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  1. Hi, this is a bit long. I am just in the process of get my drivers license back after having to have surrendered it due to some medical treatment that didn’t go to plane. My Wife has just had to surrender her drivers license because at the beginning of last summer (2018) she acquired an autoimmune disease called Miller Fisher Syndrome and spent a significant period of time in ICU before being transferred to a long term rehabilitation hospital. As a result she’s semi paralyzed and has reduced eye function, speech impediment, limited movement and reduced confidence. we are getting a car soon and it’s going to be put onto disabled road tax but how do we do this. Since I’ll be the owner/driver but it’s my wife who is disabled. do we need to register the car in my wife’s name but insure it in my name? Or is there some other way we need to do this. Any help will be very much appreciated. cheers.
  2. Hi everyone, It’s been a while since I was last on here. I’m having a problem with BT. If anyone recalls we were flooded out two years ago at Christmas. We had to go and live in a hotel for six weeks and then into a holiday cottage for about nine months after that. Once we moved into the cottage I got permission from the owner to have a phone line installed. This was at the end of February. BT gave me the usual run around. Telling me alsorts of tall tales. Like ‘the reason it’s taking so long (6 weeks past the date they said we have the phone installed) is because we have to get planning permission from the council to dig up the road to put a new cable in so we can connect you’. I wrote an email to Gavin Patterson to complain. He was very good. He called me at 8 am the next morning to talk about it and told me he had set a small team on the problem to get it sorted. the cottage already had phone sockets installed from a few years previous and there was electricity present in the sockets. it should have been as simple as going to the exchange and connecting the line. it took over four months to get the phone on and another three weeks to get the BB working. Eventually our house was ready for us to move back into. I emailed the people who had been dealing with the complaint I’d already made. This was to make sure I could get the line at home reconnected for when we moved back. Everything seemed good. Until we moved back and discovered that there was no phone line and no BB. I went to a neighbors and called BT who told me it was going to cost £130 to put a new line in as there had, according to them, never been an active phone line at our house. Even after explaining everything that had happened and assuring the person that there had indeed been an active BT line at the property she still insisted on putting a charge on my account for the £130.00. I went back to the email and again it took months to get connected. ever since then the BB has been very poor. The connection frequently drops or more often the speed drops from 7Mbps to 128Kbps and if more than one person is online at a time the connection becomes frustratingly slow. back to the emails again. Tests were run and run but they said there was nothing wrong. I took screenshots from the laptop and all our families mobile phones and also photos of our TV, we have Sky Q which has most of its content online, the tv keeps displaying a message telling us that the internet connection is too poor or of such bad quality that online streaming can’t be used. I had set the quality of the online videos to SD but this didn’t work. I tested YouTube and set the quality to 144p and it played ok i gradually increased the quality until it would start experiencing long and frequent periods of buffering. I found out that if only one device was connected to the internet I could get a playback quality of 480p on YouTube to play with reasonable reliability. Now I kept on at BT because there is clearly something wrong. It got so bad that they just stopped returning my emails. I’ve had enough and I’ve decided to switch providers but BT want me to pay £260.00 because I’m still in contract. my question is Can I reasonably assume that I’m entitled to leave with out penalty being applied because BT have not provide the services I’ve been paying for? Thanks for your help. Cheers John
  3. I went to university in 93 to 97 then I went on to do two more years in a college to get a diploma in theology. I'm 44yrs old. I was paying both loans off. Then my income dropped so I began to differ payment. In 2010 I had a serious operation which left me disabled two year later I had an accident and suffered a life changing internal brain injury. After this I was medically retired from my work and now receive a very small pension and DLA. When it came time to differ my loans my wife contacted SLC who were very helpful. For my pre 98 loan they sent me a letter saying that as I was permanently unfit for work my loan would now be differed for three years at a time. Then after some toeing and froing between my neurologist, my GP, my occupational Dr from work and the SLC I got another letter saying that I didn't need to defer payment any more. But the letter didn't mention being written off. I was under the impression that due to my physical and mental state my loan was to be scrapped. Now just recently we started getting letters from some Spanish company looking for payment. And today I got my loans statement from SLC. Can anyone tell me if I'm still liable for the repayment of my loans? Much appreciated. John
  4. We were flooded on 30 December last year along with most of our village. The downstairs was destroyed and flooded with sewage. A company called Chemdry came out and did some tests. They told us there was raw sewage and hepatitis B and C contamination. We sent our two teenagers to Perth to live with my brother as the house was not livable in. C and L said to look for alternative accommodation, we have a small holding so need to be close by to feed the animals and also to kid out goats which are due now. We found a caravan and sent the details - C and L said it was too much then they told us the claim was on hold and was not to be progressed until their investigators could look at it we were visited by a very rude domineering individual called Euan Stewart. Who suggested we could do most of the wok our self's. He passed the claim back to CL who then put us in a hotel 15 miles away from home and the animals. It's costing them £840 a week for accommodation and a further, approx, £340 a week for food. We've been here for about 3 weeks now. All of us in one room. I'm disabled and so is my son but this has been ignored. I think because I have untreatable depression and my son is on the autistic spectrum. We need to get out of the hotel but there are only two domestic let's with in 15 of our home both are unsuitable. One is a very dark place. The other is too small with only storage heating and the lowest heat rating. We found a very close holiday let fully furnished and insulated. This would also let us take our dogs, two terriers and a working sheepdog. CL said they won't look at it as it's £1200 a month. We don't know what to do now. Our MP got involved but no luck. Three other families in the village were all put in holiday let's in the village all more expensive than the one we looked at. Any help or real advice would be great full. Can CL force us to take one of the domestic let's? Can they 'evict' us from the hotel? Can they refuse to keep paying the hotel bills? I've never been in this situation before. So any help will be great fully received. Thanks. John
  5. Hi all lost my detailsfor this account so started new on as milnholm. Cheers
  6. milnholm

