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  1. Commission applies to High Court to appoint an Official Receiver to charity -Thrift Urban Housing Limited READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/commission-applies-to-high-court-to-appoint-an-official-receiver-to-charity
  2. Charity Commission intends to order a veterans charity to wind up -Afghan Heroes READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charity-commission-intends-to-order-a-veterans-charity-to-wind-up
  3. Hi, I work in sales and my contract was amended some months ago to give me 1% commission on all combined sales above a target figure. The target was designed to be easily achievable as my base salary was lower than I'd liked and I was effectively doing two jobs - both sales and IT. The commission became due so I requested it twice via email (no response) I then raised it again via telephone. I got sat down in a meeting with my manager and the finance guy, they tried to tell me it was not payable for several months longer and also that the company didn't have the money.. Aft
  4. Charity Commission orders military charity to wind up - 1st Knight Military Charity READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charity-commission-orders-military-charity-to-wind-up
  5. Charity Commission response to report on freedom of speech in universities READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/commission-response-to-report-on-freedom-of-speech-in-universities
  6. Charity Commission statement on Oxfam READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charity-commission-statement-on-oxfam
  7. Charity Commission calls for information about Presidents Club Charitable Trust READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charity-commission-calls-for-information-about-presidents-club-charitable-trust
  8. Hi all : a while since I posted. Had rejected PPI claim from LLoyds TSB : upheld by Ombudsman. However since the Plevin case , in the last few days Ive had a letter from the Ombudsman saying Lloyds are now ready to make me an offer and if the Ombudsman don't hear from me by 12th December they will assume this is ok and close the case. I realise it won't be much but never the less its better than nothing as I had given up on it to be honest. Let's wait and see... thanks
  9. Charity Commission statement on Motability READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charity-commission-statement-on-motability
  10. Hi there I have a question relating to a loan that I took in 2004 through Zenith Windows to install double glazing. But Zenith windows went into administration in 2010 I believe. Loan amount 5K. It is now paid off. How do I go about getting the PPI back from them and the unfair charges. Can anyone help please? Many thanks and much appreciated.
  11. Hi to all - I can see from a quick search that 'Blemain' is a popular talking point I have had a secret commission claim against Blemain with [removed] since 2015 and it hasn't gone anywhere in the 30 months since then at all. I've struggled to get any meaningful update from them for some time excluding the committal generic updates we sporadically receive. I've noted on other forums that other [removed] clients are posting that [removed] have run out of money and no longer have the skilled staff to settle the claims. If it is true and they have run out of cash, surel
  12. I today received a letter from CAP One about making a new complaint about my PPI. Previously rejected but now asking me to make a new type of complaint regarding commission. My questions are, how do I complain if I have no evidence of commission paid for policy or on what grounds do I use now? Can I now request evidence of commission's paid as part of my previous SAR some years ago? They are requesting that I fill out an online complaint form or do so in writing. Thanks for looking.
  13. Letter completely out of the blue from Canada Square : regarding commission paid on PPI (they had rejected the claim previously) "following a Supreme Court decision and new rules and guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority you can now make a new type of complaint to us about the sale of your PPI policy" I am assuming this is as a result of the recent landmark Plevin judgment?? There was a form to send back Does this also apply to previously settled PPI claims?? thanks as always
  14. Hi, I am new here and hope to find somebody who can help me. I had an EU driving licence which expired last month. when I applied for the UK driving licence I had to declare a medical condition which I had six year ago but that it is no longer something I suffer from, infact I have been off medication for a couple of years and I am not under the supervision of any doctors. the NHS consultant I saw for driving licence wrote a letter summarising the history of the problem and attesting that I met all the criteria for fitness to drive, and discharged me with no further appointments o
  15. Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer some advice? I received a letter from a firm of solicitors stating that a small secured loan I took out in 1997 was possibly subject to a secret commission. They included a copy of the mortgage deed but nothing else. They wanted me to sign a contract for their fee of 35% of monies they claimed back + contribution towards legal costs from GE Money. I wrote to them stating that I thought 35% a bit much - they replied saying that they weren't even sure that there was a claim to be had, but their initial investigations would b
  16. Hello, I work as a recruitment consultant and I get target based commission along with my basic pay. In our staff manual it states that Employees who resign are not due any commission following their last commission payment Say commission is payable on 29th April 2016 and I hand in my notice on 1st April 2016 (notice period is 1 month). Will I still be payed the commission due on 29th April, as I will technically still be working my notice or not? Thank you for your help.
  17. Hi, I just learnt that the Legal Service Commission was closed on 01 April 2013, so what happens to the Statue Charge they had put on my property. They have not demanded anything from me in past, but I made some payments in July 2012. Does the debt move to new Legal Aid Agency? Or could the charge be removed from the Land Registry? Any information regarding this will be much appreciated.
  18. Hi everyone. I have read a lot of your posts and want to thank you all in advance for the contributions made on this forum. It is incredibly helpful and am grateful for what I have read already: I worked for a company in Jan 2010 - April 2011 selling vehicles. I was a trainee for Jan, Feb and March 2010 not supposed to sell cars. My shady Dealer Principle asked me to sell in March and verbally told me I would be paid in front of everybody also there. Along the way he even used my good performance to motivate the rest of the team. This was my first job ever full time under contract &
  19. Hi I have a problem with my last employer in that they owe me unpaid commission. As background - my role was made redundant in December but i tried an alternative role for 3 months and left in February. The commission scheme that i was on stated that anyone leaving earns money based on cash received in the month after they have left the company - so in this instance it would be against cash earned in March to be paid to me in April. The concerns i have are these: 1. I don't have a copy of the exact scheme and don't know the amount i should be paid as I'm not privy to thi
  20. I would love to see the following An artpiece that somehow contains the stories of people that have passed away prematurly as a direct result of this failign governments "welfare reforms" Why? Until the mass population see the human side of the stats then they will blindly believe the department of lies and demons
  21. Hi Folks, Does anybody know if Barclays are legally allowed to charge £30 for Paid Referral Charges on a business account? I have month on month been hit hard with these charges and every month its getting harder to get out of the hole they are creating for me! My personal account has the occassional Paid Referral Fee but this is charged at £8, although still a lot of money it is much more reasonable than the £30 on the Business Account. How do I stand if I decide to go after them for a refund? B
  22. Hi, I handed my resignation in on Monday and am required to work 4 weeks notice, My manager has given me a project in which I know I will be unable to see through till the end, Commission is paid upon the final balance paid by the customer, when I doubt I will be working there but all the work will have been completed by myself. I advised today that due to this I thought someone else may be better suited to the task, to which the response was 'we haven't even won the job yet, we will worry about that later' Where do I stand on this? as I feel I am being taken advantage of d
  23. Hi, Im hoping somebody may be able to help. My wife works in a job where she is paid commission if she negotiates deals for room bookings or office renatls. She has recently negotiated over a period of months a large office contract, which would have earned her a commission in the region of £500. However, a new area manager has been brought in above her during the last week or so of the negotiation and he took over and signed the deal with the client, on the same terms and price as agreed by my wife. He is now claiming all the commission himslef, and refuses to acknowledge my wifes e
  24. Hi all, I am new to this wonderful forum, and could really use some assistance please. Nearly 7 months ago I started working for a very small company. At the time of the interview I was advised that after completing 6 months I could expect a commission structure on top of my basic salary. I work in a technical sales role. Having a background in sales I have performed very well since joining the company, and by a long chalk am performing much better than my colleagues. As you might expect, when my first six months were completed I was keen to understand what my commission structu
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