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  1. .. I sent off a CCA request six months ago which has not been provided, the account is in dispute, i have been receiving 'arrears' letters since. My question is, would it help to send back the latest arrears letter with a "No contract. Return to sender" label, or sit on my hands? Thanks Pencil.
  2. My wife has been getting calls and texts from Cabot for weeks telling her to call them about a matter they wish to discuss, but they ask for her grown-up daughter's name. She has happily ignored the calls and texts, nothing to do with her of course. A letter arrived recently advising that Restons were going to make a claim in court for over three and a half thousand pounds, not a trivial amount so they may actually try. BUT, the HFC Bank account was started in 2006 and defaulted soon after when my step-daughter lost her job. The letter states the account was terminated in January 2008. I think she made some movement to pay via CCCS but that fell through long ago. As far as she is aware, nothing has been paid on this account for the last 7-8 years and she's not contacted anyone about it in that time. The letter says the debt was assigned to Cabot in October 2017, no mention of where it was up until then. She does not have any paperwork relating to the account but that's beside the point, she has had no default notice that she is aware of and does not know when the last payment was made either, it's that long ago. Does she just write to them and say 'statute barred' and see where it goes from there or is there some way she can get the info she needs to prove that? I don't think she's ever asked for a credit report but the concern is that will just give the DCA her up to date address, phone number and so on. I've read dx100uk 's defence note in https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477307-Arrow-restons-claimform-old-Vanquis-Card-debt-statute-barred&p=5031789&viewfull=1#post5031789 amongst other threads, got to admit a lot of it goes over my head these days, I'm well out of the loop since I used to be active on here. The letter says she has to pay in full by July 26th 'or else'... They also sent a statement of earnings form.
  3. Hi all My stepson aged 30 recently left the family home after living with us for over two years and moved in with his girlfriend. Although his mail came to our home, he was never on the electoral roll as residing here. Having cleared his room following his departure, we found a large quantity of unopened mail from creditors and a CCJ from a few months ago demanding he maintains his agreed £100 per month payments. Yesterday, a bailiff turned up at our home demanding £1,750 that my stepson has run up as a debt, but with whom I don't know. I told him that he moved out in November to an address I didn't know. The bailiff was adamant that the £1,750 had to paid there and then and said that if I couldn't pay it, then he would require access to our home to remove goods to that value. I told him that there was nothing of my stepson's in the house which the bailiff said was of no concern to him, and unless we could provide receipts for our property, then he considered it fair game to remove. Not wishing to see our house stripped of its contents, I paid the £1,750 and the bailiff went on his way. Had he gained entry, should I not have paid, would he have had the right to remove our belongings if we couldn't provide receipts? I'm sure this won't be the last visit, it seems my stepson owes a great deal of money to various companies and I'd like to know where my wife and I stand in readiness for the next anticipated call from the bailiffs. Thank you
  4. Step-daughter had a loan with Beneficial Bank back in 2006. Part of it was to repay a previous loan too, so two PPI claims to be made - maybe more. Have just sent SAR to HFC Bank in Coventry to see what they can tell us. We have a copy of the 2006 agreement, detailing the loan, repayment of previous account and PPI.
