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  1. Thanks UB,,,,, Another question whilst I am here. I have just received a phone call from a company that deals with Investment Advice, similar to PPI. They came to me over a year ago advising that they felt I had been mis sold investments many years ago. In a nutshell my bank is offering me a pay-out, which was quite a surprise!! The pay-out is in the region of 15000 so after paying this companies bill I will be left with around 9000. I know obviously I will have to declare this to the DWP but whilst I am not working how does this affect Universal Credit? I have noted online the information about savings and capital between 6000 and 10000 but can't seem to find any definite advice regarding any lump sum windfall? Thank you.
  2. So it's Payroll who would make the error rather than HMRC? Must confess I did query both at the time. In my employment which finished in July 18 (another thread where they put me on the wrong contract) I had a nightmare with the Tax Office as two months in three they placed me on a temporary tax code which meant I got walloped tax wise although I am pretty sure they rectified it the following month. Then when I left that job I received an extra £500 or so in wages which was a surprise at the time but it seemed to be because of the wrong contract scenario where they had originally kept wages back for holiday as I had been put incorrectly on a permanent contract. So when it was rectified to a fixed contract I was told the holiday pay that had been kept back had been paid in my last pay-packet but I was taxed quite heavily on that. Then I had three casual employers. On 5th October I received a £279 tax refund from an agency through their payroll People Paye on top of wages. I can remember calling the employer rather confused and he called payroll who confirmed it was a tax refund. Then on 31st October I got a payment from another casual employer which was far to high for the work I had done. Without a payslip at the time I contacted the employer about the error and they said I had been given a £309 tax refund. To be honest one was a surprise let alone both. That's when I called HMRC and I am pretty sure they said the first one was 100% correct but they weren't sure on the second one but couldn't say for sure until April 19. What confuses me is the different amounts. If they had both been the same you could argue a payment that's been duplicated because of two different employers but I won't be sure until April unless you think a phone call to both payrolls could solve the mystery?
  3. Thought as much thanks tomtom. A real quandary though as the option of not spending it as HMRC suggested was difficult considering UC was zero that month due to that.
  4. Cannot seem to find the answer anywhere so was hoping someone may be able to advise onhow I may deal with this when the time comes? Think in the four months I have been on Universal Credit I have had a full payment just the once due to having a couple of part time employers with varied offers of work and hours whilst I look again for full time. Back in October/November I received two Tax Rebates, one higher than the other. This was a tad surprising so I rang the Tax Office to see if this was correct and was informed that one was definitely correct but the advisor seemed a bit confused about the other and couldn’t say for sure. He said my two options were to place the second rebate to one side until they sorted it out in April 19 or I could use it but may have to pay it back in April if it was paid in error. My problem was is that Universal Credit takes tax rebates as earnings it affected my paymentsand I got a big fat zero that month UC wise therefore having to use the rebate to live on. Ironically the Council “do not” take tax rebates as earnings so it didn’t count against my Council Tax benefit which was a blessing of sorts but obviously if I am in the same financial situation in April and this rebate has to be paid back I am going to be in difficulty. If that is the case and it was paid to me in error can I claim for any backdated payment of Universal Credit for that particular month? My thoughts behind this are that I was obviously paid nothing UC wise that month due to the rebate being classed as earnings but if the rebate has to be paid back then it was earnings I technically did not have, receive, earn, if you get my drift!!!! Ie – If I hadn’t been paid that rebate I would have received full UC for that month and I wouldn’t potentially be having to pay anything back in April to HMRC? Of course it may be that it is a legit payment and I won’thave to pay it back but I won’t know until April. All a bit of a disaster, I have no idea why HMRC couldn’t work this out correctly back in October… . Thank you.
  5. Thanks unclebulgaria67. That's me cancelling the dentist then!!! May as well pay for the vertigo appointment myself as it's such late notice and it costs the NHS a packet in last minute cancellations, that's the irony this nightmare isn't only costing the client because I can't imagine I'll be the only one cancelling such appointments because I can't afford them! I would certainly be better off not having any of these jobs and yet that shouldn't be the case. The irony is if I had "earned" £435 or less I could have claimed according to that link. I earned less than that and was put just over by a tax rebate!!!
