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  1. Thank You for your replies, I have some answers to some of the questions you've asked. 1. Natwest is the lender, Shoosmiths are the solicitors working on there behalf in regards to arrears. 2. I'm not sure how long is left on the Mortgage, around 30-40 years or so I think. 3. I believe the reason the repayments are so low is because when my partner bought it he paid in over £80,000 as the deposit. He then had the mortgage to cover the rest and a couple of years later he re-mortgaged. There is still roughly £83,000 left on the mortgage and nearly £4000 in arrears. 4. The ho
  2. Hello, I have never used anything like this before but me and my partner are desperate for some advice. On Friday we received a letter from the bank saying they are taking our case to court to start repossession proceeding due to mortgage arrears. The case is to be heard on November 5th 2014 and we are beside ourselves with worry. Here's the story: My partner took out a mortgage to buy the property we are both living in back in 2005 with his ex parter. They are both on the deeds although she paid nothing towards the deposit (that is another matter) They broke up in 2010 an
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