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  1. I think yearly 'boosters' might not be enough, especially if the mutations continue It may well end up like the flu and need targeted vaccines every year, with possible extra boosters for significant changes. How serious? Dunno yet. But consider that 'flu' is a number of different virus' and the vaccination effectiveness depends on whether the right strains are picked to go into the jab. The pandemic which peaked over last winter and spring was with a very limited number of strains of Covid - the number of variants of covid are growing and growing in infectiousn
  2. https://www.gov.scot/binaries/content/documents/govscot/publications/strategy-plan/2020/12/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-deployment-plan-2021/documents/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-deployment-plan-2021/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-deployment-plan-2021/govscot%3Adocument/COVID-19%2Bvaccine%2Bdeployment%2Bplan%2B14%2BJanuary%2B2021.pdf
  3. even at 2 million a week (seems very unlikely in anything but munged claims rather than reality with Johnsons numpteys) - thats still 25ish weeks to get to a real 'herd immunity' level - 5 months from end of feb - takes us to start of sept. Just about scratch through ready to start again and be done with the fresh inoculations by next Feb ... provided the virus doesn't continue to mutate more infectious and doesn't bypass the inoculation immunity That is what gov should be planning and preparing for - plan and prepare for bad, hope for good - fat chance of that
  4. It would also seem to be that anyone not in the highest priority group or NHS red zone staff should NOT be expecting a vaccination before the end of FEB at the very earliest .. and thats starting vaccination of others starting end of Feb .. maybe That may change, but it seems to be the situation currently.
  5. I take it they have never been through US or Australian customs ... let alone when you get some american jobsworth who has a hangover and an unimpeachable sense of American superiority and God given right ... Some of the EU zone are allowing a lot of leeway - it shouldn't be expected as a right. That IS what the UK Brexiters claim we all voted for ..
  6. But Johnson has constantly said that no extra documentation would be needed to access Ireland, let alone Kent - if they ask - send them to him. Must be Johnson supporters as they seem to have believed Johnson 'The Liar'
  7. Expanding on that, I think the references to protecting/vaccinating the elderly/care homes first is politics driving policy rather than(some herd ) policy driving politics. Johnson has shouted about it so much that he cant change the policy; without be forced by media; as it will prove yet again his incompetence, weakness and total unsuitability to the position he holds. Anything else would require competence and strength of character - neither of which he has.
  8. Might surprise some, but I think that assessment of what actually occurred by byeline times is sensationalism and largely false Johnson and the ERTG may still adhere to a form of that policy (herd culling) but I dont think the claims in byline times are warrented in this instance. Does highlight that the situation is no way under any form of coherent and sensible management though. ALL the current evidence points to limited (in both time and spread) immunity whether from surviving infection or vaccine. I think its more that theTrump/Johns
  9. and the converse that 17% dont have higher resistance for 5 months
  10. more bad news Sinovac: Brazil results show Chinese vaccine 50.4% effective https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-55642648 Wall street journal has some disturbing claims about results manipulation (take heed O/AZ) but article is subscribers only but see here: https://theportlandpost.com/2021/01/13/disappointing-chinese-vaccine-results-pose-setback-for-developing-world/ and that: Most people who have had Covid-19 are protected from catching it again for at least five months, a study led by Public Health England shows.
  11. What I find strange ... is the readiness for some police forces to go mob handed to ever more isolated beauty spots to threaten and intimidate a few people trying trying to safely exercise in line with the rules (as opposed to a family outing to 'test their eyesight) .. But appear to be resisting l(harder than John Wayne at the Alamo) helping enforce face mask wearing where its needed at supermarkets
  12. Caelainn Barr More than 100,000 people have died from coronavirus across the UK since the disease first appeared in the country almost a year ago. New government figures show there were a record 1,564 new fatalities, as a series of record-high death figures announced by the government brings the bleak death toll to 101,160. More than one in ten of these deaths have been announced since the start of 2021. The UK now has one of the worst Covid mortality rates in the world, at 151 per 100,000 people, ahead of the US, Spain and Mexico where ahead of the US, Spain
  13. More from the home affairs committee where the fire brigade has been called to a particularly spectacular case of Johnson pants on fire Q: Last year you said there would be no extra paperwork at the Northern Ireland border post Brexit. Why did you say that? Johnson says things are flowing smoothly at the border, and they are flowing so smoothly that many haulier are using that route rather than the Holyhead-Dublin route. Should just call him a god-damned liar.
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