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  1. Hello, Thank you for your reply. From your reply, I can see that you have a database and that the marketing email I have received is a result of my email being on your database. I had thought that as you were using a third party company icptrack.com, then they had obtained my email from somewhere. However, you have confirmed in your reply that you use a database. Please will you let me know where you obtained my email address from? Please will you let me know when I have given yourselves permission to send me email? As I have never been a Brighthouse customer
  2. i cant see how they advertise it as being both halal and vegan
  3. lol i wonder if i will get any answer would be interesting to know where they found my email details and why they think that they can spam my inbox
  4. Have you added animal bones to your coffee or teas? Maybe a sprinkling of animal bones over your cornflakes? Tate & Lyle website, FAQs state: Q. Are Tate & Lyle sugars and syrups suitable for vegans? A. All of our sugars and syrups are suitable for vegans, except Tate & Lyle Traditional Royal Icing Sugar, which contains egg white. All good so far? Until you read this: Q. Are your products Halal? A. We currently hold Halal Certification for: Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar Tat
  5. Hello Brighthouse rep, Today I received email, spam email. The email advertises Brighthouse. The email says it is sent from: contact@toner-shop.ro via podcasall.advisoryideas.com I have never been a customer of Brighthouse. I do not ever intend in being a customer of Brighthouse. I did not request that you send me your junk mail, neither did I give yourselves permission to send me junk mail. It seems your junk email which I received is part of your email marketing campaign as it uses icptrack.com within the clickable links for Brig
  6. hi, Your question about EU may make it more complicated! He is a non citizen, with a non citizen passport. Im not sure what country they were in when he won the money.
  7. hi stefob, as you can see from peopod thread, if i remember rightly, vodafone ignored the complaint and continued to ignore it up until the time where potential media spotlight appeared on them. your phone is like a bank card. it can cost you a lot of money. your bank protects you against theft / fraud, the phone network doesn't. similar to peopod thread, - calls made to premium rate numbers and vodafone did nothing to prevent this.
  8. Hello, A friend who lives outside UK has been using a well known UK gambling site. He has won a lot of money but the website says that as he is outside UK they have suspended his account and will not pay him the money. So, website is quite happy to take all money from him when he is losing, but then use an excuse when he has won to avoid paying the money. Any advice please?
  9. thanks again! i will update thread with outcome from ICO and FOS as well as any other outcome.
  10. Sorry, I have made a mistake, I have received SAR documents from the start of the claim. However, the concern above does still stand - ie, I have not received all data. Examples of data which I have not yet received: 1. I can not see anywhere within the SAR documents you sent me details of the 14 calls you stated I had made. You said you could provide me with the exact time and dates, yet they do not appear within the SAR documents. 2. Neither has any transcribing or details of the phone calls are shown within the SAR documents. 3. Copies of letters / documents
  11. I thought this thread was a joke. Teaching kids the reality of if they don't attend a certain % of school then a PCN is issued is almost certainly bad education.
  12. The Subject access request has not been fully completed. I have data from 2014 and nothing else. In relation to the phone calls, you state that you can not supply them as it is on a disused system making phone calls difficult to retrieve, yet you can supply me with the exact times and dates of phone calls. Using the parameters of the exact time and dates of phone calls would in my opinion make the phone calls easy to retrieve. I see no reason why you haven't provided SAR documents showing the start of the claim.
  13. Especially as this very old vulnerability is now public knowledge!
  14. Hello Hastings, I have several complaints against your company and its course of action in processing my claim for theft of my car. The complaints are detailed below for your information. Complaints you have not upheld: 1. Length of time (several years) in which it took to you to process my car theft claim (Not upheld) 2. Loss of my no claims bonus due to length of time it took you to process my claim (Not upheld) 3. Why you required scanned document instead of photo of document (Unanswered) Complaints you have upheld: 4. Incorrect lower payment paid to me
  15. Hi Uncle Bulgaria, Thank you again for your help!
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