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  1. It was an employee it was their cashier. But again its another myth an employee can sign as witness. Infact there was a case in 2011 where Loans 2 go got taken to court for the same thing by the office of fair trading. See Below... This subject of witnessing deeds was recently addressed within the context of bills of sale by the Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) in the case of Log Book Loans Ltd v Office of Fair Trading [2011] UKUT 280 (AAC)(1). Specifically, the Upper Tribunal needed to decide whether a bill of sale was rendered void under the Bill of Sales Act 1878 and the Bill of Sales (1878) Amendment Act 1882 (the "Bills of Sale Acts") in circumstances where the execution by the grantor of the bill of sale was attested by an employee of the grantee, where the employee had negotiated, agreed and signed on behalf of the grantee (i.e. the lender) the credit agreement between the grantor (i.e. the borrower) and the grantee. Conclusion - The Upper Tribunal concluded (by a majority) that it is possible that an employee of a person benefiting from the grant of a bill of sale could attest a signature.
  2. I will mate. Anyone know if I can ask for the parts we bought for the vehicle back if we have receipts to prove we bought them? We had to buy an injector, altenator, startermotor and a wing mirror for the vehicle while we owned it!
  3. Thats what I thought! It sucks ass!! Lesson learnt not to use those cheap text checks and do a proper HPI in future!!
  4. Thanks Cap, but again all done by the lbl co to the letter. The loan was given to the vendor on the 28th of March and the stamp on the Bill of sale from the court is dated April the 2nd!
  5. Thanks for thr replies Rouge already checked that and they are a member of the CCTA. The vendor seems to have vanished from the face of the Earth the Loan Company have been trying to find him for 18 months! He doesn't live at the address he was at any more and his phone numbers are now dead. He has probably gone back to whatever country it was that he originally came from!
  6. Hi renegadimp. Yes it seems to have been done all legit. They have the log book, they did an address check to make sure he was a resident of where he said he was (he has since left so they can't find him) and have copies of his bank statements to prove he had income and could "afford" the repayments. I can't find anything that could null the agreement!
  7. Hi Oldrouge. Yes the guy that took the car gave me a copy of the bill of sale and the vehicle repossession authorisation form. I also have receipt that he has taken the car, but refused to sign it! So I am stuffed without a car then
  8. Hi everyone, looking for some help on where to go now! My car was lifted by a logbook loan company today (Loans 2 go) apparently the previous owner took out a log book loan on the vehicle in March 2013. I bought the vehicle in May 2013 and had no correspondance sent from Loans 2 go to inform me that there was any outstanding finance on the vehicle. The guy who was loading my car onto his truck was the first I knew about it. I have spoken with Loans to go they say there is a £3000 loan outstanding (original loan was £650) and that I need to pay that to get the vehicle back. However the guy that sold it to me had the logbook (must of applied for a duplicate as L2G have a log book in their possession) and the check I did on my phone never flagged anything up as outstanding (I have since learnt these checks do not include finance information). I bought this car in good faith it was clean, he had a log book and all the numbers matched etc. What can I do who can I speak to to deal with this for me anything I say to them falls on deaf ears. We cannot afford a solicitor to deal with this I also want to send them copies of the receipts for the parts we bought for the vehicle which we want back as legally I own them!! Anyone know what I can do???
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