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  1. Thanks - following the link, I see an SAR is a Subject Access Request. That looks like a nice simple letter to send. I can't provide any account or other ref number as I don't know it but I guess that won't make any difference. Is there a list here of where I need to send this too i.e. the head office of HFC Finance? TIA, Higs
  2. Hello all. OK, so I thought I had never taken out a loan with PPI until I was phoned up today by a claim company who told me I'd had a loan with HFC Finance from 2006 to 2009 for £5000. This corresponds with some car finance I had - the dates and the amount are right - and the claim co chappy said the HFC would have added PPI as mandatory at that time. So here's my problem... The car has long gone together with any paperwork to do with the finance - I can't even show that it was with HFC, I'm just working on the basis that the claim chappy has the right info even if I haven't As I've not had that many loans, mostly from my bank and I always turned down the insurance from them, I've only been paying partial attention to the whole PPI thing so far I'm a bit thick when it comes to this kind of thing and normally need a bit of hand-holding One thing I have read on here is that HFC (a) have shredded as much of their own info as they can and (b) are particularly slippery. As it's more than 6 years since I took it out and as I have no info myself, is there any point taking this one (myself, not a claim co)? And if it is, where would I start? Thanks, Higs
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