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  1. Well the regions at both ends have objected - as they would - everyones in favour until its their own backyard .. and the company is mired in the Panama papers and populist cronyism - but many company directors are .. but it does seem the cost/benefit case for the cable needs to be watertight and outstandingly credible IMO - and not like many of the nuclear proposals where the projected costs are astronomical, and the benefits very limited (as defined) and VERY far in the future First port of call for me would be - is it cheaper than more local solar farms/wind farms (which would no doubtr also raise objections), and would building hydrogen generation/storage/power stations nearer existing wind farms be a better option? .. and far more 'sovereign' one perspective Who owns AQUIND? | Patrick Elliot INVESTIGATIONS.SUBSTACK.COM Introduction and overview to an in-depth 3-part investigation tracing the changes in AQUIND's ownership through time.
  2. Not aware of the necessities of the routing, or the politics with France threatening to cut power supplies to the Uk, but I'm aware of a lot of 'green' resistance to any tidal barrier generation and wind farms (for all sorts of environmental reasons) as well as nuclear .. .. I assume they want to return to wood burners? - which are 5-20 times less environmentally 'friendly than gas fires .. Its a difficult set of scenarios Has the person in question also donated/bribed/whatever on the French side HB? what are the calculated REAL benefits and route options anyone?
  3. Yep Matt Hancock United Nations job offer withdrawn WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Anti-poverty campaigners protested over his role in blocking vaccines for developing world
  4. 50% mask wearing on transport here in a English relative 'backwater' (reasonably large town) is a pipe dream, as is anything more than 25% (at best) mask wearing in supermarkets. Our covid rate is quite high too. .. All the other UK+NI nations have stricter and more sensible (IMO) and scientifically supported stance. So do you think the other nations are right? and do you think vaccine-less and mask-less people should be on public transport or in extended close contact with our children, elderly and sick ?
  5. mmm - looks like another of the no history new company awarded £100M plus contact 'somehow' jobbies So why DID Immensa get awarded its huge health contract? | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Immensa Health Clinic was awarded the £119million contract in October last year to carry out coronavirus testing. IMMENSA HEALTH CLINIC LTD overview - Find and update company information - GOV.UK FIND-AND-UPDATE.COMPANY-INFORMATION.SERVICE.GOV.UK IMMENSA HEALTH CLINIC LTD - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history...
  6. heck - at least 10% error rate (so far) in false negatives reported from the looks of it
  7. Do you think that was exacerbated by an apparent resistance to mask wearing in your area?
  8. "Those who are still infectious - estimated to be a few thousand people tested in the past week or so" ... "The error could mean thousands of people infected with Covid were wrongly told to stop isolating, and may have infected others." NOT-NHS test and trace - Fascicle from start to finish
  9. I have mixed feelings about this HB Some GP's practices certainly need a kick up the jacksie .. rather than a carrot - we have one locally Some GP practices really need more funding and more doctors rather than any kicking - we have a couple of those locally BUT - I have no doubts whatsoever that the populists, even the more remnant Toryish ones like Javid, wont do anything that addresses the real problems for the bucketloads of taxpayer money they will squander .. unaccountably.
  10. "it really doesn't say a lot about the UK government's view of our attractiveness that we might have to drop climate change objectives to get trade deals.” - David Henig - UK director of European Centre For International Political Economy - and a pretty p**s-poor trade deal 6x better for Australia than the UK at that ...
  11. Fascinating/scary Unc Sea levels influence eruptions on volcanic island - Oxford Brookes University WWW.BROOKES.AC.UK
  12. yes, like the massive super ferries the EU commissioned to bypass the UK in a RoI-EU run (they must expect permanent change), and that container tankers have stopped unloading at the UK and now unload at EU docks and transport on anything thats required to the UK post unloading. LOL - a shipload of food by ferried in by the brexiters - they want to make sure Patels doesn't sink it by 'mistake' - and then get away with it of course.
  13. and a little reminder that infections, hospitalisation and deaths are on the increase Daily summary | Coronavirus in the UK CORONAVIRUS.DATA.GOV.UK Official Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease situation dashboard with latest data in the UK.
  14. Trouble is the funds will be tied to some specifics .. which will likely mean all sorts of issues actually getting the money .. unless you have a pal who can refer you to a VIP lane I suppose.
  15. It makes sense given that the agreement he signed and sold didnt in any way meet his promises .. mind you, nothing could or will meet his rediculous and conflicting promises of all the benefits, and maintaining our position in the single market and doing whatever he likes - including breaching agreements and international law - like murdering immigrants - he can make it 'un-trialable' in the UK, but it would still be muder/manslaughter in maritime and international law. Time is ticking though. The EU seems to be largely marking time waiting for: The NI issue will resolve one way or the other by the time the next elections there are done .. Either NI will leave the Union, as Scotland is likely to, or the EU will have to ramp up the pernalties - although the EU is in a position to simply stop trading with the UK, no actual trade war - just ignore.
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