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Found 15 results

  1. Is there any organisation that investigates Motability for aiding and abetting Motability fraud?
  2. Charity Commission statement on Motability READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charity-commission-statement-on-motability
  3. hello there my dad has a motorbility car using the higher rate mobility component of the dla, due to various medical problems he has last week gone into hospital after having quite a bad stroke currently, I am using his car to take family members to visit him in hospital, after an enquiry to check this was ok - motorbility say "Provided your dad is deriving material and/or practical benefit from the car and has access to it when required, he does not necessarily have to be present every time the car is used. For example if you do not have your own transport and you are using yo
  4. My relation has recently had there Motability vehicle tyres replaced at Kwik Fit. Kwik Fit is the company Motability use for tyre work. All Motability vehicles tryes that are replaced, particular front tyres, are to include necessary tracking / alignment checks and adjustment. this is a mandatory operation and does not need prior Motability approval ! My concern is that some of the Kwik Fit locations are fobbing off Motability customers and Kwik Fit are also not inviting Motability customers to leave a review using TrustPilot, which is also against TrustPilot guidlines! Her
  5. Hello, Although I have been eligible to make use of the Motability Car Scheme for a long time, I have never used it, preferring to always buy my own cars. However my current car is now getting a little long in the tooth and problems are starting to appear. Therefore I am looking to join the Motability scheme for the first time. I think I have worked out how the scheme works, however I have tried to find out the answers to a few questions from the Motability website, but cannot find the answers so am hoping the knowledgeable people here can help. Firstly, can I specify the o
  6. Please have a look at this link from the Motability Website: http://www.motability.co.uk/understanding-the-scheme/pip-and-motability/ This PDF is from their website:
  7. Hi there, my mother is currently in receipt of high rate mobility allowance and has asked me to complete my lessons in order to get her out and about a bit more. I have just passed my test last week and was now looking to go get a mobility car but a friend has told me that you must hold a licence for 2 years or more before you can become a named driver. I have checked the motability website but I cannot see it anywhere. Does anyone know if this is true? the purpose of me doing my test was for this reason and I would be dissapointed if I spent £1000 on lessons for nothing.
  8. Anyone who now has a mobility scooter through their scheme is no longer given the option to purchase it at the end of the 3 year contract. Not very happy to find this out yesterday, when I had my scooter I was told I would be able to purchase it for a nominal sum at the end of the contract. Had I known at the time, I probably would never have had one with them in the first place as you can buy them new of dealers for less than Motability charge. Those who have cars with them may need to look into this also as it is possible they could be affected.
  9. Hi CAG I am writing on behalf of my sister. She is in her late 50's, lives alone, has worked hard all of her life and now finds - after a couple of years of being bullied at her place of work (seriously !) - that her hours have been cut drastically and she can no longer afford her cost of living expenses. Also the hotel where she works is closing down in July. For the first time in her life she has gone sick with stress and I am worried about her too. She also looks after my elderly Mum & stepdad. We have just applied successfully for DLA for Mum as she is now housebound. My mum
  10. hi all, just a bit of help regarding 3 points put on my licence, after being stopped,on a 125cc i was holding a prov licence, i had been given a £60 on the spot ticket for the offence, which i couldn't afford to pay,so i went to dispute the ticket in court, stating i was not aware i needed L plates for a 125 cc WHICH I WENT TO BUY JUST AFTER GETTING THE TICKET AND PUT THEM ON THE BIKE,i might add that i had all my docs on me to prove i was fully legal minus the L plates,anyway after the court apperance i got a absolute discharge, and that was that, then a day later the court prosecutor sent me
  11. Hi.. Just over 3 weeks ago my husband received his sleep test results back from his cardio consultant, turns out he is suffering from mild sleep apnea .. on the letter from consultant it stated he was to advise DVLA which he did that day and they told him best way forward is to surrender his driving licence which he has now done . My hubby is getting high rate care/ mobility and he has a motability car which he can no longer drive until his sleep apnea is under control which could take months , rather than have a car sat outside being paid for but getting no use
  12. Hoping someone may help me with information. I am considering getting a Motobility Car, but also concerned with the fact that DLA may end within the 3 year contract. Does anyone know or has anyone had the experience of this.Do you have to continue paying for the full 3 years,or if you lose benefit do they just take the car back? I thankyou in advance.
  13. Please read the following linked post. From 50m to 20m for mobility element It is vitally important people should be made aware of this. The sneaky change of criteria from 50m to 20m means that a huge number of people who depend on their car for working, shopping, socialising and everything else able-bodied people take for granted and part of their normal life, will lose their main tool of independence. To give you an idea of what 20 meters represent, see below: upload pics or imagine this: unrolled. This is it. If you can wal
  14. Motability have updated their website with their latest understanding of PIP. Whilst most of the info won't come as a surprise - it's been described as 'a chilling read' elsewhere - it is worth having a read through. You can find it here. As if decimating the Motability scheme and removing the personal independence from thousands and thousands and thousands of mobility impaired people wasn't enough:
  15. Hi Folks Ordered a new car on the motability scheme, when I was working and ordered some extra's (SATNAV, bluetooth and alloys) before the car was delivered I was made redundant. Telephone motability and made them aware of affordability issue and they told me to contact dealer. Dealer was not happy and advised I would have to pay cancellation fee of £600. Anyone on the scheme will know nothing is signed until vehicle is collected. Anyway bullied into taking car and all was going ok and took collection last October. My housing benefit has now been reduced by over £170 per mont
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