11/08/2014 Advance against income Active securities LTD a debt collection agency wanting £442 Default date 07/09/2014 I'm not sure which company they are from (original creditors) , i haven't heard anything from them ever although all of my debts were taken out at my old address. There are probably more than the ones i listed at the top of the page, but it's going back a long time and feel free to read the thread linked in the top for a short back story going back to 2012. I was hoping for some advice on where to go from here, redbridge tried to put a claim in against Wonga, filed a complaint against the FCA to find they went bust. Thanks so much in advance.
  3. Me again, So out of the blue SLL Capital have put a default on my credit file for a Mr Lender Loan from 2016 that i never repaid. Can they do that? The Mr Lender loan isn't on my credit file before this I will of course do a irresponsible lending complaint to Mr Lender, is it worth sending a prove it that i owe this debt to SLL Capital?
  4. some may be familiar that i filed an IRL claim with payday loan companies due to my gambling addiction, is this worth pursuing with the ombudsman further after their response? even though mr Lender have agreed to waive all interest and fees it looks as though the ombudsman is saying that they didnt have to do thorough checks as it was my first loan with them
  5. After submitting income and expenditure form, I have a lender asking for 2 months bank statements "to validate the information on the income and expenditure form" "We would require this information in order to agree a potential reduced repayment plan." Am I under any obligation to provide this?
  6. Hi all. I had a loan with Mr Lender. I emailed today regarding a claim for irresponsible lending as I have issues with problem gambling. I have stopped gambling and taking it one day at a time. I had a reply within the hour. They said they carried out proper checks and I had no defaults or problems in the last three years. I already had two loans open with sunny and one with money boat. My credit card was over its limit and I was overdrawn. They stated that the installments that are due are never over 12 per cent of disposable income. But the next sentence said my installment was under 14 per cent???? There was no mention of the gambling issues nor the multiple searches that are on my file. What's the next step? A reply outlining what I said here then the FOS? Any advice great-fully received. Feel free to move thread if needed
  7. I had a personal loan from 1999 which had PPI on it. I didn't request PPI but the box on the CCA had a pre-printed tick in it. On challenging the PPI, Paragon claim the loan wasn't dependent on PPI and that they weren't regulated at the time so I have no claim against them. The FOS haven't been much help. I've read a thread by user justice4me from 2012 where they managed to successfully make a PPI claim in much the same situation. Does anyone have any information regarding what is needed to successfully make a PPI claim against Paragon? Cheers, OMWO
  8. Hello This is my first post here so I've tried not to witter on, but it's complicated. The situation is that I was evicted from my home last year when I couldn’t remortgage it after the interest-only mortgage expired. The circumstances don’t matter, I have no quarrel with that. My query relates to what came after. I had managed to dispose of a lot of stuff I didn’t want, but there was still a lot of stuff I did want, left in the property. I’m past retirement age, live alone, and am severely disabled: I cannot legally walk, I have severe spinal problems and a max award of DLA. Acenden have known this since the beginning of the proceedings. They refused me entry back into the house to deal with my property, despite my undertaking to comply with whatever conditions they imposed. They arranged for all my stuff to be packed up and moved into storage, and I’ve paid all the moving fees and a year’s storage costs. Because of my disabilities I was completely unable to inspect my property while it was in storage; even getting to the chosen storage facility was beyond me unless I had substantial help which wasn’t available. When I eventually unpacked everything in my new home, which has taken me the four months since I moved in, I’ve seen that the packaging was very poor, no attempt was made to protect any of my property, a box that had contained glassware and china was full of smashed and dangerous pieces of glass and porcelain; glazed pictures were simply stuffed into inadequate cardboard boxes, the frames mangled beyond recognition and the glass fronts all smashed. Other of my stuff had been so badly damaged as to be made useless and needed replacing (e.g. tumble drier), a long list of other stuff, including a valuable listed edition print and expensive camera kit, has been stolen. I’ve photographed everything that’s been damaged clearly showing the damage, and recording the very poor quality packaging and careless packing. Acenden also suggested to me that they could arrange disposal of stuff I didn’t want before the rest of my stuff was packed up, to which I agreed, provided a list, and their initiative and my agreement and identification of that property are evidenced by email exchanges. They didn’t follow through on the agreement, and I’ve spent removal and a year’s storage costs for their broken promise. Acenden took four months before they even put the house on the market. I have other complaints but my question here, is what is Acenden’s legal liability for the theft of and damage to my property that’s happened while it’s been in their custody. To say that the removers were negligent is an understatement, but I didn’t have a contract with them, Acenden did. I know I need to see a lawyer, but I’m just hoping to get a view here as the first appointment I can get is two weeks away. To say I’m very angry is putting it mildly. I’ve spoken to my insurers – fortunately I have contents insurance that will cover a claim provided I exhaust Acenden’s complaints procedures before I start that claim. Do Acenden have any liability to me for my loss, which amounts to over £10,000 on current replacement values? Thank you for any feedback. Gleneagle
  9. Dont want to reopen a can of worms but we do have an interesting twist on the lender not signing the agreement which is going to court in December.
