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  1. Hi CAG I am writing on behalf of my sister. She is in her late 50's, lives alone, has worked hard all of her life and now finds - after a couple of years of being bullied at her place of work (seriously !) - that her hours have been cut drastically and she can no longer afford her cost of living expenses. Also the hotel where she works is closing down in July. For the first time in her life she has gone sick with stress and I am worried about her too. She also looks after my elderly Mum & stepdad. We have just applied successfully for DLA for Mum as she is now housebound. My mum has been helping my sister with money towards her rent. None of them claim Carers Allowance despite my telling them that either my sister or my Mum's elderly partner would certainly be eligible. My sister has a car on finance. I have talked to her today about the possibility of getting a car through the Motability Scheme so that she can take Mum out in her wheelchair (she has a wheelchair but hasn't actually left her flat since she came and spent Christmas with us - we live 180 miles apart). If my Sis did this what would she do about her current car ? She is worried that questions will be asked about the money that Mum gives her to help her with rent & food. I'm sorry to have so many questions but can anyone help at all or suggest some next steps that I can pass on to her ? Thank you
  2. Hi Folks Any advice greatly appreciated. My Citroen Picasso had been overheating for some time. We had a couple of mechanics look at it and quote us £350 - 400 for repairs. With a hubby out of work and I as a full time carer we just haven't had the money to repair it. A friend of ours knew a local garage owner who came over, looked at the car and announced he could fix it for £150, so we readily agreed. He took the car and then the old story happened that the repair bill came to substantially more than the original quote - over £400. The mechanic didn't ask if it was OK to go ahead and do the work, if he had of my answer would have been 'no' as we just couldn't afford the bill. Anyway, he did let me pay what I could and bring the car home but it left an outstanding amount of £112.00. I drove it once or twice that week on short trips but then, once I tried to take it on a longer journey, the same thing happened and it overheated ! I rang the garage - he fobbed me off, it was a long time ago so I don't remember exactly what he said, then he came over ostensibly to discuss what had happened with the car but he was more concerned about the £112.00. I replied that until my car was roadworthy again he wouldn't be getting his £112.00 and I would be taking it elsewhere to get the work completed. He then left. Didn't hear anything for a few months and then, about a month ago, he rang up to ask for the outstanding money. The car has been sat outside for 6 months now. It has been declared SORN as I can't drive it anywhere and can't afford the repair bill ! I told him all this but he still insisted on getting his money. I told him to speak to my husband and gave him his number, just to get him off the phone. During the past week he has rung our home continuously - upwards of 10 times a day. I haven't answered the phone. Today, he rang the landline 6 times before 8.30am and my mobile 3 times. He has now sent a threatening text saying that the bill has gone up to £150.00 as he's had to wait 6 months. He will come and take the parts back off the car and bill me for his time and then pursue me through the courts to get his money. Where do I stand with this, does anyone know ? My husband says to just give him the money but I don't agree and his text this morning has made me even more determined. Or am I in the wrong ? Thanks for reading.
  3. Thanks, zentrix9 Really appreciate the reply. The recording device is a good idea and one I hadn't thought of actually. He's caught me off guard twice now, I hope to be better prepared should there be a third time. We have reason to think that he has major money worries, he has a couple of hotels that aren't doing so well during the recession, I'm sure the bloke has a lot on his plate but that doesn't excuse his treatment of me. I'm sure he has a right to say if we can or cannot walk our dog on the drive, I'm not really disputing that, but it's the way he just went off on one not once but twice now. Very unnerving. We're not a shouty, sweary family and I really object to being treated like that on the doorstep of my home, in earshot of my daughter, even if he does own the roof over our heads.
  4. I'll try and keep this brief. We have lived in a privately rented house for just over 2 years. The landlords live in the grounds at their home up a long gravel drive, we are out of sight of each other. Always got on OK with them, have never missed paying our rent and have kept the house in a clean and tidy state. We asked permission to get a small dog for our daughter (we already had a cat which they knew about) and they said 'no problem'. Every morning I would take the dog for his quick 'first walk' partway up the drive, again, never in sight of the landlord's property. They own a large, aggressive German Shepherd that they keep fenced in on their property as it just runs riot if it gets out anywhere. Last year, she managed to escape from their grounds, came up to us and attacked and killed our cat. The animal lovers amongst you will appreciate how upsetting this was and the Landlord's wife told us she would take extra precautions to keep thir dog from coming anywhere near us. They have teenage children who have been a nuisance on and off - one of them wandered into our house drunk late one night, at other times they have rung our intercom to let them through the gates rather than face the wrath of their parents. On Good Friday, I was taking the dog for his usual short walk when their German Shepherd spotted us and came bounding over. There was no harm done, the dogs are used to each other and the Landlord's wife got their dog back inside. Shortly afterwards the Landlord came to our house wanting 'a word' with me. He went ballistic, shouting and swearing to me about our dog saying I wasn't to bring it on his land again (the drive is actually shared), he said we'd said we would keep the dog inside and that's why he agreed to us having him (we said no such thing) and a few other things besides. I was apologetic but shaking and upset at the same time (he's a massive bloke !). After I'd calmed down a bit I thought maybe he was having some problems of some kind as it wasn't like him at all to be so horrible. I didn't see him again then until a week ago when the communal electric gates failed so I went to inform him. The following day he knocked the door to give me a new key for the gate. His face was like thunder and he simply thrust the key at me, told me what it was for, and then turned on his heel and marched off without even saying goodbye, so I shut the door. Two seconds later he's banging the door again - I opened it and he got right in my face and sort of sneered at me 'By the way we're thinking of selling up' beofre going to walk off again. I asked if that was some sort or 'notice to leave' and he went mad again, saying he was pi$$ed off with my attitude, he didn't want us as 'neighbours' anymore, he brought the dog up again (even though I'd taken him nowhere near the drive since his last tirade) and then, worst of all, questioned whether it was actually his dog that had killed our cat and if we'd had to 'scrape it off the ground'. Just horrible. My daughter, who's almost 10 and disabled, heard him ranting and raving and was really upset by it all - doubly so as she didn't know it was their dog that had killed the cat. He threatened to set his dog on ours if we wnt anywhere near hos place - it was just *vile*. Well, I spoke to their oddjob man few days later and he said he's always like it and had even been aggressive to him. He doubted that they were really selling up but, to be honest, i can't live with that uncertainty hanging over us and I really don't want to live here any longer, waiting for the next 'blow up'. I've also discovered that our deposit isn't protected and we've also never completed an inventory since we moved in. I want us to leave - what's the best approach ? We claim housing benefit and I am a fulltime carer for my daughter ... do you think we would be eligible to try for social housing ? So much for keeping this brief - thanks for reading.
