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  1. Hello, I am new to this forum so I’m not sure but I’ll tell what happened first and I will really appreciate any help you can give me. First of all, I know it’s my mistake and I deeply regret this now. I saw this intagram page about 16+ Oyster cards for anyone (I’m 20) for £40 and contacted the guy and he set up and application for me and all. was having financial problems and I’m a student I was stupid enough to do something awfully regrettable like this. paid him applied for the card. got it used it for a while. got caught by a ticket officer got a letter from tfl asking me to write to them explaining why this incidence happened. I don’t know what to do. please help me out. This is my first time getting into trouble like this and I’m very regrettable and scared that I’ll be prosecuted. I’ll never ever do anything like this again. Please help me out. This is the letter I received from tfl. Please give me any advice you have on writing a reply to them. I have already started to draft a letter with my apologies and answering them honestly. But the letter they sent does not mention anything about fake photo card so should I tell them about it or just apologise for not having a valid card and offer to pay for any loses/fines. I am terrified about being prosecuted for this.
  2. Firstly I want to mention I am ashamed of what I did. I was using a 16+ oyster and got caught by a ticket inspector. It had my name, and photo, however, the inspector began quizzing me about my D.O.B. of course, I stuttered because I was panicking. I got it from a friend of a friend, someone I never met. I was stupid for doing it I know. And no excuse will absolve me of my wrongdoing. I was told I would receive a letter from TFL. I am so afraid I will get a criminal record. This is my first time doing something so silly. I saw a similar post about this from November however I don't know what action was eventually taken against the person. I am really worried, and I am afraid it will affect my career and academic prospects if I receive a criminal record. I am still yet to receive the letter from TFL. I want some guidance on how to respond. And whether anyone has been in a similar situation and what the outcome was. Will I have to show up to court? And if I do will I receive a conviction? I will have to plead guilty, and I plan to. Also, will how long I've used the oyster card affect whether or not I will receive a criminal conviction? What should I include in my response to them? Is there anything I should avoid writing. I would be so grateful for any guidance and advice. After some browsing on other forums, it is likely I will have to pay a fine. What else can I expect to happen? Should I ask for an out of court settlement?
  3. Hi, I was coming back home today on the tube and I got stopped as I tapped out. The light flashed on the barrier and in front of me was an inspector who asked me to show the oyster and photo card. I was actually using somebody else's nominee pass and didn't have the photo card with me. I told the inspector that straight away. He took me to the side and pulled out his black notebook and started writing. He told me I wasn't getting prosecuted and he only wanted to ask a few questions. This is when I began to panic a bit. I told him that the nominee card was hardly being used and I picked it up this morning to use it. I also had the intention of transferring the card on to my name because I would make a lot more use out of it than by brother but I know the process takes a while so I just took the card today to use it. He asked me for my details and then called somebody up to verify that it wasn't fake. He asked why I was using it and I said to save money and that I knew I wasn't supposed to be using the card. admitting that I'm guilty. I signed the notebook. He told me that I should wait for a letter from TFL which will tell me how to proceed. I had no idea that I could be charged with a criminal offence!! I'm just sitting and wondering what on earth I should do.. Also - just to add, today was the first time I had used the card in a few weeks. Prior to today, I had used the card about 3 or 4 times for the same journey route as today. The inspector asked me which station I was coming from and noted it down. I need to settle outside of court because my job requires DBS clearance and there is absolutely no way I can afford to get a criminal record. Does offering more money than they want in court increase chances of getting OOC? Thanks in advance. I really really regret using it for the sake of saving like £10
