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  1. Saw my car with a clamp on it this morning and found out it was due for non payment of a PCN which I appealed against. Now i never received the council's response to my appeal and the only letter i recently received was on the Wednesday ( which i was told by the enforcement office, was hand delivered! which I think was posted via royal mail) The letter from the bailiffs stated i owe £200 as the for the PCN and court an legal fee due immediately. I was actually going to response to their letter today, but then saw the car clamped and i was charged £438 which had to be paid within 2 hours otherwise it would have been towed away at an additional charge. Had no choice but to pay and now am fuming over this ridicules fee which i cannot afford at the moment. Apparently once it goes to court, I don't get the court's decision and goes straight to a bailiff. Would appreciate advise on how i can take some of the charges back.
  2. I called up the payment line to claim back my surety fee today after my vehicle had been clamped by the NSL on behalf of the DVLA for no tax. I was told I had until yesterday to claim it back. It was stated in the leaflet i was given that i had 15 days to claim. Today is the 15th day, but the payment centre said yesterday was the 15th day. I had my car clamped on Tuesday 29 January. Today is Wednesday 13 February which is exactly 15 days after my vehicle was clamped. I am awfully distressed about this as i desperately need the refund. What can i do? Where can i take this?
  3. Hello everyone I had equita bailiffs clamp my Mrs car for my outstanding ctax bill. She showed them her v5, insurance etc but they said they needed a receipt of purchase (which she didn't have with her at the time but has since found) to prove it was hers. They clamped the car and said they'd be back in the morning. The police were called and allsorts. If they don't accept the v5, insurance (in her name I'm not even a named driver), mot and the purchase receipt can I just sit on the car and refuse to let them take it? I'm going to be putting a complaint in anyway. Thanks.
  4. Hi All, My first post - please be gentle this is a very stressful and difficult time! Back in Feb I received a PCN from Manchester CC. I can't recall why I was even in Manchester or anything about the circumstances. I was pregnant at the time and unfortunately lost my baby in April. From there everything went to pot. I couldn't cope with day-to-day life, I left my job and things that should have been sorted just, well, weren't. Fast forward a few months and I received a letter from Equita stating that they had a court warrant to deal with this. Having had nothing from the court myself, I wrote back asking for a certified copy. Nothing materialised and I forgot all about the matter - still not quite back to myself in terms of organisation! Last Tuesday a bailiff from Equita attended my property. I explained the situation to him but he clamped my car giving me one week to sort something out. I offered a payment plan but this was refused. I was NOT given a Notice of Immobilisation nor was one placed on the car. I did NOT sign a Controlled Goods Agreement. The only paperwork left for me was a notice which would have been posted if I had not been in (informing me they had been and would return on X time etc.) I emailed Equita that day again requesting copies of the warrant and a copy of the Notice of Enforcement giving me 7 days notice of attendance. On Thursday I received a letter from Equita, a Notice of Intention, which stated it may still be possible to make a payment plan. It was dated the Monday, one day prior to the bailiff turning up. I called Equita and the chap was extremely rude and talked over me constantly. He said the letter said 'may be possible' and that it was not possible. I argued it was unfair to send a letter out on one day then send a bailiff before I had chance to even receive it, let alone respond. I also received another letter on Tuesday this week stating they enclosed copies of what I asked for - but with nothing enclosed. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and have been quite poorly over the last week with a severe chest infection. Today I contacted the National Debt Helpline and they helped me to draft a vulnerability letter which I have emailed to the bailiffs and Manchester Council. I called the council to let them know the situation. The lady was lovely and asked me to phone the TEC to make an appeal (which I have done and sent after speaking with them and explaining the situation). In my letter to the bailiff by email I put them on notice that I have appealed to the TEC. Should they now remove the clamp whilst this is going on? Without a Notice of Immobilisation or CGA is the clamp there legally? I would appreciate any advice! TIA
  5. Hoping for some advice..... Had my car clamped this morning for an unpaid parking ticket. The car itself is on finance, so when I told the bailiff this he said he was immobilising the car instead. He's acknowledging that they can't remove or sell the car, but says immobilising it is fine. His paperwork states he has taken control of it, though he says that telling me he's changed that to just immobilising it is enough. Surely he shouldn't have immobilised it in the first place, it's not my property, though it is the car mentioned in the paperwork for the PCN. He's adamant I have to pay the clamping fees to get my car released - is he correct? I'm of the opinion he should never have taken control of it in the first place, as it's on finance. He hadn't checked before he clamped it, he's admitted that - though he says he's still entitled to clamp it. Any ideas?
