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  1. I have looked at your link, and just as I said in my post I knew what it was going to say:- It restated exactly what I had posted that chloride does not eliminate Salmonella or Listeria it is used as a cleaning agent, the rest of it i.e. 98% was as usual just a load of gobble de gook, which nobody ever reads. (except possible you?????) I stated in my post, which I don’t think you bothered to read that Salmonella and Listeria, are killed off by the cooking process, and that the majority of food poisoning out breaks are caused by poor hygiene and cross contamination, but to that you failed to answer. You then went on to ridicule my qualifications. One of my jobs was to inspect catering premises, and write a report on hygiene etc; Like every discussion on this forum were you don’t like the other persons point of view, to which you have no real answer to their post, you go out of your way to ridicule them, and make them out to be thick, I am sorry for you as I think you are very shallow, try being a bit more civil and less abusive. If you are capable, (I am afraid it does not wash with me, it just goes right over my head.) So far King 123 has decided, that there is no point in continuing to post on this site. I have also decided that this will be my last post. if you continue with this sour attitude of yours towards posters the way you talk to labrat he may do the same, and then you could converse with yourself, best of luck.
  2. On 01/02/2020 at 10:39, tobyjugg2 said: Buckthorn, hope you are your family are not one of the first stuck down by listera and/or salmonella from inadequately bleached and unlabelled Chicken from the United States of Listeria - I certainly hope none of my loved ones suffer. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ . For TJ and those of you who are worried about chlorinated chicken I think you should look a little closer to home.Available in your local supermarket (and has been for a long time, is in fact very popular with the public) either on the fish counter or packaged in a frozen food cabinet, is a fish fillet called Basa or River Cobbler, however its correct name is Panga. This fish comes from Vietnam, and is produced on fish farms in the in the Mekong Delta, which is one of the most polluted rivers in the world, however what you don’t know is that to increase the fish egg production it is injected with human female urine. (imported from China). This increases the amount of eggs the fish produce, the fillets are then exported to this country and many more, it is very popular in EU countries as well, so if you are worried about American chicken, don’t buy it! Just enjoy your fish and chips instead, I am sure you will come up with a reason to rubbish this. Pangas are Injected with Hormones Derived from Urine – I don’t know how someone came up with this one out but they’ve discovered that if they inject female Pangas with hormones made from the dehydrated urine of pregnant women, the female Pangas grow much quicker and produce eggs faster (one Panga can lay approximately 500,000 eggs at one time). Essentially, they’re injecting fish with hormones (they come all of the way from a pharmaceutical company in China) to speed up the process of growth and reproduction. That isn’t good. Some of you might not mind eating fish injected with dehydrated pee so if you don’t good for you, but just consider the rest of the reasons to NOT eat it. https://www.dietmindspirit.org/2008/01/30/why-you-shouldnt-eat-this-fish-pangas-pangasius-vietnamese-river-cobbler-white-catfish-gray-sole/
  3. You talk about listeria and salmonella, a chlorine wash does not kill these off, and yes you could still pick up one or both of them even after washing in chlorine.But what does kill salmonella and listeria is cooking. One of the problems today is that some chefs recommend meat should be pink or red in the middle, their was even the case being put forward at one stage to eat chicken pink, if there is one meat that will make you ill if not properly cooked it is chicken, no matter how much you wash it in chlorine. (remember Edwina Curry and her eggs). Poor Hygiene The main reasons for food poisoning is cross contamination, this happens more in the home than in the food industry, if you put raw meat in your fridge on one of the upper shelves and cooked meat lower down one could drip on the other and contaminate, there is also kitchen hygiene washing your hands after handling, as bacteria can be passed from one item to another. In relation to the use of chlorine it has been used in this country even before we joined the EU most of the vegetable that you purchase have been washed in it. Owing to the fact that you do not believe what any body except yourself says I have included waterandhealth.org information Are vegetables washed in chlorine? Various forms of chlorine are used extensively as a disinfectant in wash, spray and flume waters in the raw fruit and vegetable industry. ... It is highly effective in situations in which soil, plant debris and decaying fruit or vegetables may enter early stages of washing and grading.12 May 2010 waterandhealth.org › disinfect › chlorine-wash-is-safe-treatment-for-food... Chlorine Wash is Safe Treatment for Food Products - Water Quality ... Freezing or refrigerating food will not kill salmonella, although it will stop the bacteria from reproducing. ... Further, thoroughly cooking food can kill salmonella, but it does not guarantee that the food is safe to eat if proper food handling processes were not followed (e.g., if cross contamination occurred). bodyandhealth.canada.com › healthfeature › gethealthfeature › what-yo... What You Need to Know about Salmonella - Canada.com Listeria. Listeria is the name of a bacteria found in soil and water and some animals, including poultry and cattle. ... Listeria is unlike many other germs because it can grow even in the cold temperature of the refrigerator. Listeria is killed by cooking and pasteurization. www.foodsafety.gov › Food Poisoning › Causes › Bacteria and Viruses