  10. Hello I received a citation for an old credit card debt and was wondering if any one knew how to get the date extended so I have time to make up a defence if this is possible? I'm in Scotland Many thanks Tom
  11. http://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2016/01/80598-trustbuddy-bankruptcy-lenders-to-pay-25-on-recovered-claims/ I am a lender with TB. My money is invested in Finland. I have received several letters from the Swedish administrators. The latest appears to offer an agreement to buy the loans from a debt collection agency. I can't understand most of what they are saying because some of the docs are in Norwegian. I have tried writing to the administrators, but have not received any response to date. Anyone else in a similar position? Not sure what my options are....
  12. Dear all I would be very grateful for any help with my situation. I had a SPO following mortgage arrears (£3600) in 2008. Since then I have been making my contractual payments but had missed payments on three occasions from unexpected expenses resulting from direct debits being returned unpaid. I was in a particularly bad financial condition in the last 6 months following an elderly family member falling unwell while abroad. The mortgage arrears accrued to £3400 again and the mortgage company ( a subprime lender) has now applied to the court for a warrant for possession. I panicked and raised money from friends and family to clear off the arrears, but the lender is refusing to accept any payments and instead insists that I send them last three months of bank statements before they would decided whether to accept the payments or not. They insist that until I serve them the bank statements, they can't do anything about the eviction and says an eviction date will be issued in due course. They also made me complete an income and expenditure with them over the phone. I am very reluctant to send in bank statements, since with the financial difficulties over the last three months, I have resorted to payday loans (cleared) and I am very worried this will again jeopardize the situation. I am otherwise in a stable job and would be able to afford my contractual payments going forward. I have raised the money and want to clear the arrears but I am left in this dire situation. With family and young children, it looks as if my fate is sealed. May be someone else on this forum would have had a similar situation and I am sincerely hoping for some advice and help. Apologies for the long post.
  13. PDL company admitted fault in final response offered compensation which was accepted and a date by which it would be paid was agreed. That date has come and gone and the PDL company now say they are to busy with claims to pay up and don't know when they will pay the money. Is the agreement you already have with them as legally binding as it would be had they been directed to pay by the Ombudsman. It seems this is the latest from CFO lending and there are multiple reports of them doing this.
  14. Afternoon all, I'll get straight to the point... one of the payday 'giants' has been unfairly processing my data for the last 3 years now and are unwilling to change their position. Hence, I am considering taking them to court. Here's what happened: - Payday loan taken out in 2013 - Couldn't afford it (like most), half of the sum due was taken out of my bank account, leaving the other half due - Been down the irresponsible lending and unaffordable complaint routes, both failed with FOS - The lender has never bothered to default the account, it is still in limbo today - Having checked my credit file, the lender has reported the account 'late payment' for the last 3 years I have contacted the ICO for some clarification regarding credit reporting, and I was advised that the 'late payment' marker should only be used for a maximum of 6 months, after which time the lender should either default or discharge the account. Keeping the account open in this current status is unfairly prolonging the length of time the entry will stay on file. With such accounts, unless defaulted accordingly, they could stay on file indefinitely, much like a credit card or current account. This is clearly a breach of ICO guidelines and the DPA. The lender has claimed their current reporting is an accurate representation of the status of the account and that they are "not required to provide a notice of default for this type of product". I'm not sure why they have said this either. As it stands, instead of this 28 day loan being removed after 6 years, it could stay on there for 9, 12, 15 years possibly.. you get my drift! I'm reluctant to escalate this to the FOS or ICO as from a lot of personal experience, they are extremely inconsistent and unreliable. Therefore, I'd like to go straight to litigation. The thing I'd like advice on, is which legislation(s) to use, i.e. just the DPA or include the CCA and ICO/FCA regulations. Also, as the lender is way past the legal timeframe in which they can default the account, and I'm sure they can't default it retrospectively, is it fair for me to request the account be removed in its entirety? I've seen others also request damages upto £1000, but I'm not sure how they have reached this sum or proved the sum justifies the damage caused. Any advice about the best way to go about this would be great! Thanks