  6. Wondering if one of the experienced users on here can help here with this one? Yesterday afternoon I found my car clamped by Marstons Bailiffs - no paperwork whatsoever only a scribble and phone number so I phoned them to find out that apparently I failed to pay the congestion charge in November last year but know nothing about it as they send all paperwork to a previous address even though I updated my address with the DVLA in 2017!!! Then the bailiff stopped answering any of calls when I tried to ask her about PCN information etc and the TEC phonelines were not being answered yesterday so in a panic I phoned TfL got my PCN details, filled out the PE2/PE3 forms and headed into central London to the local magistrates court to get it signed for £25 (yes I now realise I could have gone to county court and got it for free but never mind)- was in major panic as bailiff was threatening to tow car in 2 hours- filed everything with TEC at yesterday and just had confirmation of filing today. So now TfL have it the question is how long will it take to halt recovery and will they remove the clamp? Also who can I phone for advice? TfL say they have not received the filing from tec yet and the bailiffs wont answer my calls. I need the car as I am the named driver for my disabled father who needs to be taken back and forth to hospital. This has caused me an undue amount of distress and i genuinely dont feel i have done anything wrong - had I known id have to pay a congestion charge on the day in question i would have done. as it happens i have no recollection of that day whatsoever was it was a year ago and i have no access to any paperwork (bailiff has refused to give me anything ive asked for).
  7. Hi All In brief my son bought a car 3 weeks ago and applied for the log book (he had the green slip). Whilst parked outside our house it got clamped because of a parking fine the previous owner had incurred. Despite my son having the log book back and in his name the bailiff is yet to remove the clamp claiming that the system his end has not been updated. DVLA have advised we call the police but I know they won't be interested. The car is obviously illegally clamped but where would we stand if we removed it? Thanks in advance
  8. Equita today come to clamp my car outside the street. The car it's a PCO registered car (currently expired) and it has the insurance in the name of a friend (he got a business trade insurance)for more then 3 months. as I am not driving the car due to access to a company van. I keep the car as I was going to do partime Uber driving with it. Do you think sending a backdated change of logbook name to DVLA will do the trick?
  9. Hi this is a continuation of an old parking ticket . I have had my car clamped by the enforcement after they visited me with regard to an unpaid parking fine . It doesn't bother me as the day before the engine blew up so it looks like a good car but is really scrap . My question is how long will it remain here before they have to move it or de-clamp it. The second question is because this is private land it seems they have taken control (on a highway) is this right . I don't want to make any contact with them . Thanks
  10. I have had my car clamped for about a week now in front of my house. I have appealed the case with TEC, and I have had a response that it can be heard within 2 to 6 weeks time. I need the car what are my OPTIONS? Should I pay or get the EA to remove the clamps? The amount is £513.
  11. Bought car on evening of the 7th December. Car insured at dealership. Attempted to tax at dealership but website wouldn't allow. Drove car to gf's home and tried online unsuccessfully again a few times but thought must be a site issue. 8th left car parked and commuted to work. Tried website but still not able called DVLA number and attempted to pay online. Was told i would have fill out information at post office. Finished work after post office closed. Had leave gf's house early next day for 2 week holiday before Post office opened. Returned to UK on 24th late afternoon to find car clamped with local council enforcement insignia and clamping company information but no explanation of reason. All telephone numbers went to voice mail. Paid clamping fine through online service. Rang every number and organisation i could throughout night. No one could explain reason or remove clamp. Stuck alone in gf's house - she was with family on other side of country- No food, freezing and missed all family Xmas duties with my grandparents who are 90+ years old and whom i am a carer of due to no trains running. Car remained clamped until 29th! Took visit to Local county enforcement office and then long wait and conversation with Local Council to determine DVLA had issued clamp. 6 Weeks later received further fine from DVLA. Written long letter to explain situation, circumstances and overly distressing punishment for £30 tax i had on numerous occasions tried to pay. Fully expect to get generic letter saying it was my fault. If so intend on going to court or arbitration. Does anyone have any advice or experience of court process?