  4. Hi everyone, I've been reading a few threads on here about trying to minimise/avoid court proceedings for my case... I didn't know the severity of what I've done until it was too late unfortunately. Some background on the case, I was caught a few days ago using a nominee's pass at Z1/2 border station. When the revenue inspector approached and asked to see my ticket, I naturally panicked and presented another oyster card with little value (mistake) on it as I recently used majority of the value over the weekend and didn't top up. He then asked to see the photocard which at that point I showed him He asked 'who does it belong to?", it was my partner's and asked "does she know you're using it?' which I replied 'No, I took it without her permission". He then asked a few more questions like what is my occupation and it lasted for about 30 minutes which at that point he didn't say I would be fined but a person from TFL will contact you. He read me the rights that I don't have to be here but anything I say or don't say may be used later in court. At that point I was panicking so I asked him if there was another way to settle this with him on the spot. The truth is that I have used it quite frequently but I have also used my standard blue oyster card on the odd day but not as the nominee pass. I have previously purchased annual travelcards on my card but since it expired I took the card to use instead. I have been issued a standard penalty fine before for not having a valid oyster card but that was settled immediately but I haven't had any court proceedings or records before, so like majority of people here I am a bit nervous about the situation. I really just want advice and ask, do you think I should openly admit that I have used it on more than one occasion and be totally transparent and apologise? Obviously I don't want to lie to them and say it wasn't my only time using it as it's clear they'll get the historical data if they really wanted to. I'm currently drafting the first paragraph to apologise but want to know if being transparent will only dig the hole deeper. Many thanks
  5. Hi to all! I have read some very helpful advices from the similar story thread like mine. I am wondering if anyone could ever help me as well with my situation This Saturday, when I was about to go to London to visit my 90 year old friend ( more like my second Father). I was so stress because I have not sleep that much for the whole week and stress out because my son who is 8 months old has been having temperature the whole week. all set...my husband told me to take his ticket. At first I said no but because I was rushing I just took the travel ticket in the end. Off I go to the station rushing to catch the train. When I got into the train the first thing I did was writing the things I have to do for the coming week. Booking my son's GP appointment, view my son's nursery, contact my manager about my maternity leave. And everything else. Then the inspector asked for my ticket. I was so stupid to gave her my husband's ticket thinking it was mine. So the inspector asked for my Ticket ID and obviously it won't match. When she asked me about my ticket and me thinking not to put my husbands into trouble, I said that I have my own weekly travel card and that card was beside my Husband's travel card and mistakenly took his instead of mine. But none of them was true, I just made it up because I do not know what to do and people are looking at me like a criminal. I have been in this country for 10 years and never been in this situation. When the inspector asked me about my reasons, I said I was on a rushed and I do not intend to take my husband's ticket. Which is true apart from the sentence when I said I have my own travel ticket. My husband went to the ticket office on Potters bar (GreatNorthern Railway) to ask if he could ever get his card back. But they didn't give it back instead he paid for another £300 for his travel card. They also asked for the reason about his ticket and all he said is that " My wife took my travel card by mistake and by the time she was on a train the ticket inspector took the travel card". It is indeed a mistake to take his travel card in the first place. I have called the customer service today asking what shall I do. But they cannot give me a straight answer. I am applying for my license and I do not want any records just because of my stupidity. I am so stress right now and I have no idea when the letter is coming so that i will know what to do next. I have read some thread here with a great result and I am hoping mine would be the same. I do not know if they will I prove to them that it is not my intention to use my husbands travel card. It was just a bad week for me and very stressful sleepless nights because of my son. But how would they understand my situation and what shall I do to prove them I am very sorry and it won't happen again. Should I email them before I received the letter from them or just wait? Please help me, I am not from this country but I have been living here for 10 years. I have never thought of being in this situation. Thank you in advance for those of you who would take time to read my story.