  5. Hi all, Please forgive me if this post is in the wrong place: Having used a number of doorstep loan companies over the past 10 - 15 years mainly KDS Finance & Provident Personal Credit to name a few I wondered if they had been fair with both myself & my partner. The first question I have is if I took out a new loan that re-payed an existing loan should I/we have received any interest back due to paying the first loan off early? My 2nd question is at the time I thought that they were helping us out by offering the loans to us as they never checked our finances correctly for affordability they just picked figures out of the air to ensure that the loan would be approved. We inevitably ended up with more debt than we could afford and had numerous occasions of ignoring the collector when they knocked or arguing with them as they were very angry that we could not pay the full amounts on the loan agreements and we would end up arguing with them when they came to collect. I remember one company though there name evades me who did start to send a repayment of interest to us when we renewed a loan early though the amounts were very small in comparison to the amounts that were being payed off. I am now thankfully free from all of these lenders but I would love to be able to submit a claim for unfair treatment along with a claim for interest refunds etc. Does / has anyone had any experiences of this nature and have there been any successful claims made against the companies involved? Thanks Nic
  6. Hi! This is my first post so please bear with - also @ mods/admins if this isn't quite the right section please move me! I've recently been told I have been made redundant and have 2 weeks left until I am out. I've talked with everyone I have monthly payments to and cut back as much as possible, but I'm a bit concerned about my car's finance. I can get a temporary part time job at a friend's business that will just about pay for the car (part time, about £750 a month so will get about 550after taxes, etc according to income-tax.co.uk) but I do not know if that's the best thing to do while job hunting. I have a chunk of money in savings that can fund the car but I want to avoid using that for other expenses. I want to avoid debt at any cost as long as it isn't my credit rating - what's my best course of action? Sorry if it's a bit of a jumble - please let me know if you need any more info and I'll get back ASAP! Thanks
  7. Hi all I have been on a DMP for 12 years. I have inherited a little money and want to clear down the remaining debt. I have written to all the creditors and made offers of approx 30% of the outstanding amount split proportionately between them. The total outstanding is £7500 and allocated funds are £2500. I could be pushed to clear in full if I had to, without borrowing, but would rather clear for significantly less. I have so far received one reply from Cabot, the largest of the debts, refusing my offer, and suggesting I pay £3856 to clear. I've listed below the debts and where they came from etc. All defaulted in 2005. What are my options? 1 - do nothing until all creditors reply 2 - make a slightly increased counter offer 3 - continue to pay till end of plan 4 - any other ideas Creditor Debt Full and Final Offer made Cabot (egg loan) £4,820.27 £1,662.23 NCO (Alliance & Leicester CC) £1,464.41 £504.99 Fredrickson (Capital One CC) £829.88 £286.18 Link (Egg CC) £135.15 £46.60 Thanks very much in advance
  8. I parked at Euro Car Park on Aytoun St Manchester and forgot to pay. A few weeks later I got a demand to pay £100 as RK I replied with the same CAG advice that has helped me in the past which is : 'As RK I am not liable for this charge. Cancel this charge or alternatively issue a valid code for POPLA. At POPLA I shall be demanding a full breakdown of the genuine pre estimate of loss that this charge must represent. I am under no obligation to name the driver of the vehicle at the time of the event. No further correspondence will be entered into.' This has worked on all previous occasions with other firms but Euro Car Parks have rejected my appeal - citing a number of reasons that all revolve around 'you must purchase a ticket, signage clearly pointed out the terms of the parking contract and potential charges' yet does not once name me or state I was the guilty party (because they know they can't prove it and are just hoping I will own up) and so I am wondering what my next step should be. From reading other threads on Euro Car Park I understand they have no leg to stand on, that they cannot send me to a DCA or take me to court but I am still unsure of how to respond. It seems my options are as follows (along with potential downsides). 1) Insist that they provide me with a POPLA code. Downside being they may do so and I may lose at POPLA. 2) Ignore them. They should go away but I don't want them to take my inaction as weakness and ruin my credit rating by registering me with a DCA. 3) Write back with a withering putdown to show I am not a sucker and that they have no legal ground to enforce a fine, can't prove I was the driver, and that I know their their process of DCA and solicitor threats is all internal and part of the same BS - but this does run the risk of antagonising them. 4) Tell them to either take me to court and prove I was the driver or to go away. Downside being it could drag on and on. My personal preference is for 3) followed by 2). Thoughts?
  9. Hi Brief history - blind company insisted on fitting blinds I had told them I could no longer afford and that we would arrange payment in due course. I struggled at the rate they wanted £50 a week (total debt £950). I couldn't keep up, they started small claims but didn't continue with it - would have been easier if they did as I could have given a lower amount. The business owner then called round to my house for the money. it was the night before I had a c - section (which I was having earlier due to a heart condition) . They continue to email me whilst I was in hospital (I was in for 2 weeks as I was very unwell). He then called round about 8 weeks later. They wanted £175 a month and no less. I managed 2 payments but struggling with the final two. They have now emailed to say they will be coming round again next week. Can they do this? They don't tell me when they are coming Should I just make affordable payments? Though they will call round anyway. The woman is awful and she sends her husband round. owe them the money and want to pay it just at an affordable level. Thank you
