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  1. Hi. It is a relief tbh. I did file the statement on time fortunately, but I will phone the court in a day or so and check the N279 has been filed. Thanks all of you for helping with this. The legalities make sense to me now but it is a minefield.
  2. OMG The claimant has discontinued the case and file is closed. Got an email so it’s in writing. I will keep this. Plus they sent a N279 that they have filed with the courts. im very relieved
  3. well, I'm going to submit this in about half hour or so. I have done my best and I do at last understand the legal points being made. I will add on one more bit about the search I made for planning permission. But other than that there isn't much else I can think of. At least now I will feel comfortable explaining all of this to my daughter who will no doubt grasp it better than me. This is an absolute disgrace that these companies will make people go through all of this because of a parking ticket. Thanks to all of you who have helped me get this far with it, and especially in the last day or so with reading and correcting the witness statement. I really do appreciate the help. Thanks
  4. I;ve changed wording slightly in para 7.3 to say the car must have been there longer than.... rather than state it 'was' there longer than.... I've also changed 'both PCNs' to 'the PCN and the NTK' as there is only one PCN
  5. Hi. Is this ok now; i've made all the corrections advised. I hope I've got the wording correct for 6 and 7 as that was a bit confusing. If any of you could please give it a quick read by 2.30pm then I will make any last minute corrections and fill in the X's etc and get it sent off, as I have the school run at 3pm. One bit confuses me. I understand the point about period of parking. And that the driver could have driven off after two minutes. But as we don't know who was driving it then how can we say or even guess how long they were there for? Or does it matter not because they didn't take another photo after 10 minutes? Thanks witness statement parking charge.docx
  6. Lookingforinfo thanks for your suggestion for 8.2 should i also add in the para that you've written in upper case? Or just stick to the wording in red. I know there are also a couple of cases to quote which Dave has included. thanks
  7. Andyorch, no we didn't receive it today we received it a week or so ago. I only just noticed their date today myself. I have been working on this for a few days and drafted a couple of things before settling on the one I've used.
  8. Hi. I did say when i posted it that sections 6 and 7 weren't yet defined as I just copied them from the Liverpool airport post. I didn't delete them though because I didn't want to retype them all if I needed any bits from them. On the NTK and on the PCN there is an indication of time ie NTK it shows a pic with a date/time stamp on it, and on PCN it says issue time. There is no period of parking so whoever parked it there could have done so for mins more. But the PCN was issued for a disabled bay and not a period of parking as it's a free car park for the retail businesses on the site. You mention LFIs comments about not being compliant with POFA but I don't understand. I cannot see in what way it's not compliant? I will make the amendments you suggested, especially with regard to the overcharge. thanks
  9. We have received a Notice of Allocation to the small claims track (hearing) days that by 4pm 17/6 the parties are to send to her court and send to each other a bundle containing the documents on which they intend to rely at the trial. This is to contain all correspondence, copies of emails, contracts, invoices, receipts etc ( I’m confused by the word ‘trial’)
  10. Hi. Here is a draft witness statement. We have no other documents to rely on in court. We have not received any witness statement from the claimant. All we have is their particulars of claim. Re pofa, and use of the word 'creditor' this is shown on the original NTK "payment is required to be made to XXXX (the creditor) by the driver within 28 days from the date of this notice). The NTK was dated one calendar month and one day after the date of the pcn issue. WITNESS STATEMENT: (I tried to cut and paste it in so the text was visible but it wouldn't let me) Could you please have a read and let me know if i've missed anything. Section 6 Contract, and Section 7 NTK/POFA don't seem to be applicable for this case - i've copied and adapted this from the John Lennon airport case. thanks I have to submit this to the court by 4pm tomorrow. witness statement parking charge.docx
  11. Hi. The solicitor emailed an offer to settle for £180. We haven’t responded as yet and not sure how to handle it? also I am nearly finished the witness statement but wondered in what way the NTK was non-compliant. It says on it ukpc (the creditor) etc thanks
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