  6. I hope for your help on how I should apply the Central London County Court to Enforce an Financial Ombudsman Final Decision using form N322A? I am a Danish pensioner, living in Denmark, on 28 March 2018 the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) made a Final Decision in my favor regarding my complaint against Abshire-Smith Global Ltd., 26 York Street, London W1Y 6PZ, which I accepted. However, the business has unfortunately not complied, i.e. paid me the required amount (GBP 84.833, incl. 8% interest and a GBP 750 compensation awarded by the FOS) within 28 days of me accepting the FOS Final Decision, as they were ordered to by the FOS, despite many reminders from the FOS and finally the FOS reporting the business to the Regulator (the Financial Conduct Authority), but all in vain. The FOS has therefore advised, that I can apply the County Court, nearest to the business, in order to enforce the ombudsman decision (see the attached FOS Consumer Factsheet "enforcing an ombudsman decision in court"). I therefore informed the business that I would now proceed to the County Court unless they complied with the FOS Final Decision - and thereby also saving the business the considerable court fee. However, as I did not hear from the business I sent my application by email ([email protected]) to the Central London County Court on 25 Oct. 2018, with all required documents duly completed incl. Form N322A, but less court fee (I requested the Court for information on the court fee amount and how to pay it). I received an automated reply, that I would receive a answer within 10 working days. However, 10 working days have now passed and I have not heard from the County Court, despite sending them a reminder last week. In the meantime Adam Neal, the CEO and Founder of Abshire-Smith Global, has sent me an email informing "Please note we have the option of a judicial review, which is what we are requesting". They have said this before to the FOS shortly after the FOS Final Decision, but apparently it was just a threat and I also believe they should have requested for a Judicial Review within 3-4 months of the date of the Final Decision, so it's properly another delaying tactic? I have, therefore, asked my contact person at the FOS, the Adjudicator,for information on what the Judicial Review means and how I can know if the business has actually applied for this, if the Court accepted the application, the processing time and whether I will be informed of the outcome. Apart from informing me she will inform me "shortly" I have not heard from her again in over 2 weeks, despite my reminder by email. I therefore wish to proceed to enforce my FOS Final Decision at the County Court, but how should I proceed, as they do not respond to my emails? I hope you can help me? enforcing-an-ombudsmans-decision.pdf n322a-eng.pdf
  7. Hiya - How did you find out who the prosecutions manager was and his details to be able to contact him? Many Thanks
  8. Hi, On the 18th of January I was pulled over. When the police officer asked what I was doing on my mobile phone (which was attached to the magnet holder). I immediately replied I was 'changing the music'. It was about half past midnight with no other cars on the road and I stopped my vehicle just before I entered a small roundabout as there was a car approaching from the right (which I now believe is the police car). I took the opportunity to pick a song to accompany me the rest of the way home. As I saw the police car approaching I pulled off and was pulled over. The police have ticketed me. I am a new driver so the punishment of 6 points and £200 fine would mean my licence will be revoked. I am thinking of letting the issue be decided by the courts as I feel that the punishment is harsh considering the circumstances. I am thinking of representing myself as cannot afford the legal fees. I am aware of the technicality of the law surrounding this issue in order to be guilty of this offence - Firstly said mobile/hand held device must be handheld at some point during alleged offence, secondly phone has to be used for interactive communication and thirdly engine has to be on. Clearly my car engine was on, I would definitely argue that my phone was not held in my hand however the interactive communication part is a gray area as I stream music from Apple music but I also have music stored on my device, the question is whether I was streaming music at around said time of offence. I have requested a solicitor write to my phone company to release such information to me. Other points to note there were 2 police officers in the vehicle. The officer that ticketed me clearly believed that I was changing the music because she made comments at the end of our encounter saying that I can use Siri to change the music. I have never been to court before and any advice is greatly appreciated. My questions are: Is it worth taking to court? Will there be a opportunity to raise the points of law and how my incident does not meet the criteria for said offence and also can I request to see police statements of said incident? Any other opinions and advice is greatly appreciated. I need as much help as i can get. ...
