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  1. Haven't been on here in some time, so I hope I'm posting this in the right place! Background I left the UK for the US in October 1999, at which time I had several hundred pounds in Council Tax owing. Only thing that's been heard since was in 2004 when a DCA (I think it was BCW) wrote to me at my Daughter's address - I have an uncommon surname and I think they were chancing their arm. She wrote back to the effect that she had opened the letter in error, I wasn't resident there and never had been, and that she believed I had left the country several years previously. Fast forward to now: my wife is in poor health, and if she eventually passes, I'd consider coming home. I have a vague recollection that the usual "time limit" doesn't apply and Council Tax debt can be pursued for up to 20 years. Am I correct in this, and if so, when does the "clock" start?
  2. Hi My OH brother has 29k of debt he owes the nice taxman, he pays him £200 a month out of his minimum wage pay (court ordered payments), he also owes some council tax, not sure ho much and they are also threatening to take him to court too. He wants to know if he can write these debts off by going bankrupt? he rents a house, has a £200 car and no assets so i dont see why he shouldnt Any advice? thanks
  3. Hi, I bought a car which is currently taxed in the disable category. I only have the MOT and the green slip of the new buyer. How can I tax it?
  4. Hi, this is a bit long. I am just in the process of get my drivers license back after having to have surrendered it due to some medical treatment that didn’t go to plane. My Wife has just had to surrender her drivers license because at the beginning of last summer (2018) she acquired an autoimmune disease called Miller Fisher Syndrome and spent a significant period of time in ICU before being transferred to a long term rehabilitation hospital. As a result she’s semi paralyzed and has reduced eye function, speech impediment, limited movement and reduced confidence. we are getting a car soon and it’s going to be put onto disabled road tax but how do we do this. Since I’ll be the owner/driver but it’s my wife who is disabled. do we need to register the car in my wife’s name but insure it in my name? Or is there some other way we need to do this. Any help will be very much appreciated. cheers.
  5. youlsey

    Zazzle.co.uk TAX

    I have an account with Zazzle.co.uk (but i think US company) and upload designs which are placed on products that people can buy. Once sold, I get a royalty on the product, eg 10% from a £20 tshirt. I am want to withdraw funds but I need to complete a form that mentions a tax treaty between the US and UK. I can choose to not complete this section BUT will lose 30% for tax. Or I can claim of Tax Treaty Benefits, but the info from them is vague. I've attached the form that I need to complete (I think?). Does anyone know where I can find more info about this tax treaty?? Any help appreciated. fw8benZAZZLE.pdf
  6. Hi, Need some advice, I got a letter on Friday from Jacobs Enforcement Agents for my Council Tax and it states on the letter the following: Removal Scheduled for 18/6/2018 at 7.30am - now all I need to know is that can Jacobs force entry into my flat? I am worried as I will be out as I am in work from 8am - 6pm. They haven't been in my flat as I haven't been answering the door, so can they still force entry even if they haven't been in my flat? I am waiting for it to go back to the council so I can set up a payment arrangement with them. Hope for some advice thanks, been worrying all weekend. Regards.
  7. There is a possibility of a job in Europe for me. Yay... I have dual brit and irish nationality, so no brexit worries about visas etc. I guess there are two scenarios - if brexit happens or if it doesn't happen... I suppose if it does happen I should consider it as worst case - it would be the same as going to some non EU/Non commonwealth country. If it doesn't happen, I still do not understand the current rules. They want to pay me via the french tax system, it will be full time, I have seen the income projection and tax etc and I am happy with it. I will still declare a self employed income in the UK due to small consultancy jobs and my small rental portfolio. also approx 60k a year. (30k each between me and wife) I am deeply confused about lots of stuff. 1) If I pay french taxes as Irish me do I have to pay any more tax on any euros I might bring back to the uk? 2) Will it have any bearing on my self employed income in the uk? 3) Will being away for any period effect my entitlement to NHS services and future state pension? Or anything else? will the kids be allowed back into UK state schools etc? And is there anything else I should be aware of? Like I know I will have a driving licence problem to solve as mine is UK.
