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  1. HSBC now owns HFC Bank in Brighton. I wrote to HSBC Coventry PPI claims office giving my name, DOB and precise former address, last week, but they replied to say: no records of my account can be found after 32 years, and that they are not legally obliged to retain documents beyond the statutory period if an account was closed. I also opened a Loan Account in Bournemouth and fully repaid around 1983. -- same answer from HSBC: no records. I myself have retained no records whatsoever, but I am absolutely certain I had those accounts, and 70% sure there was PPI as was standar
  2. Hi, this is my first post, please be gentle:smile: I submitted a request to HSBC in relation to PPI that I am certain I had with HFC Bank for two items of computer equipment that were purchased in 1995 and 1997, as I believe PPI was automatically added as a pre-tick? The total amount of both repayments were in excess of £5k HSBC came back negative and asked in their reply whether I had copies of the agreements, number etc. which I don't! I then did a SAR request to Dixons (PC World) which verified that I had both of these agreements with HFC Bank, although they could not
  3. Hello I hope I can get advice. I took out a secured loan in January 2002 for 8000. I obtained the loan through dial4aloan. The loan was arranged and the lender was endeavour. It appears I also was sold ppi of 1200 added to the loan. Well I am trying to reclaim the ppi. However all organisations are blaming each other for selling it. Dial 4 a loan state they only recommended ppi. Yet the ppi policy is on endeavour paper. Aviva say they have no responsibility either. So what happens when no one will accept responsibility? Thank
  4. My wife has been getting calls and texts from Cabot for weeks telling her to call them about a matter they wish to discuss, but they ask for her grown-up daughter's name. She has happily ignored the calls and texts, nothing to do with her of course. A letter arrived recently advising that Restons were going to make a claim in court for over three and a half thousand pounds, not a trivial amount so they may actually try. BUT, the HFC Bank account was started in 2006 and defaulted soon after when my step-daughter lost her job. The letter states the account was terminated in Janua
  5. One year on and they have been charging me for some months. This time I kept all statements and sent off prelim in September. Just sent lba off to discover they had written to me (got letter late) saying we settled in January 2008 and they regard the matter as closed. Nice try but I still have old spreadsheet when I end up filing (just to prove I'm not stupidly claiming twice) and I'm going for contractual again. It is almost £200 now without the court costs. Will they pay up any sooner than last time or shall I see pigs in the sky? It will work out at 6 months in
  6. Hi Ive CCA'd all my creditors. I have had a response from IDEM for some sofas I had from DFS. They have sent me the original credit agreement I signed in DFS on 24/11/07 with a copy of my driving liscence. They have also sent me a list of all payments made, apart from they have missed off the first year of payments made through payplan. So I am guessing that this debt is enforcable so where do I go from here shall I set up a repayment plan for this, do you think I could try and F&F. Should I enquire about the missing payments? The last payment made to them was rec
  7. Hi Going through some old files and have come across a file of my husbands. He disputed his GM credit card bank in 2008. After a number of letters they failed to provide him with a signed copy of the agreement. There are a number of letters between him and HFC and I have noticed a County Court Summons was issued on 6 Feb 2009 by HSBC bank for the total bank of £11,000. My husband has filed a defence, acknowledgement received from the court dated 21st April 2009 and an allocation questionnaire was returned to the court on the 7th May 2009. He has heard nothing f
  8. Hi, I took one of these out back in the day around 2000 maybe..? I phoned them today to put a claim in. The lady asked me a few questions and said they had a £3600 amount on file. She is going to send me some paperwork. I defaulted on the account and it went to Cabolt finance. I can't remember why i didn't pay it but they will ask me in the paperwork they send I am guessing. I think it maybe because i split with a partner and moved back down south which meant i quit my job. I don't think that is a reason they would pay out on is it as I intentionally made myself unemployed
  9. Sent a CCA request and this was the response, what do you recommend i do next? They have said they didn't send me the notification letters as they didn't have a confirmed address? the address is the same as the one on the CCA that they have sent these letters to? HFC, CCA request response.pdf
  10. hi, first post so please bear with me. I asked Restons for a CCA a few years ago and sent £1 postal order. They returned it saying that I had to request this from HFC. I did nothing about this, but recently sent another CCA request to Restons. They replied saying " our client is not obliged to provide the requested documentation without the appropriate application and fees made payable to our client" They then go on to say it refers to an HFC loan taken out in or around 2016 and was referred to Restons in 2008. Is the 2016 a typo error? They have enclosed a questionnair
  11. My friend had a loan with HFC, Marble loans in 2004. A few years ago she sent a CCA request to them but never heard anymore from them. They have been selling the debt on to various DCA over the years now they have got heavy and Restons are involved. They have said they are going to apply a Charging Order to her property. She does not have the original paperwork of the original cca request. They sent a letter before Christmas saying she had until the 22nd December to reply to their request and then they will take her to court. Not sure if things have cha
  12. Hello My ex husband and I had a loan with the HFC years ago-approx. 18 years It was for 5000. We got behind with payments and def had PPI which actually we could ill afford and both working for NHS didn't need . I think with interest rates , charges and PPI I remember working out once that the 5 year loan had limped into 8 or more years and we had paid back something like a couple of thousand more than the original loan and still owed a couple of thousand ! last payment was over ten years ago and weve heard nothing for most of this time until this year . My husband