  15. Hi all, Hoping somebody may be able to shed some light on my question.. I have a judgment against an individual. I have come to realise his name is misspelt on the judgment. Have been advised by the court to make a formal application to correct this using an N244 form 'Notice Application'. My question really is regarding what court fee I am supposed to pay. Ive read the official fee guide but it doesn't make it very clear regarding this type of application. Any thoughts? Ive already emailed the courts to ask but thought somebody may have the answer on here. Thanks in advance
  16. Hi I recently allowed our home to be repossessed. The mortgage company got a valuation done before marketing the house but I was wondering is how many should the lender get. Many thanks
  17. Warning to LIP’s and Homeowners: I am not surprised that this country has been taken for a merry go round ride that has lasted for 25 years. It has cost this nation its ‘financial status’ and classified into history as ‘Broken Britain’ by the very Politicians and the legal system put in place by them. The citizens of this country now held to ransom by the same ‘financial criminals ‘who threaten to take their business elsewhere, should suffer the same pain they have inflicted on the masses, be‘charged’ as those petty criminals are charged and hounded. The country fraudulently has been milked and duped, and these Politicians too weak to rein them in, as the horse has bolted and the country have been brought to its financial knees. The banks declared losses to make sure that the tax payer does not benefit from their investment. My story: My recent case 2009-2012 against my mortgage lender was dismissed in Court unfairly two years after I was allowed to escalate my case to include Conflict of Interest by the lender. The lender had instructed their ‘designated company solicitor’ to act on the behalf of themselves and me. The key Facts clearly state that all ‘legal costs’would be paid as an ‘incentive’ with no exceptions or clear indication in plain simple English or in legal jargon that I had to take independent legal advice and these costs would only cover the ‘conveyance’ and not ‘legal advice’. The designated company solicitors went on to inform my previous mortgage lender that they were instructed to act on my behalf. They proceeded to do this without my written or verbal permission and then went on to instruct my broker to act in a legal capacity to conclude the mortgage. All these ‘entities legally’ allowed to trade were aware that I did not benefit from any legal advice and the half filled application forms raises eyebrows as to how this re-mortgage was allowed to be concluded by the designated solicitors with boxes left un-ticked as to how this mortgage would be repaid after the term was over with no savings plan put in place as this was an interest only mortgage, no terms and conditions contracts in place signed by both parties that clearly lays all the terms and conditions and the start and end date of this contract. This mortgage was concluded without legal representation for me and no written or oral disclosure presented to the Court to prove that I was advised to take independent legal advice as they had convinced the Circuit Court Judge that they had done so. In addition there was no legal representative from the lenders on the day of the signing of the deed. The Judge found in favor of the solicitors, and the lenders not forgetting the broker stating that each did not have a duty of care towards me…the borrower of a home re- mortgage. These ‘Designated’ company solicitors are given the duties to sign on the behalf of the lender amongst other legal duties. This had enabled them to sign the deed as an unnamed solicitor had done so in 2005 in proxy. The Mortgage Company had to be aware that the designated duties would also include their solicitor to protect their interest as ‘paramount’. The Mortgage Company was also being aware that their solicitors would go on to employ themselves to act in the conveyance and transfer of funds etc. to my account etc. The same solicitors were also instructed to act on my behalf by the lenders to conclude the mortgage in 2005 and then were instructed to evict me in 2006 or they had instructed themselves… as powers given to them, when I fell behind on the mortgage by a few months. This evicting was the ‘first resort and not the last’ and I was refused all help with no respite. They committed perjury and abused the Administration of Justice Act by stating that… ‘No payments were made since inception’…when they knew that the remortgage was a new one taken in June 2005 and arrears began in after the hit and run accident that saw my car written off in Sept 2005. I paid six installments before falling into arrears in Jan 2006 and all my pleas for help were made to deaf ears and their attempted to evict my family and myself using my car accident as an excuse for the eviction. The Courts breached our liberty by allowing this eviction that did not take into consideration of my circumstances as the Administration of Justice Act states, and proceeded to order the eviction. I cleared all arrears and fell back into a one month arrear pattern as I tried to play catch up until 2009. I was seriously unwell from 2005-2008 until I had seven injections in my spine and it took a year to 2009 to finally to walk again and wean myself off the drugs I was given to stem the pain. In 2009 I realized when I requested an annual statement of accounts that they had added 5,500/- to the principal of the mortgage without advising me. This was one of the purposes of me instigating the case against them as I was stonewalled to the point of distraction in 