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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there! I am so pleased to have come across this group and see that I am not alone This is my first post and I have spent a good hour reading through similar situations, and feel a lot more informed that I did when I woke up this morning. I took out an overdraft with Lloyds TSB aprox 5 years ago for 1,500 pounds when I was living in the UK (I now live in Spain and have done for 4 years). To be perfectly honest, I foolishly became so involved in life here that I forgot about my overdraft in the UK. That was until the beginning of last year when my step-father called me to let me know he had received several phone calls from Lloyds requesting to speak to me, and then letters demanding immediate payment. The most recent letter was received this year from AIC. I telephone Lloyd's debt collection last year when I first learned of this and advised them over the phone of my address in Spain, and reiterated to them several times that I did not live in the UK and did not appreciate them hassling my step father. They aknowledged my address and phone number, and said they would send a payment plan to me with international bank details so I could start making payments. Two months later my step father was receiving threats from the bailiffs and I had still not heard anything from Lloyds. Again they aknowledged my address in Spain and said they would send me written communication, and promised to remove all the UK information from their system. However they did tell me that they did not know how to go about setting up international payments but that they would "look in to it". Six months, and nothing. I called again, and was told the same thing. I asked for a mailing address or a fax number so I could send my request in writing and was refused. Then came the letters from AIC at the beginning of this year, AGAIN to my step father's address in the UK. He opened one of the letters and called me in a very distressed state, especially considering I had promised him that I was dealing with the situation. I called AIC two months ago and spoke to an arrogant young man, and explained the above to him. Needless to say he was less than interested and demanded ful payment. I said I could not make a payment of 2000 pounds. They took my Spanish address and phone number (again) and promised to write telling me what options I had. I heard nothing untile yesterday when I received a letter from them stating that as they had not heard from me they would be sending my file to their legal team in Spain, and that I should contact them immediately. Conveniently there is no return address so I cannot write to them. What irritates me is that I have had NO correspondence from Lloyds nor AIC until yesterday despite me informing of my address several times. I am happy to make repayments but need to know where to make them to!! Could anybody advise me on what to do as I do not wish to have legal proceedings started against me in Spain, and more so considering I was happy to make repayments on this debt but its now arrived at this point due to the considerable incompetance of both Lloyds and AIC. Do AIC have a mailing address? Many thanks to all of you
  2. I am trying to get my finances in order and have been reading up on forums about those who have had successes dealing with DCAs, but unfortunately my accounts don’t seem to make sense. I have four default accounts on my credit file, showing a D sign every single month on my account, but I have three payments from DCA going out of my account two I know why I am paying but PRA I don’t know what its for, and the two bank account overdrafts I have defaults for I don’t know what is happening with them and what to do. Should i send out CCA letters to all creditors including barclays and natwest? On my credit file are these four defaulted accounts Lender Idem Capital Securities Current Balance £1,868 I am paying this via direct debit reduced monthly installment at the moment, this has been passed from Agilent to Moorgate and now to Idem and I it was so long ago now I cant even remember who the original company was who I took a loan out with. Lender NWB Current Accounts Current Balance £1,691 It says I am paying £5 per month but I cannot see any standing order or direct debit going out of my account for £5 per month, so I have no idea what is going on with this account. Both Barclays & Natwest overdrafts have been passed over to DCA I am sure of it, but I am unclear on who they are or what is going on with these accounts. What shall I do? Do I chase up with the actual banks to see what information they can pull up (send SARS) Lender Barclays Bank plc Current Balance £1,590 Similar to my Natwest account, I do not have anything on my bank account showing I am paying them, yet it shows I am paying £18 per month, once again I do not know how to handle this and whether I have a DCA I am paying, I haven’t received any letters for a while and I don’t have a clue what I should do. Lender MKDP LLP Account Type Credit Card Current Balance £264 Finally I have a PRA Group direct debit set up for £8.86 per month but yet again I don’t know what debt this is for now, as it seems to have been set up some time back, with moving and getting married last year I lost a lot of paper work and I cant remember what DCA is for what account and why now. DCA payments: Idem Robinsons Way this is on my credit file under MKDP (are they the same company?)But there is nothing on my credit file saying I am dealing with Robinsons Way PRA Group £8.86 No clue whatsoever why I am paying this and for what account.