  12. I Wonder if anyone can help. I have a debt that although I still dispute was incorrect they were able to get a CCJ. The dept was for approx £2000. After a visit last year from a high court officer I set up a payment plan of £60 a month which I have been paying for the last 9 months or so. I have been paying the middle of the month as I understood the payment was due the 26th of each month. We went to visit a friend for 8 days in Barcelona got a call from the person looking after our pet that our car was clamped on the drive by a person who I assume acts from Elliot Davies the people I pay each month. I called from Spain and he said he knew I was away in Spain as he had asked the neighbours. Apparently he said the payment was due the 3rd of the month so I am in arrears the £60 for this months payment. Of course I have no issue paying the £60 as I was going to do it on Monday as I landed today but he said on the phone that there is no chance and he wants £1000 immediately and drastically increased payments to release the car. We left on Holiday the 15th he initially visited the 18th knew we were away then visited the 20th and clamped the car. The paperwork says this Debt £2338.22 (£542.10) received Interest £165 Compliance fee £90 Enforcement Stage fee £1288.72 Total £3339.95 One letter says or pay outstanding amount of £2745.95 I emailed their office from Spain to try and get none threatening clarification (as the bailiff was very sure of himself...) but I only found out late friday so their office was shut. I need to call tomorrow, is there any advice of my rights or what I need to do
  13. Good morning All, Birmingham city council bailiff came to my door on Monday morning after clamping a car outside. AS of the end of March this year I owe £35 council tax balance from last year and have not even received the bill the new financial year yet. I pay my council tax on monthly basis by internet transfer. I have had contact with Equitax for a few years now and have spoken to them on number of occasions and explained that I really don’t owe the council anything. They usually stop contacting me for months and then start again. Basically, the bailiff said that the count was handed over to them ones in 2014 and 2015 and that I should have being paying them and not the council so now he want over £700 in their charges. I have lived in this house since 2000 and have always paid my council tax be it with some straggle but I do pay it, so I don't understand how the council can hand my account over to equitax when I have being paying. I went to the citizen advice service yesterday and they told me to write a complaint to the council. I have also read few forums posts to figure out what to do but I am at lost at the moment. I'll be calling the council this morning to try to find out how this happened. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you
  14. Hi can anyone advise me if I will be fined. I declared my car off the road when the tax run out as we only use one car so its been sat outside my house for a while untaxed, I have been meaning to scrap it and spoke with a scrapyard a couple of times who said they would come and pick it up but they never turned up, someone on the street must have reported it to the dvla now and it has been clamped today. I don't want the car, I rung the car tax enforcement company that has taken the car and told them, she said if you don't want it don't pay the release fee and it will go to the pound you will be sent a disclaimer sign and return the disclaimer declaring you don't want it and it will be destroyed with no costs. I don't trust this , will I get fined of the dvla?, I don't want this to cost me money.
  15. I sold my car on may 14 2014, the person who bought it said they only had half the money so an agreement was to pay the rest over the next 5 months. After five months i realised that the person had no intention of paying the to me and i had already spent the deposit he gave me. anyhow, he eventually stated that when U give him back his deposit he will give me back the vehicle. I paid the guy his money in August 2015. In November 2015 I left my house to go to work only to see my vehicle clamped. I called the number on the paper that was on the window and he said that the car will be removed unless full payment for a PCN was paid in full. This pcn was issued while the car was owned by the guy I sold it to. V5 form was filled and during the time he had the vehicle it was registered to him. I felt that i had to pay the PCN to prevent even more charges so i did in November 2015. My question is can i get a full refund? £547 I would appreciate any advice.
  16. I'm wondering if you could possibly offer me any advice, like you have kindly given to many before me. The Task Enforcement came this morning at 7am to tell me that my car had been clamped, and that I could un-clamp it by paying a fee of £535 It all started on 22.07.2015 when I was contacted by my old landlady. She told me I was being chased by Bailiff's for unpaid Congestion Charge Penalty Notice. I realized that DVLA must still have my old address, so I immediately sent off my driving license, and also called the Congestion people. They said that I now owed about £270 from entering the congestion area on 26.02.2015! But was too late to pay them. They kindly advised me this happens all the time and not to worry. There was another procedure. They put me in touch with the TEC. It was all very friendly. Having looked in my diary, 26.02.2015 I was on a job on Curtain road and retracing my steps on Googlemaps, I had turned around just inside the congestion zone without realizing at the time The TEC then sent me the PE3 & PE2 Statutory Declaration application forms, which I completed and had signed by a local solicitor (£10 charge) The TEC then sent me a letter on 04.08.15 to say that my APPLICATION WAS REFUSED without a hearing. There were options to apply for a review but they both had extra costs. I presumed I would have to bite the bullet and pay the full amount, and have been waiting for a final bill. Then the first correspondense from the Bailifs came this morning with a clamp. Aparently they are called Task Enforcement and I had to pay them £535 so that I could take my kids to school and drive to work I must add that the bailiffs were actually nice guys, and it saddened them that there was nothing they could do. They said they would wait in the van for five minutes whilst I had a think Is there any way of getting some of the money back now that I have paid it in full? Breakdown of payment below debt £202 Compliance stage fee £75 Enforcement stage fee £235 Thanks and best wishes Joe
  17. Hi All I am a first time poster. I had a charge for not paying my fine for the congestion charge, and tbh have let the thing snowball to the point that Task enforcement arrived this morning and clamped my car on private property (driveway) and sneakily slipped a bit of paper and drove off. I did ring them and offered to pay half the fine as this is all i have. But heh hoo they denied it. Points. The car is on finance I did and always have a removal of implied access of entry. She acknowledged this when i told her. Thank you for time.
