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  1. That's probably where I got the 20 years from! Thanks
  2. Ah. I had something in my head about 20 years re this. In any event, they've probably given up on me a long time ago.....
  3. SB'd? I know I ought to know, but it's not coming to me just now. Subordinated?
  4. Inclined to agree that it’s a non-issue. Just curious about the time limit thing. Consider me unworried
  5. Haven't been on here in some time, so I hope I'm posting this in the right place! Background I left the UK for the US in October 1999, at which time I had several hundred pounds in Council Tax owing. Only thing that's been heard since was in 2004 when a DCA (I think it was BCW) wrote to me at my Daughter's address - I have an uncommon surname and I think they were chancing their arm. She wrote back to the effect that she had opened the letter in error, I wasn't resident there and never had been, and that she believed I had left the country several years previously. Fast forward to now: my wife is in poor health, and if she eventually passes, I'd consider coming home. I have a vague recollection that the usual "time limit" doesn't apply and Council Tax debt can be pursued for up to 20 years. Am I correct in this, and if so, when does the "clock" start?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have no idea as to what, if any, equity is available. The woman who she saw is from a firm of Insolvency Practitioners - I have no idea as to what her role in this is, but doesn't she have some kind of duty to act in a fair and impartial manner? It seems to me, from what little info I have, that this isn't the case. I've passed the link on.
  7. Have a situation here in Scotland which I hope someone can advise on. A relative has apparently been declared bankrupt due to non-payment of "Factoring Fees" to a local authority (she owns a flat in a block which has a mix of council tenants and owners). Current debt in respect of this is around 10K. She is working and has equity in the property. Here's what she told me: "The trustee person is Xxxxx Xxxx who works for X Xxxxxxx SIP She has taken details of my earnings, assets etc. The car will likely remain with me because of it's low value. I had to also detail all of my unsecured debts, including the factors fees they took action for, a total of about 15k. There was a total of about £2500 in the accounts they put a freeze on so that money goes to them. The options she gave me were as follows They take the flat from me and sell it to release the equity. Any difference is returned to me. Someone I know can purchase the flat to release the equity and if they choose they can sell it back to me at such time as I can obtain a mortgage. A 3rd party pays what is owed, because the fees for her services are constantly added she could give me a rough guide of around 13k if it was dealt with within a month, this would increase as time went on. She was like a magpie....I was going through my car paperwork for the registration document for the (current car), she saw what was left of the document for the old (car scrapped a couple of years back) and pretty much accused me of still having it and not saying so. I had to explain to her that the section the scrappy sends away had been removed because she thought I was supposed to give them all of the document (what, so someone can commit ID fraud?) but she didn't seem convinced that I don't have it any more. I have a letter somewhere from DVLA about the (scrapped car) being scrapped so if it comes up again I'll look it out for her. Why would I have taken that document with me if I was trying to hide another car! An old banger of a car!" I'm assuming SIP is an insolvency practitioner. Can anything be done at this stage to rescue the situation? She's planning to scan relevant paperwork ASAP. Let me know if more detail is needed.
  8. Fabulous site here, just shows what can be achieved by people working together. Question I've wondered about for a number of years - if a sporting event is abandoned while in progress, are you entitled to demand a refund rather than admission to the rearranged fixture? My thought process is that you haven't got what you paid for and the principles, if not the letter, of SOGA should apply (refund or replacement at consumer's discretion). Has this ever been tested in law?
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