  5. Wow - thank you everyone so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Hi greenpimpernel - We live out in the sticks, no pavement on the lane outside and fields adjacent to the house, there really isn't anywhere else to put it. The car was bought outright - am I right to think that goods that are way in excess of an amount owed can't be seized ? In other words, the car (although a bit of an old banger) is worth loads more than what we're meant to owe. Hi ploddertom - No, I pay the usual road tax and use the car to transport my daughter, she can't walk very far. I do recieve carers allowance for her and DLA at the higher rate care component, both letters can be shown as proof of her disability if the blue badge isn't enough. Thanks for the letter template.
  6. Hi Folks OK, in a nutshell - we are being chased for a small amount of Council Tax debt from 3 years ago at a previous address. At the time I was disputing this as my husband had lost his job and we were entitled to Council Tax benefit. Eventually all reminders and calls from the Council stopped and we subsequently moved house. Had first visit from forum favourites 'Ross 'n' Robbers' just before Christmas. I opened the door, I did not confirm my identity and I did not take the letter that was proffered to me by the agent (was unaware why they were there and quite surprised to see it was with regards to the supposed CT debt). Second visit about 6 weeks later - I did the same, did not confirm identity or take the letter from agent. Friday just gone (4th March) another agent turned up - I again didn't confirm who I was and I also asked him politely to leave my premises as he had not been invited to visit. He walked off and said, 'Right, I'll just take your car then.' Joke of it is, the car parked on our drive was a courtesy car - my own car was at the garage having work done to it. I left it a few minutes, very pumped up with adrenaline, and then went out to him - he was clamping the car. I calmly stated that we both knew he was acting unlawfully as a: he had not ascertained who I was, b: he had not ascertained the registered keeper of the vehicle and c: I have a disabled daughter and the car was needed to transport her. It all fell on deaf ears (quote: 'Have your say then, Love) and he carried on clamping (sounds like a film title 8-)) He stayed outside the house for about 45 minutes (quote: 'I can stay here all day, Love, (grrr ) I still get paid.') so I just left him there with both our exterior doors locked. He eventually came and knocked the door again. He said he was leaving and had to give me a letter - I declined to take it from him so he dropped it in the porch (we don't have a letter box). Once he'd left, I went outside and saw that the courtesy car was still clamped and there was a huge sticker on the driver's window. The letter he left in the porch was a 'Notice Of Seizure Of Goods' and on the back at the bottom was a section called 'Form Of Walking Possession Agreement' - neither sections signed by myself, obviously. As I write this on Sunday evening there has been no contact from them at all so, as far as they are concerned, they have left a vulnerable member of my family without transport since Friday afternoon - transport that I'm not even the registered keeper of ! I had to take the courtesy car back to the garage on Saturday morning - it would appear that the wheel clamp 'dissolved' during the night and I was at least able to take it back and return with my own car. I'm pretty clued up with stuff like this and I am quite sure that I have a good case against the Bailiff as he dropped so many clangers during his visit, the ones I've already outlined plus I didn't sign the 'Notice of Seizure' but I need to know how to proceed - I can see them pitching up here early tomorrow morning, seeing the car gone AND the wheel clamp ... what then ? If they turn up at 8am it will be too early to have contacted the Council, which is what I am planning to do and ask them to cease any further action by R 'n' R as we were in dispute with the Council over the debt anyway. And what if they then go ahead and clamp my actual car ? It has my daughter's disability badge displayed but I honestly don't think that will deter them. I home educate my daughter and she has riding lessons with 'Riding for the Disabled' tomorrow which she loves - if we can't get there because they've clamped me again I might just end up getting arrested for assault. Thank you for reading this far ... please, anyone, any ideas ?
  7. Hello Everyone and thank you for a brilliant forum - been looking on here for some time now and need some advice, please. Basically, the title says it all. My husband has been claiming JSA for 2 years. He finally had a job offer for end of May and signed off but the job fell through the weekend before he was due to start (he works as a carpenter). He has got to the point when he would need to attend a New Deal training programme and, honestly, couldn't face the propect of that. He suffers terribly with social phobia and really wouldn't be able to cope in that kind of situation. He still remains signed off from JSA. We wanted to know if we could remain off JSA but still be able to claim HB ? I don't work as I am a full time carer for my daughter who is disabled and gets higher rate care component of DLA. He will continue to look for work (we live in the SW and the situation is dire) but we don't know where we stand. Many thanks. Bluebird
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