  18. Hi, Walked out this morning at around 7:30am to get to work and found my car had been clamped with a no-tax sticker on the windscreen. Through ringing the payment line, dvla and enforcement agency (NSL), it has been clamped due to showing on the system as not being taxed since 10/01/2015. I live on a high street, the car was parked in a marked residential bay on the street with a valid residents permit. I know for a fact it has been taxed throughout this year. Anyway, much confusion later, I see my neighbour and tell him what happened and he says he had a letter in my name come through. I live in a flat within a house number (ie XXXa, there is also XXXb etc) and sometimes our letters get mixed up. The letter is dated June 18 and says the direct debit has failed on my car and the tax is now due. It is in my name and has the reg of my car. I phoned the DVLA and explained that the letter had not been recieved, I have now paid tax which has backdated to the first of this month and that had I recieved the letter, the issue would not have occured. My address is listed correctly on my V5 and licence. I have been told the £100 release fee cannot be waived and I will have to pay it; I'm not in a position to do so, I will have to borrow money to get the car released before it is impounded. I have contacted my MP's office as I have ascertained there is no way to lodge a complaint against the DVLA in any meaningful or productive way without going through an MP. What do you think of my situation? Will I have to lump it and lose the £100? Is there a chance of me getting it back? I understand my situation is made difficult by the fact that the letter was *sent*, and the car was not taxed or SORN at the time of enforcement. Thank you
  19. this is a good one(not for me) I had my car sorn and parked on my drive, i pre booked an mot for 1030 next day , circa 8 am as the mrs went to take the kids to school she asked me to save her a parking space , i went to try and tax the car on line but could not, i went outside and swapped cars came back in and tried again to tax it could not, i thought well ill just go to mot place as i was going to the car and wait for the mrs she walks in with a smile on her face " you ve been clamped " i replied " yeah sure dont you want to park yours as i go to mot" low and behold i had indeed been clamped . it was now circa 840. i had to pay £260 and then got £160 back, the guy who clamped it was ok and said i should get all the money back as it was a mistake since i had a pre booked mot. However this was only the beginning of my troubles, I tried to contact the dvla - its like asking for an audience with the Pope! Eventually i was told that not only would i not get the other £100 back i would be fined, low and behold a summons came through , it was not clear what exactly it was for i contacted the court and explained the situation, and sent them a copy of the garage diary with my details etc etc, next i get a letter from dvla stating that as i had entered a guilty plea they were offering me the opportunity to pay £285 to settle out of court. I hadnt heard from court yet nor entered any plea. To to it all the letter from dvla had a contact number and fax number that does not exist, and they put down the address of the offence wrong. i tried to contact them no response sent them a letter asking for a copy and all relevant material to be sent to me, never heard back, got a court summons to appear this monday at watford magistrate court to answer for keeping a car on the road under sorn. any one can help with what i should say in court????
  20. I paid a fine with the court for £145, albeit a few days late. For a speeding fine. My partner has his car clamped by the HCEO for an outstanding amount of £310. How can it be so high? He has to prove he is the owner for them to remove the clamp but say they will do so today. The car isn't mine but has been clamped because of the fact I owe £310. What can I do?
