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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I am seeking a little advice as to my rights. Basically I would like to know if my job title and description etc should be a true representation of the position acknowledged to be held and job function performed. Me employment began back in November 2014 in certain position. Within a number of months I was transferred to a different department and position. This was done with no input from myself. There is a little bit of a back story here too. Since then, and several documented requests for my title and description to be reevaluated they remain unchanged and reflect the position I was originally hired to undertake and bear no relevance to duties etc now performed. This came to bear some significance recently when some new positions were announced. Not knowing exactly what my position is I felt quite disadvantaged. I was unsure if any of the new positions would potentially be a career advancement or if I would again be better seeking clarification on my own position. Again I raised this question and explained my feelings I was told that it would be looked into and that if nothing heard within two weeks to re-approach. Couple of points here : This put it beyond the closing date for some of the positions applications leaving me unsure if I would be better off applying for some of these positions or persisting in attempting to gain clarity on existing position. Most of the new positions make reference to position I fulfill. I am the only person who performs this role. The two week time period has elapsed with no update despite a request being made. Others within the company who have changed position and moved departments all appear to have had titles etc amended to reflect this. Advice appreciated.
  2. Hi all I have been on a DMP for 12 years. I have inherited a little money and want to clear down the remaining debt. I have written to all the creditors and made offers of approx 30% of the outstanding amount split proportionately between them. The total outstanding is £7500 and allocated funds are £2500. I could be pushed to clear in full if I had to, without borrowing, but would rather clear for significantly less. I have so far received one reply from Cabot, the largest of the debts, refusing my offer, and suggesting I pay £3856 to clear. I've listed below the debts and where they came from etc. All defaulted in 2005. What are my options? 1 - do nothing until all creditors reply 2 - make a slightly increased counter offer 3 - continue to pay till end of plan 4 - any other ideas Creditor Debt Full and Final Offer made Cabot (egg loan) £4,820.27 £1,662.23 NCO (Alliance & Leicester CC) £1,464.41 £504.99 Fredrickson (Capital One CC) £829.88 £286.18 Link (Egg CC) £135.15 £46.60 Thanks very much in advance
  3. Hi all I'm in a bit of a dispute with Virgin media at the moment... I pay for landline & broadband with them since April. I was supposed to be getting 100mbps, and I am only about 20-30ft away from their cabinet. They even laid new cable to my house, fitted new connection boxes and phone socket. To begin with speeds were ok. But for the last couple of months they've been dreadful. They haven't fixed anything, I'm paying for a 100mbps service that is on average giving me just 14mbps... For the last week I've been taking screenshots of those speeds and saving them on my computer, tests have been run each day at various times from afternoon to evening... But even at 2am this morning it was still just as bad. I stream a lot via netflix and amzon video. My tests via speedtest and netflix's one speed checker (fast.com) have shown that on average my speed is 8-9 times slower than advertised. My tests indicate that my speeds are not even fast enough to stream 4k conten... which is the main reason I signed up for it in the first place. I'm getting a degraded service. I feel like I'm being ripped off, but am locked into a contract until April 2018. What can I do to get out of it early, is the fact that they're providing such a poor service enough to claim breach of contract?
  4. My Wife has made a claim for PPI against Lloyds for some loans several years ago. Main points being it was never fully explained to her and was told she needed to take this out for her to be given the loan. She also had a separate critical illness policy, entitled to 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay from her employer, she also is entitled to death in service payment etc. None of these were used of her. She made a claim a few weeks ago and received a letter today saying they are not currently in a position to provide her with a final response in relation to her complaint. The FCA has indicated it will implement additional rules and guidance for firms on how they should access certain categories of complaints where the level of commission on the PPI policy was not disclosed. I understand that your complaint is likely to fall within one of those categories. they are saying they want to wait until this comes out before making a final decision and this should be towards the end of 2016. They say based on the information currently available to them they do not believe your PPI policy was misold. However when the FCA release further guidance they will consider the complaint again. Has anyone else received this from Lloyds or any other lenders?
  5. Hi there, this is my first post here so please be patient I have a Barclaycard with limit of £4000 (I actively reduced this from 6K) of which I currently owe just over 3K. I am only able to pay £100 a month so the debt is only being reduced by about £60 a month. Now Barclaycard are increasing their APR my monthly payment will reduce even slower than now. I tried to apply for a 0% balance transfer card but was unsuccessful. My husband has only managed to open a Lloyds Platinum card with a 1K limit so we can transfer £950 onto that and make regular payments no problem. It is only recently that I realised that I am paying PPI on my Barclaycard, however, I finished work in August 2013 due to back trouble. I have been in receipt of ESA until very recently following a Health Assessment which deemed me fit to work (!!!) My benefit stopped. My husband works in forestry and is on a low income but we are not eligible for any other benefit. So I'm thinking that I should have claimed on the B/card PPI - but is it too late now. If any claim was rejected could I reclaim the PPI payments made on the account. Can I write and ask B/Card to freeze the account and interest as I am only interested in paying the debt off and will not be using it to make purchases etc. I find it SO frustrating to read about all these long term 0% cards and then find we are not eligible to receive them. How am I supposed to improve my Credit rating when I am finding it SO difficult to keep afloat? Sorry for the long post - just wanted to make sure that had given as much information as possible.
