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  1. I'm in need of some advice on what I should do for my current situationLong story short, I co own a bungalow with my dad and uncleThe uncle stopped paying his share of the mortgage and moved out about 7-8 years ago now and hasn't paid anything sinceHe struggled to get housing benefit because the DWP saw that he was on the deeds and/or mortgage of this house so wanted his name removing (But he somehow was able to get housing benefit despite this)So I worked my butt off for the past 2 years to get sufficient income from my self employment to arrange a mortgage, all the while he was promising he would sign any document to get his name off (No mention of money changing hands, he just wants to remove his name)So I managed to get a mortgage approved through a broker with Natwest, hurray!We all have to fill in the transfer questionaiire for the equity of course, which I and my dad have done (My dad is gifting his share to me), the forms were sent to the uncle and he promised he would send them off last week (Tuesday or Wednesday)Well, it's been a week and he hasn't sent them off and I have a feeling he isn't going to do it, despite saying otherwise and me offering compensation for the trouble.I've sent two emails since then asking if he needs help, but nothing back.So now I'm short some £1000-£1300 for the all the different fees and solicitors costs and it looks like I won't be able to remortgage after all.That part is stressful and disappointing enough, but the worrying part is the mortgage we currently have is a half and half one, so only half the mortgage (capital) is being paid off, we will still owe some £75,000 in 8 years when the mortgage comes to an end.And the uncle will still be on the deeds.I really don't know what to do, as I understand it from a legal standpoint, there's nothing I can do to force him off the deeds and/or mortgage.So any advice is appreciated.
  2. I just sent an email to Fellowes to say what they say, but yea I had pondered the idea, but sadly I don't have a soldering iron or solder. There is a video of how to replace the capacitor to, so it must be a known issue.
  3. Hi all! So I purchased an air purifier from Amazon, it's a Fellowes AeraMax DX95, it cost me around £199 in total. It was bought in October 2016. I've had the device replaced 2 times now, due to ongoing issues that I and others have, which make the device unusable. The main faults that I and others have noticed, is there's a capacitor inside which eventually blows after 6 months+, rendering the device unusable. This happened on both devices I received and now I'm on my third one, it's got the same symptoms as the first two Namely at random there will be a beep, as if someone has pressed the fan button, the speed will then increase to the next level, requiring you to reset it back. It's doing it roughly twice a day now so at some point it's just going to switch off and not work like the last 2. There seems little point in sending it back, as the next one will more than likely do the same thing and I think the odds of it being a manufacturing defect or fault, are reasonably high. But I'm left wondering if it's even worth trying to fight for a refund, or even a partial one with Amazon?
  4. As far as I know everything is secure, we live in the same household. We have two lodgers here, but my dad was actually here when the emails came through, so no one had access to his computer, or card details. I don't understand it either, all the transactions were debited from his debit card, as it has his debit card number (last 4 digits) on each of the emails.
  5. Yep it was through the official norwegian airline website and yep the money has been taken already I had him print everything off and he's heading down there tomorrow.