2009. Their agent advised me over the phone that they had the ‘right to charge any amounts at any time paid to third parties’. I found it hard to digest a copy sent in 2009… the Mortgage Conditions 2004 E& Wales in 2009 that calls itself a ‘booklet’ states. Shockingly there was no Terms and conditions contract drawn up to accompany the deed that has ALL THE TERMS signed by both the lender and the Borrower. This clause was never explained to me legally before I signed the deed or I would never have taken the Mortgage Company to court. This important clause and the consequences of what help would be given at any time of arrears was never included as part of the Key Facts to make the borrower aware of exact charges and legal fees would be added. A power of attorney was also taken from me without my knowledge by my broker who was instructed to act in a legal capacity and went on to verify me and coerced me into signing the deed that day as I attempted to change my mind. I was threatened by him that I would be liable for excessive fees for wasting his time when I was told no lawyers would attend as promised that day, and there was no legal representative of the lenders. MY MIND DID NOT FOLLOW MY SIGNATURE as this is the honest truth. In addition I had come to know the day before that broker was sexually harassing my daughter at the time and I politely told him off that morning shortly before the signing. This broker who allegedly worked as a part time retainer mortgage consultant that ceased to trade in 2009 did not clarify what his role would be and that he could act as a witness to the charging deed and act in a legal capacity to verify me legal etc. It is unbelievable that law allows a ‘booklet’ to have the same weight that a ‘contract’ should have in financial matters that involves a large amount of money and a person’s right of liberty to live in a home who has been suddenly caught up in an ‘after math’ of a car accident to be evicted and allows the lender to callously benefit from the misfortune of the homeowner, run into ‘short term’arrears. The costs of this eviction case was also added to the principle sum and the court later forbade me to demand this back and also forbade me to rely on the Human Rights Act as the liberty of my family life along with my three kids was breached. In 2009 despite me requesting disclosure by the Freedom of Information Act they dragged their feet. This prompted me to apply for an Unless order, again this order was dismissed purely on the biased recommendations of the Defendants legal team the same designated company solicitors who continued to drag their feet that all disclosure was given. In 2010 when I was given permission to escalate the case to include conflict of interest all the charges that they refused to accept as liability was offered back in refund and finally despite not accepting the amount and not forewarning the court my mortgage was reduced by an amount of around 4500/-. I then found out that they had secretively charged me two sets of interest rates during the fixed interest period one on paper via Direct Debit and another was added to the principle sum from the moment of inception of this remortgage. As the case progressed I was horrified by what I had experienced. My paperwork began going missing in court, bundles and applications went missing and I was made a perfect scapegoat for just being a LIP as I was led down the garden path by the Court and the Defense Barrister. The Defense Barrister was greeted by the Circuit Court Judge as, ‘Hi Good morning…miss… it has been a long time…?’ Friendships…between Judges/ solicitors/ Barrister and lenders as I was later warned by two solicitors who are not connected. Applications made to request the transcripts of hearings also dismissed conveniently as the lenders convinced the Court that it was the brokers fault. I was then coerced into getting the Broker on board the case they knew would complicate the case. I applied for the broker and the company solicitor of the lender to be added to the case. This application went missing in the court. I was blamed for not making it at all despite evidence of an email sent and reference made in an appeal two weeks later. This added 15,000/- in Court costs when all my appeals and applications were denied as having no merit. Every single application made that would benefit my case was thrown out as having no‘merit’. I complained to every organization, the Information commissioner’s office, and including the OJC to complain about the Judges behavior was a waste of my time. The Personal support unit also was aware of the loss of bundles and applications in court as they were lodged in their presence. As the due process of the Court went through its motions I was accused of wasting Courts time. I was not given the chance to prove what the Judge termed as ‘nonsense’. After the bundle sent to the Broker was returned I had tracked him via Face book and informed him of the case etc. At the time he did not have legal representation so I had no other choice but to inform him directly. He went on to report me to the Police for harassing him and I was taken aside by two Police Officers on the 23rd Jan 2012 and was warned not to make any contact with the broker. I politely told them I had no other choice. The ‘Harassment’ that warranted the waste of time of the two Officers who took the trouble to attend the court to serve me with a warning when I had made contact and left messages for the concerned Police Officer who could have easily come home