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  1. Hi all, that is the house sold, debts paid, and GE Loan settled. I then set about the SAR, and have just received it through the mail - all 80 pages! Loan was brokered by Loans.co.uk. My lawyer repeatedly asked for a redemption figure to tie in with the day the monies would be available, as they were only valid 24 hours. After 3 separate tries, we ended up 'guestimating', and added a further few hundred £'s to the latest redemption they had sent out, to allow for interest/charges for the missing days. According to the info sent, I am still due them £
  2. Thanks so much for your information. My home is currently for sale, and there is a mandate for this loan to be taken from proceeds. I take it that if I pay it out, there would be no way of me fighting the unfair charges. Can you tell me if there is a company who would be willing to take this on for a fee? I did have PPI, which I claimed for a year, but then they deemed my condition as pre-existing, (it was news to me, as I had shown no symptoms previously) so I am unsure as to whether I would have a claim there. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hi All, Im just new here, and am really hoping I can get a wee bit of advice. I took a secured loan with GE Money in September 2004. In November of that year, I suffered an injury at worked that resulted in permanent disability. Things have been very difficult since then, and I have been juggling the small amount of money I have to try to at least pay my creditors. The loan was taken at £7000, plus interest of £1050, making a total of £8050. Although payments were sporadic, over the next 10 years I paid to the account £10,333.44. Due to a load of bad circums
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