  9. Hi there. I'm absolutely gutted I got this through for such a stupid mistake. I have just received a Single Justice Procedure notice and panicking greatly. It says I have 21 days to plead guilty or not guilty. That you on [DATE OF OFFENCE] did enter a compulsory ticket area without having with you a valid ticket. Contrary to Byelaw 17(1) of the Transport for London Railway Byelaws made under paragraph 26 of Schedule 11 to the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the Transport Act 1962. On [DATE OF OFFENCE] I attempted to travel from home station to work. At 7:55am he produced a TfL 60+ London Free travel Pass, that did not belong to him. He was not entitled to use the pass and it was invalid for travel. He stated it belonged to his father and admitted it was not the first occasion he had used it. They want £225 + £4.90. The summary statement has plenty of inaccuracies including my and and address that he said he confirmed ITAL but couldn't have as I gave him my driving license. That I walked away from the station when I re-entered with my bank card. Also, that he confirmed everything with me but didn't as the statement provided did not match the conversation or my details. Obviously I'm incredibly sorry and was a very stupid mistake. When I go out with my parents, I hold their oyster card so they don't have to rummage through their wallet or bag. On this occasion, I didn't give it back to him and mistakenly was then using for what I thought was a couple of weeks. As this was back in July, I called up several times to try and sort it and even my dad called up to get his oyster card back and they said nothing was logged against the card. I'll be gutted if i get a conviction as I'm in the process of looking for a property, will be visiting friends in America next year, was very stressed at the time due to work and a kidney condition getting worse and after the event receiving mental support for anxiety. I'm worried this will affect all of the above and negatively affect my mental health after just making progress. Any help on the best way to approach settling out of court would be appreciated. I'm happy to pay costs as I was incorrectly using it for what I think was a couple of weeks but a criminal conviction will hurt me in many ways. Thanks for reading.
  10. Ok, so this is a bit of a long story so I'll try and keep it as short as possible, I'm no legal expert at all. I moved into my new property August 2017, I moved from a previous address which everyone involved knew about. Now where I live is Freehold, but I have a management company who cut the grass etc in the local park, which I have to pay for yearly......I had not received an invoice at all, so I just presumed I would get one yearly one. Now I was in the area of my previous property and it turns out the management company have been invoicing my previous address to demand payment, but obviously as they demand payment every 6 months, it has now created arrears and they have now appointed solicitors to collect payment . I have contacted solicitors and explained everything, they're not interested, just demand money! They told me to speak to my solicitors who assisted with the purchase of the property as they should have informed the maintenance company of change of address. I have contacted them, which they sent me the letter which was sent to the management company, I then forwarded this to the solicitors and they have said this isn't good enough and are going to pursue payment. which I should pay £120 a year to the management company now with arrears and solicitors fees they want nearly £550. They have said I have 7 days to pay the full amount or they will proceed with an Section 121 notice which will add significant charges. My point is, surely it is an administration error on the part of the management company or the solicitors who assisted with the purchase of the house. I was never told anywhere I have to contact the management company to change my address!? All of the solicitors involved knew it was my main residence. What can I do going forward?? As debt collecting solicitors just don't listen and all they do is demand payment. Management company won't talk to me and just say "its in solicitors hands now" Any advice would be great, I'm speaking to my solicitor tomorrow to see where I stand on this, as out of principle I don't think this is my fault at all!
  11. Hello all, I hope I've chosen the correct sub-forum for this post, but if not would you move it for me? I have encountered an interesting situation this past week and I wonder if I could have some advice on what, if anything, can be done about it. It's probably clearest if I just bullet point the facts: I have a computer graphics card for sale on Ebay Tuesday 12th June I received an email from a potential buyer by the name of Dorothy Baynham telling me they wanted to buy the card for their son's birthday and would I end the auction early and sell to them. Wednesday 13th June I agree to end the auction once a PayPal payment is received. Later on Wednesday PayPal payment for £360 is received along with the shipping name and address. Thursday 14th of June I sent the graphics card away by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Friday 15th of June it is received and signed for by a Mr *** Saturday 16th of June I received an email from a gentleman, completely unrelated to either earlier person, asking me why I have claimed £360 from his bank account. Saturday 16th of June I emailed back making clear that payment was sent from his account in payment for the item sold via Ebay. Friday 22nd of June I have received an email from PayPal telling me they are reversing the payment. Sure enough, my PayPal balance is now -£360. My belief is that the person I was corresponding with has used stolen/hacked credentials for a PayPal account to pay for the Ebay item. Subsequently, the person whose PayPal account was compromised has initiated a charge back. There is a lesson to be learned here, which is to never believe what anyone tells you on Ebay and to stick to their rules and let auctions run their course. I understand that, lesson learned, apparently the hard way. My question is, on the basis that I know the address the item was delivered to and I know who signed for it, is it possible for me to issue a Letter Before Action or similar with the aim of bringing them to account? I should make it clear, I am located in Scotland (west coast), the item was delivered to an address in Dudley. I may very well have to simply suck this up and chalk it up to "I should have known better", but I thought I'd check first. Ideally I'd rather not be out of pocket by £360!
