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Found 19 results

  1. Please help , Ive had a Halifax card since late 2004. In early 2007 the account number was changed ( I imagine I may have lost my card and been sent a new one ) or am I being naïve ? Over the next several years my credit limit kept on increasing without me requesting it. It was raised 11 times from the original £2750 till in spring 2014 it stood at £13950 Towards the end of that year Halifax told me that my interest rate was to be hiked up but explained that if I didn't agree to this I was entitled to close the account and pay it off as was previously the case. At
  2. Hi there, first post time and I'm hoping someone with way more knowledge than me might be able to help. I've a Lloyds loan from 2008 that was sold to Cabot they say I still owe £12k on I was making payments towards until April'17 I contacted Cabot for my CCA, waited 40 days then stopped payment, now just a few days ago they have sent me a reconstituted version which they say complies along with various copies of payments made to Lloyds and Cabot themselves. I've attached the CCA they sent me. All signitures and addresses are correct and the debt in no longer
  3. i didnt even know this place existed till today and i came here for another reason a hour later of reading, i am hoping ppl can give me some advice .. i owe a debit which has been bought by lowell now they have been calling of and off for weeks but i have ignored the phone and i had had several letters, wanting payment the amount i owe is £3679 its a littlewoods credit card debt that i fell behind on and finally defaulted through no income. now the thing is it doesnt say littlewoods on the lowell letters it says barclaycard who do own littlewoods card.. but i was told nu
  4. Hello, I defaulted on a credit card in 2011. The debt has since been passed on to a DCA who applied for a CCJ. I requested a CCA and was sent a reconstituted CCA, default notice and notice of assignment a day before my court date. The case was adjourned as a result of this. I admitted the debt in court and it has been noted by the judge. Upon reviewing the information sent the last payment on the credit card seems to be November 2010. I have sent an SAR request to try and confirm this. The CCJ claim was made in August 2016. If
  5. Brief summary/history Other half's card. Commenced 1998, defaulted 2006 with interest frozen from that date. Default card balance was £6,500 - progressively paid/reduced to just under £5,000. PPI claim made October 2012 - initially refused but upheld by the FOS on adjudication. March 2014 NatWest credited £4,664 to the card, leaving a balance of £323. By my own (spreadsheet) calculations the payment should have been some £1450 more than they paid. Their payment was arrived at as follows: Refund of payment made 1998 to 2006
  6. Hi, just a quick question. Sent off a cca request to Robinsonway who are acting for santander. They've sent a statement of the account from 2008 and a reconstituted agreement with no signature. Just wanted to check this was valid as seem to remember that they could do this if taken out after 2006 Thanks Lucy
  7. Hello all, I issued CCA request to Barclaycard.They have responded with reconstituted agreement which states as follow: I refer to your request for information dated 12/06/14. The information we must provide to to you under the terms of Section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 is prescribed by the Act and the Consumer Credit Regulations 1983. Section 78 of the Act provides that where creditor receives a Section 78 request the creditor shall give the debtor a copy of the executed agreement and the statement of account. I enclose a reconstituted copy of your credit agreement and
  8. Have a look and let me know what you think. Any help will be appreciated. http://s911.photobucket.com/albums/ac318/zentrix9/MR%20VIRGIN%20MNBA/ I will be sending a SAR request tomorrow to see what I get back
  9. Hi, EOS solutions have been writing to me regarding a debt they say I owe for a Witt catalogue from 2008. From the statements they have sent me the last movement on the account was June 2008 when they sold the debt. I asked for a copy of the CCA and received this back Is this enforceable?