  6. You are both so right. I am in a bit of a quandary now as I am due in London for another Vertigo appointment tomorrow and at my last appointment, the month when I got a UC payment, I could get a reimbursement on my travel expenses. I also have a dental appointment on Monday which again was booked when I was receiving UC so could have that done on the NHS. However despite my claim being still open I have not received any UC this month purely down to that tax rebate and a small wage so I am now not sure if I qualify for the travel reimbursement or the NHS dental treatment? Plus I have to forward my pay slip for the weeks bits I did last week to the council which I won't receive until 10th November. Do I still qualify for the travel and dentist with a big fat zero on my UC Statement? If not it will be £15 quid train, £70 odd quid dentist and potentially a £110 council tax bill totalling £195 which along with bills on 1st month will wipe out my tax rebate and small wage!!!! I would rather cancel the appointment and dentist than risk it and get into trouble for claiming for them whilst not qualifying! It's ridiculous especially when you make an effort to get your foot in the door somewhere. I cannot for the life of me work out how these people you hear about in the papers get £50000 in benefits whilst being able and doing absolutely nothing!
  7. Fascinatingly complex scenario when you make an effort. After being made unemployed in July I have been trying to do bits and bobs with casual work for three employers whilst I look after my ill mum and look for a more permanent position. I get a nice tax rebate with a pay packet of just one weeks work for one of the employers and therefore do not get any Universal Credit for October because the pay plus the rebate takes me over the threshold of income for that month because the DWP takes tax rebates as pay. Fair enough but they then go and tell my council that my Universal Credit claim has been cancelled so I have to go through all the rigmarole of sending pay slips, hours worked, bank balances and the like to the council re council tax benefit and the council interestingly "do not" class tax rebates as income or pay! Regardless having more than one employer on a casual basis is a nightmare with the council who don't seem to know how to handle it and I may well have full whack council tax one month and then have to reapply monthly depending on wage which is always low anyway! So I have now had to email UC to see if I need to reclaim because I might not earn anything from the three employers this month although another nice little confusion arrived in the form of a small pay check from one employer with yet another healthy tax rebate,,,, two in one month from different employers?!?!?! Transpires that rebate earlier this month may be an error but I won't find out until the end of the tax year when I might, or might not have to pay it back!!! Either work full time or not at all seems to be the easiest way to avoid mega confusion on all counts as three mini employers is a logistical nightmare!!
  8. Well I went up to London again today for a follow up appointment at the hospital and all was sorted re travel expenses of which I managed to claim back September's expenses and todays. However I am staggered at the wastage that's going on. For starters my follow up took 5 minutes, literally in and out. It took me an hour and a half to get there, an hour and a half home and a peak time rail return to claim due to the appointment being at 9.45 am. Why on earth can't appointments like this just be done over the phone? It would have taken 5 minutes and I wouldn't have had to go up to London and claim back expenses from the NHS??! Even take it further and possibly limit early morning and late afternoon appointments to local residents only so no patient has to travel to or from in peak time thus requiring the most expensive prices of travel. It's quite shocking that this wastage is happening, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that a phone call for a non important follow up is all that is needed,. If I had known it was going to be that quick I would have suggested it!!!!!
  9. Thanks Mr P. Yep I only send the odd one these days myself but older people still use them and mum prefers to use them for things like her freezer man, gardener, paper bill etc. Ironically only one of them now brings a card reader with them so they are a bit behind the times as well. To be honest with all the potential s.c.a.m.s. about I am relieved mum doesn't use the Internet and Internet Banking. The older people will inherit the earth though when the internet and mobile phones blow up as they still use cash, paper and pencil!!! It's getting to speak to the manager that will be the issue as it's all machines now, although I might call Head Office themselves although they probably won't speak to me as I am not the "account holder". That annoys me as well, to talk about mums account I need Power of Attorney (which we have for future possibilities) but I don't want to do that now as it takes some of mums independence away. They need something a little lighter so you can talk about things like statements or cheque books!!!!!! Can your credit history be "too good" ie if you haven't been in debt you have no history of paying it off?!
