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  1. Good Morning! Does anyone know how I can stop a door collection agent from Provident attending my home? I missed a payment collection date and was unable to notify the agent as my phone died. The agent then attended my property 4 times that evening knocking loudly from 9pm. Has anyone dealt with Provident before? The whole doorstep collection process for the sake of £100 loan is getting ridiculous. If I can come to an arrangement and deal directly with them that would be ideal. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks very much. Kind regards P
  2. Thanks very much. I will get in touch with them. I haven't yet but won't take long to work out. Hopefully there is some movement on paying it all off by April 2016.
  3. Hi I'm in contact with the Enforcement Team at the council directly. Thank you.
  4. Hi, thank you. Would you recommend I contact them requesting to re-submit the income and expenditure details?
  5. Hi dx100uk. I did for the rent priority in an email prior to submitting the income and expenditure form, not that it was acknowledged in anyway. I haven't updated on the latest information as I wasn't sure if they would accept it so soon? Thank you!
  6. Hi All I was wondering if anyone can offer assistance with any online advice services (or advice in general) I can get to help with how I move forward with my council tax arrears. Below is the latest correspondence I have from the council: I can confirm that the balance outstanding as at today is £746.00 with regard to the financial year of 2014 to 2015 then with regard to 2015 to 2016 financial year the outstanding balance is £1226.08. The total balance outstanding £1972.08. Both these matters are currently at Liability Order Stage; which means that further recovery action is fast approaching. Please make representations in order to clear the summonsed debt with imediate effect. My partner and I have been trying to dig ourselves out of a hole over the last year due to paying back rent arrears after a court order. We had to prioritise our rent over our council tax hence the situation we are now in. A couple of months ago I completed a income & expenditure form but our finances have changed due to my partners work. The council set out that we need to pay the following to be settled by the end of the financial year: 1.10.2015 - £287.00 1.11.2015 - £287.00 1.12.2015 - £287.00 1.1.2016 - £287.00 1.2.2016 - £287.00 1.3.2016 - £287.00 1.4.2016 - £293.08 Paying nearly £300 per month is just too much for us and I'm just trying to figure out what I can do prior to bailiffs getting involved or an attachment of earnings order. Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thank you for your time. Kind regards Phoenixlaw
  7. Thank you. I will get in touch with the court today to see if there is any flexibility. Roll on when TV license is a thing of the past! I can understand 10-20 years ago need to pay for this but these day's, especially with how the BBC operates its just a joke!
  8. Hi, thank you for the response. I helped my partner to respond by letter pleading guilty with income and expenditure completed. I was unaware that the I&E was required 3 days prior to the hearing so am unsure if this was taken into account. It would have been received by the court the day before the hearing. I did email in advance to advise that it would be with them on the specific day.
  9. Hi All I was looking to see if anyone had any advice as I can't seem to find a lot online. My partner has received a £190 court fine for missing TV licence payments and we were only given 7 days in which to pay the fine. The money is expected to be paid tomorrow and we cant afford £190 in one go, we could pay a bit now and more later in the month. Does anyone know who to contact to see if they are able to negotiate a longer payment term? Thank you!!
  10. Hi Ell-enn. Thanks for the message! I can yes, I have emailed the HA asking for the total arrears to date and asked if there is any flexibility in coming to another agreement rather then applying for a suspension. I am yet to hear back, sent the email yesterday but will chase this afternoon if no news. I think it's around £1,000-£1,500 that's owed. Comfortably I can afford 100-150 per month on top of the rent. This is what was previously agreed: HA- "Your rent is £213.15 per week – Multiply by 52 weeks & divide by 12 monthly payments gives you a monthly total of £923.65 + the £100.00 per month off the arrears makes £1023.65". When I moved into the property it was £852 per month as I get paid monthly but since living there the HA have been after more per month because they charge weekly. Funny how they said it was fine when we moved in then the goalposts changed. Thanks again!
  11. Sorry, Just wanted to see if anyone has been through this or has any advice? Thank you!!
  12. Good Morning On Saturday I received a N54 form from My local court regarding housing association rent arrears that have slowly built up over the last 12 months. The date of eviction I have been given is 10/12/2014 (9 days’ time!) My standard monthly rent should be £850 but due to the amount outstanding I was required to pay £1,125 per month. Unfortunately I was unable to keep to the previous CCJ repayments due to changes in employment for my partner and I amongst other reasons. In October I paid £700.00 towards rent and a week ago for November’s payment I paid £900.00. I know I need to complete a N244 form asap but wanted to see if anyone had any advice on how I should proceed or things to be aware of? I would of gone to the CAB but with work commitment’s I am definitely not going to be able to spend time out of the office meeting with them etc. It will be a push to get time off to attend court as in the industry I work in it’s the busiest time of year. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time!!
  13. Good Afternoon I was looking to get some assistance with how to handle the following situation: My Partner, Son and I have been renting the same housing association property for 4 years now. As of February 2013 I was at risk of redundancy so took a 4-5k pay cut and jumped into another position to safeguard my emplyment. Throughout the last 17months or so its been tough in terms of keeping on top of bills, rent, childcare etc. Unfortunately I now have £1,000 worth of rent owing which has slowly built up over this time. I was notified by the Council(who manage the Housing Association properties) this week that I have 7 days to pay £640 or they take the matter to court. I have just accepted an offer for a better paid job and start on Monday but its only 3k more then I'm on to start with. I have obviously tried to re-negotiate a repayment plan with the council already but this increased my rent from £850 per month to £960 which was, in hindsight too ambitious. My partner and I earn over the required amount to qualify for any benefitsand have poor credit so paying the £600 isn’t possible. If anyone could give anyadvice that would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  14. I have all the forms and will go through with the tenant, thanks again. The date on the form states that 10th April is the final day. Do you think there still enough time to do this?
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