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  1. I am desperately in need of some advice please. Several years ago Acenden got a suspended possession order . I successfully paid the arrears and they were clear until last year when my world started crumbling down. On 30 October I got home to a letter from their solicitors telling me the order was being reinstated due to arrears of £2600 approx. This is just over 4 months worth of payments. I called and was told unless arrears cleared in full there was nothing that could be done . In desperation I spoke to a family member and they loaned me 2000 and I had just over 300.
  2. Back in 2005/6 Ocean Finance arranged a large mortgage of about £400k for me. In late 2007 I was lucky to sell my house & payback Capstone/SPML. Just before they repossed it. I still have all the paperwork. Am I right in thinking I can reclaim all the charges payed to Capstone SPML. which amounted to a lot including court costs etc , & about £25k early repayment fees, also are they known to have included PPI in with my monthly payments, & if so can i also reclaim that. Any help & advice you can give me would be gratefully received. Thanks
  3. Hi I pay smpl on Morgage but they are Acenden now. I've just sent them a Sar in the hope of reclaiming charges as I know I was in arrears about 7 or more years ago with capstone what's my chance of success here? I've just noticed they have cashed the cheque and £10 has been credited to my Morgage account. Is this normal practise?
  4. Hello This is my first post here so I've tried not to witter on, but it's complicated. The situation is that I was evicted from my home last year when I couldn’t remortgage it after the interest-only mortgage expired. The circumstances don’t matter, I have no quarrel with that. My query relates to what came after. I had managed to dispose of a lot of stuff I didn’t want, but there was still a lot of stuff I did want, left in the property. I’m past retirement age, live alone, and am severely disabled: I cannot legally walk, I have severe spinal problems and a max awa
  5. Hello, l am wondering if anyone could possibly give me any advice, my partner and l have arrears with our mortgage company, this was caused by my partner having his work hour's cut, (actually he was one of the lucky few who wasn't laid off), the arrears total £1800, we have spoken to Capstone who were supposed to ring us back to make an arrangement to pay our monthly amount plus some off arrears, their phoning us was to work out how much we can pay back comfortably, they never rang but we have had a letter stating that the arrears must be paid or they will go
  6. My current mortgage is with capstone/preferred I didnt keep up with my order and now I have an eviction notice or pay £3700 Can anyone help me on this?
  7. Looked through forum many times, also people have helped me through several eviction attempts over the years with these low life's. In a good place right now, Experian showing my mortgage payments to Acenden up to date for last 3 years. The payment is taken by DD and the only problem I have every year is they add buildings insurance on but I get them to remove. However my mortgage is 10k higher now than when it commenced in 2004. I have literally paid tens of thousands in charges, solicitors cost etc. like many they turned up to court and presented false figures, at
  8. hi all I have 4 more monthly payments to pay which will leave me a shortfall of 200 pound when I phoned and asked could I pay extra a month to pay it of I was told every payment would incur a £65 pound charge how could this be allowed any ideas would be appreciated thanks
  9. Please could anyone advise me on what to do next regarding this, as I seem to have run up against a brick wall. I bought my previous property in 2000 with a mortgage from Southern Pacific. The mortgage was redeemed in February 2004 when I sold the property to my son, who also took out a mortgage with the same company to purchase it. My son failed to make the mortgage payments and the property was repossessed about 2 years later. I no longer have anything to do with my son. Recently, I decided to try to claim back PPI from my earlier mortgage. I no longer have
  10. Hi all, We ended up making the cataclysmic mistake of placing our mortgage with SPML about 7 years ago after rather foolishly taking the services of an independent mortgage broker. Unfortunately like so many others at the time we got into arrears during the "credit crunch" period. I wont go into all the details of the arrears my my concern is that over the phone today I was informed by Acenden that my arrears still stand at 5 months (this I already knew, some £3500) but the various charges they have applied have added a further £4500 plus change taking
  11. I'm having similar problems, could you please let me know how i would get a summary of the charges added to my account, i've tried logging into their website but they will not activate my account. I've received a letter stating i'm in arrears but when i ring up they say my account is in credit and they will get someone to ring me back, but never do!!!
  12. OK, not sure if I'm missing something but I'm thoroughly confused by this.. I have a secured mortgage with Acenden that is due to end in February next year. I got into arrears with them about 4 years ago but cleared them and have kept my nose clean ever since. Last week they sent me a odd letter telling me about the end date, informing me of the current balance (~£2500) that they will carry on collecting my monthly payments and that I don't need take any further action at this time. However they then go on to say that that I should make arrangements to pay any outstanding balance ful
  13. Hi, I don't do Facebook so I have started a thread on the MoneySavingExpert forum - The Acenden (administered mortgage) Escape Committee in the section called "Mortgage Free Wannabe" (I can't post links here yet). - Acenden have apparently recommenced selling mortgages on behalf of their new owners. Do join me there. I will post more information on that new thread in a while, eg about the danger signs that indicate that Acenden means to repossess. Everyone's case is unique but there are things we can to help each other get clear of these cowboys.
