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  1. Hi Stu, Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have been given excellent advice so far, but South Glos so far have been very unresponsive- I still haven't heard back from the email I sent. I do have POA for my mother; does that make a difference in terms of naming me as the person accountable for the bill? As far as I can remember- given that this is a good 9 months ago now. I filled in an SMI form and a change of circumstances form. I filled in a form as they requested to put the council tax in my name and then one to apply for a discount on top of that. Thank you for the advice- I will put together a letter and send it off and contact my local carers' support centre and see what they recommend. So far, people are a bit baffled as to why this has happened. They're not sure if it's to do with my POA. It's been so stressful and after all this time I've actually gone and got a job, so I'm no longer on carer's allowance, so not sure where that leaves me. I haven't told them I'm starting my role on Monday, because I don't want to over complicate the issue. I would rather that they get the named person on the bill right before they do anything else. Obviously, we'll be living in virtual reality before this happens! Last time I spoke to them, I said the issue made me feel like I wanted to hang myself and they called the police on me, fearing for my safety. I explained to the person about the legislation and that all I wanted was a response and for someone to look seriously at my case. Please could someone let me know if having POA means that the bill needs to be in my name? At the moment, only I am named on the bill.
  2. Before we become the Republic of South Glos and apparently have our own set of laws and even maybe moving to speaking our own language, where can I find someone like you in my area to speak to them, because it seems like they won't take any notice of me.
  3. I am at a complete loss. I don't know who to speak to or email. It's totally and completely absurd to me that someone who works there in that department is unaware of the existence and content of the legislation that underpins what they work with. I don't even know what to say anymore. I just don't want that bill in my name of it's not meant to be and I don't think that's a lot to ask.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm still trying to resolve this issue. I tried emailing the local council and I haven't had a response, because of their back log. I tried calling today and they're giving me the same answer. They've said that my mum is SMI so she can no longer be liable for the bill and therefore it cannot be in her name. She can only be listed as one of the people who loves there. They've asked me to fill in a form as a residential carer to get more of a discount, but insist that the bill be in my name because I'm the only other person who lives there. I even told the person about the legislation from central government and she's told me that every local council is different, which completely baffled me. She's asked me to email again, but before I do, is there anything else in the legislation that says regardless of SMI, the hierarchy in the legislation should be respected? I.e. the home owner should always be the first person responsible for the council tax bill. I am honestly at the end of my tether. I got so frustrated that they called the police because they thought I was going to harm myself. I cannot cope with all of this back and forth and round in circles. It's seriously affecting my health. Being a carer round the clock is hard enough without all of this upheaval. I really would appreciate further advice.
  5. They've asked for £280 by end of March for last year's bill and then another £160 by 1st April, which is the first installment for the forthcoming year. Sorry if I seem like I'm not really with it. I was in a&e til 3am this morning, so a bit sleep deprived.
  6. They told me it had all been lumped into together, so I thought whatever they had sent me included the upcoming year, since they only just sent the paperwork out. They've given me 25% off and that's it. I can't pay and they take forever to sort anything out, so I can't imagine it'll be resolved by the end of the month. They want it by 1st April this year, so if I don't pay will they not take action straight away?
  7. I could have paid the amount they were asking for but now they're asking for even more money to be paid by 1st April. I can't pay both amounts they've asked for within a day of each other. What are my options now? It's been so stressful. It's one thing after another.
  8. Thank you. So, would it be best to pay, fill in the form and then go back and sort it out?
  9. Hello again, Just as I was about to send the email today. I got a letter through the post from the local council tax office. First, there was a bill for the outstanding amount of council tax I owe and it's due at the end of March. I've attached it beloe- hopefully you can see it. The bill is still addressed to me. Then they sent a form asking me to fill it in to apply for a discount as a residential carer. The form makes no sense to me whatsoever because it's asking about other adults at the property and who I care for etc, but I've already told them. I don't know of my mum would be considered an adult given that they've already said she's been disregarded. I'm a little confused as to what to do next. Shall I pay first and then talk/email them? Thank you in advance.
  10. Ok great, thank you. I had an email address for the local council tax office, so I will contact them. Please let me know if you think there's anyone else I should contact. Thanks again!
  11. If my mother and I are both disregarded for council tax purposes, why would there still need to be consideration for the remaining 50% of council tax paid? There isn't anyone else living here. Moving forward, would the best course of action be to contact them in writing explaining the following: - Liability ought to be established first before any discounts are considered. I have been incorrectly labelled as liable. - Under section 6 LGFA 1992, my mother should still be liable for the bill. Subsection 1 states that liability should be established by applying the paragraphs in subsection 2, in which the criteria are listed and prioritised, in order. The person who falls under the first paragraph of subsection 2 shall be liable. My mother falls under subsection 2 (a) and therefore is chargeable for the bill. - Reiterate that there is only myself and mother in the property. I do not own or pay rent for the said property. - My mother has joint ownership with someone who no longer lives there anymore. - She has been determined as exempt under consideration for her SMI. She is on enhanced rate for PIP. - I am her live in carer and do not work in any other capacity. I claim carers allowance and income support. I would be grateful if you would let me know your thoughts so I can resolve the matter before they chase me for more money. Thank you.
  12. After they sent me the letter, I tried to look online for information regarding dependents. I saw that they said they wouldn't consider a full time live in carer like myself who isn't in any other employment and is looking after a parent, an adult. I don't know what they mean by that specifically. If I'm not considered an adult, am I exempt entirely or am I just entitled to a discount? I can imagine in my local council nothing is straight forward. Is it better to email rather than deal with them on the phone? Is it worth involving the local MP? Apologies for all the questions, I just want to make sure I can put this information to good use. Thank you.
  13. Thank you so much for such detailed replies. So from what you're saying there is, that as long as my mother lives in and owns this property, she will always be liable for the council tax regardless of her status with SMI? So in theory, the council tax bill should remain in her name, where she's given full discount to her condition and I should be listed as a resident? I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me with: 1. Would there still be an amount to pay since I'm living with her or would she be given a full discount regardless of who lives here since the bill would be in her name? 2. How do I get them to listen? Since I have spoken to them so many times and still they insist that I pay them and I've given them over £300 because they've been threatening me with legal action whilst I was waiting for their final calculation- which apparently is wrong. Thank you again for the invaluable advice.
  14. Thank you. Please let me know if it makes a difference which local council I am under.
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