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  1. I need to take action against them for providing a PGCE course (2017-18) that was not as stated in recruitment literature. Also I was failed after concerted actions by course manager to disadvantage the results outcome. After a drawn-out internal (uni) complaints process of over two years, the OIAHE took over, investigated and made recommendations that nowhere near reflect actual losses I suffered as a result of enrolling on the course with that provider. I need the return of my tuition fees and compensation for three years' loss of earnings. Citizens Advice say they can't help and that I might look for a solicitor on Law Society site. I can't pay for legal action. Any ideas what other avenues might be open to bring the provider to account?
  2. Sorted! I received a refund for the overpaid council tax with no issues. Thanks a million for the help.
  3. The university tell the council that a student on continuation status is effectively a part time student even though that was not the case. I was studying more than full time hours. The council require proof from the university of full time student status. The uni give you a continuation status sheet to give them.
  4. That is encouraging. Thanks!. However, the council don't seem to be the problem. The university I was at has a policy of recording what it calls "Continuing" postgrad students as part-time even when they are not and sending that information on to the council. This issue is apparently ongoing even after all these years.
  5. This was quite a while ago. I've been going though my 2005 statements due to a problem with bank and have realised that I paid at least £600 of c/tax within a 5-month period. I was a full-time student at the time. Were students exempt from c/tax at this time? If so, what are the chances of recovering the sums paid? Thanks
  6. Thanks for reply. I did ask them for copies of any communications (written, memos notes on conversations etc) that they made to any other body about my account. Am surprised they only sent a copy of a letter recently sent to them by a collection agency. I wanted to see what they wrote to other agencies about my account, are they obliged to send that to me? Thanks again. (I will pursue it with ombudsman but would like to see that piece of info first)
  7. Hi, Local authority is pursuing a disputed sum from 2014-15 council tax period. Having refused a monthly offer of £5 monthly while I was still on Universal Credit the council got straight in touch with UC to make monthly deductions for the amount that it wanted (which UC later granted). LA contacted UC on the same day that it refused my offer / same day that it dismissed my formal complaint about LA's handling of the matter. I think the LA may managed to make the direct UC deductions on the basis of false info that I was struggling with current ctax payments - not the case - it was a disputed old bill. I made an SAR for documents including all written correspondence to any body/individual regarding my bill account. The LA hasn't provided a copy/record of the request it made to UC. It just gave a one line internal memo stating the date on which the communication was made to UC. (There is also only one letter from a collection agency in the info pack, there must have been more letters over course of several years including a couple of court summons). Does anyone know if the LA in breach of data request legislation by not providing its communication to UC? How can I get the info? More important, LA won't seem to allow me to try to make the case for why I'm disputing the amount. How can I get it to listen and do a proper review? Thanks
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