  12. Hi, I had an account with Natwest, which was shut down about 6 years ago. At the time, I had my Overdraft of £1800 (all owed), a loan for £1000 (£897 remaining), and one for £5000 (£3976 remaining). Due to my financial issues due to illness, I'd had to live off what little credit I had, and after a few months of being unable to keep above the maximum 1800 Overdraft (frequently going to £2000 when bills hit) my account was closed Following this, I was taken to court and something (I forget the technical term now, sorry) was put on my house so that when sold, my outstanding debt to Natwest would be paid out of any monies I received. We have since sold the house to a housing agency (again, lost it due to ill health and financial issues) and NAtwest received nothing because the mortgage was not fully paid off. Following this, Natwest sent debt collectors. MY wife was had by Shoosmiths (for similar level of debt) I think mine were Cabot financial (They currently take £2 a month from me, but I'm sure they said it was passed on however I've received no new paperwork) the debt is now with a debt collector. This morning I got a letter from RBS, regarding my Natwest loan, to tell me that I'm due over £800 in refunds Which will be paid into my account if it is still active, otherwise I will receive a cheque. MY account was closed, I do still get statements every 6 months about what is still outstanding. Will my refund get paid to these account, despite being closed, or will I get it? As if I receive it, I'm quite happy with my current £2/month arrangement and don't wish to just send them nearly a grand, when I've got other bills that are slightly behind now (council tax, water, TV, gas) that I would like to clear off, and I could do that with the payout, and still have a little bit over to help at christmas. As I paid these bills at a time when I owed them nothing, and I was not given a real option of not paying (I was flat out told I had to have it or I'd be refused). To me, they took money they should not have had. it should definitely all be paid back to me, for me to do with as I please. I realise they won't see it that way though, but just wondered if anyone else in a similar situation has had this happen, and received the cheque? As they only send me updates every 6 months, I wont find out now until March, as I got my update 3 weeks ago. :\ So I'm hoping someone here can help me a little sooner.
  13. Tens of thousands of drivers get increased fines for using mobiles at wheel READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/tens-of-thousands-of-drivers-get-increased-fines-for-using-mobiles-at-wheel
  14. I wont list all the details but i used my husband season ticket today and got caught. I stated he was aware of me having his ticket but i only told him this as i was on the train in the morning and got caught on the return journey home. Wish i was not so honest telling the truth but there i am, i shoulg have never took his ticket. I dont think it would look good having made a false journey once already plus it is a season ticket, plus the owner was aware of this. As you advised, i will await for the letter from swt but sigh,, , dont really wanting to end a year in this way but read all the posts related to fare persecutions on this site which help.. .just waiting for the letter
  15. Just received a pcn for failiure to comply with a street sign from a London council. The date of the alledged offence was 17/10/17. and the date of the pcn is 12/12/17 is this outside of the timelimits for such service obviously they've got the details from the hire company many thanks in advance
  16. The following news article featured on SCOOP today: http://www.publicsectorexecutive.com/Public-Sector-News/london-council-to-launch-ethical-debt-collection-for-residents?dorewrite=false/Page-1749 https://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news
  17. Hi guys Earlier his morning I got caught using a relatives bus pass on West Midlands Network Buses. Completely my fault, I held my hands up and apologized. I was in a rush to get to the job center as I had an appointment to tell them I was going to be starting my new job next week. As I got off at the stop, the inspectors were checking the tickets and as I didn't have a photo card, they pulled me over, ran a few checks and I admitted it wasn't my pass. I am completely broke and couldn't afford a ticket, literally. They asked me to pay £40 there and then, but I had nothing on me. The inspector said they would send a letter through the post and I would have to pay the £40 fine. However, looking at online forums, there are some people saying they've been summoned to court for the same offense. This worries me a lot as I have a suspended sentence for a motoring offense earlier this year. Does this mean that if I get summoned to court, and they convict me of using someone else's bus pass, I could be sent to prison?
