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  1. and something for aurora watchers to err watch out for 4 solar flares simultaneously erupt from the sun in rare 'super' explosion — and Earth could be hit by the fallout | Live Science WWW.LIVESCIENCE.COM In the early hours of Tuesday (April 23), quadruple solar flares near-simultaneously exploded from across the sun's surface, and there's...
  2. Truly Gobsmacking for a number of reasons .. For first time in a billion years, two lifeforms have merged into one WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK ‘The first time it happened, it gave rise to all complex life,’ scientists say For the first time in one billion years, two lifeforms truly merged into one organism | Popular Science WWW.POPSCI.COM It is a discovery that’s 'one for the textbooks.'
  3. Post Office scandal expert Moorhead predicts solicitor strike-offs Richard Moorhead, professor of law and professional ethics at the University of Exeter and a prolific writer on the Horizon scandal, said it was ‘highly likely’ that people would be removed from the profession. He added that he also expects one or two individuals to face criminal prosecutions. He was ‘cautiously supportive’ of the Solicitors Regulation Authority's position of waiting until the public inquiry has finished before taking any decisions on disciplinary proceedings, saying the regulator has been doing a lot of investigatory work behind the scenes. But Moorhead said the SRA should provide ‘greater clarity and detail’ about what it is doing currently. Professor Richard Moorhead predicts strike-offs over Post Office Horizon scandal | Law Gazette WWW.LAWGAZETTE.CO.UK Lawyers have been 'everywhere' in the scandal, Professor Richard Moorhead tells legal ethics conference.
  4. hope everyone can see this (might be issues if not UK connection) Post Office lawyer was a jack of all trades, but failed his own | ... WWW.COMPUTERWEEKLY.COM Post Office IT scandal inquiry hears how a lawyer was at the centre of the Post Office’s attempts to prevent problems with its IT system...
  5. as if a lawyer, let alone a senior one wouldn't have full documentation - if she claims she hasn't - claw back all the payments made to her https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/news/post-office-inquiry-live-former-gc-susan-crichton-gives-evidence/5119453.article?clearcache=1
  6. and more .. As thames water pushes to further rip off captive customers, not get fined for it, and allow more dividends .. for little more than 'aspirations' to do better More detail comes out of the literally and figuratively sh** companies apparently shunting money out of the regulated business to profit/bonus/dividend generating unregulated side companies "Accounts filed at Companies House show : (Kennets) accounts, filed more than 12 months after the end of Kennet’s financial year, showed that the company made a £1.15m pre-tax profit for the year to 31 March 2023, up from £374,000 a year earlier. Revenues rose to £1.6m in 2023 – up from £1m in "Kennet Properties paid out a £14.5m dividend in the year to 31 March 2023" "Kennet ?takes on? land no longer needed by Britain’s biggest water company before developing it and selling it on, typically for housing or commercial premises. It also received income for the use of sewer networks by third parties for fibre-optic cabling." Thames Water could raise bills to £627 a year to help fix leaks | Thames Water | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Embattled water supplier promises to invest up to £3bn more over the next five years Thames Water-linked firm paid £14m in dividends despite concerns over group | Thames Water | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Kennet Properties sells off Thames Water land, whose owner, Kemble Water, has warned it would not be able to pay a £190m loan
  7. So 1. Doctors examine their patients and find them unfit for work 2. A whole new level of administration and examination is added to redo the doctors job on top of the doctors job - probably MORE THAN doubling the cost (to the taxpayer) of the process - with all the extra money for all the extra processes no doubt going to the private sector ie Crapita rather than giving extra funding to GPs - and probably actually coming out of a reduced GP budget 3. With the tories no doubt lying claiming this is extra money to the NHS to reduce waiting lists and take the burden off GPs It is of course just another dogwhistle - although I'm sure they would be happy to shunt more taxpayer money to hunts pals if they get away with it
  8. Liz Truss says Tories are part of a Blairite attempt to silence her. Reform UK leader Richard Tice said the Conservative Party is 'socialist' and suggested Rishi Sunak is not a 'real conservative'. .. says the definitely NOT real Conservatives Lets also hope that Starmer implements a clause where bringing the UK into disrepute, or breaching the requirements of ex UK PMs results in the permanent withdrawal of ALL UK taxpayer funding of them
  9. "Lowest CON % ever recorded in 45 years of Ipsos polling, - a record last broken in the previous poll." as Truss bemoans only 10 years to save her hair and makeup - she already lost the UK its shirt and vest Liz Truss fumes about 'having to do her own hair and make-up' while PM WWW.THELONDONECONOMIC.COM This is, objectively, very funny: No matter how bad you thought Liz Truss' new book would be, it somehow appears to be worse.
  10. So they seem to be deliberately fouling Britain - not 'just negligently Need to be in jail alongside the PO crims, and rabidly corrupt MPs
  11. Well, we know it seems that the poops and others just use there MP position mainly to generate funds from their 'outside' lol interests Lets hope labor BAN second jobs for Mps - all second jobs - then create a truly independent expenses 'police' with real powers Tip of the iceberg: "A cohort of Conservative MPs standing down before the next election have netted jobs worth millions of pounds and have taken dozens of all-expenses-paid trips funded by foreign governments and lobbyists, the Observer can reveal." so far - "top of the list was former justice secretary Brandon Lewis, who has taken on five new part-time roles worth £410,000 a year alongside his commitments as an MP. Outgoing Tory MPs take lucrative second jobs and ‘swan off on jollies’ | Conservatives | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Sixty four Tories and four independent MPs who lost party whip plan to stand down from the Commons amid dire polling for Conservatives
  12. Nope But lets not forget that labor has been a Brexit Party since at least Corbyn - just with a more competent and meaningful agenda
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