  10. Good morning A bailiff attended my mother in laws address to retrieve payment of near £1200. The debt is owed by her step son for driving offences. We only know this much because we read about it in the newspaper. The step son used to live at the property over 2 years ago - and hasn't since. The family no longer speaks to the son, and the bailiff visit came as a bit of a shock. The bailiff was rude, arrogant and happy to shout out repeatedly that he was going to take goods if she didn't pay - making a scene presumably for effect - he even threatened to ring the police... My step mum was frightened and didn't know her legal rights - and reluctantly paid £500. It was 7am and she had work and just wanted them to clear off. Just under 2 weeks previously, they had posted a leaflet with a contact number on - which father in law called and explained to the bailiff that the debtor was no longer associated to this address - and hadn't for some time. We have since contacted the courts - and they have told us that we shouldn't have paid. The court also told us the bailiff had a Warrant of Order - and should not have threatened to take stuff or call police once informed the debtor didn't live there. From what I have read up - this is the typical bullying behaviour that Marstons are seemingly licensed to employ. I have contacted Marstons and been fobbed off with an email address to complain to - interestingly they did tell me that their agents wore body cams - however I'm betting that this agents probably 'malfunctioned' during this visit as he certainly did not conduct himself appropriately. Where do I stand with this? The likelihood is now that they have had a payment - they will return for the rest. Is there a way I can challenge their initial visit and reclaim the money paid - purely because of their threats rather than culpability? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  11. The Consumer Action Group Guide to Payday Loan Reclaims & Irresponsible Lending. Latest guide includes info on dealing with CMC (Claim Management Companies) & When a company falls into Insolvency / Administration. This was updated in Sept 2018 PDL_Claim_Guide.pdf
  12. Good Morning! Does anyone know how I can stop a door collection agent from Provident attending my home? I missed a payment collection date and was unable to notify the agent as my phone died. The agent then attended my property 4 times that evening knocking loudly from 9pm. Has anyone dealt with Provident before? The whole doorstep collection process for the sake of £100 loan is getting ridiculous. If I can come to an arrangement and deal directly with them that would be ideal. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks very much. Kind regards P
  13. the above has returned home from university with nothing "flunked" her degree poor kid she went to local job centre had her interview for u/c went 2 weeks after for 2nd session now she has come back and said she doesn't have to go anymore and that the advisor states she will keep in touch by phone or email (she hasn't received any benefit yet) I don't understand this as you here about all these sanctions etc can someone please advise as I think she maybe trying to "pull the wool over our eyes" basically because she doesn't want to get out of bed, much the same as when she went to university. thanks
  14. I am trying to get my finances in order and have been reading up on forums about those who have had successes dealing with DCAs, but unfortunately my accounts don’t seem to make sense. I have four default accounts on my credit file, showing a D sign every single month on my account, but I have three payments from DCA going out of my account two I know why I am paying but PRA I don’t know what its for, and the two bank account overdrafts I have defaults for I don’t know what is happening with them and what to do. Should i send out CCA letters to all creditors including barclays and natwest? On my credit file are these four defaulted accounts Lender Idem Capital Securities Current Balance £1,868 I am paying this via direct debit reduced monthly installment at the moment, this has been passed from Agilent to Moorgate and now to Idem and I it was so long ago now I cant even remember who the original company was who I took a loan out with. Lender NWB Current Accounts Current Balance £1,691 It says I am paying £5 per month but I cannot see any standing order or direct debit going out of my account for £5 per month, so I have no idea what is going on with this account. Both Barclays & Natwest overdrafts have been passed over to DCA I am sure of it, but I am unclear on who they are or what is going on with these accounts. What shall I do? Do I chase up with the actual banks to see what information they can pull up (send SARS) Lender Barclays Bank plc Current Balance £1,590 Similar to my Natwest account, I do not have anything on my bank account showing I am paying them, yet it shows I am paying £18 per month, once again I do not know how to handle this and whether I have a DCA I am paying, I haven’t received any letters for a while and I don’t have a clue what I should do. Lender MKDP LLP Account Type Credit Card Current Balance £264 Finally I have a PRA Group direct debit set up for £8.86 per month but yet again I don’t know what debt this is for now, as it seems to have been set up some time back, with moving and getting married last year I lost a lot of paper work and I cant remember what DCA is for what account and why now. DCA payments: Idem Robinsons Way this is on my credit file under MKDP (are they the same company?)But there is nothing on my credit file saying I am dealing with Robinsons Way PRA Group £8.86 No clue whatsoever why I am paying this and for what account.