  18. hi im after a bit of advice i recently used my local sainsburys car wash and managed to get stuck in it twice which caused quite a bit of bodywork damage so i reported it to sainsburys head office and they asked me to get 2 vat registered quotes which i done and they confirmed that the car wash was faulty and have decided to go along with the cheaper of the 2 quotes. the problem i am now having is the car has developed a fault which is far too costly and in my view not worth repairing and sainsburys want to pay the body repair shop directly to have the work done and i have benn offered a part exchange on a newer car and obviously i would have got a much better price for my car if the extra damage caused by the car wash wasnt there so shouldnt sainsburys pay me for the damage caused?? id be greatful for any help thanks in advance steve
  19. Hello, My sister has had a incident with my travel card. When she was exiting the station a travel officer caught her using my card. She admitted to the travel officer that she had used her husbands travel card as she did not know it was mine. She had also informed him that he did not know her taking it. She admitted to using it, and gave all her personal information. He informed her that she would recieve a letter and now we have recieved that letter. The letter states that she was reported 26th of October 2017 failing to produce a valid ticket, pass or photocard for the journey. The facts of the incident are being considered and they are advising that legal proceedings may be taken against her . In order for them to deal with our case correctly they want us to fill out the form on the reverse side. We do not wish for her to be prosecuted and she has never been convicted before regarding anything. I have not sent her appeal yet but I would like some advice before i send it This is what I wrote in her appeal: Dear Sir / Madam I would like to inform you that all these years I have been living in the UK, I have never been part of such an incident as well as I have never been a part of any criminal activity and most certainly never fare dodged. I feel so ashamed and depressed because of my ignorant decision. It was not something I neither planned nor did intentionally; rather it was more in the heat of the moment. It has been a very stressful period for me and my husband since he is working full time and I am on maternity leave alone with toddler and baby during the days. I literally have one free day a week when my husband has a rest day from his job, which lately I have been spending on gathering necessities for my children and relatives regarding our travel in November. Therefore when I was to enter the station I notice that I am not carrying my own pocket book and I had already reached the entrance. There was a long queue behind me stressing me so I panicked and used the card that was in the pocket book which I thought initially was my husbands. After this whole incident I feel even more stressed, distraught sad but mostly ashamed. I have had so much trouble sleeping and I barely have enough energy to take care of my kids. I am so afraid of what will happen to me. I will co-operate with you to the fullest and you have my guarantee that this will never be repeated. I would like to make you aware that there is no excuse for what I did and I am ready to pay the maximum fine for my mistake. I wish one day in the near future to return to work and continue my job search after starting a family, and a conviction would destroy my chances of finding a decent job to support and help provide for my family. I beg and wish for you to have some understanding of my current situation and we can find our way towards a settlement. If anyone can please read this through and advise me what I need to add and if there is someway we can settle this without her getting convicted? If there is someone out there with similar experience and can inform us what our next step should be and what we should be prepared for I would appericate it so much I would appericate it My sister is so stressed out right now. Thank you very much I have updated my appeal and added a few things: Dear Sir / Madam I would like to inform you that all these years I have been living in the UK, I have never been part of such an incident as well as I have never been a part of any criminal activity and most certainly never fare dodged. I feel so ashamed and depressed because of my ignorant decision. It was not something I neither planned nor did intentionally; rather it was more in the heat of the moment. It has been a very stressful period for me and my husband since he is working full time and I am on maternity leave alone with toddler and baby during the days. I literally have one free day a week when my husband has a rest day from his job, which lately I have been spending on gathering necessities for my children and relatives regarding our travel in November. I left my apartment in such a rush and quickly picked up my keys, my purse and what i thought was my pocket book from the kitchen table, since I was already late for my vaccine appointment, when I was to enter the station I