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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have a question and I was wondering if someone could help me. My manager has some health issues ( depression among other stuff) and during the past 3 years he has been off for a total of 9 months. 5 and 4 months continuously during 2 years and has now been off for over a week. I have a feeling he will get another long term leave which of course as it is health related I totally understand he might need it. But the issue is that every time during his long absence , I end up doing his job and it involves allot of stuff. For the 9 months I did his job I received absolutely nothing from the company and only a thank you after i complained about getting a pay rise ( which of course i did not get). So i would like to know if I can demand or is my company obligated to pay me more if my manager goes on another long term absense. If I do not receive anything can I refuse to do his job even though I am the 2nd in command? I am happy to the job if he is on a short term sick leave ( 1 -2 weeks) or if he goes on holidays , but for more than that , I have had enough Thank you in advance
  2. Hi I would like to know thoughts and opinions on where I stand with the recent letter I have received from my employer this week with regard to absence. Sadly during August 2013 I spent 4 days in hospital whilst 200 miles away on business with a further 4 days at home recovering from a kidney infection - (CT scan reveals all is ok last Sunday) I am not usually a sicknote but i would strongly believe that going through a breakup, selling my house and fighting to have decent contact time with my daughter would be a good indication as to why my health has suffered during 2013. Thanks in advance. Dear Barty, Following our recent meeting, i would like to formally state our concerns over the increasing levels of absence seen over the last few calendar quarters. Please see below your absence record which shows the percentage of days you were absent in relation to the percentage of days available per quarter. Sickness % 01/13 to 03/13 = 0.00 Sickness % 04/13 to 06/13 = 4.84 Sickness % 07/13 to 09/13 = 12.31 Sickness % 10/13 to 12/13 = 3.17 In the meeting I explained how the company uses the measure of over 3% days absent against available days over two consecutive quarters as a trigger for investigating further reasons for absence. Then any further individual quarters where absence is over 3% after this if no improvement is seen. Therefore, in our meeting it was concluded your absence levels were above what is acceptable and an improvement was required. I must also inform you that any further instances where cause for concern is noted due to your absence levels being excess of that outlined above could result in disciplinary action. As discussed, I hope things will improve and there will be no further need to discuss this matter again. Yours Xyz
  3. Hi All, Apologies in advance for the long post. This is my first time posting on this page but I really need some advice and help. In November 2012 after being in my job for a year and three months I started having health problems in regards to bowel and epilepsy. I was signed off work until March 2013 and then I returned back to work. Work had involved occupational health which I agreed to and we arranged for me to go back to work part time for 3 days and then full time straight away after. There was a virus within the work place which I caught and unfortunately set off my conditions again. we were also in -10 weather with no heating due to the radiators being frozen but we still had to work. I was then signed off in April. I am still signed off work Occupational health has been made aware and process started again. I spoke to occupational health on Thursday just gone because they required an update doctors have said hopefully I can return in 3-4 weeks once further investigation has been completed. On the Friday my workplace contacted me by email requesting for me to go for a meeting the following week and I agreed to Monday 2:30 (20th May) I received a letter from my work today stating this is an absence meeting. All my sick leave is over these 2 absences. I have never had any single days etc I have never heard about a absence meeting before they haven't offered me to have anyone there just my manager and a member of staff from the human resources. Any ideas on what I can expect, what can happen, what they can do, what I should do etc? I've never been in this situation before.
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