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  1. Hi all, I became a carer for my parents way back in 2007. To do this I had to give up my business and as a result had my home repossessed. As my mum had dementia and declined rapidly I had little time and even less inclination to deal with it all, and dug my head in the sand. At the old property (by that point I was living with my parents) I had a lot of debt letters and just left them there. Only 2 creditors are still chasing me via debt companies. They are both credit card debts. I sent 1 of them the statute barred letter as they turned up at my door the other week.
  2. Hi there I have today received court papers for possession of our home and really need some help. A brief outline of the story so far : In 2011 took out a business loan for £143K (£12K of which was an EFG loan) secured on residential property. Business closed in 2012. Lots of issues with Lloyds including the fact they claimed back the EFG and also have tried to claim it back from me. Repossessed the commercial property which was the 1st charge and as a result of 'fire sale' was left with a short fall of £100K which they are now claiming against the house.
  3. Hi, My sister has just had her home repossessed. It is a very sad tale but we are trying to get through it. I won't go into the detail of how she got herself into this situation, I need help with how we can get the house back please We have submitted an order with the court requesting the possession order be set aside so they can get back into the house for the next 6mths and try and sell the house on their terms. I have offered to pay the arrears. We do not have a hearing date yet but I am not hopeful that this will be successful since the bank has asked for the full mortgage amou
  4. hi, I bought a BTL in Glasgow in 2005 at a value of £175,000. The mortgage was £155,000 and fast forward 12 years it was still in neg equity after the crash in 2008. with a host of tenant and service charge issues. in the end i let it get repossessed and it was sold for £139,000 in less than a week. the arrears were £7,000 and im sure there were costs involved in the sale such as estate agents and sols etc which we expected we were expecting s shortfall of circa £30,000. we received a letter with stating a shortfall of just under £45,000?! There was no breakdown of costs or the account ju
  5. I took out a small(ish) secured loan with Blemain Finance in about 2007, which was needed in addition to my main mortgage which was with Halifax. The loan I took out with Blemain was only for £17k (and my main mortgage with Halifax - which was interest only - was for £90,000). Despite the fact that the loan amount with Blemain was only around a fifth of the amount of my main mortgage with Halifax, the monthly repayments were about the same (about £300 per month). Some of the time I was not working so I struggled to always keep up with the Blemain repayments, BUT I was
  6. My home was repossessed by Acenden for SPML last April, and the sale completed on 28 November 2016. I have still not received the residual proceeds, amounting to >£133,000. Am I entitled to interest on this since the date of completion? I'm severely disabled, in temporary accommodation and my health, already known by Acenden to be very poor, is suffering. I need to buy a new home, I'm of an age where I'm eligible for an equity release mortgage, and there are much cheaper places to live than here. I desperately need to get out of here. Having read CAG Guide, c
  7. A first post, so hello. My home was repossessed six months ago and the estate agent’s website shows a notice saying Mortgagees in possession are now in receipt of an offer for the sum of £240,000 for [property]. Anyone wishing to place an offer on the property should contact [Estate agent’s details] before exchange of contracts or within the next 7 days whichever is sooner. This replaced a previous notice, first seen on 29 September 2016, specifying 28 days instead of the current ‘7 days’. What does this notice mean? Does it actually mean that a sale is proceeding but contracts
  8. Hi All I'm new to this site, another matter brought me here but thought I'd ask you knowledgeable bunch about this too (they are kind of related). In 2014 we stupidly had a vehicle from Credit4cars - we allowed voluntary repossession. The balance was removed and the account closed on my credit file but on my husbands it still shows as open with a balance??? Now, I appreciate that there would more than likely have been a shortfall in the auctioned amount and amount owed in finance but the amount on his credit file never changed and why would the balance go
  9. Hi all Last week I came out from work to find my car missing from my works car park (private land) I reported it stolen. Inside the car was my house keys (separate to my car keys) my purse containing £250 cash, all my credit/debit cards, driving licence and other bits and bobs. The time I reported the car stolen I rushed home panicking thinking that the thieves would be emptying my house as the house keys was inside. I had to get the house broken into so we could enter and have the locks changed in case the thieves returned to the house as my house keys were in the c
  10. Hello. I am new to this forum. I wish I had joined ages ago. Please bear with me because the full explanation of my situation is quite lengthy. The mortgage start date was 24/01/2008. No payment was missed until 07/2011. I had gone to university in 2009 as a mature student to pursue an undergraduate degree. I was working around my studies when that contract ended, it was difficult to find other employment due to the recession. I was only able to get two short-term contracts during the whole three year period. A repossession order was issued in Jun
  11. I sold my house because I was made redundant in my mid-50's and was stuggling to get another job. I did eventually get another job and after three months I contacted my mortgage lender, First Direct, and asked them if in principle they would give me another mortgage if I downsized, with the idea being I would reduce my mortgage from £140k to around £80k. They said they would, so I went ahead with the sale. When I contacted FD again they said they would not lend as I hadn't been employed for at least six months in my new job. So I ended up renting. But was laid off again after another few
  12. On Aug 21 2015 I purchased a 2009 BMW 730i Ld privately (not from a trader or dealer). It had been advertised on Autotrader with a full 9 page HPI Check. I paid £12,500 by way of £12,000 bankers draft to the seller along with £500 cash. On 28th October a woman knocked on our front door saying she was from Bow County Court and wanted to speak to my wife in regards removing our vehicle in respect of a court order she held. The court order was from a finance company to the owner previous to the seller I purchased the car from. Transpires that the previous owner sold the