to serve me with the notice. Unbelievable! Timely disclosure was not given and my case was deliberately dragged on despite knowing my health conditions and complicated court procedure. The Mortgage lenders and their legal agents perverted the course of Justice condoned by the Judges despite me making the Judges aware. I was ignored mocked, humiliated and my rights to a liberty, fair hearing and audience have been denied. The Judges were rude, aggressive and totally unfair in their verbal treatment towards me I felt verbally attacked by two of the Judges to the point of great distress that brought on serious anxiety attacks on Court premises as I was ridiculed by the Judges who accused me of not knowing the law. My head was placed on the platter for the mortgage company and the legal agents of both the broker and the lender. I believe they were pushing me to lose my temper so they could charge me with disrespecting the Judge. The seriously flawed judgment based on 'personal opinion' took on the biased recommendations of the lenders Barristers who was party to perjury as I was further prevented from applying for my case to be transferred to the High Court. The Judgment found that the ‘joint broker’ who was paid a fee from the lenders and myself, ‘the lenders’ and their ‘company solicitors’ had no duty of care towards me. I am devastated that there was so much ‘collusion’ first by the broker, the lenders and their designated company solicitors, then by the Judges protecting themselves as I took them all on. Every LIP or a Lay person should be treated with dignity and respect and the court should be a neutral ground for litigation with equality of arms. I found myself in a den of hungry lions eager to rip me apart as the Judges who were there to prevent this stood, watched and mocked. I was set up to lose my case. I was told not to expect pity when all I was doing is answering a question and demanding to know why the Court had allowed them to benefit from evicting me and taking advantage of my illness, and I was told that I was not going to be allowed to benefit from this mortgage by a Judge when I informed the court that the mortgage itself was Void. Even more shocking is that the Courts are now looking to allow conflict of interest…and have allowed the Mortgage Conditions 2004 England & Wales to be used as an 'instrument that allows serious conflict of interest' in favor of the lender since it was introduced in 2004. Every single loan and mortgage is borne out of conflict of interest as borrowers were sold dodgy PPI’s that would never protect them from the noose of the credit rating sites that has cost the homes and businesses of millions since the last 25 years after the endowment scandal. Both the Conservatives and Labor each pass the buck to each other, are the two main Political Parties in power since the Second World War, are all implicitly involved as they have allowed the Banks and Mortgage lenders to rip this nation apart by removing all regulations that reigned them in. Home Owners or Mortgagors… DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHTS AT ALL. This is contradictory to the Property Act of England and Wales 1925 as the Financial institutions hold this nation and Europe at ransom they should be treated as financial criminals and should be prevented from trading elsewhere in the world. The Court costs of 40,000/- has now been added to my mortgage by the lender without a court order and in addition to the 15,000/- that the lenders company solicitors and the broker is demanding. I have lost my faith in the Courts I am badly shaken, still recuperating after undergoing two operations in August last year as my health conditions drag on. I was unable to make an appeal to the High Court in time as I believed it would be a waste of time and would add more costs. How could I make a request for my case to be heard in High Court when the Circuit Judge clearly stated in his judgment that he felt this case was not a High Court matter and my appeal would be thrown out, and further how could I make an appeal with regards to the excessive costs added to my mortgage when the Mortgage Conditions 2004 E & Wales allows this and the courts have not ordered these costs? I was informed by the Courts that they have not ordered the costs and the lenders are depending upon an agreement? There is no physical written financial contract with my signature other than the booklet mentioned on the deed. So as I pick up the pieces to my life again I have no regrets that I did. If this is not 'conflict of interest' the definition should be changed in the dictionary. They attempted to take my home when I was too ill to stand against them, they attempted to benefit from my illness, they set me up by perverting the course of Justice and won, and now they have added a large amount to my mortgage! What can I expect from the very people who have been condoned to trade by those in power? As Political parties come and go…one lives in hope that a once Great Nation will find its feet again! Julie de Souza 1stMarch 2013
  18. Hi All Just after a bit more advice.. It has just come to me that a couple of years ago, one of my PDLs sent me court papers. It was one I had been rolling, rolling for ages then payment plan which I could not keep to. I ended up settling by paying the full balance including court costs interest fees etc because the court papers freaked me out at the time. Can I still take this lot to the FOS or make a complaint based on irresponsible lending like my other loans?
