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  1. and for those who might think Tory **** voting to leave British kids hungry was a 'one off' - It may have been the worst - but its nothing unusual. Here they are voting to BLOCK a simple requirement for water companies NOT to dump sewage in UK waters to save their profits - something I'll bet most thought was already a requirement. "Just 22 Conservatives rebelled against the government last week to vote in favour of a bill amendment that would place a legal duty on water companies not to pump sewage into rivers." Think about that when you are paddling in the sea on a British beach .. or eating British shellfish. Concern grows as MPs vote against amendment to stop sewage dumps WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK ‘MPs must vote to make it a legal obligation for water companies to end sewage pollution’
  2. I remember a similar issue with a customer claiming that 'alexia' had ordered something that wasn't ordered and when it should have been off, .. with Amazon quoting evidence that they had that the customer had said a word 'similar' to the activation word - which 'accidentally' activated it .. followed by 'accidental' ordering due to interpreting what was said I would not ever consider one of these things in my house.
  3. They would undoubtedly also make a better job of the actually PM duties
  4. I see that Johnsons cronies continue to lie about ripping people off with pricing od COMPULSORY travel tests Government accused of promoting Covid travel tests at misleading prices | Coronavirus | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Firms offering lateral flow tests for people arriving in England are ‘gaming’ official website, says expert A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson LIED: “These reports are inaccurate and misleading - the average price is between £20 and £30 for lateral flow tests and there is no provider listed on gov.uk offering lateral flow tests at £150." A quick look at the REALITY in East Midlands from the Gov site shows craploads advertising starting at £150 quid, the lowest ones advertising 'from' £1 and £1.49 actually clickbait linking to a starting minimum £29 + £50 respectively, the top pair of highest clickbait links start at £200 + £217 - and no doubt go higher if you click on the bait link - these are for simple LFTs - profiteering IMO - with sod all done by Johnsons cronies except deny it (LIE) What type of travel tests do you need to book? Get a coronavirus test – GOV.UK WWW.FIND-TRAVEL-TEST-PROVIDER.SERVICE.GOV.UK
  5. 40,000 - 50,000 new cases a day for seven consecutive days Approaching 1000 patients a day admitted to hospitals The daily death toll rose to 223 on Tuesday, the highest number since March, and averages well over 100 people dying a day from Covid the numbers “within the parameters” "planned for" - Boris Johnscum care staff “cannot be expected to work any harder than they already are if we’re to get safely through this winter”. “What we’re seeing is many services are at capacity, and in many cases beyond capacity, and problems that traditionally could have been diverted can no longer be diverted,” Ian Trenholm, the CQC chief executive
  6. The seven-day average shows that cases have risen by 18.1% in the last week, while deaths are up by 15.8%. while Boris 'The Liar' Johnson says there was “absolutely nothing” to suggest a winter lockdown was on the cards
  7. Despite the rapid start of vaccinating the population, the UK now has the 13th highest vaccination rate in Europe and the government has received criticism for the (lack of) speed of its booster program and the (lack of) availability of vaccines for 12-17 year olds. - and falling - 11th not long ago • Europe: COVID-19 vaccination rates by country | Statista WWW.STATISTA.COM Belgium, Ireland, and Portugal are among the European countries with the highest number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered per 100 people.
