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Found 4 results

  1. HSBC now owns HFC Bank in Brighton. I wrote to HSBC Coventry PPI claims office giving my name, DOB and precise former address, last week, but they replied to say: no records of my account can be found after 32 years, and that they are not legally obliged to retain documents beyond the statutory period if an account was closed. I also opened a Loan Account in Bournemouth and fully repaid around 1983. -- same answer from HSBC: no records. I myself have retained no records whatsoever, but I am absolutely certain I had those accounts, and 70% sure there was PPI as was standard custom in those days. Is this a dead end? Should I invest in £10 requesting a SAR, if so SAR sent to HSBC Coventry or to HFC Bank in Brighton? Later to complain to FOS if we suspect HSBC does have records? Thanks to all for sharing experience.
  2. Hey guys, My mother has just received a section 5A offer notice for the freehold on her flat and has asked me to get some advice on what this actually means to her. She lives in a block of four leasehold privately owned flats and each of the owners has just received this notice. The lease on the flats currently have about 53 years remaining. One of the tenants enquired a couple of years ago regarding extending the lease but they were quoted £10k+ which they considered to be OTT. Now they have received this notice and my mother wants to know what it will mean to them should they accept the offer regarding their tenancies and how many years they have remaining. I have read on lease-advice.org and sort of understand how they will collectively take over the freehold should they all (or the majority) agree to do so but what is the situation then? Do they still have the remaining 53 years on the lease or do they own the building and land outright? Obviously I know one of them will not own all the land but it seems rather confusing as to how it works afterwards. As it currently stands they are only charged a token rent which they do not actually pay until they sell up and leave. It is a very small yearly figure anyway. They have contacted a solicitor but have not had the appointment yet so any advice would be greatly appreciated as my mother is worrying about this because she has had enough to cope with recently with the death of my brother. I just want to ease her mind so she doesn't have to worry about this issue. I have scanned the letter and removed personal information.
  3. Hi all, Currently have a claim in with the FOS over a mortgage PPI claim back in 1987. This in on behalf of my father (who was alive 2-years ago when he submitted the claim) but has now died. I am continuing it on behalf of my mother. I have today received a rejection letter from the FOS stating that they don't think the policy was miss sold and that it was suitable for my father who was self employed. When we made the claim my Farher distinctly recalled that he was told he had to have the policy otherwise he wouldn't get the endowment mortgage when he tried to make a claim on the policy, as he was self employed, he was told he would have to renounce his company with HMRC etc in order to make a claim. There's little we can do about the issue of being 'forced' to take out the policy on the threat of next getting the mortgage, but hopefully there is something I can do about the policy not being suitable for a self employed person. I attach the front page of the mortgage PPI certificate which Halifax have provided to FOS unbelievable, they cant find the rest of the pages which I assume would say under what circumstances a claim can be made - I know its a long shot but does anyone have a copy of the rest of the document - which I assume will be general terms and conditions. Thanks in advance.
  4. If you missed the news today so far today, read this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24690552 http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/radar/ Anyone remember Michael Fish weather forecast in October 1987.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24689376 I was stuck on Surbiton station for about 4 hours and trees on the line,No power,roads blocked. Can you remember where you was in October 1987 and the great storms ? Be safe.....
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