  8. Hi, I’m new - after reading so many posts over the last few days I thought this may be the best place to ask for advice. So, last year my sister got caught receiving tax credit payments whilst her partner was still living there, she received a £300 penalty and was asked to pay back the £8k she received. A few months after this she did actually split with her partner and, to make ends meet (she has 3 children and works part time) she started a new claim as a single parent and started receiving tax credits again. She started seeing her ex again, he was staying a few nights a week and they were constantly on/off however he was providing her with financial support. A few days ago she received a letter from tax credits saying they suspect he is living there again and they now want bank statements, agreements for rent and council tax etc etc. Now officially they were on/off, and she did many times go to call them but then she’d split with her partner and wasn’t sure if they’d get back together etc and put off calling them as she was worried about money. I have looked through the bank statements during the dates TC have asked for as there are multiple payments from him which would look as though he was living there the whole time. My sister is absolutely petrified at what might happen, she’s calculated what she thinks they’ll want back and it’s around £6k. As this is her second offence, what might happen? If she’s completely honest and agrees to pay whatever she can back, would she get a penalty? Or as it’s now happened a second time, is prosecution more likely? I’m so worried for her, she has 3 young child (the youngest is 18 months) - any advice will be appreciated.
  9. Hi Guys, I am currently on long term sick and I am in receipt of ESA. I had to fight a DWP tribunal last year and thankfully won it. I am therefore in the support group and received council tax reduction. However, as I had to move recently and although I notified DWP there has been a gap with registering for council tax reduction. Now the council want the full amount for the last 3 months and I do not have the £600 they are demanding. I have been warned by the council to expect a summons. I am very worried. What can they do? I have told them my financial reason but they won't stop the process. Is there anything at all I can do? I do not really want to have to go to the Magistrates Court and plead my case, but of course if I have to do that then I will. If I have to go to court can someone please tell me what to expect and how best to respond in court? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jake
  10. just wondering if anyone can tell me what the position is RE liability when there are 2 names on the council tax bill. I only just discovered council tax has been unpaid for the whole year. The bills have been shall we say intercepted before I ever saw them. Likewise any letters from baliffs (the company is one i've had dealings with before - and I don't like them - the seem very underhand.. I digress). So, having finally been made aware of this i'm looking to pay the bill by end of next week. (I contacted the councill last friday about it and got them to send me a bill). However, there have already been visits from the aforementioned baliffs. Just wonder what position is if they come back and try to seize goods and such. And also what the position is regarding fees they might chage for doing so (or any fees they deem to be payable because they have been already). Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hello About 12 month ago i was receiving phone calls and letters from a debt collection agency, demanding payment of £2700, during the 1st and only conversation i requested proof of debt in writing, ie signed paperwork, payment details, how, where and how this debt came to be, as i have had no claims or dealing with tax credits for over 10 years. Any hoaxer can send mail out like this, i have not received any of the above. My partner and i have now received a letter each from tax credits stating that the debt has been returned to them unpaid and demanding the payment in full, again no proof of debt just a sum of £2700. What do we do next ignore or do we make contact with tax credits, ive been told that if we contact them its admitting liability to the debt. Thanks in advance
  12. Cannot seem to find the answer anywhere so was hoping someone may be able to advise onhow I may deal with this when the time comes? Think in the four months I have been on Universal Credit I have had a full payment just the once due to having a couple of part time employers with varied offers of work and hours whilst I look again for full time. Back in October/November I received two Tax Rebates, one higher than the other. This was a tad surprising so I rang the Tax Office to see if this was correct and was informed that one was definitely correct but the advisor seemed a bit confused about the other and couldn’t say for sure. He said my two options were to place the second rebate to one side until they sorted it out in April 19 or I could use it but may have to pay it back in April if it was paid in error. My problem was is that Universal Credit takes tax rebates as earnings it affected my paymentsand I got a big fat zero that month UC wise therefore having to use the rebate to live on. Ironically the Council “do not” take tax rebates as earnings so it didn’t count against my Council Tax benefit which was a blessing of sorts but obviously if I am in the same financial situation in April and this rebate has to be paid back I am going to be in difficulty. If that is the case and it was paid to me in error can I claim for any backdated payment of Universal Credit for that particular month? My thoughts behind this are that I was obviously paid nothing UC wise that month due to the rebate being classed as earnings but if the rebate has to be paid back then it was earnings I technically did not have, receive, earn, if you get my drift!!!! Ie – If I hadn’t been paid that rebate I would have received full UC for that month and I wouldn’t potentially be having to pay anything back in April to HMRC? Of course it may be that it is a legit payment and I won’thave to pay it back but I won’t know until April. All a bit of a disaster, I have no idea why HMRC couldn’t work this out correctly back in October… . Thank you.