  8. Asia taking UK ‘to the cleaners’ on Brexit trade deals – as it happened WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Follow the latest updates from Thursday
  9. Quote(s) of the day: "“There is a real problem that this is now the third Asia-Pacific agreement in a row - Japan, Australia and now New Zealand - where more than 80 per cent of the projected growth in trade, by [the trade] department, has gone to exporters in those other countries" - Emily Thornberry "If Johnson will renege on the EU deal, Surely Johnson will renege on deals that bad" - me
  10. REAL breaking news Boris Johnson has blamed the slow booster jab rollout on people not coming forward for their vaccines. Speaking from Northern Ireland, the prime minister insisted there was adequate supply. “It’s a demand issue. We really urge people to come and do it,” he said. His remarks come after Labour claimed two million eligible people are yet to receive an invitation for their booster doses. Those who what loose women will have seen them (including Street Porter) stating they want the booster but cant find anywhere to get one anywhere local to them, and sites saying they can't just cant get the people trained people to do the jabs as the volunteers that did it last time are all back at work BUT Johnson 'The LIar' says its the publics fault, and not his fault Boris Johnson blames people not getting booster jabs for slow rollout WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Two million eligible people have not received an invitation, Labour says - but prime minister insists it is ‘a demand issue’
  11. “We’ve been really clear that we all have a role to play. If not enough people get that booster jab, if not enough people who are eligible for that original offer of a vaccine don’t come forward, if people don’t wear masks when they really should… it’s going to hit us.” - Javid So wheres the requirement? British Medical Association criticise Plan B restrictions not being implemented WWW.OXFORDMAIL.CO.UK Criticism has come in from the British Medical Association after the Government said it would not yet implement Plan B restrictions. Ministers divided over face masks in Commons - follow live WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK BMA claims ministers ‘wilfully’ risking lives Britain resists new coronavirus restrictions Amid rising numbers of cases, the British government has rejected calls to reimpose coronavirus restrictions, while warning that such measures might be needed if the rollout of vaccine booster shots fails to contain the worsening situation. Britain, which administered vaccines early, is now reporting one of the highest rates of new cases in the world as the vaccines’ effectiveness wanes. “We will do what it takes to make sure that this pressure does not become unsustainable, and we won’t allow the N.H.S. to become overwhelmed,” said Sajid Javid, the health secretary, referring to Britain’s National Health Service, which is already under pressure. He warned that new cases could surge to 100,000 a day. The British government’s contingency plan would reimpose some restrictions that were scrapped in England in July, including mask-wearing rules and urging people to work from home. Those visiting nightclubs and other venues could be required to show proof of their vaccination status or of a recent negative test. Analysis: Experts believe cases in Britain are rising because large numbers of children are unvaccinated and schools do not require face coverings. Mask wearing is less prevalent than in some other parts of Europe, where masks are often required indoors and where cases per capita are much lower. Data: Britain has reported over 40,000 new cases for seven consecutive days, and 869 patients were admitted to hospitals on Saturday. The daily death toll rose to 223 on Tuesday, the highest number since March -NYT
  12. Like COP26 Boris Johnson Is Playing Another Trick "Countries across the world, Britain foremost among them, are willfully pursuing an economic strategy that is heating up the planet, to the devastation of communities everywhere. They prefer private profit to a livable planet." "Cambo is the most egregious example of a political and economic approach that knocks Britain off its moral high ground. The list of sins is long. It includes airport expansions, missed biodiversity targets, a botched attempt to insulate homes, not ruling out a new coal mine in Cumbria and, of course, failing to regulate the world’s biggest financiers of fossil fuels in the City of London. At every juncture the government has made clear where its priorities really lie." Opinion | Britain, COP26 Host, Is Not Leading the Way on Climate Change - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM Britain’s prime minister claims the country is leading the world on climate change. It’s not.
  13. They have a policy and they are sticking to it: 'Herd immunity' + 'let the bodies pile high' ... + 're-open the VIPals lane and get as much money as we can to them before our credit rating and worthless credibility makes it impossible'
  14. I see Johnson/Truss have signed a deal with NZ similar to the Australia deal - so 6x better for NZ than it is for the UK, just to get a headline, with further nails in the coffin of UK farming then ... Boris Johnson secures Australia-like trade deal with New Zealand – follow live WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Follow the latest updates from Westminster and beyond
  15. Why Are UK Covid Infection Rates So High Compared To The Rest Of Western Europe? | HuffPost UK WWW.HUFFINGTONPOST.CO.UK Hospital admissions are six times higher – and deaths are three times higher – in Britain when compared to European nations.
  16. and as if Johnson needs any less credibility on the run up to COP PM to laud green credentials of firm behind ‘UK’s largest CO2 emitter’ WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Exclusive: Drax’s Yorkshire power plant has emissions roughly equal to that of Ghana, analysis claims Drax’s Yorkshire power plant has emissions roughly equal to that of Ghana, analysis claims
  17. If you were planning to train a virus to escape vaccine induced immunity If you were negotiating an agreement that you never intended to honour If you were arranging PPE in a way that would be inefficient and expensive If you were designing a VISA system to fail .. you would do it the way Johnson the incompetent liar and his oppos do and add to that that there is currently plenty of pfiser vaccine for boosters and jabs, and plenty of people willing to have them - but nowhere near enough people to actually put the doses in arms as all the volunteers (trained cabin staff etc) who did it before have gone back to work ...