  10. My 82 year old mum hasn't been too well recently and her local Nat West Branch has closed down and the new one is a nightmare for parking and she doesn't walk too well. She also got caught out by a phone holiday spoof to the tune of a few hundred quid and became paranoid about the company knowing her account details so we decided that maybe a change to a new bank was a good option. Barclays is my and my sisters bank as well and as difficult as it is to talk about if something happens to mum before it happens to me we theorised that if we are all at the same bank things would be easier to deal with, but it has all become a bit of a disaster!! We had a meeting with an advisor who looked into it and after doing her bit on computer stated that mum qualified for a basic account which would not include an overdraft or the option to loan. To be fair mum has plenty of money in her account and gets very good pension and investment returns so the need for an overdraft or loan is highly unlikely as her balance stays pretty much the same each month and it's far higher than my balance is!!! The one thing the advisor forgot to mention though was that mum wouldn't get a cheque book and I wouldn't have know that anyway being a Barclays Current Account holder since I was in my teens!! This was only brought to our attention over a week later when I rang Barclays to ask because mum mentioned she hadn't received one, which we obviously thought was the norm, but was told that she couldn't get a cheque book for a basic account. We then went back for a meeting because this was baffling. It then became clear that mum had been declined a current account (hence the basic) but the reason for why she has been declined is unclear and apparently the advisors do not get told the reason so obviously the customer cannot argue against it. The advisor to be fair did apologise profusely for not explaining clearly and for forgetting to mention the cheque book and said the reason could be something to do with a credit score. I've however checked mums credit score on Experian and it was 999. She has no debts, mortgage paid off years ago, no loans taken out for years if ever as far as I know, plenty of cash in the account and has never had an issue getting credit cards, of which she pays off in full...… Could this be the problem?! The annoyance is that mum relies on her cheque book and is in a muddle and is having to either get me to send cheques for her or she has to withdraw large amounts of cash. The bank suggested waiting a couple of months and when they have seen how the account is managed and that Barclaycards have been paid off etc then they can reapply for a current account. If it is still declined then the only option is to go back to Nat West who have already said she can have a current account with cheque book like she did before, but it will obviously be a pain switching once again and I suspect all of the Direct Debit companies will be baffled as to what is happening!! Barclays have also made a mess up with statements as well with mum not receiving one statement in the two months since the account opened so I am chasing up that as well mum called Barclays Head Office last week and the guy on the phone couldn't understand why she hadn't been given a cheque book so we will wait and see if he gets any joy, although I would say probably not!!! So any ideas as to why this happens? Especially as I as an 18 years old got a current account without an issue and with probably no job at the time albeit 35 odd years ago!! It seems bizarre especially as they hide the reason. I am wondering in part if it's because she is a retired widow so upon first check they may not have known what monthly income she would be receiving but they would have seen from the account surely? Help massively appreciated.
  11. I agree, everyone should at least get a letter saying you have been awarded UC and have a tick box on how you would like to proceed eg online or via paper communication. It is the same with other departments like Council Tax Benefit who used to ask for an Award Letter but fortunately on this occasion I had an advisor who seemed up to speed on the changes. I personally think part of the problem is a screenshot or print out from the UC site doesn't look official. Anyone could create something like that in a word document, it looks too basic. I'm having further problems with the DWP. I have received some casual paid work but it's only once or twice a week and the DWP want me to complete the "change in circumstances" tab. Upon opening the tab I noticed there would be questions about earnings. Once again technology is the issue. My casual boss wants people to insert their hours on a phone app but my phone is so old it wouldn't be able to download an abacus!! He said he would get me a pay as you go work phone and in the meantime I can and have done it via my PC although whether this has gone through correctly I don't know. So I don't know if any pay will go through in September or October. So I don't want to state in my change of circumstances that I am receiving say £100 at the end of September when it may well only go through at the end of October but get reduced UC in September!! I have messaged the JCP Work Coach to ask someone to call me to advise but as yet haven't received a call.