  19. I had a payday loan about 4.5 years ago when I was in a bit of a rut and didnt end up paying it back. The past few months they have bombarded me with emails to pay it back, around 61 emails to be precise - I have emailed them 3 times advising they are no longer to send me emails but they continue to do so and even replied to my email saying they will email for as long as the money is owed. I am sure I read somewhere that if you request a stop to call or any emails they have to by law comply - Is this right? I have even put them on notice that should they continue to send emails that I will charge then £15 for every email they have sent me - They has since sent me another 7 emails since that warning Where do I stand on this?
  20. Citizen's Advice believe that the majority of payday loans could be complained about; their in depth analysis of 665 payday loan cases, reported to its consumer service between 1 January and 30 June 2013, finds that at least 76% could have grounds for an official complaint to the Financial Ombudsman including: 1 in 5 were possible cases of fraud – where a person was chased for a loan they hadn’t taken out. More than a third involved issues with continuous payment authorities including money that was not authorised to be taken. 12% involved harassment whereby lenders pester people with phone calls and text messages rather than accept affordable repayment offers. 1 in 10 were about lenders’ unfair treatment of people in financial difficulties. Why you should complain to the FOS Every creditor is allowed 25 free investigations by the FOS, all subsequent investigations will be charged at £550 each to the lender. You can read more about the way the FOS charges here: http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/QG1.pdf Given that payday loans are generally given for small amounts, the charge made by the FOS is often very high by comparison - usually more than the actual loan amount. As such complaining could put a massive dent in a payday loan lender's profits. In addition, you may find that a lender agrees to write-off a loan as it could be financially cheaper than allowing a FOS investigation. Get complaining, it makes a LOT of sense. Make your Complaint HERE
  21. Hiya, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area, but I've got to say thanks for all your help in trying to sort out my mess. I've a new question, I've a CCJ, which involved a Natwest bank lodging a claim for an amount against my house with the Land Registry. I intend selling my house, when the Bank takes the charge from what's left after paying back the mortgage, there won't be much left. Is it possible to negotiate with the Bank at this stage to try and reduce the claim against my property? Many thanks.
  22. Paragon_CCA.pdfHi, Was wondering if anyone could take a look at the attached CCA to see if it is legal, I've had this loan for three years now and it's crippling me... Paragon_CCA.pdf Any help greatly appreciated. Best. Eoghan Paragon_TsandCs.pdf
  23. i have taken out numerous loans from sunny over the past 2 years. in total borrowed £2700 in lots of seperate loans and paid back £3800 all together . They are now still chasing me for £600 . Over the last couple of months i had a £25 payment plan set up with them and paid them last month they said i hadnt paid when i had and i had to send them bank statements etc to prove i had . i then missed a payment waitng for them to sort it out and they then sent me a default notice served under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974 for £600 to be paid in full by 8/4/15. Any help on what to do would be appreciated, I am also having big problems with mr lender. I borrowed 750 back in october but ran into financial hardship . I offered £25 a month and an in depth i/e form . They refused . in December they sent me a text saying i owe £1700 .My online account balance was a lower amount. in january the 2nd the said was to be sold to mmf . Then on 11th january offerd me a settlement figure of £750 .But when i log in they say the debt is with mmf . As of today i have not heard a thing from either mr lender or mmf but want to get this sorted before it escaltes . Thanks for your advice on therse matters in advance.
  24. Hello all I'm self employed, and got into difficulty last December with my mortgage (due to ill health which effected my eyesight) Won't pretend I didn't do a bit of burying my head in the sand also!! The last few weeks, I've been able to get back to work full time, and now have the money to pay my mortgage arrears in full, and can keep up to date in the future. However, my lender wont accept payment from me until they hear from their head office, and charges are being added daily. Also the repossession hearing is next monday, and I'm out of my mind with worry. What, if anything, can I do? Help! Thanks for your time
  25. Sky News can reveal that Zitah McMillan, who stepped down as the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) communications and international director in December, has joined DFC Global Corp, whose array of financial services operations include The Money Shop, a prominent UK lender. The emergence of her appointment as DFC Global's international chief executive, which was announced internally to staff last month but not otherwise made public, comes on the same day that the FCA issued a further rebuke to the payday lending industry. The regulator said that "too many firms have been failing to meet the requirements to treat customers in arrears fairly" and exposed "unacceptable practices from many lenders, including failures to recognise customers in financial difficulty, failure to direct people to free debt advice and firms offering inflexible repayment options". A former civil servant at the Department for Work and Pensions, Ms McMillan's role excludes DFC Global's operations in the UK, US and Canada, according to the company, encompassing its activities in markets including Finland, Poland and Spain. More
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