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  1. @ Andyorch: Thank you. That is helpful. I have asked Motability who regulates them and they have refused to answer. I will take this up with the Financial Ombudsman. @ dx100uk: Motability ask for fraud to be reported to them. They say they take fraud seriously but we all know what happens when organisations self-regulate... @ stu007: I have read the Motability rules and it is quite clear that Motability cars are not supposed to be used in the way this one is. The woman who is using the Motability car fraudulently is also using the blue badge when the disabled person is not present. @tomtom256: Our MP tells us he is totally shocked by Motability and it is well know Motability is one of the worst frauds there is - he also tells us there is nothing he can do about it. If you pay taxes and are happy for them to be stolen by benefit cheats that is entirely up to you - I do not share your view. @ king12345: It was a simple question. An open forum is only informative if the question is answered. Anyone searching for the same information as I am is not interested in reading pages and pages of personal opinion / circumstance. They, like me, just seek the answer to the original question. I now have the answer to my question, thank you Andyorch.
  2. At king12345 - not relevant. Now, back to the question: is there a higher authority I can complain to about Motability as they are encouraging fraud.
  3. I don't mean to be rude but please read what I have said in my earlier posts. I have not asked for your interpretation of the Motability rules / how they are applied. My very simple question is: is there a higher authority I can complain to about Motability as they are encouraging fraud in this particular instance.
  4. I have tried reporting it to Motability - many times. My question is who do I report Motability to for aiding and abetting fraud? Is there an ombudsman?
  5. We have repeatedly reported fraudulent use of a Motability car to Motability. The Motability car is being used by a woman (who is not the disabled person) for her personal use - running errands, taking her child to school, shopping etc. Things that are not for the benefit of the disabled person.
  6. Is there any organisation that investigates Motability for aiding and abetting Motability fraud?
  7. I have no idea what the OC entered as I have not seen my credit report during that time. I went on the ER shortly before the referendum and the reports I have seen since then have no mention of these. The DCA is CapQuest. Lloyds, RBS.
  8. Today I have received three letters from the same DCA. Two letters are identical. They are asking me to get in touch about two very old debts with two different banks: last time I heard from Bank A was 2007 and the last time I heard from Bank B was Jan 2010 - and I have heard nothing since from either - and I have not made any payments or been in touch with either since those dates. I think, therefore, they are statute barred. Should I just ignore the DCA letters? Can they "default" me with the CRAs?
  9. Their explanation varies, depending on who I am speaking to and depending on how I respond to their "defence". The Barclaycard website states the payment date is fixed to a particular working day of the month. On the face of it, the 10th working day of August is 12th August, the 12th working day of August is 16th August etc. If my "particular working day" is 15th of the month that means in August it is 19th August, in May it was 20th May. However, in May the "payment date" was moved to 17th May, i.e. the 11th working day. If all my other payments are due on 15th working day it would appear that their moving the payment date to the 11th working day is in breach of their own rules.
  10. I really do not know how to make myself clearer. Thank you both of you for your replies but my question is not to do with DDs. I will try to explain again. Every month for approximately two years my "payment date" has been on the 15th working day of the month EXCEPT in May when the payment date was suddenly changed to the 11th working day of the month. The payment date has subsequently reverted to 15th working day of each month. The Barclaycard website says "Your payment date is fixed to a particular working day of the month...". Why did the payment date change from 15th working day (which it had been for 18 months) to 11th working day (for one month) and then revert to 15th working day (last three months)? Surely this is in breach of Barclaycard's own Ts & Cs.
  11. Thanks for the advice that I pay by DD but it does not answer my question.
  12. Hello Caggers, I have been having a discussion with Barclaycard because I noted, in May 2016, that the period between the date my bill was issued and the date my payment was due had been shorted by several days. This very nearly caught me out as the payment is had always before and since (I now realise) been due on the 15th working day of the month. In May it was "due" on 11th working day of the month. I had a look on their website, it says: "Your payment date is fixed to a particular working day of the month...". I take that to mean it is fixed - in my case to 15th - working day of the month. So, for example, this month (August 2016) the 15th working day of the month would be 19th August. Am I wrong in my understanding of this sentence on their website?
  13. Again, you and I will obviously have to disagree.
  14. You and I will obviously have to disagree. I was actually talking morals...
  15. Thank you Sidewinder for your comprehensive explanation. It is a very sad state of affairs but if behaving in a decent and honourable manner does not count for anything. I suppose I will just have to sink to the level of the rabble and start learning so I can start replying "I know my rights"... Too sad for words.
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