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  1. First time poster here desperate for some advice after google has proved fruitless. This is a long ongoing story so please forgive the length and thank you in advance if you manage to read everything. I bought my first car 28/06/2018 from a car dealership in Hounslow, ATM Motor Trade. I found the car on Auto Trader, the dealer had good reviews and it was a good deal for the car that I wanted. The drive from my house was around 90 minutes each way but I was confident I was going to love the car. The saleswoman seemed knowledgable and friendly and I bought the car that day. I paid by
  2. Enforcement Undertakings accepted from United Utilities READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/enforcement-undertakings-accepted-from-united-utilities
  3. hi im after a bit of advice i recently used my local sainsburys car wash and managed to get stuck in it twice which caused quite a bit of bodywork damage so i reported it to sainsburys head office and they asked me to get 2 vat registered quotes which i done and they confirmed that the car wash was faulty and have decided to go along with the cheaper of the 2 quotes. the problem i am now having is the car has developed a fault which is far too costly and in my view not worth repairing and sainsburys want to pay the body repair shop directly to have the work done and i have benn offered a par
  4. Hi, I am new to this forum and new to legal terms and I am confused with what happened in court today. Someone please help me understand? Here is the story. I received an attachment of earnings order for a default judgement I knew nothing about. I enquired and found out that Lowell had applied to court a few months earlier and got the default judgement as I did not get any paperwork. Further, I had written them with CCA request but they never replied I thought that it is over and done with. I applied to local court to set aside the judgement with a witn
  5. I'm new here and I'm sorry if I'm placing my question in the wrong section. I lost a civil court case and I was ordered to pay the the defendants' legal costs which are about £90,000. I appealed the case and the appeal was supposed to be heard in a month time. Recently I sent "without prejudice" letter to withdraw the appeal in an exchange of waving the cost order (£90,000) against me so basically settle the case and each party pay its own expenses. The good news is that they accepted the offer. My question is .. how should I proceed after that? .. I do not have a legal repre
  6. I bought a TV 12 months and 3 weeks ago. Since buying it I had an intermittent problem with the screen going off for about 10 seconds then on again. I eliminated various other pieces of equipment over time then reported it to the manufacturer about 4 months into their warranty. After following their trouble shooting procedure they accepted it was faulty and arranged an engineer repair. When the engineer rang to arrange repair and get details I was away (this was around Christmas). During the discussion I told him I was unsure how to reproduce the issue since it happened inte
  7. Basically I had a hsbc business account which I shut due to the fact I slowed trading for for a while. Started to use my personal account for a bit and then a lot of business subsequently got asked to leave for breaking t&c. Left me without an account, 7 defaults and 3 arrangements on my credit history in the last 6 years. Ive put in an application with Coop for a cash minder, they seem to of lost my application in branch which is a pain. Had a look at the bank groups and basically hsbc aside I had history with all except Santander, figured I had nothing to lose by putting in an
  8. Had these lovely people send me an application through the post. Never really interested in a credit card but i filled it in anyway. On friday i receeived a text message to phone a number with a reference number. The lady who answered said she was from the applications dept at Vanquish. After confirming a few things she stated the credit card will be with me in 7-10 days. Looking into this now i see that Vanquish (Provident) are a doorstep loan company with very high APR ETC. What are the positive and negatives on using this card. Will it be better i just cut the card in half when i r
  9. Hi, I was pressured into accepting two CCJ's as appearing in court would have been devastating, if it got that far. Is it possible to mount a new challenge against the debt as I am sure that there is no enforceable agreement? One was a Debenhams store card and the other was a Debenhams loan. Both were taken over by CL Finance. They are a millstone around my neck, in more than one manner. Thanks,
  10. Allo to everyone, yet another NEWBIE, have only just realised that 1st central are taking 2 direct debit payments out of my bank every month, however i cancelled the 1st one when i rang to change my vehicle details as i had sold the 1st car ( clio) & had exchanged it for a polo. it was only by chance when i was looking at my on line bank stats that 1st central were appearing more than they should & have been taking 35 quid out on the 5th of every month & 56 quid on the 28th of the same month. i back tracked the lot & they obviously had not cancelled the clio & continued
  11. word to the wise everyone my PPI letter was rejected by Lloyds as they stated that they didnt have any details about me (car loan with Black Horse from 1999). I did not have any bank statements from then, and Santander had told me in writing that they didnt have any either. However contacted Santander customer services (IN-BRANCH TELEPHONE - important) and they managed to locate the errant statements. (Important because this line of enquiry acually worked - use a telephone in-branch if you require statements) contacted Lloyds again who confirmed the account nu
  12. My Mother had completed a ppi claim and stated that my Father had passed away. She received a letter shortly afterwards confirming the application was successful and she would receive a cheque in the post which she did. Unfortunately it was made out in both my Mothers and Fathers name. When she called the bank she was asked to send my Fathers death certificate as proof which she did she received a letter back saying they had received it and she would hear from the bank within 28 days. The 28 days had come and gone she phoned only to be told they wouldn't
  13. I accepted an offer from HFC on a PPI policy a couple of years ago. At the time I assumed that the process involved the bank calculating what I was owed and paying me that amount. I am now much wiser and believe that they just refunded the premiums and did not add any interest. There was no details of the calculations, not even a breakdown re the 8%. Can I go back and ask them to show me the calculations and question if they were correct?