  13. Hi everyone, looking for some help on where to go now! My car was lifted by a logbook loan company today (Loans 2 go) apparently the previous owner took out a log book loan on the vehicle in March 2013. I bought the vehicle in May 2013 and had no correspondance sent from Loans 2 go to inform me that there was any outstanding finance on the vehicle. The guy who was loading my car onto his truck was the first I knew about it. I have spoken with Loans to go they say there is a £3000 loan outstanding (original loan was £650) and that I need to pay that to get the veh
  14. Hello, I have never used anything like this before but me and my partner are desperate for some advice. On Friday we received a letter from the bank saying they are taking our case to court to start repossession proceeding due to mortgage arrears. The case is to be heard on November 5th 2014 and we are beside ourselves with worry. Here's the story: My partner took out a mortgage to buy the property we are both living in back in 2005 with his ex parter. They are both on the deeds although she paid nothing towards the deposit (that is another matter) They broke up in 2010 an
  15. Hi everyone, We are keen to find out if there have been situations similar to ours... We are currently in dispute with a well known car finance company.. 4 payments were missed (not Consecutively) and following expiration of the default notice the creditor had issued to us, they instructed a repo company to take back the vehicle. At the time of repossession we had not paid more than 1/3 of the total price. The night before, the repo company clamped the vehicle on our private driveway, and after a few un-productive telephone calls the next day (whilst we wer
  16. Hi guys,heres my story,hope you can give me some good advice. Approx 20 odd years ago I was self employed with an expanding familly and took out a loan secured against my house with a firm called J & J Securities to build an extension to my property. A few months later because of the recession my business collapsed leaving me with little income. My main mortgage provider was very helpfull but J & J took me to court suing for repossession. The courts found in their favour and my house was repossessed. I was later contacted by a firm called Knowle Portfolio wh
  17. Hello, My house was repossessed. It was a 'buy to let' mortgage with HBOS. Is it possible to get the house back? It has only recently been repossessed.
  18. Hello, In 2008, HBOS repossessed a house. This happened because: 1. HBOS did not follow my instructions to make direct debit adjustments to my personal bank account and neither did they update my address (to a property not mortgaged by themselves). 2. Mortgage monthly payments were not made in respect of two houses. 3. Because of the failing in #1 above, I did not receive any communication that there was a problem. I only found out about the problem after a tenant called me saying that she had received a 'Notice of Eviction' from the court. I contacted the bank by way
  19. Hi I have had my home repossessed and on day of eviction tried to get my friend to pay the arrears off for me. company agreed to aceept this but when my friend called to make payment they wouldnt accept, what can i do ??
  20. Bailiffs turned up totally unexpectedly at my office yesterday and repossessed my car! The car taken on a contract hire agreement in July 2011 for 2 years at which time my company was trading as a limited company. In October 2011 we changed the format of our business from a limited company to a partnership. We informed the leasing company by telephone, gave them different bank account details for the new company and they have subsequently been taking the monthly payments by direct debit from the partnership bank account. All payments have been made on time and not on
  21. Just a quick question. CCJ which was made into a charging order. The CCJ ran out 7years ago. The house was repossessed 6 years ago. There was no capital left on the house when sold. My questions are. What happens with the charging order? The creditor was not informed that the house was repossessed. Can the creditor go back to the court to have the CCJ reinstated? I rent a property so they cant charge on that.
  22. hi all posting on behalf of my sister in law she had a house with mortgage that was repossessed in oct 2012 mortgage was with kensington...she owed approx 145,000 secured loan on house with GE money taken out late 2007 for 22,500 house sold after being repossessed in oct 2012 for 160,000 in may 2013 outstanding mortgage paid off and 15,500 went to secured loan with GE money i rang GE money today after 15,500 paid to GE money outstanding debt lies at £31,458.57 default letter sent by GE money in april 2008 actually soon after the loan was taken out last
  23. Hello, I hope someone can give me some advice we moved to oz 2 years ago as my husband and I had hit rock bottom, no jobs and cc debt from trying to start a business for my husband to be self employed as a trade. We left behind our life and moved for a simple life to oz with our children as my health was very Badly affected we also left our home as in neg equity and arrears with no way of selling. We moved here with nothing and have slowly got back on our feet we pay cash for what we need and have a small surplus each month due to frugal budgeting, we our happy for the first time i
  24. Hi, I am very new to this forum business and don't really understand how it all works but would be very grateful if anyone could offer me some advice as to whether there is anything that I can do about my vehicle being repossessed?? I refer to the vehicle as mine, although, it was on HP in my husband's name with Black Horse. The first I knew about the vehicle being repossessed is when an agent knocked on my door at 6.50am on Tuesday morning! We had received no correspondence from Black Horse advising us the account was in arrears nor have they logged a default on my husb
  25. I have had a mortgage with Acenden (was Southern Pacific) since 2005 and have not been able to pay the mortgage for some time. To cut a long story short, I tried to negotiate a plan to repay the arrears as a small amount each month which was rejected as it was clear that I couldn't afford to start repaying the mortgage & arrears. A date was set for court and I admitted to a representative of Acenden (over the telephone) that I was terrified of going to court and I asked if it was essential that I attended. I also now live 200 miles from the house & the town where the court is. She
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