  3. Hi All Little bit of advice please. I have received a letteri today from HPH2 Ltd stating an old barclaycard debt I have been paying to MKDP LLP for the last two years has been passed onto Robinsons Way who will now be managing my account. My question is, as I have not received any letter from MKDP LLP confirming this, should I contact Robinsons to arrange to carry on payments or should I wait to hear from MKDP LLP before making contact. Also will my monthly direct debiti be transferred automatically or will I have to set a new one with Robinsons. Dont want to contact them unless I have to. Also am I correct in thinking that the requested "income/expenditure" request is just that a request and I dont have to comply if I do not wish to. Thanks for any help/info on this
  4. Hi all, Sorry this may be a tad long-winded!! Car purchased from Welcome Finance in mid-2008, stopped paying the instalments in mid-2009 as I was unhappy with the car, how they operated and how they had treated me. I have no records from that time as to when the last payment was made but I know that the car was returned to them around October 2009. They agreed on the phone to collect the car and because I had rectified some existing faults at my expense etc etc I was told the final balance owed was up to £300 once the car had been handed back depending on a few factors. I asked for written confirmation of this as a full & final settlement offer and would make payment immediately. I never received this and then didn't hear anything else for quite some time. In the mean time I had been in and out of the country, moved house etc eventually a couple of years ago I received some letters via my mum's address from MKDP saying I owed £4000. Significantly more than £300!! I confirmed this detail by applying for a credit report with experian and note that they hold an account on my record for £4000 which is defaulted as of 28/10/2009. Then today I was passed a letter from MKDP, which was again sent to my mum's address, stating that the debt of £4000 had been sold to Robinson's and also enclosed was an offer letter from Robinson's saying I can pay £10 per week for several years, £15 per week for less years or call them to discuss options. I've always ignored all letters and never replied to them or spoken to them on the phone. As I was;t even in the country for some of the past few years I never even needed credit so it didn't affect me, however I'm now back permanently so want to make sure this doesn't go to CCJ. Now, I'm aware that this debt is either Statute Barred already or is about to be. If, for instance, the SB start date is indeed 28/10/09 then this is just 2 months away from now, however I'm not exactly certain when the car was returned or when exactly the last payment was made to Welcome Finance. I've never received a default notice, never received a notice of assignment to MKDP and generally didn't receive anything after the car had been handed back so I assumed there was no outstanding amount and that was the end of it. I moved house a couple months after the car went back so I can only guess that some paperwork may have been sent to my old address, but seeing as I hadn't heard anything from Welcome Finance in that time I assumed, rightly or wrongly, that there was no need to update my address with them. Now my questions, if I may.... 1. Should I just sit it out and hope a claim form doesn't arrive in the post? 2. If no to Q1, then I'm looking to clarify exactly when the debt was/will be SB. What''s the best way to do this and how long does that add to the process? 3. If yes to Q1, then I guess if a claim form does arrive I'll need to formulate a defence and cross that bridge when it comes? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi all, After hearing nothing for sometime, noticed I received a letter (attached) for a Statute Barred debt from over 7 years ago from Robinson way saying "Thank you for your payment, which leaves the balance as stated above. We have agreed with you to pay your account by installments." This has amazed me as I have not spoken to anyone let alone made ANY payment to them. How do I go about making sure they are not trying to set me up , do i send the Statute Barred letter to data controller or do I need to adjust it and add something in to request the alleged payment information (bank account etc) Also noticed at bottom it says its gone to Hoist Group and Robinson Way are managing account , maybe Hoist Group have lied and said they agreed/spoke to me ? This is totally fake and I would not/will not ring them ever so wanted to make sure I send the right letter to them. This cant be legal surely for them to make up an agreement? Thanks again in advance for all your help.
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