  14. Hello! I am surprised that no customers of Acenden/Southern Pacific Mortgages Limited have mentioned the recent refund of charges from SPML? I have been battling with them for years over what I believe to be overcharges and MANY others have made comments on the forums stating the same. We received a letter dated the 2nd of July from SPML, saying that they have agreed with the FCA that certain charges made between 1st of January 2009 and 31st of August 2012 were "found to be higher than the market norm" and have refunded the difference back to my mortgage account. T
  15. I recently attempted to reclaim fees on our redeemed mortgage which was redeemed in October 2014. The fees charged to our account over 7 years amounted to £9550. After taking over two months to respond, as I expected, Acenden have refused to refund any fees, they consider the fees they have charged to be fair. Where do I go from here? Some forums say the ombudsman and some forums say the small claims court? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  16. i have been sent a letter today from Acenden's Solicitors TLT stating, that as we had as we had broken the terms of our suspended possession order Acenden were again going for repossession again and that an application had been made to the court on the 3rd October 2012. We had sent a letter to acenden back in August stating that our son who has a serious heart condition had been admitted to hospital to have heart surgery performed, and we explained that due to a sudden loss of income from my wife taking time from work we MAY not be able to meet our financial commitments but e
  17. I took out a secured loan through loans.co.uk in August 2004 with an ex. She is on the loan but not the deeds and has paid her half every month. The loan was 25k. 3090 PPI. 10%. 120 payments of 381.12. Interest has stayed at 10% the whole time. I lost my job in 2009. Tried to use my insurance only to be told it only lasted for 3 years. I tried my hardest to pay every month. Some months were late and others reduced payments. I got a new job after a year and continued to pay. I have had a few financial difficulties this year. I asked for some help and they sent a man round. He was gr
  18. Hi I took out an SPML mortgage in 2006. I was a bit of a sub-primer and this was all I could get. It was for a buy-to-let mortgage. Of course I don't have to recount to you what a nightmare this has been at times. In any case I'm currently in arrears (I won't bore you with the sob story) and I have also accrued thousands in 'other charges' for insurance(?), management fees, missed direct debits and anything else they could think of, really. I've had a letter and a court date from their solicitors seeking re-possession. I originally found this site in 2006 when it h
  19. 2005 Loan made to purchase a leased flat and the loan was secured by a first mortgage on the property (the principal charge). In 2006 the loan was sold or transferred including all of its interests to another company who then recorded their interest by way a charge using the original mortgage deed which was created in 2005. A few months later with out any knowledge being given to us the borrowers, the so called loan in equity only part was sold and put in a pool of mortgages then sold to investors using the Irish stock exchange. We now jump to 2013 when aft
  20. Hi All I am in a bit of a sticky mess. I have missed 2 months mortgage payments and loan (March and April) and was already in arrears. I have been to my GP as I am clinically depressed and for me to get out of my depression I need to Gamble my money. Mortgage company have tried calling on Friday but I was at work and was unable to answer the phone. I need help in writing a letter to them and a budget sheet. To explain the situation and hopefully they will accept my normal arrears payments. I have approached my sister and explained my situation and she has took charge in my f
  21. Some help please from some one in the know. My wife has a motory nuerone disease and as aresult we find ourselves 7k in arrears. When we remortgaged an spml and an spl loan together into one mortgagei with spml, we were charged £10k erc and have been charged £60 per month management fees. I am now clutching at straws I know , but is this legal and if not , how will I go about pointing this out to them. I have had no court threats but the" man who can help for £100" is coming round soon. Oh, and it was also a self cert and interest only. With all I have to d
  22. Hi All Well after getting all my statements from SPML/Capstone Acenden lol I requested that my arrears management fees be given back to me. Usual reply that these fees were not unlawful and included in the terms and conditions blah blah.... Can anyone help on the following as have now court papers to take them to court ready to go.. 1. if these fees have not been deemed unlawful what would the judge have to go on to vote in my favour?? 2. Any wording for the claim forms?? The arrears management fees were £65 a go and totalling £4000 ish The mortgage was redeemed in 2006 thank
  23. I have recieved a repossession hearing date from the courts for Capstone Mortgages, due to being self employed my payments have always been a week or 2 late but I have always paid. However due to the 2 recent bank holidays the cheques from my customers arrived even later, which put me one whole month in arrears and the next month 2 weeks overdue. Which they said amounted to £960. However upon phoning them one of my payments had crossed the letter in the post and I was only £460 in arrears, but they were going to add on £115. I paid the £575 and t
  24. Hi, My home has recently been taken off of me by acenden while I was out of the country for 7 weeks. unfortunately, unknown to me (because I never check my bank, and in the past 8 months I've hardly been in the country to open post) payments had not been made, whenever home i'd not seen any alarming looking post, ie from solicitors (I've had these letters before so would clock that straight away) so presumed everything was fine! and then i got a phone call from a friend who works with a lodger of mine, telling me he'd been woken up to locks being drilled and then told to get his stuff and
  25. Hi, My home has recently been taken off of me by acenden while I was out of the country for 7 weeks. unfortunately, unknown to me (because I never check my bank, and in the past 8 months I've hardly been in the country to open post) payments had not been made, whenever home i'd not seen any alarming looking post, ie from solicitors (I've had these letters before so would clock that straight away) so presumed everything was fine! and then i got a phone call from a friend who works with a lodger of mine, telling me he'd been woken up to locks being drilled and then told to get his stuff and
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