  15. Hello, I have a question and I was wondering if someone could help me. My manager has some health issues ( depression among other stuff) and during the past 3 years he has been off for a total of 9 months. 5 and 4 months continuously during 2 years and has now been off for over a week. I have a feeling he will get another long term leave which of course as it is health related I totally understand he might need it. But the issue is that every time during his long absence , I end up doing his job and it involves allot of stuff. For the 9 months I did his job I received absolutely nothing from the company and only a thank you after i complained about getting a pay rise ( which of course i did not get). So i would like to know if I can demand or is my company obligated to pay me more if my manager goes on another long term absense. If I do not receive anything can I refuse to do his job even though I am the 2nd in command? I am happy to the job if he is on a short term sick leave ( 1 -2 weeks) or if he goes on holidays , but for more than that , I have had enough Thank you in advance
  16. Imagine some Eurocrat with his finger on the nuclear trigger. If the EU gets its way, it may soon be a possibility. There is a saying amongst diplomats that the EU is an economic giant but a military pigmy. This accusation stings the Europhiles so much that they have decided to address this and create a European Army. As if an army of bureaucrats wasn’t bad enough, now they want to have an actual army as well. Post Lisbon, the EU has harboured fantasies of being a militarised superpower able to project its ‘values’ throughout the world. It now oversees operations with 2,800 troops deployed. Many of these missions, conveniently, have a ‘dual purpose’. That is, that appear to be civilian-military co-operation when in actual fact they are heavily militarised and weaponised. They are also in some of the world’s most sensitive trouble spots like Kosovo and Gaza. British participation in an EU army was agreed at St Malo in 1998, where Tony Blair agreed in principle to an EU army. He did this because he was trying to be seen as a ‘good European’ in light of his desire to be a future EU president. Also, he believed that by agreeing to an EU Army, he could use that as a good will gesture to get France to agree to sweeping CAP reform, knowing that CAP was an unpopular scheme with the UK electorate. France (shockingly) did no such thing, but Blair had already committed. The German think-tank, the EU-funded Konrad Adenauer Foundation, has argued that Germany can get its Euro Army by a different tactic. Instead of going for a Euro Army at one fell swoop, it aims to create ‘islands of co-operation’. That is, to persuade smaller countries in Eastern and Central Europe too co-operate with Germany in creating smaller building blocks of a Euro Army which at a later date can be put together. Given Germany’s economic dominance of these countries, it can easily ‘persuade ‘them to co-operate. In mid-2012, the Foreign Ministers group of the Future of Europe Group produced a report. This is a group of 11 foreign ministers from important EU states, but not the UK. The report calls for the creation of a European Army, with a veiled threat to a UK veto in the Council. The report states it wishes to “introduce more majority decisions in the CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy) sphere or at least prevent one single member state from being able to obstruct initiatives”. Guess which member state they mean! Clearly the core EU states know how unpopular a Euro Army would be in Britain, so are making moves to render Britain’s opinion irrelevant. So much for our famed ‘influence ‘in the EU institutions. In October 2013, a spokesman for the British Foreign Service told the international security journal, Courcy’s Intelligence Brief, that “today there is in London a genuine desire and commitment to making CSDP (Common Security and Defence Policy) as effective as possible in supporting international security and protecting Britain’s and Europe’s borders from potential threats. We are now increasingly aware of the helpful role the EU can play in bringing to bear the common will of 28 of the world’s most advanced economies.” This suggests that amongst the Whitehall Mandarins there is a growing appetite to form a Euro Army. The successor to Baroness Ashton is Polish diplomat Radek Skorski. He has said that since America is no longer willing or interested in security crises at Europe’s borders, the EU has to militarise itself so as to deal with these crises. He argues that the EU’s Operation Atalanta against Somali piracy saw a drop in attacks of 70%. In actual fact, the drop was due to aggressive Russian, Chinese, Indian and American anti-piracy patrols. They have a slightly more simple method of dealing with armed pirates, and it doesn’t involve briefing them in detail on their human rights. This reminds me, when I think of the young men and women who died in the British Army. One source of comfort for the family members is that that died fighting for Queen and Country. Very few British mothers would be comforted knowing their loved one died for Herman Van Rompuy and the Single Market.
