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  1. Mmmmmm!!!! Gross negligence manslaughter - Gross negligence manslaughter can occur when someone is killed by someone else’s extreme carelessness; that is, gross negligence. There is no intention to kill or harm that person and consequently gross negligence manslaughter is often described as a type of involuntary manslaughter. An individual can be deemed to be grossly negligent in relation to their acts and omissions, ie the actions they take or fail to take. The legal test for manslaughter by gross negligence was confirmed by the House of Lords in R v Adomako (1995). It i
  2. Glad to hear it UB, although I think that they also should also look into how they deal with ALL fluctuating medical conditions, AND actually listen to the claimants Doctors long term assessments rather than ignore such professionals opinions as they did in my case! With me I could be fine one minute then the world would be spinning for three hours the next so fluctuating conditions are not taken seriously enough. I also believe that the DWP brings a lot of it's own problems to it's own front door. For me I certainly didn't have a mental health condition prior to dealing with the
  3. I'm not surprised but I agree with UB. My own experience though with a two year battle with the DWP over ESA, eventually lost, put me in a very dark place. I was somewhat lucky that a number of factors probably saved me from going down that route as well. If it hadn't been for owning my house outright, rather than having a mortgage, my mother helping me out financially (for which I still feel shame), and the illness eventually becoming manageable (not cured), I would probably not be here now reading this. However I still have fear that the illness will return once aga
  4. Yes indeed which is what I did, or the intention was there to do so. My problem was in November I didn't start work on the 1st of the month so it wouldn't be a full months pay. Then in December I had a pre booked holiday which I wasn't paid for (understandably) so again I wasn't sure on what my monthly wage would be. On top of this as I was placed on a temporary tax code so I was taxed to the hilt in November and did receive reimbursement the following month but the Tax Office weren't sure when I would be reimbursed. So January was the first pay packet that was 100% correct. Th
  5. Thought I would put this on here just to help people avoid the situation I have found myself in. Been on UC for about a year and a half and back in November found a job which pays a measly 14500 per year but of course is still over the UC threshold! UC despite promising that I would be paid UC in November due to not being paid until the end of November didn't pay up because HMRC notified the DWP before I received my wages, but the main issue is Council Tax benefit which people need to be aware of. I was advised by both the Council and DWP not to inform them what my inc
  6. Thank you all. Yep already sorted Attendance Allowance a while ago but have to let them know again Monday as mum is still currently in hospital so she won't be paid for certain weeks, but what I didn't know is once in care she can claim it again even though she is self funding. I think I'm just about on top of things with her affairs but now the statements has come through I can activate the LPA's. I just hoped that the DWP would give people a bit of grace with their commitments with say a family emergency and with dealing with all mum's affairs at the moment it's like she has died (which s
  7. Thanks Uncle Bulgaria that's where the confusion on commitments arose probably. I saw a really good advisor back in January due to the capital I received which is above £6000 so have to take the bank statements in. I did remind him that my hours and earnings fluctuate but because they fluctuate month to month (ie one month it may be £400, the next £350 the next £20 and so on) he said not to worry about it and only declare any changes to my situation if I came into permanent full time work. No-one mentioned that if I had a couple of dry months work wise I
  8. Thank you, Yeah I meant prior to all this happening,. According to my local care advice line all things with regard to care count from dealing with a persons paperwork, finances, phone calls, taking them shopping, driving them to appointments the whole shebang. I always just assumed it was care in the home that counted but too late for that now as hospital and live in care comes into play as you say.
  9. Hi all back again and another wonderful battle with the delightful JCP and DWP brewing and once again I am in need of the great advice you receive here. Mum hasn't been at all well in recent months culminating in her being rushed to hospital around 5 weeks ago. For the last few months as her memory has deteriorated I have been trying to juggle my 35 hour a week work search commitments along with various interviews side by side with helping mum out with every facet of her life. I am pretty sure that the jobs I have missed out on are partially down to an employer r
  10. Thanks UB,,,,, Another question whilst I am here. I have just received a phone call from a company that deals with Investment Advice, similar to PPI. They came to me over a year ago advising that they felt I had been mis sold investments many years ago. In a nutshell my bank is offering me a pay-out, which was quite a surprise!! The pay-out is in the region of 15000 so after paying this companies bill I will be left with around 9000. I know obviously I will have to declare this to the DWP but whilst I am not working how does this affect Universal Credit? I have noted online the inf
  11. So it's Payroll who would make the error rather than HMRC? Must confess I did query both at the time. In my employment which finished in July 18 (another thread where they put me on the wrong contract) I had a nightmare with the Tax Office as two months in three they placed me on a temporary tax code which meant I got walloped tax wise although I am pretty sure they rectified it the following month. Then when I left that job I received an extra £500 or so in wages which was a surprise at the time but it seemed to be because of the wrong contract scenario where they had originally kept w
  12. Thought as much thanks tomtom. A real quandary though as the option of not spending it as HMRC suggested was difficult considering UC was zero that month due to that.
  13. Cannot seem to find the answer anywhere so was hoping someone may be able to advise onhow I may deal with this when the time comes? Think in the four months I have been on Universal Credit I have had a full payment just the once due to having a couple of part time employers with varied offers of work and hours whilst I look again for full time. Back in October/November I received two Tax Rebates, one higher than the other. This was a tad surprising so I rang the Tax Office to see if this was correct and was informed that one was definitely correct but the advisor seemed a bit c
  14. Thanks unclebulgaria67. That's me cancelling the dentist then!!! May as well pay for the vertigo appointment myself as it's such late notice and it costs the NHS a packet in last minute cancellations, that's the irony this nightmare isn't only costing the client because I can't imagine I'll be the only one cancelling such appointments because I can't afford them! I would certainly be better off not having any of these jobs and yet that shouldn't be the case. The irony is if I had "earned" £435 or less I could have claimed according to that link. I earned less than that and was put
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