  10. Hi, I have had a response from Lloyds - they have sent me a reconstituded copy of the CCA. It does not contain a signature, although I believe it doesn't have to contain a signature in order for it to be enforceable. It's for credit card and it has my husband's name and address on it but nothing else. No credit limit on it. That was document 1. Document 2 was entitled 'Your Lloyds TSB Credit Card terms and conditions. Applicable from 26th November 2011' The account was defaulted on in 2004. They have given a statement of the account in another, separa
  11. Hi Everyone, I submitted a CCA request to ARC Europe back in May 2012 and didn't hear back from them until now. They have submitted reconstituted agreements, but the details are wrong (address on one document but not the other). How do I best respond without giving them the opportunity to simply copy and paste the right address and resubmit? Also, am I right in thinking the agreement should state the credit limit i was given at the time? Because this is generic and contains nothing apart from my name, an address and an [x] for where my signature would be. Any advice or
  12. Hi, I issued a CCA request to a Motormile acting on behalf of a PDL company. They responded with a reconstituted agreement with the following differences: The agreement number does not match Numerous terms and conditions do not match For example, the reconstituted agreement allows for fees and charges to be added to my account that weren't allowed by the original agreement [*]The original agreement did not have the creditor's signature, the reconstituted one does My name, address, APR, and credit limit are all the same as the original agreement. Where
  13. hi, Please, I would like to know exactly what i should have received as a reconstituted CCA request from lowell portfolio. The situation i have is: 18/03/13, I sent a CCA request to lowell for a barclaycard account. 14/05/13, I receive a reply to my request and states, after liaising with barclaycard in an effort to obtain this document we have been advised that this is no longer available due to the length of time since the account was opened. Also it states they are closing my account and not make any further contact with me concerning payment against this account unle
  14. Hi, we are struggling to pay various debts at the moment, we have approached most asking for reduced payments, interest freeze, etc. However, CCA'd Next and they have openly admitted (in writing) that they cannot locate a signed credit agreement, please see http://freepdfhosting.com/626c0a8d51.pdf for full masked response from them. They also sent me some sort of account summary, which shows "Total Sales TD"of over £8000 which i assume is total of goods purchased, and "Cash Since Start" of £8700, which i think means i have paid them more than the value of the goo
  15. Hi I have today received a response from Barclay card, together with a RECONSTITUTED credit agreement for the above account for which they have made no contact for three years indicating they have now complied with Sec 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 They state " I enclose a reconstituted copy of your credit agreement together with the terms of your credit agreement as varied in accordance with section 82 (1) of the Act" The full amount of £1900 is now due This completes and satisfies our obligations under the Consumer credit act 1978. Thank you Kimberly Crosby Ba
  16. Please can anyone advise me as Barclays have not agreements to send me just a copy of T&C nothing else and the letter below. Dear Mr XXXXXXX Reference: Sec 78 of the CCA 1974. Firstly, please accept my apologies for delay in response and for the inconvenience this may have caused. I write further to your letter and the enclosed £1.00 requesting a copy of your executed credit agreement for the above account. Please find the following documents enclosed: A copy of your original Barclaycard agreement at the time you opened you account. As your account is now
  17. Hi all, I'm new here, hello to everybody and I hope you can help me out. I received a letter from Fredrickson International in early December 2011 regarding their client Arrow Global requesting full repayment of a debt of £****. (Just under £3000). This dates back from when I was a student , my world fell apart for several reasons, I could not afford to pay my student debts and so a quite bad spiral began. I replied with a template letter, contents below. Re:−*Account/Reference Number **************** Your ref:- ARR/******** This letter is a formal request pursuan
  18. Hi am currently trying to help someone with a CCA request. We have received a letter back that says "I have enclosed with this letter a copy of the reconstituted version of your executed agreement and a signed statement of your account. By providing you with the documents attached to this letter, we have satisfied our obligation to provide a copy of the executed agreement under section 78. There is no requirement under the CCA to provide you with a copy of the original signed agreement, b ut notwithstanding that fact, please find enclosed a copy of the front p
  19. The OH sent a SAR to M&S. Their reply said the accounts (1 x Personal Reserve and 1 x Budgetcard) were closed a long time ago (2000) and they no longer had any records. The OH sent a reply arguing that they still had my records (from an account opened in 1986 and closed in 2000). Demanded that they send the necessary information. Eventually M&S sent some information printed from their computer system (including name, address, marital status, home and work telephone numbers, occupation, bank account number and sort code). They also sent a reconstituted agreement and application
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