  13. Morning All , hope someone can advise me as im totally bamboozeld. I recevied a letter today from 1ST credit who have been assigned by HFC bank to claim a full outstanding balance from me. How do i find out who are the original creditors?? , i think its was a sainsburys loan that i took out in 2002 that was passed on to HFC bank to chase. I checked my expeiran credit rating this morning and there was nothing on there from HFC ( or indeed no mention of the couple of creditors( aktiv and connaught) i have agreements with by paying back an agreed monthly plan.) My score
  14. I had an online credit card with HFC (opened in 2005) which I defaulted on in 2009. It was then 'passed' to Restons. I don't know if Restons are really a solicitors as they claim or a DCA. from 2009 I negotiated payment of £1 to each of my creditors, including Restons. In 2009 I CCA'd Restons and in 2010 Restons issued proceedings against me saying the £1 wasnt sufficient. I defended the proceedings and the proceedings were discontinued before it got to court with no Order as to costs. Am still paying the £1 although I havent heard from Restons since the court case
  15. Hello everyone, Thanks for all your help in advance! To cut a long story short, my partner is already paying a debt to Bryan Carter to avoid a CCJ as we didn't receive the claim form till the very last day of judgement. But now they're literally chasing him for two other debts (one in dispute, already submitted SARS to Lloyds) but this 'new' one that he has no knowledge of and it's not even on his credit file. He contacted Lowells 2 months ago to state that he has no knowledge of the debt and they also checked his credit file while he was on the phone and the advisor confir
  16. Hi, I have written to the creditor asking for proof of debt CCA ect and received no response However, today I received a claim form from County Court Business Centre, Northampton in the name of HSBC, who have been looking after this debt for a couple of years It is from Northampton County Court Business Centre but was posted from Newcastle and says all Documents and payments should go to HSBC Birmingham I assume all that is correct but how should I proceed? I am guessing I should acknowledge receipt on line saying I intend to fully defend and then send CPR 31.14 reques
  17. Hello all. OK, so I thought I had never taken out a loan with PPI until I was phoned up today by a claim company who told me I'd had a loan with HFC Finance from 2006 to 2009 for £5000. This corresponds with some car finance I had - the dates and the amount are right - and the claim co chappy said the HFC would have added PPI as mandatory at that time. So here's my problem... The car has long gone together with any paperwork to do with the finance - I can't even show that it was with HFC, I'm just working on the basis that the claim chappy has the right info even if I haven't
  18. I have received a CCA from HSBC dated 05/2005 Does not appear enforceable to me but would appreciate another set of eyes Also guessing it is a copy from microfilm or computer not from a physical agreement
  19. Hi guys, you've helped me out many times and I come asking again. When I was young, naive and irresponsible, I said to many forms of credit when I wasn't in a secure job. I have 4 defaults. 3 are settled are will all be older than 6 years old in January. One however is causing me some distress. The account start date is 27/12/2006 however the default date is 30/11/2011. I cant remember what is was for, all it says is unsecured loan. I am sure the last payment I would have made would have been in 2007 at the very latest as looking back at bank state
  20. I have come across an old loan agreement with HFC Bank in which I do recall the salesperson at my local branch stating that I had to take out insurance for the loan to be successful and because of my age. On the agreement it states a single premium amount of £80.89. The loan was for 36 months @ £32.10 = £1,155.60 APR 31.20% Loan amount £750.00 Total interest payable £374.71 Can someone kindly explain how I calculate monthly PPI & Interest amounts in order to add figures to the single premium calculator spreadsheet ? Thanks
  21. Hello all, To get to the point I'd actually like advice on, I'll have to run through the story so far, I'll try to be as brief as possible. Around 2-3 years ago I ran into financial difficulties and began struggling to pay the minimum amount on my Amazon credit card (administered by Halifax). It didn't take long before it was referred to a DCA but, as my situation hadn't improved, I was unable to pay the amount they were requesting. After several threats of court action but none taken, I became suspicious that the debt may be unenforceable, so I sent a CCA request. At first
  22. Morning guys A little bit of advice please - I successfully reclakmed PPI from HFC Bank for a loan I took out in 1991 - I accepted their offer but noticed that they had withheld £900 for a balance they claimed was still outstanding. I was pretty sure that this wasn't the case - the account was manged ultimately but not transferred to Reston's their in house rottweilers who basically harangued me to repay the debt and I vaguely remembered taking out a bank loan to get them to get them off my back Anyway to cut a long story short I did some more digging and found two letters fro
  23. In June 2002 I applied for and duly received a marbles c/c, then issued by HFC Bank Limited. Attached is a redacted copy of the agreement which I received following an SAR to HBOS, the now owners of marbles. As far as I'm aware the agreement was a single sheet, as here, although it's possible there might have been a separately enclosed sheet or there might have been some information on the reverse of this sheet. However, I'm pretty certain that I signed only on the face, in the box just above the HFC rep's signature, bottom right, and neither initialed nor sign
  24. Hi everyone can anyone advise me of my next steps with this problem please, here goes, In 2007 I had a marbles credit card (£250) with a hp purchase from currys think it was one of their pushy things when you took out a hp purchase? in 2008 I had a dispute with Marbles (original creditor) over some late payment charges and stopped my payments (last payment made 2nd Jan 2009) This was then passed to several dca's and a few weeks ago I had a letter fro Marlin Financal saying they were acting for Cabot Financial (current creditor) and were going to i
  25. Got a phishing letter today from RW stating I owe I owe. Credit agreement from 14 YEARS AGO DF in 1999 WTF lol no contact usual threat-o-gram keeping the letter for posterity Looks like HFC ARE cleaning house again Sent off SB letter Why now after all this time?
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