  13. Hi Someone I know of is, I believe, claiming tax credits that they are not entitled to. They have substantial income from various places including rental income and the sale of another of their property. The child they are claiming for is with this individual half the week so 50/50 with the other parent, however they are claiming the child is with them 100% of the time. They refuse to share the money and ignore all requests to do so. He is self employed and is known to the CMS for hiding his income, it took them two years to get arrears off him. Any thoughts?
  14. What is the point of imposing a sugar tax if goods without sugar also increase in price i.e. regular Coca Cola was £1.25 increases to £1.49 after sugar tax however Diet Coca Cola also increases by the same amount so why buy the Diet Coca Cola? This applies to many other brands.
  15. This was quite a while ago. I've been going though my 2005 statements due to a problem with bank and have realised that I paid at least £600 of c/tax within a 5-month period. I was a full-time student at the time. Were students exempt from c/tax at this time? If so, what are the chances of recovering the sums paid? Thanks
  16. We are being chased for a council tax bill from 2010. The council says they had commenced action within a couple of years of the bill becoming due but the bailiffs were unable to collect. To date the council have provided no information as to the court order or why they were unable to collect. I believe this is now a statute barred debt but I have already received two letters through the door by bailiffs chasing this debt. How should I proceed? Jb2019
  17. Hello all, Back in August, I've notified my local council that I have vacated the property, and moved to Spain. My tenancy agreement terminates in Feburary 2019, although I paid the remainder to the landlord, the council told me that I'm still liable to pay council tax (covering the period up to 31/03/2019) even if I no longer live in the property, unless someone else moves in. However the landlord has decided to put the property for sale and is struggling to find a buyer. Since I have set up a post redirection service, I have received a CT summons letter on my new address in Spain. It states that if I don't pay, I will have a liability order against me. I've read somewhere that if the landlord accepts the keys back, I'm no longer liable for paying council tax. Is this true?
  18. Hello everyone, I care for my mother who has dementia. She has a few things, mostly relating to her health and divorce that I've been trying to sort out. I had advised the local council that I was struggling to cope and that my step dad, her ex husband had suddenly cut off all her bills and not paid them. My social worker said that it was finance related and that she couldn't help. The council tax bill was addressed for number 46- not sure why they had suddenly got our address wrong. when I first heard that the council tax bill hadn't been paid, it'd been a couple of months already, as the letter had gone to my neighbour. I explained this to them on the phone and they sent me some forms to fill in on behalf of my mum, but several other things have happened, including waiting for evidence to come through etc. The person I spoke to was sure my mum was entitled not to pay because of her condition, but I'm not even sure what category she fell into. I suffer with depression and it's a lot of pressure to deal with when caring for someone. She's recently had a massive decline in her condition but it seems like no one cares or wants to help. I've now received a magistrates court summons for an amount of £1300 to be paid upfront From the letter, they're not interested in the ins and outs and just want payment. Please can you advise. I will of course speak to them, but they're not open until Monday. Thank you.
