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  1. Thanks dx100Uk and renegadeimp, nothing on trust online. I will write to HFC Thanks for advice
  2. Thanks for the clarification BazzaS. I am minded to do as DX100UK states and keep quiet - fingers crossed we will get to Dec 2019 without them enforcing
  3. Thanks for the response Bazza - Cabot have not referred to the Tomlin order in any correspondence since it was set up.. . the letters offering a discount just simply request me to 'talk' to them to try and work out a plan. Is it possible that the record of the Tomlin order is not on their system anymore or no one has noticed it at Cabot? Just wondering if I should leave it be until they mention it in correspondence... If they do not enforce the Tomlin order before the 8th Dec 2019, when you state Statute barred, can they still enforce it or does it lapse.? Thanks for your help
  4. Hi Going through some old files and have come across a file of my husbands. He disputed his GM credit card bank in 2008. After a number of letters they failed to provide him with a signed copy of the agreement. There are a number of letters between him and HFC and I have noticed a County Court Summons was issued on 6 Feb 2009 by HSBC bank for the total bank of £11,000. My husband has filed a defence, acknowledgement received from the court dated 21st April 2009 and an allocation questionnaire was returned to the court on the 7th May 2009. He has heard nothing from the court since In March 2011, a couple of letters were received from Wescot Credit services on behalf of HSBC demanding payment or Wescot would take further action. This was not responded to and no further communication has been received. A couple of questions: 1. should we do anything about the County Court summons - I have tried to access the claim on MCOL but it says incorrect claim number of password, which is incorrect as we have triple checked before we entered the details? 2. Can we claim the PPI back from this card? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Just looking through some old Vanquis bank credit card statements and have noticed a charge for 'Repayment Option Plan' is this PPI? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Looking for a spot of advice if possible with regards to an old Capital One Credit card account. The account was disputed back in 2008 under the Consumer Credit act - the balance outstanding at the time was circa £13,500. Looking through the correspondence I have I received a copy of the signed agreement eventually in April 2010. Whilst I can see my signature the document itself due to the copy is unreadable. In September 2010, Through agents Cabot Financial, County court proceedings were issued and after seeking advice from solicitors a Tomlin order was negotiated for £11,000 on 21st Jan 2011. Payment terms for 74 months. Payments were made to Oct 2011 on the above basis and then due to a change in employment circumstance this was amended to £100 per month. The last payment made was 8th Dec 2013. No payments have been made since due to a further change in work situation. Since then numerous letters have been received from Cabot and telephone calls, which we had to write to Cabot to have stopped. The balance remains at £8,200 to date. I am not in a position to make any payments at present, but do occasionally get letters from Cabot wanting to negotiate a settlement, they make no reference to the Tomlin order. Reduced balances are offered (50%) with the statement final settlement but will be reflected on my credit file as partially settled, but when I look on Experian and expedia it is not reported anyway! I have a couple of questions: 1. What should I do about the Tomlin order, I do not want them to enter a judgement as this would cause me huge problems 2. Should I respond to the letters I am receiving, offering to pay a few pounds per month? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all.....as usual, a bit of advice is needed here as this is ridiculous now. After a credit app knock back , we did the usual thing and checked our Equifax report and noted it to be a bit "colourful". One of the reds is for a disputed Orange Mobile phone bill in January 2010, (Yes 2010!). A bit of history may help with the advice. We went on holiday (Africa), for 15 days, (2009) taking the Mobile phone and dongle with us. Being very aware of the costs of mobile/data when abroad, we purchased a local PAYG mobile and kept the data access to a strict minimum using the hotels wifi to surf and make calls over skype. Data and roaming on the phone was switched off, and the dongle SIM was removed when switched off. For the 15 days in country, of which one was on an isolated safari park, and the remaining 10 in two separate wifi hotels, we received a bill from Orange totalling over £2000.00. First bill was taken by DD for £500.00 whilst on the holiday. Bit worrying but because we run our own business we anticipated it was because of the busy period before we went on our jolly days. Next bill in jan 2010 was for £1569.00. Our holiday was from 28th Dec 09 - mid Jan2010. When I recieved the statement, I rang Orange to discuss the statement as it just had 3 sheets and no call information or details. Coming from a comms background and knowing the spamming culture of the country we had been to, I wanted to know the exact details of the calls made or the data downloads. I was quite specific in my reasonable requests...I wanted to know the Ip address of the local data transfer centre, the location of the local 3g node, and the geographic location of the alleged usage, and any other relevant information. I was generally passed between post and pole and assured the information would be sent to me. Orange responded by sending me 15 double sided sheets of statement listing the APN/Service Class as "business LAN access" with one "access" being 18 hours long!! No other details at all ie the information I requested. I then sent them a letter and e mails disputing the amount and to call me to discuss this urgently. 5 correpsondonces later I had still recieved nothing at all. During Feb and March 2010, my bank kindly rang me up and said "do you have your mobile with you at the moment because Orange are about to try and take £1569 on a direct debit from your account" I told my bank to refuse the DD and tag the refusal with the fact the account is in dispute. The bank refused it 3 times with the same reason. I started to recieve calls from Orange - two or three I think. Each time explaining at length my concerns and not wanting to accept the debt if the data card had been spammed or corrupted or faulty. The mobile and dongle were disconnected by Orange after the last call from them and my further request for information. I think my last words were, "if you can prove from the information you have that I actually made the calls, then I will pay it" And yes, you've guessed! The usual suspects appeared on the letter writing scene - Moorcrofts and DLS. They got the immediate fob off letter as my dispute is with Orange etc. and to be honest, they have backed off since my request for information is reasonable and relative. So we are in the same position that we were some two years ago! My belief is that I havent defaulted on payment, I have disputed the bill before payment. But Orange have tagged us in the Equifax report as defaulting. Both the debt collecting agencies seem to have dropped it, which in essence, could be an easy £1500 for them. So....what do we do now to get this removed from our credit report. Equifax have spoken to orange who have come back and said we have defaulted - (listed it as a dispute with equifax)- and we are still showing red. The annoying thing is that the payment records from Orange show us as regular payers, (between £150 - £300 pcm) Thanks caggers for any advice you can give. PS...it seems to me that there is a possible loophole in the data roaming billiing if the Telco does not provide the full detials of your 3g data useage...or maybe this is another post to be placed?!
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