  6. Hi all So my dad is due to fly to Sweden next month, as his brother is in his final months of live, due to cancer. He booked a flight via Norwegian air for a return trip from Gatwick to Copenhagen for £106.90 on Monday the 17th. He got the confirmation email, so everything looked normal, until Wednesday, he got a series of flight confirmation emails, which listed changes to his flight. The first email was a series of cancellation/time changes, but also included: 2 x Checked baggage (10.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 20.00 2 x Upgrade fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Namechange fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Checked baggage (15.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 30.00 Fast track 0.00 (0%) 9.00 WCHR – Wheelchair (ramp) 0.00 (0%) 0.00 2 x Hearing impairments 0.00 (0%) 0.00 2 x Vision impairments 0.00 (0%) 0.00 WCHC – Wheelchair (seat) 0.00 (0%) 0.00 For a grand total of £289.90 The second email was the same thing, but the times were back to their originals, again, the same total price. Third email was the same upgrades/changes again, but also different flight times, with stop overs in Madrid for the return flight These changes were £629.80 Fourth and final email had the same types of changes, only for a lot more money (£1191.70) and included a whole bunch of random things like golf equipment etc. Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 25.20 4 x Upgrade fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 144.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 16.80 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 43.00 2 x Namechange fee (36.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 72.00 2 x Seat reservation (10.00 GBP) 0.00 (0%) 20.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 32.00 Checked baggage 0.00 (0%) 15.00 2 x Golf equipment 0.00 (0%) 56.00 4 x Ski equipment 0.00 (0%) 112.00 2 x Fast track 0.00 (0%) 9.00 11x Excess baggage 0.00 (0%) 99.00 16x Excess baggage 0.00 (0%) 144.00 Windsurfing equipment 0.00 (0%) 38.00 Kite equipment 0.00 (0%) 38.00 Total Amount 0.00 1191.70 All of these individual charges have apparently been debited from his account. So he got in touch with Norwegian Air through their chat system and they were of zero use, basically telling him it wasn't them, it must have been him, or someone else. He got the same response from their phone line, that he's been hacked, or his account has been hacked and for him to go to his bank and the police. He doesn't even have an account with norwegian air, so could he or anyone make changes? He's going down to the police station and bank tomorrow about it, but has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  7. Thanks all for the advice I agree it's a difficult one, but I'm pretty sure he's done it more than a few times now, whether he got the asking price he posted, I don't know But as I live with him, it just makes it all the more difficult, because if I report him, he will no doubt find out and he has a vengeful/childish streak in him.
  8. I'm just surprised there's no obvious options available, I did see the trading standards website, but would they even take action? Moving out isn't an option sadly, as we co own this house together (long story there) I did send the advert link to Gibson tonight, so we'll see if it gets removed.
  9. Hi all, So I found out last night my father of 74, is [causing problems] people by selling them fake brand named guitars, that he buys brand new from China. I live with him, so I noticed he started buying guitars sometime back, then would sell them on, nothing seemed to out of the ordinary, but then I realised he's buying guitars from a Chinese ebay style site, with the Gibson or Fender branding for about £150-£200, plays with them for a while, then lists them on Gumtree/friday ad as "original" (non fake), with the description of the guitar copied/pasted from the Gibson or Fender website, one such listing he is going to make soon says "This guitar cost just over £2000 new. Any sensible offer with be considered." When he told me what he planned to do, I said I didn't agree with it and how wrong it is, but he just turns his back on me and carries on. I have no love for my father, for reasons just like this, so I'm wondering, what's the best course of action? *(S c a m is a bad word here?)
  10. Hi all So I've been self employed for 3 and a bit years now, always paid my self employed taxes on time, but today when I try and access my bookmarked HMRC link, I get: Access Denied You have tried to access a page that you have no permission to view. Please click 'Next' to proceed URL being - https://online.hmrc.gov.uk/self-assessment So I click next and it redirects me to here - https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/personal-account And there's nothing on that page about self assessment, the only tax bit is: How you pay Income Tax Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Check your tax codes and an estimate of the tax you'll pay. Anyone else having any issues?
  11. Many thanks all, yep that's the SAR I found and filled out for the HMRC, thanks
  12. Ok got that printed off and filled in What would be the best way to contact the HMRC about tax credits? just send it to the normal tax credits address? Which I think is this one HM Revenue and Customs - Tax Credit Office Comben House Farriers Way Netherton L75 1AX United Kingdom
  13. Thanks for the link I'd rather get it from the official source, rather than sending in/giving tons of printed paper bank statements.
  14. Hi all, I'm lousy at writing descriptive titles, so apologies in advance I plan to remortgage my home in April of this year, and want to collate proof of income from both self employment and benefits/tax credits paid to me over the last 3 years. Is possible to write to the HMRC and DWP to get a list of all benefits paid into my bank account for the past 3 years? So I can use that as proof of a secondary income?
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