notice that I am not carrying my own pocket book and I had already reached the entrance. Since I did not have my own card and I know that i could pay for my ticket due to that I did not have my bank card or any cash with me since they were in my pocket book. I was not thinking clearly and I was already so stressed since i left home so late and knew I had to be home so early. All I could think of was coming home to my children that I had left with my husband so he would babysit them while I am away for my appointment. I knew I had to be home early since he had a night shift the same day. There was a long queue behind me stressing me so I panicked and used the card that was in the pocket book which I thought initially was my husbands. After this whole incident I feel even more stressed, distraught sad but mostly ashamed. I have had so much trouble sleeping and I barely have enough energy to take care of my kids. I am so afraid of what will happen to me. I will co-operate with you to the fullest and you have my guarantee that this will never be repeated. I would like to make you aware that there is no excuse for what I did and I am ready to pay the maximum fine for my mistake. I wish one day in the near future to return to work and continue my job search after starting a family, and a conviction would destroy my chances of finding a decent job to support and help provide for my family. I beg and wish for you to have some understanding of my current situation and we can find our way towards a settlement.
  20. my husband who runs a business that was originally registered at the home address left September 2012 and has had 2 further registered office address on the 9th October 2013 he changed it to my address again and put it and my phone number on his website can I stop this as it was done without my knowledge or permission and we are just about to finalise our divorce and have had no contact the past year I keep getting phone calls for him some of them abusive and letters from banks etc
  21. Hi, I'm seeking some advice regarding some Council Tax arrears I have with Highland Council. I was sequestrated on 20th May 2015 and discharged a year later. I was on the understanding that all debts leading upto & including my sequestration date was included within the sequestration. However, Highland Council have informed me that it's their policy to use the 'Date of First Order' as the date for any arrears, instead of my actual sequestration date. Here's Highland councils response to my enquiry: "Dear Mr frunko, Thank you for email dated 07.04.2017. The Date of First Order is the day that a person who has applied for sequestration is cited to court. After this date, the party is given a period of time to make payment (6 weeks) but if no payment is received within that period, it is Council policy that the 'First Order Date' is the date used when dealing with a sequestrated Council Tax account. Therefore, although you were sequestrated on the 20.05.2015 we had to use the 26.04.2015, as this was the date you were first cited to court." I was wondering if this policy is in line with Scottish law regarding sequestration? The reason I'm asking is because If the Highland Council used my actual sequestration date of 20th May 2015, the whole financial year 2015 - 2016 Council Tax arrears would be included within my sequestration as they had issued a 'final notice' letter before 20th May 2015. Your knowledge or thoughts on this would be very much appreciated. Thanks - Frank
  22. Hi everyone, Please could I ask for your kind help with my response to the upcoming Tfl letter I am very worried about going court and getting a criminal record I was stopped by a Tfl inspector for using my husband's discounted student oyster photocard yesterday. Here is the situation: I have my own standard oyster card with monthly pass and my husband (aged 25) has his own discounted student oyster photo card with monthly pass (both zone 1-2). On 17 May my monthly pass expired (there is balance) which I forgot to renew on 18th morning I took my husband's card (his is on monthly pass) and asked him to buy the monthly pass on my card for me as he has more time during the day. He bought the monthly pass on my card immediately on that day however we forgot to swop when we came home in the evening on 19th I continued to use his card and got caught by the inspector on the bus. I told the inspector that it was a mistake. My concern is in order to avoid court and criminal records, I don't know if I should simply explain it is a mistake with no detailed explanation or if I should tell the whole story as above. I am worried that the case worker would think I am trying to evade bus fares by using my husband’s pass - from the look of my oyster card history I started to use his the day when my own pass expired but actually we spent the same amount of money if I had used my own pay as you go balance. As we use our own card separately with monthly pass I was not aware of the serious consequences, I didn't expect to be in such panic and the daunting thought of a possible criminal record. This is the first time I have been stopped by an inspector and I have not committed any other offences/crimes before. I would not say that I have NEVER used my husband's discounted oyster for convenience before this happened but my card was covered by a travel pass at the same time, which means we never thought of taking advantage of TfL. Could you please point me in the right direction? I am willing to pay reasonable costs and I don't want to go to court or get a criminal record which will severely affect the life we are building in UK. My husband and I have only been here for 3 years and as English is not our primary language we are not sure about the wording / style that can help us stay out of this. Your help is much appreciated…
