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  1. "That Britain’s major defence decisions are being debated in the United States, but not in the UK, is a scandal." So much for returning power to the UK Parliament.
  2. Its been rather clear thats what he's been doing since before Labours election debacle where the EU had backed off from even trying to negotiate with Johnsons 'team' Like the nuclear missile agreement being simply stated to the US press before UK parliament was informed, let alone agreed - the EU was briefing stuff that did not line up in any way with what Johnsons mob was saying to the UK press and people. We see which was true This is why Johnson wants a 'gentlemens agreement with nothing binding, but the EU requires binding agreements. NOBODY trusts Johnson. Nor should they.
  3. Rumour mill has it (genuine rumour not me) that Geoffrey Cox was not dumped and replaced by Suella Braverman because of his saying that the illegal proroguing of parliament was 'arguably' legal, or for hurling abuse at Parliament, or for anything else he did; but apparently because despite all he WAS prepared to do, he was not on board for 'working around' (reneging) actual international agreements with the EU whereas Suella Braverman is more than happy to rubber stamp owt. Johnson has apparently briefed his staff to come up with ways to 'work around' the Irish border agreement... Wait until he upsets the VERY powerful American-Irish US lobby group on top of everything else and see where it gets him. The UK as a nearer target for Russian nukes in a 'limited' nuclear engagement might not seem quite so attractive to Trump when the Irish-American lobbiests go to town on him. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/24/limited-nuclear-war-game-us-russia?utm_term=RWRpdG9yaWFsX1VTTW9ybmluZ0JyaWVmaW5nLTIwMDIyNQ%3D%3D&utm_source=esp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=USMorningBriefing&CMP=usbriefing_email https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/uk-trident-nuclear-warheads-replacement-us-1888149
  4. Interesting article HB hers one that summarises the impact, and before all the xeno's think 'who cares about Scotland, what she states is the situation for all those English areas that use migrant labour - who simply don't seem to have a voice in England. Like Thatchers Lincolnshire for starters .. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/feb/19/uk-immigration-plans-prompt-criticism-and-fresh-calls-for-scottish-visa
  5. Don't you mean that without an elected Labour Party (the one I voted for and paid into over decades, that same one that you did NOT vote for or support) there would be no NHS and looking forward at an ineffective, MP deselecting, head in sand, unelectable Corbynite labour, we can see Johnson in power for years to come ..
  6. Obfuscate and avoid - a TRUE Corbynista Corbyn junior, who is only where she is because she supported Corbyn - and apparently helped write his policies, would still be Crappy Corbynism ... which is socialism as much as stalinism was
  7. So taking 10 million labour voters as the Benchmark, that means 600,000 ex labour leave voters 2,000,000 ex labour Remain voters vs 40,000 momentum members (and even those - only 7000 of which voted for Long-Bailey) and thinking that those disaffected Remain voters will return to Corbynista Labour having been failed so badly once their choices have been so badly ignored is just more corbynista head in the sand, and more of the apparent Corbynista standard approach: - well they've got no other choice but us have they, they should listen .. .. and I have no doubts whatsoever it was driven by disaffection with the whole Corbyn package and nothing but 'stop johnson' as an excuse to do otherwise.
  8. I think thats worth examination. We know that there is no one answer, * The vast majority of those who identify as Tory will almost certainly always vote Tory * The majority of of those who identify as Labour voters will almost always vote labour (at least until Corbyn) * Hard Right will always be hard right no matter what * We can see that Corbynistas will be Corbynistas no matter what * It IS almost certain that a good number would believe the spin that it'll all be great and lets get brexit done and there WILL be an extra 350M a week for the NHS and more nurses and pay will go up and food costs will go down ... Who remembers that women on the documentary still hanging on to the 'extra 350M a week for the NHS ... she wasn't and isn't alone BUT what about the millions of others including many life long labour voters as London and I appear to belong to? .. Looked at the facts and didn't believe the spin on either side, but still didn't want Corbyn or now - Corbynism no matter how we ended up voting (perhaps in desperation voting against Johnson). Now I did vote Labour (NOT Corbyn) and reluctantly at that, but millions clearly didn't. As both Johnson and Corbyn were Brexiters ... its hard to lay the blame on Brexit ... although its clear many on both sides of the Remain/Leave camp (were the figures 30% of previously Labour Brexit voters and 25% of previously Labour Remain voters) didn't believe Corbyn was the man to deliver what they wanted. (so 25% of the approx 75% Labour Remainers and 30% of the approx 25% Labour Leavers - didn't trust Corbyn) and that IS NOT confirming Jases distorted view of Brexit as yet another in the long line of excuses for Corbyn .. it just demonstrates that vast numbers on BOTH sides didn't believe in Corbyn. Nor does it indicate that without Brexit Corbyn would have done better - it just demonstrates peoples views of Corbyn and his policies. Wont be voting for Corbynism Labour again whatever happens.
  9. Rubbish We know - just like Corbyn clinging on like a dried up bogey Surprised you thought that wouldn't happen given your stance now that it should .. and came to realise just how wrong that was Not by anywhere near as far as if they chose ANY Corbyn junior .. Whatever race, colour, creed or sexual orientation that junior might be.
  10. Bet Putins looking at all those experts he gave millions and millions too to get his way, and thinking 'I could have got this result for 100k rather than the 100M i spent 50000 votes at 3 quid each - bought the country - bargain. Hey experts I gave all that money too, we need to have a little talk ...
  11. Jase, The point I was making was that The people aren't stupid, Johnson did very little, and most of what he did was actually stupid - the people listened to Corbyn and read the policies on labourlist, like I did, and decided ' Nope' So it wasn't a major Johnson propaganda victory, it was a major Corbynista WAKE UP call, and they must have their heads deep in somewhere to keep bleating: We won the argument (like heck) We had the moral high ground (since when is deselecting your elected MP's, and telling everyone else they are wrong the moral high ground?) Our policies were right (for you maybe but not for the majority) and best of all Our policies that won us the argument (sigh) and people didn't understand (huh?) must be continued and we must show everyone else they were wrong if it takes us a hundred years ..... Look in a mirror - thats all you need to do to see the problem ... Corbyn and his ilke need to be gone. He's got us all his Brexit - he can pi** off now so we have some sort of choice on who to vote for - cause it demonstrably aint Corbyn or his continuation candidates no matter who the Tory is, or however deep your head is buried.
  12. Says the person who self-admittedly NEVER voted Labour before Corbyn Jase its that head in the sand of the loons who are holding the party to ransom that are the problem.
  13. Bold is mine, not Jase's ... Its not going away just because you refuse to look Jase You came, They saw You were conquered The people simply and quite clearly did NOT want what Corbnism was selling, and despte the crap Johnson is pouring out, the polls say it would be the same today. For the sake of the country - GO (only right thing he said)
  14. 1. Many were sick of getting nowhere 2. Nobody trusted Corbyn to get anywhere they wanted to go 3. In fact, Nobody trusted Corbyn at all - they at least trusted Johnson to be Johnson and be British ,,, even if a shoddy kind of British
  15. There are monsters in this world, yet I'm firmly of the opinion that in a world of monsters, she still stands out.
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