  21. Hi, I am new to this website so please could you help me out here. I stupidly took a loan out against my car. I was paying every month until I had to move quickly due to domestic violence. in the madness of it all I forgot about the logbook loan, until Last Thursday morning at 04.00am I got woke up by a neighbour banging on my door saying someone was pulling my car up onto the back of a flatbed wagon. As I am disabled I got to the front door as quick as I could . The guy who was putting my car onto the back of the truck asked me if I had £1500 I said no, he then replied and said I am taking the car you will have to speak to the company who you took the loan out with .i tried to explain I was disabled and a blue badge holder but he just said tough not my problem. He said " you moved and didn't tell us, I have been here 3 times already" I only go out in the day time and that is only for about an hour. He had never been round as I asked the neighbours as he had told me he spoke to one of my neighbours last Tuesday night but I wasn't in. I am not out when it is dark. they have told me I have to find £870 in 7 days or I lose my car. I have tried to explain my situation to auto money local office and they just will not let me get a word in edge ways. Is it right that they can come at that time in a morning and just drag my car off the driveway. I have not been able to go out since he took my car away, as I can not get into town on the bus as I am in a wheelchair and I need someone to push me. I am now housebound. Any help would be gratefully received.
  22. Sorry i am new to this page and i don't know how it works well. I live in Reading and i brought a Spanish car with Spanish registration on the 8th June 2014. I brought the car into UK for bringing goodies into my home in Reading. On the 16th June 2014 a police officer stopped my partner when he was driving the car and the police officer clamped and impounded the car because the car was used in UK without a UK license and UK tax. On the 17th June i paid 260 pound fee for releasing the car from the pound and paying a surety fee. Then, i was explained that the car needed to be registered in UK or had to be removed from UK immediately. I took the car back to Spain on the 28th June 2014. On the 21st July i received a letter from the DVLA saying that i had committed an offence as i am the owner of the Spanish car that was seen on the 16th June 2014 by the police and impounded because the car wasn't licensed in the UK. The DVLA said that they have intention to take court against me with regard to the offence. That they offer me to pay an out of court settlement of 247 pounds. I send the DVLA a letter on 24th July 2014 saying that the car was no longer in the UK because i took the car back to Spain on the 28th June 2014 as the car was going to stay in the uk for a short stay. Therefore, there was no need for them to take me to court. On the 31st July 2014 i received another letter from the DVLA saying that it is an offence to use or keep an unlicensed vehicle in the UK. That i stated that the car is no longer in the UK but that i still have commited an offence. That they continue with the intention to take me to court. They say that they offer me a final opportunity to pay the out of court settlement of 247 pounds requested in the previous letter. That i should pay the 247 pound by 29/08/2014 to avoid court action. Could you help me to please!! I think i have already paid a penalty for keeping the Spanish car in the UK without UK registration and tax. Would you recommend me to write the DVLA a letter saying that they want to fine me twice for the same offence?? Thank you for the advice.
  23. Brief history as follows: Last June, we had some outstanding council tax arrears which we subsequently paid direct to the council, minus excessive bailiff fees (at the time, well over £800!). Shortly after we paid the council, we woke to find wife's car clamped in our driveway. Car was then towed last July and stored until we received a "notice of sale" this June. The notice of sale showed the debt bailiffs were chasing was approx £500 in fees, £200 storage. And the £1100 car was shown as worth only £150 ahead of auction! Heard nothing since, assuming they had sold the car, until a txt from a bailiff last night threatening removal of goods and a van on the 1st. Demanding payment of just the £500 in fees, and threatening additional fees. Are we to just pay the £500 and rid ourselves of the bailiffs, or are we succumbing to their heavyhanded tactics too easily? Would appreciate any advice you can provide.
  24. I own a small business and had ran up a business debt amounting to just over £5,000. Unfortunately the creditor would not be patient with me and so obtained a CCJ. I had made promises to pay futuristically, but yesterday I received a visit from two gentlemen from NCS who are from the North East. They were polite throughout, but it was clear that they were not leaving until they had received a payment and they even clamped my car. I settle half of the debt as a result of that move, paying them the last I had in my business account. I just wondered if it was legal for them to do this?
  25. hello all i really need help i had a pcn on my car a year or so ago and ignored it. but today i went to me car and it was clamped!! i rang the company that did this and they sent a young bailiff round to my house with a copy of a clamping order when i started screaming and asked to see his certificate to my dismay he produced it and was nice about everything which annoyed me no end they say i have 24 hours to pay the 285 or they will remove the car and store it for five days then sell it after reading some things on here i seen a popal appeal? which what i can gather is part of the bpa but there nit a member and do not have to conform to there rules any help would be apperciated
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