  23. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I purchased a house 5 years ago which as part of the deeds includes a single parking space in an open carpark (of approx 14 spaces). Of these 14, 5 are visitors Spaces and the rest are allocated to the houses in the street. My neighbour is constantly abusing my space. I rerturn home and often find her with her possessions (from gardening, house clearance, charity shop runs, decorating in her house etc) stacked up in my space. I often have to sit and wait while she moves it all so I can park in my designated space. This has been going on for several months, and is compounded by the fact that I come home and find her visitors parking in my space (as it is conveniently opposite her house & next to her car). Today they only got out to move the car when I went to leave my car blocking them in. We have no parking enforcement, management company etc, as all the houses are privately owned (as ar the parking Spaces). I'm just wondering what legal rights do I have to stop her using my space? Can I actually "threaten" her with anything from a legal standpoint. Apparently the fact I have a number on my parking Space isn't enough to deter her from using it as she feels like it! The irony is the space on the OTHER side of her car is a visitors space and NEVER used by anyone as it's on the opposite side of the carpark to the other 4 so no one realises! Yet she knows this, and just keeps using mine... Asking her nicely has failed, today I just scowled and told her to hurry up when her guest moved the car () I've given up with being polite and asking nicely - it seems like every other day when I come home I have to wait for her so I can park up. I'm actually at the point where I'm going to just start parking in the the visitors spaces, but at the end of the day, it's my land??? What legal rights do I have?
  24. Hi everybody, Does anyone please use Amazon Workmail email services? I use outlook right now with a simple @ hotmail address but I want to use my business name as domain email and so need to purchase an email management provider to do that. I am not a techie person at all and need some help please! I have so far bought my web hosting with 1&1 and my domain name is with hostpapa (who used to be my host for website but I hated working with them so cancelled it.) For that reason I do not wish for my email management to be linked in any way to my hosting providers and have researched Amazon Workmail against Outlook Essentials and G Suite and think I will go with Amazon Workmail instead. How easy is it to set up please? It's also showing in dollars and not pounds on the Amazon Web Services account and support have said that it's a user managed service (I guess like giff gaff?) and so I want to know how easy it will be to install, how to actually install in my outlook web app since I access my emails via hotmail/ outlook internet/ web app and not a desktop app (don't have the storage space for that!). Please can anyone help or advise on this? Also I am about to set up my website (basic) using 1&1 click builder for wordpress, if anyone has experience of that please let me know as I only wish to have a simple website at this point but finding it hard to get started! Many thanks.
  25. we bought a car just before xmas within days it developed faults, we exercised our right to reject in writing to the garage at beginning of year and you guessed it they are ignoring us. we have gotten trading standards involved as they think there may be mis-represented laws they have broken such as saying it has warranty and it doesn;t and that there is service history which has never been received and failing to disclose where it came from when asked. this will not get us our money back so we are going down the route of S75 with credit card company only 2000 was put on card and remainder paid in cash a total of 17500 in all. What I wanted to know if anyone else has been successful in getting their money back through S75 and if so what happens to the car if we do prove successful and get our money back. At the moment the big hunk of junk us blocking my driveway as we had to sorn it get tax back this is now in the second month and doing my head in. any help. advice or experiences welcomed. If the credit card company pay up then effectively the car is now theirs, is that right, will they come and collect it. thanks tracey
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