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  1. Hiya, My and my partner both work part time and have tax credits, we have completed our renewal for this year I have been offered a new job to start on August 1st full time with a salary of £25400, my wife is on a Zero hours contract but usually works around 4-8 hours per week - she is currently on maternity leave and have two children- last year her income was £1400 and expect the same this time I was wondering whether I need to tell the tax office now, when I start or at the end of the financial year? Will we still be eligible or is the fact I am full time and over £25000 mean we will not ( obviously expecting it to be lower )
  2. So if stays beyond July 1st but with all payments made he is likely to be made homeless on the 20th July ( as assuming nothing can be done before the court date ) even though he has a move in date of September 1st for his new place?
  3. Thanks for the reply, It is also worth noting that he has issued 4 seperate moneyclaims for the same arrears and that the section 8 that mention July 1st as the date is for a higher amount than the current possession order total The other thing he said ( which I dont think makes a difference but not sure ) is that the contract is signed by two people ( husband and wife ) but order is put forward by one person - I don't think that makes a difference If worse comes to the worse and I pay the amount before July 20th would that stop all action anyway?
  4. Hiya all, Need some help for my brother ( as people were very helpful before ) My brother has a rental contract that ends on July 2nd, he has signed a contract for a new house which he is due to move in on September 1st- it is cheaper- he has two children a one year old and a three year old. He has rental arrears of £2250 but has put a plan to the LL which would see these gone by September 1st when he moves. This was rejected by the LL and the last correspondence was that he had said he would try and see if he could get the September date earlier, he has just returned to full time work following suffering severe depression following an attack on him ( that has been investigated by Police so has a ref ) I am of course worried about him from a mental state point of view Yesterday he received a possession court date for July 20th ( request made on June 1st ) I am going to offer my help in his defense but have a few quick questions now ( as unsure ): - Can a possession movement be made when he had a letter from LL stating for him to move on July 1st ( dated 05/06 so after the possession order application was made )and we are not at that date yet? He has not refused to move as the date has not been reached - Is it likely he will be made homeless bearing in mind he will be moving out by September 1st and the rent arrears will be paid by then? - The LL did not protect his deposit on time and lied in writing to him he had before admitting he did it 200 days later than he stated, is it worth putting in a letter now asking for the deposit ( in full ) + compensation is taken off the arrears owed? Is there a template letter for this? Many thanks
  5. Great will do, Will get him to defend for now then get him to come on here to put something together for it I thought a LBA was needed - certainly what i was advised when did one myself
  6. Hiya all, Trying to help my brother out, He has been issued with a money claim alongside a section 8, They are for differing amounts but issued on the same day which is odd I am going to help him out with responding but a quick technical question should a letter before action have been sent to him beforehand? I know it is practice for companies but not sure if applicable to rent arrears? Also worth saying he wrote to LL on date it was issued asking for a rental breakdown as he disputes the amounts ( especially as different from the section 8 ) and it was signed for the day after ( 13 days ago ) he believes the LL has applied his own charges and then implemented them without a breakdown to him. I am assuming he defend it on the basis that the LL has not responded to his asking of a rental breakdown/ any charges applied?
  7. Thanks for the reply, what is a Tomlin order?
  8. Hiya all, An update on this, The company that owes my brother £17,500 have written to him today offering a settlement of £13,750 payable within 56 days This would allow him to pay in full the £12,250 If he writes and offers payment in full within 56 days and they refuse and still proceed is he able to inform the court he can pay in full in that timeframe and adjourn it until then? Will he have to pay court fees on top? - as may take him over the £13,750 Or is he better off offering to pay monthly then just paying in full when it comes
  9. Hi No it has not gone to court at any stage From my reading he would not be able to set aside as he does not dispute the debt
  10. Hiya, In terms of what the debt is Its a debt when he was self employed last year, from what I can gather a company has gone into administration owing £17,500 to him and in turn he has not been able to the fufill the bookings he made as a result ( events company ) It is one debt to one company As I say he has no assets at all but does not argue he owes the debt
  11. Hiya all, Found out yesterday my brother has had a statutory demand for a debt he has totaling £12,250 He is unable to pay it in full and has no assets- he rents and has no car etc and has no savings - highest value item is his TV at £150 value so nothing of value to wipe the debt off He has done a SOA and that shows he can afford to pay £300 per month which would clear the debt in 40 months I am going to help him write a letter tomorrow proposing this as a repayment plan with a SOA to see if they agree to a plan instead- is it worth me copying his rental agreement/ bank statements etc which show he does not have savings/ own house etc Is there a template letter for making this type of proposal? Many thanks
  12. Trying to help a friend of mine who has got himself into a bit of bother He is an events manager, and runs events for a venue The venue pay him and he in turn puts the nights on/ pays the acts etc, he has never had any form of contract with them - not sure if that makes a difference- he ran 5 shows so far all of which he was praised for the quality of etc A few months ago he was contacted by an agent of a big name act who offered to supply him with some very decent acts to try new material out - at a higher level than he was currently, he put this to the venue and they paid my friend to organise/ promote it, they also paid for a range of 2016 shows. The total of which came to £13500 The issue he had was at the same time baliffs etc have been visiting his home demanding money, he used the above money to pay them and as a result does not have that money anymore. He then discovered that the agent that promised the acts and he had the agreement with was doing so without the acts behalf - he contacted an act who had no knowledge of it - he contacted Action Fraud and has a reference number for it Fast forward to a month later and he has had an email from the venue to say they are going to both the police and civil routes to recoup the money as he has not used the funds for the intended purpose He is in a position that he can repay in full within 3 months which they have rejected Now obviously I dont for a second believe he booked it fraudulently and the fact he went straight to Action Fraud I believe shows this but have they got a case against him with regards to him spending the money on the baliff company , if the shows had gone ahead he would have been in a position to pay it all as planned by the time the nights came along
  13. Hiya Mariner51 Yeah was not going to as at the end of the day want her to stay as long as possible I was just puzzled by the statement he had put as was not within the rules as I believed them to be
  14. Thanks that what I thought, Did not think you could withdraw it either until end of tenancy In my mind confirms it never has been really
  15. Hello all thanks again for your replies, LL has agreed to me paying the rent arrears and moving forward with the plan in place which is great news! So many thanks again One question though In his letter he has actually addressed the deposit scheme protection himself in which he has said "With regards to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, although we registered with them, after the late payment we have withheld the registration until the payments are regulated. The moment you comply with the tenancy agreement your certificate will be issued" From my understanding that is completely illegal isn't it? I thought the deposit scheme was a seperate entity you could not just alter like that Would have thought as well if it is against the rules the LL putting it in writing like that was not a clever idea
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