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  1. Thanks, I've told her. Again. We'll see if anything occurs. But I've said to her not to put anything in writing to them.
  2. Oh dear. Mercantile have spooked my daughter as the alleged debt is in her name, with their letters etc. Today they texted her she called them, explained the events etc and said she was willing to go to court as she felt there should not be anything to pay. She told me they were very polite etc and asked her to put everything in writing to them. They mentioned something to her in the text about their not needing registration etc as the debt wasn't covered by the consumer credit act as there was no signed credit agreement. Help, what should
  3. If Im in and answer the door I will tell them to leave, and record it. But might be better to not be there. Thanks for the advice and for the register snapshot.
  4. Thanks DX useful to know. Two men is a bit mob handed though, so I will perhaps go out for the day or something. But if I bump into them I will not engage, just hope the kids don't see them - you know what kids are like, can't resist being 'helpful'. These lot don't sound very nice to be honest. Seems like they don't care what tactics they use.
  5. Hi We got another letter today, this time threatening to attend our property etc - I will attach a copy I won't answer the door, there's going to be two of them, and I will have young kids here - don't know what to do and feel threatened by this now. I will be scared to go near my front door or leave the house etc...... Help, what should I do? thanks
  6. Thanks Ericsbrother, that's useful to know. I find it odd that a posh golf club would still be pursuing this four years later when they've had £450 for the room anyway. Seems an odd 'debt' to chase after all these years.
  7. Thanks DX. So does that mean we should ignore it until we receive a PAP letter?
  8. The above named is the golf club in the subject header The letter was signed for and on behalf of PACE Credit Control, t/a Mercantile Legal & Commercial Services.
  9. thanks DX but the exact wording on their letter is: "We act on behalf of the above named to whom you are indebted in the sum of £696.50 being the balance outstanding on invoice number 11030 copy enclosed. Unless we receive your remittance for such sum within 7 days of the date of this letter, payment to be made in favour of ourselves, we will have no alternative but to issue immediate court proceedings for recovery of the debt, which will render you liable to costs and interest at a rate of 8% per annum. If you have any legitimate dispute or reason for non-p
  10. Hi. I don't know if anybody can help but was wondering if any of you had heard anything about this firm from Liverpool or had any dealings with them. There is an alleged outstanding debt we had with a golf club from 4 years ago. A family member arranged to throw a surprise birthday party for a couple of people but when one of them found out he made a fuss so the event was cancelled. £445 was paid as a deposit which was not refunded and which was the cost of the room hire. An amount of £696 was outstanding for food but the event was cancelled several weeks before
  11. Thanks Jamberson, I can see your logic, but with three tickets and three separate bodies I am looking at a further £700 approx in EA visits. And I'm sure they will visit just to earn that fee income. I will write to them all and see what happens. Can they force their way into your house? Are they the sort of bailiffs you see on the tv?
  12. I spoke with TFL and they don't care and will send it to enforcement who can seize my goods etc.
  13. Hi I've got two PCNs from two different London boroughs and a congestion charge from TFL. The two PCNs have been sent to the traffic enforcement people for a warrant to be issued. The TFL one is probably going down that road now I reckon as it went from £80 to £160 and now at £240 to be paid by last week. I called the traffic enforcement people and they told me to approach the councils to ask for time to pay. Ditto TFL. I tried for several months with the councils but they won't give me time to pay which is why the tickets have gone from like £60 to £128 and £173. Actual
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