  18. and the VIP lane pals offenses get worse and worse, with both Jenny Harries and Gov spokespersons either incompetent or lying (or some convenient mix of the two): "on Friday, Dr Jenny Harries, the chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, said the lab was “accredited to all of the appropriate standards”, while on Monday a government spokesperson told the Guardian: “The lab was fully accredited by the UK’s independent accreditation service before being appointed.” "But Ukas said neither Immensa Health Clinics nor Dante Labs had ever been awarded Ukas accreditation, which is intended to ensure labs meet minimum quality standards. Companies require the certification, or must be in the process of applying for it, if they wish to provide Covid testing." UK lab investigated for false negative Covid tests is not fully accredited | Coronavirus | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Neither Immensa nor Dante Labs has ever been accredited, Ukas says, contrary to government comments
  19. Boris the liar was also a remainer until being a Brexiter became his route to power Johnson and Frost (both previously remainers) are trying to force the EU into a corner: Either give us cake and eat it everything, or YOU will have to impose a border in Ireland to protect the single market to stop us doing whatever we like with your border What they fail to understand is that the EU have the mechanisms to allow all NI sourced goods into the market while blockading 99% of all UK sourced goods from the EU either through RoI or otherwise It will cost the EU to do that, but it will put the UK back into the worst suez crisis scenario. All that aside from Johnson the Liar and the Brexiters effectively forcing Ireland into unity apart from the minority 'loyalists' - and the potential for horror that holds - means nothing to Johnson and his Brexiters.
  20. breaking: In rumors of what some are calling a coup, Pritti Patel and Dominic Rabb are rumored to have used their new powers to interpret whatever they like however they like to declare the rest of the cabinet as hateful extremists to be dealt with under the new terror laws recently passed. Many of the cabinet have simply vanished and are rumored to be on a transporter to Guantanamo bay, Now ex PM Johnson is alleged to have legged it deserting his wife and child(ren) and has reportedly been seen sleeping on the American consulate floor after having been refused asylum at the Russian consulate. This was alledgedly as a result of Pattel removed his UK citizenship (on the strength of him also having had US citizenship) when he escaped through a toilet window prior to his arrest, although others claim the picture was taken on his recent return from one of his many, many holidays https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FBpEushWQAI7QOJ
  21. The UK local communities/councils have already been trodden into the dust by the populists Is it likely that the local communities and leaders will be over-ridden in France HB?
  22. I haven't done my usual levels of sanity check on the figures and claims yet but ... Who will get access to Merck’s new antiviral pill? Molnupiravir, an antiviral medication made by Merck, could herald a not-too-distant future when a simple pill could keep people infected with the coronavirus from dying or falling severely ill. The drug is easy to distribute and can be taken at home. Trial results showed it halved the risk of hospitalization and death among high-risk people early in their infections. Unlike the manufacturers of some Covid vaccines, Merck will allow generic manufacturers in India to sell the pills at a far lower price in more than 100 poorer countries. Most nations in sub-Saharan Africa, where vaccination rates are as low as 3 percent, are covered by the deal. The company has also applied for emergency-use authorization from the F.D.A. Drug-access advocates say the Merck licensing deal is an encouraging start but only a small step toward equity. It is unclear how much of the generic product will be available next year, and the agreements leave out many undervaccinated nations, such as Ukraine, that have been hit hard by Covid. Competitors: Several other drug makers, including Pfizer, are expected to announce efficacy data from trials of their own Covid medications; the companies said it was too soon to comment on whether they would enter into similar access agreements. -NYT
  23. Well the regions at both ends have objected - as they would - everyones in favour until its their own backyard .. and the company is mired in the Panama papers and populist cronyism - but many company directors are .. but it does seem the cost/benefit case for the cable needs to be watertight and outstandingly credible IMO - and not like many of the nuclear proposals where the projected costs are astronomical, and the benefits very limited (as defined) and VERY far in the future First port of call for me would be - is it cheaper than more local solar farms/wind farms (which would no doubtr also raise objections), and would building hydrogen generation/storage/power stations nearer existing wind farms be a better option? .. and far more 'sovereign' one perspective Who owns AQUIND? | Patrick Elliot INVESTIGATIONS.SUBSTACK.COM Introduction and overview to an in-depth 3-part investigation tracing the changes in AQUIND's ownership through time.
  24. Not aware of the necessities of the routing, or the politics with France threatening to cut power supplies to the Uk, but I'm aware of a lot of 'green' resistance to any tidal barrier generation and wind farms (for all sorts of environmental reasons) as well as nuclear .. .. I assume they want to return to wood burners? - which are 5-20 times less environmentally 'friendly than gas fires .. Its a difficult set of scenarios Has the person in question also donated/bribed/whatever on the French side HB? what are the calculated REAL benefits and route options anyone?
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