  12. Well the Hospital Cashier called me today and apologised that she had got it wrong last week and her supervisor had advised her that she could have accepted my UC statement. I was however not advised to collect an attendance form from the department but they will send one via post, and I can claim my travel when I go up next time, along with the travel for that day I suspect!! so to be fair the NHS have done their bit bar maybe training their staff a tad better and I got an apology which is more that you will get from the DWP!! My only worry is that her last words were that again she was sorry and next time she will accept my UC Award letter!! Hopefully a slip of the tongue or maybe I'll be ranting and raving again in a months time!!
  13. Yep Dixi, I read that. Yet another fabulous example of the departments in this country making more work for themselves as well as everyone else rather than covering all bases before they bring a new idea in!! It's clearly one of two things. Either massive incompetence on all levels of Government and the NHS or it's all deliberate and another example of making the system so bloody irritating for those in need that they just end up not bothering thus stopping large swathes of people complaining. I'd like to believe the incompetence option but having seen at first hand the underhand and criminal tactics used by the government in other areas of the benefits system I'm pretty sure the incompetence is a smokescreen.
  14. It's obvious that the government is making it so difficult with benefits they are hoping that everyone will just give up claiming but I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or head butt the wall with this situation and just wondering if anyone has had similar problems because apparently the people in front and behind me in the cashiers queue had the same issue!! Had a medical appointment in London yesterday for my ongoing vertigo issue and am on UC at the moment (although haven't received anything as yet due to my last pay packet back in July!). However I can't remember where but someone told me as I am on UC I could claim back my travel expenses. The UC helpline (term used loosely) advised me that I could claim through the JCP but on contacting my Work Coach (again term used loosely) she advised me I couldn't claim through them but I could claim direct with the NHS. I called the NHS and that was correct but I had to take my proof of purchase, appointment letter and UC Reward Letter to the cashier at the hospital. Obviously I know unlike JSA where you get a letter stating you are receiving JSA you don't get the same thing with UC because the Council were complaining about that when I claimed Council Tax Benefit and the girl at the Council said it was all a bit of a shambles. So I called the UC helpline again and after half an hour trying to explain to an automated message that all I wanted was advice from and advisor I finally got through. The advisor told me that the statement on the dashboard was all I needed although all 4 pages of it seemed excessive and somewhat personal considering it states that I was awarded a massive UC total of £0 due to my wage the previous month of £xyz!! Queued for 25 minutes at the cashier’s desk at the hospital with all the documents and finally when I got to the window she wouldn't approve it stating that she needed a JSA Award Letter. I politely explained that in my part of the country and more than likely most of it by now including London there is no such thing as JSA and award letters anymore, (I may be wrong) and that the UC Office had said this statement would suffice. She wasn't for turning though and kept pointing to a clearly out of date note on the wall stating a JSA Award letter was required. I tried my best to keep calm and explained again that all is done online now and this is it, all I can offer. Eventually she took my number and said her supervisor would ring on Monday but keep my train tickets, which is fortunate I got a receipt because the machine eats the tickets once used!! As I left the guy behind said "Well we are buggered as well then" as he held up his UC Statement print out. When I got home I called the UC Helpline but was told they didn't deal with travel and I had to speak to my work coach and could only offer me an appointment next Wednesday!! I asked for a phone appointment because it seems a bit pointless taking up a walk in just for one question! I said that the previous UC advisor had informed me that a UC Statement would be ok but was curtly told that the UC advisor couldn't advise on that so didn't know why they had! I then rang the number for my Job Centre and went through merely to a switchboard who told me that my JCP was closed on Fridays. So we search for work for 35 hours a week and they work 4 days?!?! She however told me that the JCP can't help on that so I should contact UC Helpline!! I replied that the UC Helpline say they don't deal with that the JCP does and she said they didn't know why they advised me of that as they were wrong. After telling her I suspect she may be getting a few more calls from others with the same query I gave up at that point!!! So has anyone had any luck with claiming expenses of any kind with merely a UC Statement?! It seems impossible. The hospital say they need a letter that doesn't exist anymore, UC say it's down to the JCP to advise and the JCP say it's down to UC credit to advise. A system clearly created by a buffoon with no brain, sense or intelligence!!
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