  17. In brief - We went to a local independent flooring company, wishing to purchase a wood floor. The owner talked us through the various products, came to our house to look at the area it was for, measured up, checked the subfloor etc. He then recommended a product for us, ordered it and arranged for "his team" to come out and fit. He arranged the day and time they were to come out and told us that we should pay them cash on the day. In the meantime, he took moisture readings, spoke to the manufacturer and also the manufacturer of the underfloor heating we'd had put down, to check what underlay might be needed. The floor was fitted by "his team" - his brother and another man. It subsequently failed 4 times in the course of a year. The first 2 attempts to remedy the problems were made by the fitters. After it went wrong the 3rd time, it came to light that the fitters and the company owner had parted company, so the company owner/supplier came out and attempted to repair it. The same thing happened again, and he came out again. At this point, the supplier offered us a replacement stair carpet for our trouble. We said that this was not necessary, but if the floor failed again, we would be seeking a refund. When it failed again, we requested our money back. The supplier agreed, minus fitting costs. When we argued, he withdrew his offer and offered us a replacement floor instead. We expressed our concern that we had no confidence he had the neccesary skills and knowledge to fit a floor, given our experience thus far. We then took advice from the CAB and wrote a letter before action, inviting the supplier to comment on what he believed to be the issue with the floor, and offering to go to mediation. He responded, trying to lay the blame on us with various spurious claims, including that the contracting of the fitters had nothing to do with him - since the receipt he issued clearly stated "supply only." We then wrote again, offering to have an expert inspection and report done on the floor, and asking that both parties share the cost in order to confirm what had caused the problems with the floor. He refused, saying the cost was too great in relation to the value of the floor. We once again gave him the opportunity to refund us, while warning him that he may be asked to pay the cost of the report, should we take our case to the small claims court and win. In order to ascertain whether we had a case, we had the expert inspection done. It found that the fitting was to blame for the issues, including inadequate moisture and humidity readings taken by the supplier. The expert contacted the supplier to find out exactly what prep he had carried out and the supplier told him. The report also queried the suitability of the product for the conditions of our property. Once again, we wrote to the supplier with details of the report's findings and requested a refund of both the flooring, fitting and cost of the report or we would have no choice but to take our case to the small claims. The supplier has not responded. We feel we have a strong case. However, our concern is that it may be thrown out on the basis that the receipt we were issued was for supply only. In the letters from the supplier, he does state that he tried to repair the floor on 2 occasions, hut says it was purely a good will gesture. However, he also states that he did the pre-fitting site visits and prep. So, what is our legal position regarding his responsibility for the fitting of the floor?
  18. Brief summary/history Other half's card. Commenced 1998, defaulted 2006 with interest frozen from that date. Default card balance was £6,500 - progressively paid/reduced to just under £5,000. PPI claim made October 2012 - initially refused but upheld by the FOS on adjudication. March 2014 NatWest credited £4,664 to the card, leaving a balance of £323. By my own (spreadsheet) calculations the payment should have been some £1450 more than they paid. Their payment was arrived at as follows: Refund of payment made 1998 to 2006 £2334.14 Compound interest based on rates charged £ 712.36 Sub total £3056.50 Gross interest at 8% £2010.43 Less income tax at 20% £ 402.09 Net interest £1608.34 Net offer £4664.84 It is their compound interest figure that I cannot agree with. During the 8 year life of the card, monthly interest rates varied between 1.385% and 1.620%. The average card balance was about £3200. My calculations show the compound interest figure to be about £2077 rather than their figure of £712. This would also increase the 8% gross interest amount due by about £1000. I reckon we want about another £2500 from them (before tax) I have written to them several times asking for a breakdown of their compound interest figure and have been stonewalled each time. They say they cannot provide these (complicated) calculations but that they are in line with the FOS and FCA guidelines. Their last reply even went so far as to 'explain' to me how compound interest works. I can scarcely believe the content of it. Here is the relevant paragraph from their letter: As a basic look at the compound interest aspect, if you compared the monthly balance of the credit card with and without PPI and the difference was £20, then the interest element would be determined from this figure. If the monthly interest rate was 1% and 12% per annum, this would mean that the starting figure for the compound interest is 20p (1% of £20.00) if your card then ran for 5 years, the compound interest on this PPI premium would accumulate as follows, year 1 = 22p, year 2 = 25p, year 3 = 28p, year 4 = 31p, year 5 = 35p. Therefore the total amount difference in balance of £20.00 in this example would be 35p. So, this 'expert' from RBS thinks the compound interest would be 35p. Well, I calculate it to be £16.33. She seems to have worked it out at 1% per annum rather than 1% per month. (I am not a mathematician so if I have got this completely wrong and she is right, please, someone, tell me I am making a numpty of myself). So, ladies and gentlemen of CAG, where do I go next with this shower? Suggestions and comments most welcome, thanks.
  19. Hi I would like to send a letter to my loan company offering them an increased payment monthly to clear off the arrears on my account. I have completed a budget sheet and will include this with my letter. Is there a template I can use, or can someone help me with the wording please. I have received default notices and i think the lender is taking legal action and looking to repossess. I want to stop this if possible please. Thanks.