  6. My company obtained a new property in April 2015. It was agreed that we would have a rent-free period as we required to carry out substantial renovations before we could make use of the property. The property had been empty for approximately 10 years. The landlord is now pushing us to sign the lease. The terms of the lease are very unfavourable to us and we are being denied access to parts of the common business park that are essential to our business and the main reason that we moved here. We have not yet started paying any rent as we are still in the rent-free period. The lease is supposed to be for 5 years, so my understanding that it has to be in writing and cannot be verbal. There have been numerous emails between us and the landlords regarding access to the business park and the fact that we want this incorporated into the lease. The landlord is refusing to agree to any of our proposals. What is the legal position as we have not signed the lease. Are we simply just able to cut our losses in terms of the substantial renovations we have carried out and walk away now? Thanks for any help.
  7. My wife is off sick, and is in the process of being given her prognosis for her cancer (Specialist biopsy going to London specialist Hospital.) It's not looking good, and we're both worried about it being the worst case scenario. She has problems with incontinence and is signed off sick with doctor's notes, etc. Her work (DWP) are constantly on the phone, trying to talk her into coming back to work and saying things like "Well, we can work around you having to go to the toilet every five minutes." What is the legal position of all this? Things like how often are they allowed to contact when you have a medical certificate, etc/ Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, My company employed a receptionist in June and her contract said: "The Employee's salary is £20k per annum. Upon successful completion of probabtion period the employee's salary will be raised to £24k." Her probation period expires soon and we are not happy with her, but would continue to hire her on limited tasks. However we believe that she does not deserve her increased in salary of £24k. We are wondering how to hire her on a similar type of job, but not incerase her salary to £24k. One colleague mentioned firing her, and hiring her with another contract the next day. I think this is too "doddgy". I suggest explaining to her that we do not believe that she "succesfully" completed her probation period, however we would continue to hire her at £20k and would not increase her work load, as we originally planned. Any advice on how to to keep her and not increase her salary depsite her contract would be helpful. Thank you.
  9. If a used vehicle is sold to a police officer - do they have a right to expect better treatment and can they threaten you with their position if things go wrong ( or not their way?) Also, if this police officer turns out to have actually retired can they continue to inform you ''they are the police'' and you will be in big trouble if you don't do what they want. Would this be deemed as impersonating a police officer?
  10. I have been presented at interview with the DWP a cheque sent from my bank account many months PRIOR to my ever even making a benefit claim. I believe that this is fraud based on section 3 and 4 of the fraud act that a crime has been committed. The bank account was accessed via the bank themselves so they are too culpable, for failing to check the legitimacy of the DWPs request and for not protecting my data. It seems like the data was illegally accessed as well as being totally inpertinent and dispropotionate to an investigation that was concluded with "NO ACTION TO TAKE". i need to know what law or section of the dwp s fraud investigation guide has been broken and is it a police or civil matter .
  11. Hey, A number f yours ago - 12 I think. I recieved a reprimand which shows on a CRB check. I know this because I applied for a position that required one and it showed up. It turns out the company wasnt legally allowed to request a CRB check, but I didnt know that at the time (and I had forgotten about the reprimand!). I've just applied for an IT position in the financial sector, and wondered if anyone could advise me if it will require a check? I recently contacted and had this very thorough and informative reply which suggests it will not. As a reprimand is not a conviction, it is considered ‘spent’ immediately under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. For the majority of IT roles, you will not need to disclose it as these roles are not exempt from the Act. The only exceptions might be if you are working in an environment specified by the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 – i.e. a school, hospital or care home. Due to the nature of the environment, the employer would be entitled to ask you for a full criminal record declaration, of both spent and unspent offences. Assuming that you will not be working in such an environment, your employers should not request a Standard or Enhanced CRB disclosure from you. They may ask for a Basic Check (from Disclosure Scotland) which would not show your reprimand. If you are given a CRB form to complete (these have the CRB logo on them, with a Liverpool address) and you are not in an exempt role, the check is unlawful and your employers would be in breach of the Data Protection Act 1988. If you think you are being asked to undergo an unlawful CRB check, you should contact the CRB Customer Services desk and ask to speak to somebody who works in the inception (of unlawful applications) department. Nacro, the crime reduction charity T: 020 7840 6223 F: 020 7840 7240
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