  4. No I don’t know everything unlike you, but in relation to the food industry I certainly know more than you. I have been in the catering industry for 55 years, (until I retired) I am a fully qualified chef, during my working career I have been privileged to have cooked for member of the Royal Family.I was the catering manager for a German Communications equipment manufacture. My last position was as the Senor Project Manager in a large hospital, for the WRVS. During my career (until I let them laps on retirement.)Fellow of the HCIMA HCIMA - Hotel Catering and International Management ...HCIMA stands for Hotel Catering and International Management Association (now Institute of Hospitality). HCIMA is defined as Hotel Catering and International ...Qualifications - Institute of Hospitality https://www.instituteofhospitality.org/professional-development/qualifications Institute of Hospitality Qualifications We have a partnership arrangement with the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) who administers and manages a range of specialist qualifications developed by the Institute of Hospitality: Level 2 Specialist Award for Chefs in Health and Social Care Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism I was also a member of the Cookery and Food Association & The Craft Guild of Chefs. COOKERY AND FOOD ASSOCIATION Craft Guild of Chefs craftguildofchefs.org Established in 1965 as a Guild of the Cookery and Food Association, the Craft Guild of Chefs has developed into the leading Chefs’ Association in the UK and has many members worldwide. Our members come from all aspects of the foodservice and hospitality sectors working in a wide variety of positions from students and trainees to top ... So yes I do think I am highly qualified enough to comment on this subject than you are
  5. Why would I want to click after all I would suspect that I know more about this subject than you ever will.You obviously now nothing which is why you have to put on bits of information from other people.
  6. So what you are saying is that by allowing the US to supply us with food we will be introducing listeria and salmonella into our food chain?
  7. So you are an expert on food now are you. I am not surprised, after all you are an expert in everything else. Your IQ level must be at least 289.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AQ-D_OnF-E Friday January 31st 2020 11pm Britain becomes a fully independent nation for the first time in half a century Bing! Bong! Bing! Bong! Bing! Bong! Bing! Bong! Free from the unelected shower in Brussels. Free from an undemocratic federalist corrupt organisation. Yes! & Yes! again Now for a drink in celebration, and a good nights sleep as a free nation. Get over it remoaners and stop your winging.
  9. for all your gloom and doom you have not got an answer, that link was from a German reporter on one of their papers so I would sooner believe him than some of the rubbish you lot keep spewing up. live with it.
  10. Definitely no the Guardian I would sooner believe this than something written by Owen Jones /Polly Toynbee
  11. I think TJ that this is a very interesting subject I just hope you are going to be less aggressive towards anybody contributing to it who may not have the same opinion as yourself.
  12. He also said this in relation to the fires as their seems to be a lot of rubbish being spread around on relating to temperatures in the country: We have climate change fanatics mouthing off all the time about man-made global warming, causing the fires, a study which took place in this country revealed that Australia has been just as hot before this lot, according to measurements as far back as 1889 (fact), but then why would anybody mention this after all it conflicts with their fanatical preaching. Huge forest fires have been common in the short history of Australia, some of the worst took place in 1938-1939, also in 2009 there were some horrendous fires. a Royal Commission was set up, which strongly recommended, that they should adopt the Aboriginals method, of burning brush to prevent future fires. Of course like everything else there are always people who, that’s the same people who rabbit on about climate change, did not even want this to take place, so it was not put into practise, despite recent independent officials recommending it should take place. The state has allowed the accumulation of this under growth adding to the likely hood of more intense bushfires.
  13. From Melbourne Australia. (my nephew family and his brother lives their, I asked about the fires this is his answer) This is probably the worst fires I have seen in all my time in Australia. We have had two other instance of big fires but this one takes the cake. There was talk that the Victorian fires might combine with the NSW fires which would be catastrophic. I had also read that the fires are so big that they have started to create their own weather with a large quantity of smoke going up in the air in one area creating thunder storms in other areas which is sparking more fires. Sadly these fires are not started accidently. One person has already been caught for the fires in East Gippsland and another one in Bundoora. The Bundoora one is a bit closer to home and really close to my brother’s house. His family and him had to evacuate their home, they said that the heat would have got to them first before the smoke which is why they had to evacuate as a precaution. Thankfully he was able to return that same day back to his home. MY brother and his family are only 20 mins away from us and the fire is probably 10 mins away from our house by car. This fire is still burning but is under control, Thankfully it rained today. Thankfully the fires that are of real concern are 5+ hours’ drive away from our home. The Prime Minister is getting a lot of heat for not acting quickly enough.
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