  14. Please accept my apology if this is not in the right forum. 2 weeks ago I applied for a vanquis credit card online and on 30th of December last month I got a call from vanquis asking my details and setting up direct debit, also adviser asked me if I would like a transfer to my bank and I said no, then he said congratulations I have been accepted and will receive my credit card with 7 working days (I am shocked at this as my credit rating is not that good) but just wondering if anyone can answer these questions for me. 1. Does all this mean I 100% been accepted? or can they change t
  15. Hi there, I registered for a 30 day trial with eFax as I needed the ability to fax some PDF Documents to the HMRC. I had alot of trouble with the program and instead tried another online product which worked instantly. Consquently I dropped eFax an email stating my desire to cease the trial with immediate effect and close down the account (I was still on the 3rd day by this point) I had an email back from eFax which was a rather obnoxious marketing email with various offers, a very weak apology and the insistence that I phone them to cancel. Rather bemused by this I se
  16. Hi all, my first post on here. Not a good one sadly. Looking for a little advice in regards to my insurance paying out on a claim made agaisnt me. Basically on 11/11/13 i was stopped at a set of red lights, handbrake on and car in front rolled back into me at no more than 0.5mph. No damage whatsoever on close inspection. Just took number plates etc and that was that as far as im concerned. Then on approx 20/12/13 recieved an hand writen note posted through my door from insurance investigators asking my to contact them. So i thought i would ring my insurance company first. They said the ot
  17. Hi all, my first post on here. Not a good one sadly. Looking for a little advice in regards to my insurance paying out on a claim made agaisnt me. Basically on 11/11/13 i was stopped at a set of red lights, handbrake on and car in front rolled back into me at no more than 0.5mph. No damage whatsoever on close inspection. Just took number plates etc and that was that as far as im concerned. Then on approx 20/12/13 recieved an hand writen note posted through my door from insurance investigators asking my to contact them. So i thought i would ring my insurance company first. They said the ot
  18. So, I bought 5KG of protein powder from myprotein, which usually sells for around £50. Due to a pricing glitch, it was going through for £1-something. I fully expected my order to be cancelled, however, it went through, and was dispatched. I received a despatch confirmation, was given a delivery time and the money was taken from my account. Now, the delivery time came and went, so I tracked it, and it said it was being sent back to consignor. I phoned them, to see why it had been returned, and was told that due to the pricing error, it was being returned to them. Now, my understanding was th
  19. Hello, after some negotiation I have come to an agreement with my DCA over a full and final settlement. In the body of the letter it states 'your offer of £xxx.xx as a discounted full and final settlement has been accepted, to release your personal liability on the above mentioned account' 'Following receipt of your payment the remainder of the balance will be written off and recorded as a partial settlement with the Credit Reference Agencies. We must inform you that this may have an adverse effect on your client credit rating and will remain on record for six years. If you wish to avo
  20. Hi, I'm just starting to get a handle on my finances after a sudden change of circumstances. I'm in around £8,000 of unsecured debt to various loans/overdrafts/credit cards/catalogues, and now my landlord (I'm a leaseholder) as such saddled me with an additional £2,500 debt which has tipped me over the edge. I'm in the process of opening a new Current Account and Saving Account with a Building Society and am now trying to rework my SoA so I can comfortably afford to repay these debts but also not have to get into further debt when the excrement next hits the fan. Up till now I
  21. I have a masetro cards, and I am finding it very hard to shop on line with it, as websites will not accept it. I complained to the Danske Bank, and they said apply for a credit card, which I don't want any more credit and wouldn't get it anyway, as my credit rating is so bad Thompson & Morgan dont take it, QVC, Equifax, Noodle dont accept it. What does anyone do? Suggestions:mad2:
  22. Hello Had a very nice conversation with a young man from Barclaycard this evening because he informed me that my old Barclaycard had PPI and was mis-sold. He mentioned that the offer letter had been sent to my old address, and now he will send the letter to my correct address. The only problem is, he states a figure of about £600-onwards in PPI payments and totals to about £1500 with interest. I know its absolute rubbish offer as I have too many statements with PPI £25 approx Exceeded Limit £20 Late Payment Charge £20 My question is should I be contestin
  23. Has anyone in the UK been successful at completing accepted for value for anything? and can it be done for a BT Bill? would be very helpful as i'm trying to help an elderly neighbour that's being bullied with extortionate bill from these corperation bullies Many Thank in advance.
  24. Am going to try and keep this as short as possible! i ordered a bike for my sons xmas gift from very and the delivery date was befroe the end of the month! I got a text saying the bike was in my garden, Having been dropped behind my 6ft gates and had been put out of site! I phoned very who said i could put it together and see if there was any damage or arrange a return and they would put a complaint in with the delivery company! My husband put the front wheel on and then went to put the handlebars on to find a chip in the paint next to the rubber hand grip! I pho
  25. Hi, I have received a response from 1 of my card companies in F and F settlement (all others refused or diddnt reply) Am I safe to pay this on the basis of this letter attached?. Im always a believer if it sounds to good to be true..... It most likely is Is this legit will they seriously accept 1/5 of the outstanding balance? any help much appreciated
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