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  1. Hi, They had a form rx1 i thunk it was filled out, which was signed and sent to them, but they had claimed that it was not the correct signature on it and sent new forms which were never signed, so so they still have grounds or can I cancel the original forms at land registry
  2. Hi All, I have had a restriction placed on my property by a company who specialising in helping people when their home has been repossessed, they had promised to get my property back, but alas didn't. They also never supplied info when requested or done anything they should have, now they are trying to claim on the restriction that had been put in place. How can I stop them from doing this, as they are basically getting a lot of money for doing nothing. Help!!!!!
  3. I have had a company working for me, who had supposidly been working on my behalf to get my property back after it had been repossessed. I have made several attempts to get them to send me any correspondance that they have had between them and the lender, but up until the date of writing this, they have not done this and not done anything to help, but they will be expecting payment when the house is sold. How can I stop them from claiming this and also paying them for doing nothing.
  4. I need to take out an injunction to stop my lender from selling my house for less than its worth, can anyone help. URGENT !!!!
  5. I need to take out an injunction against my mortgage lender, does anyone know how to do it, URGENT
  6. i went to court to fight it and lost but have found out they broke ome finanacial regs so want to got back and try to reverse it, so need advice on how too ??
  7. I have been evicted and it was end of february
  8. Hi rebel11, thank you for all your help so far, look forward to your reply to my lastest post and your right i should have put it all in one post but with the stress of it all, i didnt think it through.
  9. I have had my home repossessed and I know that Santander has breached some regulations, which I am pursuing at the moment, thanks to some advice from a fellow person on here. But what I would like to know is this, they have my house up for sale with a couple of estate agents, is there anything I co do to stop this. Also should I got to court with my information now or wait. Hope someone can understand this and give me some advice.
  10. Yes it was, they were acting on behalf of Santander and were acting the same way with regards to accepting any payment, any suggestions
  11. This sounds so familiar to my husband problem, he is faced with eviction and has two kids I. House with him, but it's slightly different in that he had a verbal agreement to pay the mortgage by a different date of the miponth as he gets paid later in month, so arrears have built up, through no fault if his, but they insisting on taking him to court. So know exactly how you felt
  12. Has anyone had dealings with them and have they found them very unhelpful as i did
  13. I had my house repossessed recently and on day of repossession i called and asked if Santander would accept a third party payment, they said yes, but when my friend called to make it they refused, can i do anything about this ???
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