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  1. Hey, I have two defaults that are registered under lowell however they are originally from Orange on my credit file and I am really not sure what they are about or any dates etc. Whats the best way of finding out what they are for, the date of the original default and any other information which might prove useful in my search to try and clean up the horror show that is my credit report ? Thanks Scott
  2. Hey, Just looking though my credit file and there appears to be some records on there for both Lowell and Capquest which I really don't recognise. Whats the best way of dealing with this ? is it a CCA first to gain a copy of the agreement or have I got the terminally wrong and is there something else that I need to be doing first ? Thanks Scott
  3. Hello Forum, Well I had heard so much about this forum that it seens the best place to post my question and hopefully seek the help that I need (if any solutions exist) to the problems I am faced with Shop Direct & CapQuesr. In a nutshell, my wife took over her mothers Kay account and was ordering items to be delivered to her mothers address with her complete consent and was paying back the minimum payments as per Kays monthly direct debits. We had some financial problems and my wife ending up not paying the monthly direct debits and the account fell further and further into arrears until finally its been told to Capquest. Now Capquest has written to my wifes mother with their standard letter saying that they may instruct baliffs, force her to sell her house and so one unless a payment plan is arranged. They are asking for the full amount owing plus all the interest that we would have paid should the items we purchased be paid over the maximum amount of time. The goods she had totalled just under £1600 yet Capquest are asking for £4189.70 now. I am most definately not disputing that she needs to pay the £1600 however what about the interest and is a correct way to proceed with then ? also whats the best method of communication with CapQuest? Sorry to ask so many questions but this is something that is causing friction between me and the wife and she knows she screwed up but has left it to me to try and solve as apposed to buying her head in the sand... Any help or advise would be great. Cheers
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