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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer some advice? I received a letter from a firm of solicitors stating that a small secured loan I took out in 1997 was possibly subject to a secret commission. They included a copy of the mortgage deed but nothing else. They wanted me to sign a contract for their fee of 35% of monies they claimed back + contribution towards legal costs from GE Money. I wrote to them stating that I thought 35% a bit much - they replied saying that they weren't even sure that there was a claim to be had, but their initial investigations would b
  2. Hi Folks Re: Debenhams I browsed the forums and can't see an answer. Apologies for the Newbie post, but any help would be greatly appreciated. I have all my old store card (Debenhams) statements, along with the original consumer credit agreement (signed 30.10.03). I understand that Santander took over the running of my store card from GE Capital Bank 7 years or so after I took the card. I paid-off the card and closed down the credit agreement in 2011. So my question is this: Do I send the completed form that I downloaded from the Ombudsman onto to GE Money UK Ltd
  3. Took a secured loan + ppi with First National bank in 1991. - Paid loan off in 1998. I have all the paperwork. Made a ppi claim in 2014 GE Money (who took over First National Bank). GE Money said they had no records, so no case. Took complaint to Ombudsman. Eventually the Ombudsman said they cannot enforce the claim as loans only became regulated in 2007. Is this correct? Surely miss-selling is miss-selling? Ombudsman said ‘first national bank’ were not on our ‘voluntary’ list at the time the loan was taken out. Ombudsman have suggested i try and fi
  4. Hi all I am looking for some advice re GE money and a repo hearing set for 20 December 2013. They are trying to reposess for the below reason 1) A warrant of execution shall not issue without the permission of the court where – (a) six years or more have elapsed since the date of the judgment or order; There was an initial hearing in May 2007 and then another in May 2009, since 2009 all payments as ordered by the judge have been made. GE money have continued to apply a £40 admin charge and additional interest costs each month. Despite them refunding me
  5. Hi, I thought I'd see what I can do about settling a joint ge money loan taken out approx 7 years ago. Unfortunately I've been reading posts on here and now think I'm in for a rough ride : I spoke with them last week and have a settlement figure of 4.5k although the original debt was only about 6k. I was actually hoping to be able to offer a reduced full and final settlement but from posts on here it seems highly unlikely. The loan was taken out jointly by my ex and myself. We split and had a couple of joint debts so we agreed to take one each, I'm stuck with thi
  6. Hi, I hope everyones fine, Ge money are taking possession proceedings against me even though the amount of unfair charges are well in excess of current arrears. I am having some dispute over my charges with Ge money, I have opened a claim against Ge money and going to Wandsworth county court on the possession proceeding on the12th of September to address my concerns about the charges, and GE money's unfair treatment of consumers. I know most of the people here are having the same problem with Ge money's outrageous charges and behav
  7. Hi everyone i am back again for support and advice on an issue that i can not think of any way to solve. I made a bad choice in 2002 and opted for an interest only mortgage because it was quick cheaper payments and i had the intention of swapping to a repayment mortgage as soon as i could. However money i was owed by my sister was never received and i became ill in 2006 and ended up in arrears with this company. It went to the FOS who agreed with me they had been unfair and had not shown forbearance their fees and charges were refunded and arrears remaining or
  8. Hi All, Im just new here, and am really hoping I can get a wee bit of advice. I took a secured loan with GE Money in September 2004. In November of that year, I suffered an injury at worked that resulted in permanent disability. Things have been very difficult since then, and I have been juggling the small amount of money I have to try to at least pay my creditors. The loan was taken at £7000, plus interest of £1050, making a total of £8050. Although payments were sporadic, over the next 10 years I paid to the account £10,333.44. Due to a load of bad circums
  9. hi all posting on behalf of my sister in law she had a house with mortgage that was repossessed in oct 2012 mortgage was with kensington...she owed approx 145,000 secured loan on house with GE money taken out late 2007 for 22,500 house sold after being repossessed in oct 2012 for 160,000 in may 2013 outstanding mortgage paid off and 15,500 went to secured loan with GE money i rang GE money today after 15,500 paid to GE money outstanding debt lies at £31,458.57 default letter sent by GE money in april 2008 actually soon after the loan was taken out last
  10. Hi, I'm new to this forum and would like some advice please.... My step father died suddenly a few months ago and I have been trying to help my mother deal with the debts he has left behind. He had a loan, which he struggled to pay when he could no longer work due to having both legs amputated. From what I've discovered the original loan was for £10,000, was sold off to GE Money Home Finance Ltd and has now grown to £35,875. The loan was secured against their home and GE money have now said that my mother has 7 days to pay off arrears of £25,477 before they ta
  11. Hello, I hope someone can offer me some advice. I had a 10 year loan through GE money to pay for double glazing windows on a previous address. I had only two years to go with the loan, about £1700, when we moved to Scotland. On moving, we paid most of our loans off and I changed bank. I did not pay off the GE money loan and I overlooked the direct debit when we moved banks. I was unaware that we were now missing payments and GE Money sent letters to my old address and then a default letter, which I obviously never got. A credit check search highlighted th
  12. Dear CAG, Many thanks for reading. I am writing on behalf of my father who isn't very technologically or financially savvy. He yesterday was made redundant which has caused us to begin this quest. In 2002 he took out a 10yr £11.6k secured loan with GE Money (that was the easy bit). In October 2012 he finished off paying the loan. During the 10 year duration of the loan, he was in and out of work and managed to accrue fees of £5800. This has built up in a separate fee account which is now outstanding. In the past (when he had been out of work) he has had ba
  13. Hi I have an expired loan with ge money totalling 2281, I thought it was paid off as it expired in 2010, I have since received a letter from them telling me they are going for an eviction date, I have offered a 500 lump sum and 225 a month but they have refused, they are very rude and unhelpful. Any help appreciated xx:!:
  14. [ATTACH]42796[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]42796[/ATTACH] Good evening, I have been reading some of the forums recently with regards to GE Money and would like some of your expert advice please. Let me summarize... Took out a loan for £26,000 ( Secured) in March 2005 over a 15 year period Had difficulties early on in the loan and started to incur some charges and additional interest, this was then on/off like this for the next 7 years. With repayment plans put into place etc etc Seperated from my Ex Wife in 2011 and ended up having to sell the house for a large loss due to
  15. Hello, I am hoping that someone can advise me on what to expect at the hearing that I am to attend. We have arrears of £2600 on our (only) mortgage, which is with GE Money. These have built up over the last few years due to a decrease in availability of work. (Self employed in construction industry). I have always had a payment arrangement for the arrears. However, because our income is based upon finishing a job or a builder paying us, our pay dates are never consistent. If the mortgage payment is due on the 28th and we get paid on the 30th (And pay the mortgage) the payment
  16. Hi there, I am very new to this site so apologies if I do things slightly incorrect .... please advise if I do and I will do my best to correct myself ... I have been going around in circles with Welcome Finance and the FCSC for the past 18 months trying to reclaim PPI. My husband and I took out a loan for £10,000 in October 2008 for 96 months (if that helps) with an added PPI amount £2311.65. The PPI was calculated into my loan and I have been paying it on top of my loan since it was taken out. There was also a Broker Fee and an Acceptance Fee on top; all of which is outlined
  17. Morning All My mum recently found a load of statements from Debenhams, Bhs, Dorothy Perkins and Evans store cards that she had a few years back. All of which had Account Cover attached to them. Until recently she didnt realise that in fact she didnt need it as her employer would of paid her for any illness/accident for at least 18 months on full pay. So we started to reclaim. In filling the forms we realised that it was GE Money that the complaints went to She had all statements so we filled in the FOS questionaire and attached the spreadsheet with the maths
  18. Good Morning Everyone After reviewing the Consumer Forum, I discovered that I might have a very strong case for claiming PPI charges back from Debenhams/G E Money. I opened a Visa Card account back in 2002 and on looking through the statements (luckily I kept them all) it has an item each month described as 'Account Cover @ 150 Pence per £100 Bal' I do not really know what this is. An analysis I did on Excel shows that I paid £773.84 for this. My questions are: - Is this something I can reclaim? If so, how do I go about claiming? What interest, if any, mi
  19. after nearly 2 years of reclaiming my PPI from GE Money, they referred me to Pinnacle. Guess what Pinnacle, claim it is with GE Money. GE Money say no and that is their final decision. To go ask the FLA. Obviously, I did not wait for that, I thought I would be smart and ask the FOS for help. at the same time, they asked Pinnacle, and 9 months later, they say, they need to wait on Pinnacle´s decisions. Because, the Insurance advisor is not in their jurisdiction. Any advise, gladly welcomed. Tired and fed up!
  20. Hi, any help would be gratefully received....! My husband took out a First Naitonal Home Improvement Account through EYG Windows back in 2004 - which is not paid up yet. We consider the PPI to be missold and wrote to GE Money with the letter, spreadsheet and FOS questionnaire. They wrote back to say that we need to contact EYG Window Centres to ask them to investigate the complaint as the PPI was not sold by GE Money. We therefore wrote to EYG who responded in writing saying that they have no information on EYG Domestic formed 1st June 2007 - the original paperwork we have i
  21. Hi. I am hoping someone will be able to help me. I contacted GE Money a couple of weeks ago by phone on 01626 492367 only to be told that they can not find my account details regarding a loan I took out a number of years ago. They told me to send them a letter. I sent them the name, address and account number and photo copies of the loan agreement and all the details. They have replied to me today asking for the reason why I took the loan out??? They have everything they need, they tell me and I quote "Unfortunately we have not been able to trace this customers account". They a
  22. I need advise please. I took out a 6 year repayment loan in April 2008 with ASDA Loans (GE Capital Bank Ltd) and it stated in the terms and condition that I could repay the balance at any time with out any penalty charge or early payment interest charge. However, during the course of the loan Santander took over the loan from GE Capital without my knowledge. The payments going out of my account were the same so I had no reason to believe any change had occured. It was only when I called them to clear the balance that I realised the loan had been taken over.
  23. Can anyone advise. I was going through repossession, but at the last moment (friday) someone has offered for the house. It is low. only £120,000. The mortgage lenders have said a tentative ok, but the secured loan GE Money, who were pushing this, will get nothing. The problem is if they refuse this, which sounds as thought they will, the house will only fetch £70,000 perhaps even less. Any ideas as to what I could do? Can I make an application to the courts to stop this unlogical attitude? It would really make my christmas if anyone can help me on this? Thanks Viv
  24. I currently have a suspended possession order with GE Money and have a small amount of arrears. I have received the documents back form my SAR request and I am ready to send a LBA as my fees balance and additional interest amount to nearly 12 months payments. I am fully prepared to go to court to get my money back but want to make sure I have my facts right first. They sent me a screen dump from their systems but they have blanked out various parts such as: A box headed: Commission with: 1. To Source - blanked out, 2. Consolidation – Blanked out 3. Broker fee – Blanked out an
  25. Claiment is LINK finacial amount is correct but particulars state that we entered into an agreement with GE Money in 2000, The actual Loan was taken out with First National in 2000. Until 2003 First National had no conection with GE money. The loan also included a ppi payment added to the initial balance. I will have the means to settle this debt in September and had already written to LINK to tell them this. My letter and the claim crossed in the post. Do I admit the claim and ask for time to pay or do I fight the claim on the grounds that it does not identify the debt to be claimed
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