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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone I had equita bailiffs clamp my Mrs car for my outstanding ctax bill. She showed them her v5, insurance etc but they said they needed a receipt of purchase (which she didn't have with her at the time but has since found) to prove it was hers. They clamped the car and said they'd be back in the morning. The police were called and allsorts. If they don't accept the v5, insurance (in her name I'm not even a named driver), mot and the purchase receipt can I just sit on the car and refuse to let them take it? I'm going to be putting a complaint in anyway. Thanks.
  2. Since Mrs Sev was diagnosed with Lewy Bodies Disease, I managed to get all her debt written off by the various DCA's that had been hounding her since her fortunes turned for the worse. It was a long fight and in the end we got there, thanks to this forum it's community and the infinite patience of the likes of dx100uk. I am in the process of going through old paperwork with a view on trying to recover as much as I can for her to help contribute towards her ongoing care. I have found old paperwork for the following: Barclaycard Visa and Mastercard Co-OP Visa Capital One Visa Monsoon / GE Capital Russell & Bromley / GE capital Harvey Nichols / GE capital Frasercard / GE MBNA Mastercard & Visa RBS Visa Mint Mastercard. Natwest Mastercard. The paperwork consists of: some old statements but also some of them have the original fold that the card was delivered in, and some the actual PPI letter. The original signed CCA is not in any of the documents. So, my initial question is this - Should I begin by sending an SAR to each of the creditors or will the proof that I have already be enough? We probably have statements going back as well, but these might not be for the full term going back to when the card was taken out. I may well send SAR to Barclaycard as I am sure that she took out a Barclayloan or two in the past. I'll be honest, the ones I hope most to get something from are GE and MBNA for their relentless harassment in the past. thanks in advance Sev.
  3. Today, 12 August 2017 I received, through the post, a parking charge from Parking Eye, dated 10 August 2017 which said I'd overstayed my welcome in ALDI, Earls Way, Halesowen by 11 minutes. I spend a lot of money each week in ALDI. I then had to queue to pay for goods I had in my trolly, because not all the tills were manned, as usual and then load them into my car. Since I don't know what time I arrived at ALDI and the cost of the fine almost matches my ALDI bill, I'm upset that they are demanding monies I can ill afford, hence my use of ALDI in the first place! I've used the store in Halesowen most Thursdays when visiting a friend and I've not even noticed a Parking Eye board. Admittedly, that may be my fault, but I'm never there for more than 60-80 minutes
  4. Dear Sir/Madam, Please help me with appeal against the PCN for Vehicles entering pedestrian Zone. Its happened on 02/12/2014 on Harrow Council. But first letter I received on 31 march 2016 from Newlyn Debt Collecting agency and amount of £202 and £77 charges for the agency whats totalling to £277. I sent appeal letter to the council that I haven't received any PCN since the date which it was issued. I'm happy to pay original fees, as I was the owner of the car. But later I received another letter from Newling saying I need to pay £512. Please let me know if you can help me. Kind Regards! Olga
  5. hello can any body give me some advice as what to do please? i rang vodafone on the 21st of march 2016 to apply a family pack as i could not apply on the automated service. so i gave them my family numbers my mothers my husbands and my daughters who is 13. they said i should receive a text shortly to say my family pack would be activated shortly but i never did get a text but my family numbers did it was a text saying they have been added to a family pack but it wasn't my number that had added them it was a total strangers number. so my husband called the number to ask who it was it was a gentleman my husband explained that i had applied a pack but some how had been connected to he's number he was furious with voda so he gave them a call and told them what had happened and told them he wasn't happy with what the had done passing he's number on to a under 16years old and told them it was a case of child protection the compensated him with £25 he was happy with that, i my self have made calls on top of calls to vodafone but not really getting any sense from them but the have admited it is there fault ond offered me £20 but that isn't good enough for the stress they have coursed my daughter she is frightened to answer her phone if it rings incase it is a stranger on the other end this has coursed us so much stress and worry to think that vodA COULD PASS MY CHILDS NUMBER ON TO A TOTAL STRANGER what can i do ??????:mad2:
  6. How can I find out if I am being charged PPI on a Hitachi Personal Finance loan, which began at £17,450.00 yet show with interest and other charges (they state 'other' charges) and first payment of £178.12 showed loan figure at £32, 126.60 they say interest is 5.5% per annum over projected term of 181 months. APR is shown as 9.6% a document fee of £65 was also added. We have been paying this for 2 years.
