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  1. Hello I have a question. I have had a mortgage with Kensington mortgage co since 2006. In 2007 I took a second secured loan for £1000. Over the years I was charged £50 arrears fees etc. I received monthly and annual statements. my secured loan with them which has its own account number, was also charged. in reality I was charged £100 for arrears letters. due to not receiving a letter for my second charge informing me of this charge each month. never have received a statement. only just discovered they have actually been double charging me for both accounts, but sending only one arrears letter for the first charge. complained but they are claiming the 6 year rule. it was only by chance I found out about there charges. They have clearly concealed this from me for all of these years. Help and advice please!!
  2. I have had a similar problem this month. I have 2 defaulted accounts with SDTaylor. The defaults were due to drop off 20/7/17. They did ...... for 1 month.... I have now noted they are now back on my file with a new date!! Same amount same creditor. Now due to drop off 5/10/2018. It's well statute barred. What do I do ??
  3. Hi DX I never knew I had the Ppi until 2014 and feel nothing ventured nothing gained. I have a solid case. Was in the debating society at uni and can hold my own calmly in any court. The £185 is money well spent as it gives closure to the enter sordid affair. X
  4. Hi DX It is in relation to Ppi on a secured loan sold by Dial4aloan. They have refused to refund. So have prepared my case in the last year. I think they are assuming a solicitor defending the case makes a difference. A mis sell is a mis sell, as simple as that. I am going to write my response to the letter they have sent. I am not prepared to give them extra time. Do I have to phrase this in a particular way. Should I outline the points of my reasons why I think the court will rule in my favour also? All advice appreciated
  5. hello everyone I have had the run around, and have now taken these clowns to small claims for my Ppi . Despite the avalanche of evidence. I have received a letter from DLA Piper solicitors. Informing me they intend to defend the case. Which I expected. They have also asked for a further extension. Which I will of course deny. They have had more than enough time, no more delays will be tolerated. What should my next step be Thanks all
  6. Hi I have now gone down the county court route to get my money back. I have today received a letter from their solicitors. Advising me they intend to defend. They have asked me for an extension. Why I will of course deny. Any advice welcome
  7. Hi Yes I did SAR dial4loan. I am still waiting for hsbc. They seem to be wanting confirmation via birth cert etc. Even though they already have it as the FOS sent them it. And they accepted it! Just dithering about Thanks
  8. I have no idea how to scan up DX. However on the end of the statement it says £174.00 insurance rebate? This is the only deference to any insurance. That's what has made me think it's hidden. Thank you for your help
  9. Hello I was having a clear out today and found some statements from welcome accounts from 2008 Hire purchase agreement for 5395 at APR 12 % over 48 months payment protection 1336.45 and finance charges of 3324.70 I have paid this off Then another 4950.00 with added finance charges of 4116.12 at 20% over 48 months also paid off. However all of the amounts don't add up this one seems to be over by 1551.24? I am going to the FSA as I think this is Ppi Any suggestions what else it could be? Thanks
  10. Hi I got all my £50 charges back from KMC. I wrote to them and they eventually credited them to my account. However I never got any interest included. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I recall a phone call from a chap called Aaron who worked for KMC. He saw my request for help on here. So they clearly look at sites like this
  11. Hello Myers have SAR from HSBC and dial for a loan. All the same information except HSBC has on their docs no Ppi. Which is odd considering it was sold by their sister company Hamilton insurance . Have all the information I need. FOS was no help and sovcourtvis my next step. Dial4aloan say it's now statute barred which is of course crap. They are adamant it's too late but have confirmed in a letter they sold and recommended the Ppi. Thanks
  12. Hi dx100 Dial4aloan were the broker who sold the loan by a Leander called endeavour finance is HFC the Ppi was via what was Hamilton insurance. The document was pre ticked with a single policy for £1240 to last 5 years of a 8 year old loan. I believe welcome squired dial4aloan in 2006 All help welcome. X
  13. Hello dx100 Apologies I am not too computer savvy. How do I do that? I am now going to the small claims court. All help welcome. I have no other choice as exhausted all options. Thanks everyone
  14. Hi I have tried all ways to get my Ppi back. It was sold by dial4 a loan broker in 2002. So before 2005. It was grisly mid sold and now want to go to small claims to get my money back. How do I do this as I have set out my claim online. All guidance very welcome. It was a secured loan on 11.9 % apr however I think it has to be 8% ? Thanks everyone x
  15. I would like advice please. The problem goes back some years. To 2008 relating to a personal loan from the co operative bank. A large loan of over 10k. I got a ccj and then an interim charging order and soon after a final charging order. However I was away as all this happened. I went to court and gave my side of the story. the judge set aside the original interim charging order. However what about the final one? As nothing shows on the land registry. I haven't heard from the bank again it's now 8 years on? Thanks everyone
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