  20. I'm just wondering whether anyone has any information on Rayners who offered door step loans. They seemed to operate in the Grimsby and Scun-thorpe areas, where one of my relatives lives and she's owes them around £1K. She was recently told by the woman who collects her money each week that Rayners have sold up and got out of the business, but still has to pay. My relative has had no information regarding this or anything else from Rayners in quite a long time. I've searched the internet for information about the company and searched companies house for them, and apart from a few leads which suggest they're no longer operating, there's not much information. Could someone please advise me on how to tell my relative to proceed? She has no issue paying her debt if it's still enforceable, but doesn't want to be paying for something which is no longer being collected or if the company has become defunct. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  21. Hi all! Not sure if this is in the right thread, but just need some words of advice. I keep getting calls from a company called 'Next Step Money' based in Hull. I got to speak to one of their reps today, and wasn't shocked to find they are a ppi reclaim company. The worrying thing is they knew EVERYTHING about my loan, that I have just paid off with First Plus. They knew the original amount, loan term and names on the account. Apparently they are brokers for First Plus? My question is - how do they know so much about me? - the loan was taken out direct? And where have they got my number from? - I am on the tps. I have complained to the tps and ico, so will see what happens! Like I say, it was such a shock, I ended up speechless!
  22. Hello all, Friend of mine had a debt of a personal amount of £5400 outstanding that went to the Sheriffs Office. Its a long story but to cut it short her bank account was hacked and the bank agreed to settle the amount this week. So she is now in a position to pay the money back So here is the advice needed, the claimant has asked for a copy of her bank statement as proof she has the money which she is not comfortable with doing - are they entitled to ask for that - and they are also asking for compensation for the timeframe taken, she is happy to do this but she has found out over £2000 has been added on in charges and interest since it was passed on She is therefore unsure whether to write to the Sheriffs Office and ask them to write the charges off - or a large proportion or whether she writes to the creditor. The creditor has asked her to pay the £5400 to the Sherriffs Office now and the compensation to her but I have said not to as she will still have the charges to pay that way. I have told her to not do anything until you have something in writing Should she write to both the creditor and Sherrifs Office and what should she say? Forgot to add she has been signed off for the majority of the time and the Sheriffs Office have her medical documentation and in fairness to them have not been coming to the house etc but think its all interest charges on the whole
  23. Hello all, Thanks in advance for having a look at my post. I've been abroad since finishing university in 2004, while my loan was taken out in 1999 making it a new style loan. No contact was made by either side (i did not tell them I was moving abroad nor gave any info about my work life) until march this year when my old UK address received a letter asking for income info. I sent a reply stating I am abroad and working and an SAR to boot. 2 months later no reply. I am about to sent the "no reply to SAR within 40 days" letter but I'm worried about follow up. I no longer have an official UK address, will this hamper me going through the county courts? What can I expect to gain by doing so over data protection? I hope I've been clear General advice would also be most welcome! Thank you, dale
  24. Hey, Just looking though my credit file and there appears to be some records on there for both Lowell and Capquest which I really don't recognise. Whats the best way of dealing with this ? is it a CCA first to gain a copy of the agreement or have I got the terminally wrong and is there something else that I need to be doing first ? Thanks Scott
  25. Hello Not sure if this is common knowledge but Step Change appear to be doing a settlement scheme for debts. I will use hypothetical figures. Lets say you owe a combined amount of 11,000 they will confirm a minimum requirement for them to work with you say 7,000 (approx could be slightly less) Now the reason I would consider using a Debt Management company would be that they say on their blurb they have all their best experts in this department and have contacts, negotiating skills etc so it might be a bit over the odds but may be more successful reaching a settlement. and here's the rub..... They say you would need to send them the 7,000 and they would forward it to the creditors pro rata BEFORE any negotiations have started! If the creditors decide they do not want to accept it as a final settlement, then they can just keep it! So can you tell me if given a lump sum of 7,000 a debt agency would say "That ok mate its not what you owe, but I will let you off anyway and I really don't want't you to keep paying the 100.00 dmp you have been paying anymore....or is there a likelihood that the debt collection agency might just say "Thank's for the 7,000 we reject your offer and by the way, can you keep paying the 100.00 a month on your dmp. Step change were upfront about the fact they hand over the money regardless but I find it hard to get my mind round the fact that for me they should be negotiating a settlement and only sending the money if it's a guaranteed agreement. Of course go direct and offer. Just thought this might be of interest
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