  19. Hello everyone I had equita bailiffs clamp my Mrs car for my outstanding ctax bill. She showed them her v5, insurance etc but they said they needed a receipt of purchase (which she didn't have with her at the time but has since found) to prove it was hers. They clamped the car and said they'd be back in the morning. The police were called and allsorts. If they don't accept the v5, insurance (in her name I'm not even a named driver), mot and the purchase receipt can I just sit on the car and refuse to let them take it? I'm going to be putting a complaint in anyway. Thanks.
  20. Hello and apologies in advance. This is going to be a long one:| Fingers crossed that I am posting this query in the right place. Hoping someone here can offer some help. A relative (non EU) become an accidential landlord. She emigrated to the UK, worked here for a number of years, purchased a property which she lived in and then decided to return to her homeland. She informed her lender that she would be renting out her property. She has a residential / interest only mortgage. She left her property in the care of an estate agent No1 and for a number of years this worked well. Due to a number of issues she decided to cut ties with the estate agent and turned over her property to another estate agent (No2). He was responsible for finding the current tenant. The tenant paid the usual 6 weeks deposit to estate agent No2. I should mention that the estate agent no2 owns the management business. To cut a long story short, Estate Agent No2 was not responsible, payments were never on time (even though the tenant paid rent on a regular basis). Payments were erratic, differed each month if paid at all. He would pay his staff first and any left over would be deposited to his clients if they were lucky! All this caused a number of late mortgage payments. Thankfully this was minimised as my relative was able to deposit monies into her mortgage account from her savings and had an overdraft. Estate Agent No2 has since filled for bankruptcy and not for the first time! He is personally bankrupt but his estate agency is still trading. I found out about the bankruptcy order by chance by googling his name. Earlier this year the property was handed to Estate Agent No3 - and so far so good. I have a number of questions... The deposit was paid to Estate Agent No2. He has refused to repay the deposit and I doubt it very much he deposited it into any of the new schemes that were introduced. He has essentially pocketed the money! How do we get this money back? How can I check or where do I start searching for this money? Am I right in saying my relative would be responsible for refunding this deposit if the tenant leaves? Do we have to go to court? Luckily the tenant isn't thinking of leaving, but we want to be prepared moneywise. We have in the last month realised that as my relative earned an income (albeit a loss) on the rent, she may be liable for tax. I am in the process of engaging an accountant to assist re self assessment etc and hopefully this side of things will be in order shortly. In the meantime Estate Agent no3 is holding back part of the rent received as 'tax' until my relative registers with HMRC. They claim they have a responsibility to do this. My relative is not making a profit on the rent and has not done so for 2 to 3 years. She has had to 'top up' as the estate agent cuts, repairs and other charges and now this 'tax' means she is making a loss. The money she gets from the rent does not cover the mortgage payments. Is it true the estate agent can hold monies on behalf of HMRC? Any assistance would be grateful. MBK
  21. Hi everyone I’m not sure what’s happened but my council are taking me, my brother and sister to court over unpaid council tax. I’ll upload the documents so you can see what they’ve said. But I’m certain the amount they're quoting is wrong. My council asked me to increase the amount we pay each month around the beginning of this year. I think March or April but not too sure. I changed the amount we send to cover what they said we needed too. Then I didn’t hear anything until August this year where they sent a bill that didn’t make sense. It made out that we hadn’t sent anything to them. Now at this point I’d just lost my job so I ended up burying my head in the sand why I looked for a new job thinking it’s wrong and they’ll work it out. Again didnt hear anything until the 2nd of November when we got a court document saying we need to go a hearing on the 22nd of November 2018. I’ve only managed to find a job in the last week so haven’t been able to get on here to upload it when we got it. The only reason I can think of for them saying we’re not paying is that the payment could have the wrong account reference on the standing order. When we moved into this place at the end of October 2017. The same council contacted us about payment with us being in the same area. I updated the payment on the standing order we had for our old place with the same account reference. I did this because they didn’t change it on the letter we got when we moved into are new place. But the letters I’ve got since August have a different account reference on them. I can’t see it making a difference though because until August this year I didn’t get anything saying we hadn’t payed or owed anymore then what we’ve been paying. Would appreciate any help on this. Thanks Scanned Documents.pdf