    NHS Lothian Cockup

    Hi I faxed a copy to the med insurance company last year they had told me on the phone that they cannot accept the invoice from me but must come from the NHS client. I then asked if i could fax the invoice and they said yes but they would wait for NHS Lothian to request payment before issueing it. I have spoken to a local soliciter today, they were out haha. So they will call to discuss. John
  7. milnholm

    NHS Lothian Cockup

    Hi, Who can adivse me on this? Two years ago i had privet medical insurance through my employer. I suffered from very bad reflux. Using the medical insurance I had some testes done at Edinburgh Rolyal Infirmary. Last year, around may - august I got a letter from Control account plc. I called them to find out want was going on. They kindly sent me a copy of the invoice from NHS Lothian. When i read it i was furrious. at the bottom of the invoice it clearly states the account is being paid for by the medical insurance company. I called the insurance company and they confirmed that i had obtained the correct permissions for the proccedure and that money had been set aside to pay for the tests. I asked why it had not been paid for and they said 'because NHS Lothian'has not sent us the invoice.' I contacted the debit collections agency to tell them adn told them that the insurance company agreed to pay if the invoice was sent to them. They said ok and that was the end of it. Today i got an other letter from the same debit collections company saying and i quote 'We write further to previous correspondance sent to you atthe above address. We are aware that those correspondance have either been returned stating thatyou have left the above address or a third pasty has called claiming that you are no longer at theaddress.' I have emailed them out lining the exact sequence of events since they first contacted me last year. I have been made very ill by this. The proceedure at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary left me unable to work and in constand pain and medical super vision. Can some one help me with what to do. Please dont just say 'get a lawyer'. Has anyone had any similar experiances. I just need some support. Thanks John
  8. On December the 7th this year abill was generated by sky for the next months subscription. However, I was already one month behind due to financial hicup. So on december 9th the viewing was suspended. I called to day to pay the outstanding £77 and few pence. And in the course of the discussion I asked if I would get a credit applied to the accout for the 20 days i Had no viewing. My argument was that I did not leagaly think I could be charged for the viewing as it had not been provided. I was told that since the bill had already been generated I an leagaly bound to pay the full amount. Now i worked for Sky for a while as a customer relations consultant, based upstairs in Sky 4 in livingston. So I was aware that we did infact apply credit for the lost viewing. We could not actualy alter the bill as the account was in suspension and the bill had been generated. but what we did do was apply credit to be offset againd future billing to the value of the lost viewing. What i am looking for is some leagal advice. Can Sky legaly pursue for the subscription charged while viewing had been suspended. Or to put it another way can they charge me for services which have not been provided? A new year chalange;-) Enjoy your new year John
  9. Hi, I joined Tiscali in august this year, and have been experianceing very low speeds. I was with BT previosly but due to ill health could not afford there rates. So I shoped arround and found Tiscali. After a number of phone calls I got no where. So I emailed Mary Turner @ head office. And the matter was explained to me like this; I'm sorry mr phillips your conection cant egt 8Mbps it must be your line. I live in a very remote villegat with its owm exchange, which is less than 500 yd from the house. Furthermore, according to BT the exchange only serves 140 properties. I'll speek to our engineers. The next call; Hellow mr phillips. after speaking to one of our engineers he says that you will never get 8Mbps. Infact you will never get more that 2.5Mbps. this is due to the kind of connection you have with us . We have you on an ipstream and not a data streem(or the other way around). I think that puts you in breach of contract then. how so he said. well i said. If you are selling me a conection up to 8Mbs, knowing it can't get over 2.5Mpbs then its a matter for trading standards the item must beable to do what it says and you have just told me it cant and never will. yes he said. So I asked for a MAc code with no penalty for early termination . Ok he said phone this number. Well I was ill again and cound not phone till today when they denied it all. So i've re emailed Mrs Turner outlining all of this. Thretening trading standards and CISAS. But who knows no one cares about the little guy any more. Just so long as i get waht i want screw the rest. John
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