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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, Having a spot of bother with the Swinton. Not really sure how to go about sorting it. It's a long story so I apologise in advance. I took a policy out with swinton on the 9th of January 2013 for car insurance online. Two days later I received a courtesy call for a Swinton rep who explained that I would receive some documents to sign and would need to return them in 7 days failure to do so would incurre a £24 charge (Nice welcome). He mentioned my no claims and that I would need to send to a copy a.s.a.p. I explained that I had not received it from previous insurers. He then told me I had 14 days but also said 'Don't worry, if you have any problems we can contact them on your behalf'. I contacted previous insurance and they said they would send one out. A few days later no sign of my Proof of no claims and we were hit with snow. I called Swinton to explain and suggested with time being short and weather being bad that it would be easier if they contacted my previous insurer and requested proof be faxed. I was told that Swinton does not contact previous insurers and that it was down to me and if I did get the PNC they said I would be charged an Admin fee and I would have to pay a higher premium. Slightly annoyed now as this was not what was said during a courtesy call, I said that I would have to cancel that snow isn't my fault. So seeing a I had 3 days of the 14 day cooling off (or so I thought) I wanted to cancel now. I was told I could cancel but I would have to pay for time on cover (fair enough) £50 cancellation (annoying be fair enough) and additional £74 for Admin fees. Not happy - told the guy I would call back. Called the Ombudsmon they said the £74 sounded suspect. Called Swinton again talk to someone different who said not to worry I actually had until the 9th of Feb. Ok I thought.. Couple of days later I received a Cancellation notice from Swinton as I had not provided PNC within the 14 days. Quite annoyed I wrote a letter of complaint. As it was a weekend I would be able to post it recorded until the Monday, during this, Swinton took first payment of the supposedly cancelled policy so I had the bank reverse it. The Monday morning I received PNC so I sent a copy of it with a letter (recorded) to Swinton complaining and giving 7 working days to reply. I had no reply. I called was told that it was an admin error and the policy was still in place. Due personal matters I reset the direct debit and carried on with the policy. Originally I set the D/D up for the 29th of each month due to Feb only having 28 days this year Feb payment would go out on the 2nd of march and then marches payment would go on the 29th and the 29th there after. Feb's payment went out on the 2nd. March 29th payment didn't. I called Swinton.. again... And was told that according to their system D/D payments where set for the 2nd of each month. fine I thought until last months payment went out on the 2nd and the 29th. Really annoyed at the miss information I reversed the 29th thinking Swinton had made a mistake and left the D/D setup so payments could be take on the second as agreed. This morning I received a letter from Swinton telling me that my insurance has been cancelled and I now have seven days to pay £244. If I do not then they would charge the card used to make the deposit. If that fails they will pass on the debt to a collections agency. I don't know what to do. Phone calls get me nowhere. Writing to them gets no replies (even sent recorded and threats of ombudsmun). The ombudsmun can't step in without a dead lock letter and I would need to follow Swinton complaints. Which means writing to local branch (who don't reply) and then to head office and going by the calls I have made will more than likely divert matters back to local branch. I'm happy to write to these idiots but time is very short. I can't really take the hit of paying £244 to Swinton and then X amount on another policy. Any suggestion would gratefully received. Thank you all. Gaz Again sorry about the novel.
  2. [ATTACH]42796[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]42796[/ATTACH] Good evening, I have been reading some of the forums recently with regards to GE Money and would like some of your expert advice please. Let me summarize... Took out a loan for £26,000 ( Secured) in March 2005 over a 15 year period Had difficulties early on in the loan and started to incur some charges and additional interest, this was then on/off like this for the next 7 years. With repayment plans put into place etc etc Seperated from my Ex Wife in 2011 and ended up having to sell the house for a large loss due to pressure from GE Money & Halifax Paid off the GE Money loan in January 2012 Now....I am ready to take these guys on :mad2:, I requested a SAR which came within 2 weeks (yesterday), I have been through this document today and the anger grew as I listed all the charges that had been applied to the account over the 7 year period!!! It seems to be over £7,000 pounds in admin fee's, additional interest, solicitors fees, lunch for GE directors ( made that one up ) and I am very very confused how they distributed the final payment which I will summarize later. I am going to attached a full excel spreadsheet showing my findings but below is a brief summary which may give you some idea of what I want to claim and if I can?? Charges I think I can claim NARRATIVEFEEADDITIONAL INTEREST£3,387.61 ADMINISTRATION FEE£2,000.00 SOLICITOR INTERIM LEGAL FEES£1,089.86 INCOME ON EARLY SETTLEMENT£353.92 REFUND OVERPAYMENT 999999 CHAP£204.16 INTEREST DUE DATE CHANGE£130.01 REPAYMENT OF ADMIN CHARGE£84.00 DD RECALL CHARGE£65.00 DEFAULT NOTICE CHARGE£65.00 INTEREST ADJ£5.38 £7,384.94 Summary of the loan ACTUALTOTAL MORTGAGE PAYMENTS£33,111.02 FINAL PAYMENT£28,006.26 £61,117.288 2MONTHS LESS INITIAL LOAN AMOUNT£26,000.00£745.33TOTAL COST OF LOAN£35,117.28ORIGINAL LOAN PLANINITIAL LOAN AMOUNT£26,000.00180£404.76 Months/Payment£72,856.80 In the 82 months I was paying this loan my average monthly payment was £745.33!!!!!!!!! Final Payment Redemption Below is the last few transactions on the loan account before it was cleared, I am confused on what all these payments mean, in particular the payment for repayment of fees and additions ( £4,539.22) DATECODENARRATIVEDEBITCREDITBALANCE26/12/20114004ADDITIONAL INTEREST£67.60£0.00£27,498.4106/01/20124443REDEMPTION ( TT THE LAW PRACTICE)£0.00£28,006.26-£507.8508/01/20124004ADDITIONAL INTEREST£3.93£0.00£503.9209/01/20124444INCOME ON EARLY SETTLEMENT£353.92£0.00-£150.0009/01/20124439SOLICITOR DISCHARGE FEE£66.00£0.00-£84.0009/01/20124342BLANK?£84.00£0.00£0.0009/01/20124420REPAYMENT OF ADMIN CHARGE£0.00£84.00-£84.0009/01/20124414REPAYMENT OF FEES AND ADDITION£0.00£4,539.22£4,623.2209/01/20124416REPAYMENT OF CAPITAL£0.00£20,622.58£25,245.8009/01/20124063BALANCE TRANSFER ON SETTLEMENT£25,245.80£0.00£0.00 Please based on the above could you give me some advice on the following Can I claim back all the charges? If not which ones do you think I should aim for? If yes to the above, what is the next suggested move? Can I claim back interest on these charges? I have used 8% on the charge calclulator ?( Tab 1) Do the redemption figures look correct? Figure on the calculator shows £9k + does this mean I have to go to court? I am really sorry that it is such a long thread for a newbie bit wanted to try and give you as much information as possible to try and get some valued comments Hope someone can help I will keep this thread as fully up to date as possible with all my results to aid other people in there claims. Regards Steve Excel Sheet Tab 1 - Compound Interest Calculator Tab 2 - Summary of charges and mortgage payments Tab 3 - Full breakdown of charges by date Tab 4 - Final Redemption Summary
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