  22. Hi all, Simple question. As per the title, is it illegal for the council to refuse to accept payment for council tax? The story is quite simple, our council tax account has been passed to the bailiffs and as such the council are refusing to accept payments (to the point where they even appear to have blocked me from using their online payment portal), and insist that payments can only be made to the bailiffs. I've no intention of paying the bailiffs anything as a number of years ago (10-12 years) they stole money from us intended for payment of council tax, later telling me it was used to pay their own fees. Long story short, we lost our home as the council eventually made me bankrupt. Our solicitor advised an FVA and the equity in the house was used to pay all their legal fees, effectively leaving us with nothing. We're now struggling again hence the question. The reason I ask is I remember reading somewhere, some time ago that there is an old law somewhere that states that it is illegal to refuse payment for a bill or debt. That's what i'm trying to find out. *** PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME ADVICE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH BAILIFFS, THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M ASKING*** Thanks
  23. The Tory have implemented Tax cut - which corbyn and McDonnell are supporting, but which have the labour party up in arms - and quite rightly. Little Corbyn mini-me mc says they wont oppose tax cuts for the needy - what bullhooks Tax cuts, of which reportedly roughly half goes to the top 10%, and roughly 90% to the richest 50% But where is this money coming from? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/mar/10/poverty-benefits-families-cuts-austerity-hammond-poor-welfare "the changes from April will save around £2.5bn and dent the incomes of the “just about managing” families that Theresa May has vowed to help." "The cuts will affect around 11 million families, including 5 million of the struggling families that the prime minister stated she would focus on." So they have taken 2.5bn off the poorest to pay for those tax cuts mainly to the richest, and given a smidgen back to the poorest who pay for it. and Corbyn and McDonnell support the Tories no matter the cost to the people ... as usual ...
  24. Surfer01

    Road tax quandry

    According to the DVLA when selling or buying a vehicle, the road tax should be changed immediately etc. and it can all be done Online. This not strictly true as we found out on Sunday. Our previous car was taxed in the Disabled Tax class. We traded it in on Sunday and did all the paperwork with the dealership. No issue advising vehicle was not longer registered to us as done Online. We cannot have two vehicles registered to us as disabled. We then did insurance for new vehicle and no problem. We then tried to do tax, but we were unable to do this due to the change of tax class of the new vehicle. Although I had all the documentation etc for mobility disability etc and it would have been available "Online" from the DWP as proof, the change of the tax class can only be done at a Post Office. This left us in a bit of a quandary as we were over 100 miles from home, the traded in vehicle was no longer registered or insured to us so we could not use it anyway. The only way forward was to set up a Direct Debit so that we could drive home. On Monday morning I went into the Post Office and did the change of tax class etc using the new keeper slip which was acceptable however there is now a direct debit set up on my account. Cost is about £28. The vehicle should have the disabled road tax from the Monday anyway. Do I cancel the DD or leave it for the funds to be deducted and then cancel? I feel that the system discriminated against people who are disabled and purchase a vehicle over a weekend or after hours as the change of tax class cannot be done Online.
  25. Hi all I'm in such a huge mess and so scared right now! I realised my partners wages were incorrect on my tax credits and rather than doing the sensible thing by ringing them and telling them this I just kept updating my claim each week a little bit higher which also triggers lots of one off payments as I was scared if I told them it was wrong by 11000 I would be fined so I thought a sensible thing to do would be updated weekly untill it was the right amount! Back in August I received a compliance letter asking for various information one being our p60s I haven't received mine as I'm on maternity and we've misplaced my partners they asked for our wage slips obviously I didnt have any again and my partners are all on email I explained those all in the letter and told them the reason I kept updating and his actual yearly wage and said about not being able to find his p60 I asked if there was away to send in his payslips as they're all on email. I'm so scared that I'm going to go to court and be taken away from my 2 babies! What makes it worse is I sent this letter back to them at the beginning of September and I still haven't heard back! I'm barely sleeping and my hairs falling out obviously down to stress. I know I've done wrong I'm just so scared
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