  7. The following has just arrived. This is about an O/D which includes loads of bank charges.
  8. Good morning , I wonder if any one can help me , my mum had a burglar alarm fitted in September 13 by a company called safer homes uk we are now having problems with it and I've reang the guy several time and left messages and emails but no joy my mum is at the end of her tether with it any suggestions please
  9. Good everning, I wonder if you can help me? for some while now I've had extra care advantage with my littlewoods catalogue that I never asked for , I cancelled it latelast year and when I Iif I could claim it back I was told by a youny lady "sorry its not that type of ppi and no you can't I have now looked into it and it is a ppi I dohave proof that I had it and I have sent a email to the complaint department can you tell me if it is a ppi and if im entitled to have my money back thank you
  10. ive recieved a letter from bryan carter solicitors stating i owe monies from a store card from 1997, i really thought i had cleared all my store cards up, can they persue with this after after 16 years
  11. Hi Not entirely sure if this is the correct forum for this type of post however, any advice would be greatfully received. I am currently in an interlocking IVA with ex hubby, in joint property with 2 children with morg and secured loan. House worth 100k approx, first charge owed 94k second 50k so as u can see major neg equity, loan was given in 2005 when they were giving 120% ltv. Meantime husband left me with 2 children and cannot pay both liabilities and neither can he as he is now paying for rented flat. Went to shelter for advice they recommended MRS, first charge agreed no problem and to a 27k shortfall, Firstplus refused based on figures they amended themselves on our i&es and a valuation they say is 15k more than anyone elses. I understand they stand to lose 50k which is a massive amount of money however, in whatever circumstance they gain to get nothing and actually if they agreed to MRS i can put it into my current IVA arrangement and they will get a return albeit small. If the house is sold market value they will get nothing likewise if it gets repossessed. So altho i can see their issue they stand to benefit nothing at all by blocking the scheme, they are putting me and my family on the streets for nothing and its very frustrating, i have asked for a review and provided written backing from Shelter, my LA and Insolvency Practitioner all trying to point out from different angles the situation but as yet they still wont bend. I can no longer pay the loan so just making sure the first charge get paid as they have been fantastic and very supporting, so going to get alot of hassle now and they will more than likely go for repossesion however, not sure how a court would take it given ive accepted i have a problem, tried to address it and FP have said no. I realise the ombudsman cannot make them overturn their decision but my solicitor said they can make it known what the beat course of action is maybe that may help i dont know. I also intend to go to the Financial Ombudsman and realise that he cannot change minds but strongly reccommend they do. Very worrying times any thoughts would be great.
  12. Few debts have arisen now and while I am pretty Au Fait with a few procedures I need clarification on this please. The signatures are not on the same page nor are they listed on consecutive pages; is this acceptable?
  13. Mrs Sam wrote to Next Directory earlier this year and enquired about the possibility that she had been charged PPI on her account. The account is now closed. She received a letter back from them in May which stated that no PPI had been charged to the account. Mrs Sam was going to let it go at that. I advised her to send a SAR and we would review what came back. What did come back was pretty thin.A copy of a standard credit agreement, undated, unsigned and no mention of Mrs Sam anywhere to be seen and some basic statements from 2005 and 2006,without any evidence of what the charges related to. There were also three documents of interest: A list of abbreviations used in the documents, which helpfully pointed out that Payment Protection was referred to as PPP. A 2-page "Miscellaneous Events" list which covers the period from 2004 to them receiving a SAR request earlier this year. One of the events clearly states them sending Mrs Sam a letter confirming no PPI had been charged to the account. There are a number of other events listed referring to PPP but, surprisingly the details of these events have been blanked out! I believe that "redaction" is the current vogue term. A single sheet "Statement of Account" which gives opening date of account (over 20 years ago); sales to date; payments to date and interest paid to date etc. The most interesting statistic on the page is PPP Charge to date: X. X is in excess of £500.00! So what do I do now. I'm guessing Mrs Sam sends them a PPI Consumer Questionnaire and a letter claiming a total refund of the PPI. Can anyone please confirm if that is the right course of action? Also what does she claim? Is it X or is it X plus interest? In which case what figure should she apply for interest? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks. Sam
  14. Hi all, I took a Payday loan in 2010 out with Payday express - not denying it I had it.. got into dificulty and Clarke Richards started to deal with it.. (I cant seem to find dates at the moment), since Clarke Richards screwed me over, I stopped paying them and hence nothing was going to PDE. Since that I have had no communication with PDE. I recieved the following email on Tuesday 9th Oct. from MRS relating to Payday Express.: I sen them a reply asking for more info - dates opening amounts etc but nothing back so, I gave them a quick call to get an acknowledge recipet of the email (I know I shouldnt but I kept saying everything in writing, Even talking over her with the exact same phrase that she didnt like ), but they werent forthcoming to send any info in writing but began to read everything off to me, some of it incorrect suchas date I took loan out, oh and how there going to contact my employer to get the funds out of my wages - they quoted a company I got made redundant from 2 years ago! (been on benifits) So I decided to hit the reply button again and sent this (I included there complaints team): Funnily enough Only the complaints email failed as no such address exsits even though it was taken from there own website... Well today (3days after original email) I have just recieved the following: Now MRS have stated I took a loan out for the value of £715 in November 2011 -- This is the Default amount and date on my credit file!! I've heard that these can be quite nastey and see it as any request for information about the account as a stalling tactic (something that the young girl said when I asked her to send me the info). I'm adament that the £715 is full of intrest and charges and thus require a full statement of account detailing all transactions. Should I do the £1 CCA request as there Loan take out dates seem to differ or are they going to disregard it as a stalling tactic? Any other help on this would be great assistance.
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