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  1. Hi wonder if I could ask for some advice from anyone who has undergone a similiar situation. I have received a letter from my local job centre advising me that I have to go for an interview with them to discuss some changes that may affect my benefits payments. I claim HB ESA Support Group and PIP. I called and spoke to person on the letter who told me that they have had anonymous report that I am working which is not correct. I am pretty sure I know who this person is as I provided support for seriously mentally unstable person in my road last year in terms of helping them with forms, appointments and in dealing with their multiple suicide attempts. Following their behavior becoming uncontrollable and indeed dangerous in April I told them I could no longer be involved. Since then they have hacked my Facebook account and posted derogatory information and called several organisations with allegations. I involved the Police following the hacking of my facebook account and subsequent phone calls. I am very concerned and also confused as the letter says that you must come to office with various pieces of ID. I have not worked for about 10 years as have severe physical impairment and depression. I also live alone and have no dependents. The letter does not say under caution although I have been told that all interviews are conducted under caution automatically. I am very upset as have done nothing wrong and yet am being treated like a criminal just on say so of this anonymous person. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hi all I'm in such a huge mess and so scared right now! I realised my partners wages were incorrect on my tax credits and rather than doing the sensible thing by ringing them and telling them this I just kept updating my claim each week a little bit higher which also triggers lots of one off payments as I was scared if I told them it was wrong by 11000 I would be fined so I thought a sensible thing to do would be updated weekly untill it was the right amount! Back in August I received a compliance letter asking for various information one being our p60s I haven't received mine as I'm on maternity and we've misplaced my partners they asked for our wage slips obviously I didnt have any again and my partners are all on email I explained those all in the letter and told them the reason I kept updating and his actual yearly wage and said about not being able to find his p60 I asked if there was away to send in his payslips as they're all on email. I'm so scared that I'm going to go to court and be taken away from my 2 babies! What makes it worse is I sent this letter back to them at the beginning of September and I still haven't heard back! I'm barely sleeping and my hairs falling out obviously down to stress. I know I've done wrong I'm just so scared
  3. Hollerz

    Hmrc compliance

    Hi apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. After spending all night reading posts about overpayments I wondered if anyone had advice. I received a letter last week asking for information as my daughters dad is linked to my address. I knew this as his mail has been coming here for years after we split and we entered into a mortgage agreement in 2016. The mortgage is complicated, my daughter is disabled and was granted an adaption for the house. There were quite large costs to meet and I needed to raise funds for the overspend. Her dad agreed to help and we set up the mortgage as friends. He wanted to provide security for his daughter. We have remained friends and he regularly visits, however....he’s got no other links to an address as he’s been lodging with mates or sleeping at work. In January thus year he came to stay occasionally as I was struggling to meet my daughters medical needs due to a car accident in 2017. I have a son with ADHD and he was also going through a rough time at secondary resulting in violent behaviour at home. During 2017 I was also diagnosed as having autoimmune disease due to living under highly stressful conditions. I was depressed with chronic pain and not coping. By March he moved in as my condition with my shoulder meant I struggled with most tasks. Torn supraspinus tendon... By July we felt we were a couple and in August I had surgery with a long recovery requiring full care. I’ve disclosed everything they have asked for but anxious they will go back further Yesterday I sent in all documents required, everything has been paid by me up to now with his maintenance showing in bank statements. He agreed to pay half mortgage in July so that’s when I’ve said a relationship began despite me needing care to live at this time. Should I go to cab?
  4. Hi Caggers! I have a friend who is at the end of her tether with Scottish Power. She has a Gas Key for prepayment, however, has not used gas for approximately 6-9 years, possibly longer. This was due to the boiler breaking down and this was the only usage of gas, therefore she only uses electric immersion for the water heating. SP sent an invoice for money owing and after she quizzed them due to none usage they told her it was for X amount of standing charges for the gas meter. The agent for SP told her to ignore the bill due to none usage of gas and therefore she accepted that until she received another demand. Once the next agent told her a different story she requested the gas meter to be removed from her house. This request was made approximately 6+ years ago and was never actioned, until April 2018.Now of course they are demanding the standing charges for the last 6+ years at approximately £465. After numerous calls chasing up the removal and she was always told they were going to send somebody to do the removal. After many years of waiting they now sent her a bill for the entire periods of standing charges, which she disputes as she requested the removal, common sense eh? Now due to the hassle factor she has agreed to pay weekly when she tops up with her Electric Key to stop the hassle, but they do not appear to register these payments against her account as they have now issued a DC to chase her for the 'debt'. Now she contacts SP to inform them she has already made 3 payments to the account which they confirmed, but since then they know nothing of these payments and the DC keeps hassling her. Firstly, can she fight SP to actually cancel this debt in the first place as her request for removal was ignored? Secondly, how can we get this monster of a company to realise her payments already made need to be linked to her 'gas account' although she never buys gas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. regards stuscfc
  5. HSBC UK have not complied with my Data Subject Access Request (SAR), submitted under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The DSAR was requested on 16/06/2018 and should have been disclosed by 17/07/2018. 16/06/2018 - Request sent to HSBC UK for DSAR under new GDPR 18/06/2018 - Acknowledgement email received from HSBC UK Customer Care Team 22/06/2018 - Acknowledgement letter received from HSBC UK Data Protection Office 17/07/2018 - Data not received, so contacted HSBC UK who stated that they were not aware of this request and have not even started to gather data for the disclosure 17/07/2018 - Internal complaint made to HSBC UK Customer Complaints Team 18/07/2018 - Complaint made to Data Protection Office and Letter Before Action sent to HSBC UK. Telephoned Data Protection Office and confirmed that they have received both email and LBA. When asked for timescales in relation to compliance for my DSAR, a team manager has advised they don't know and cannot give any timescales. I have made them aware I will be reporting the non-compliance to the ICO, but they didn't seem at all bothered. 18/07/2018 - Information Compliant Handling Form submitted to ICO 18/07/2018 - Complaint acknowledgement received from ICO Next steps: Now waiting for the Data Protection Office to make contact with me to progress DSAR and also waiting for HSBC UK complaints team to pick up the complaint. No doubt this will be towards the end of the 8 FCA timescales! Also, waiting to see if HSBC UK will comply within the 5 working days afforded to them in my LBA. I very much doubt they will, due to the large amount of data they will need to gather, redact and securely send on to me. Will potentially need to look at submission of a POC for a County Court claim if not. Submitting a GDPR POC is unchartered territory for me, so if it comes to that point, could really do with some help. Hints/Tips: Some may already be aware of this, but I was not. None of the calls received at the HSBC UK Data Protection Office are recorded. So when I asked for copies of all recordings to their department, they advised me of the above. Also, HSBC UK Data Protection Office don't advertise or easily give up there email address. So if you do need to email that team, you can do so here [email protected]. It definitely works, as I have emailed them my LBA and complaint letter and they have received it the next day.
  6. Opened: Feb 2018 Investigation into Iresa and its compliance with its obligations under its gas and electricity supply licences READ MORE HERE: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/investigation-iresa-and-its-compliance-its-obligations-under-its-gas-and-electricity-supply-licences-slcs-14-233-234-25c-slc-0-october-2017-275-278-2716-and-chsr-2008
  7. Hi please please can someone help. I am at the moment feeling like I’m having a heart attack with actual panick attacks. I am in the wrong from what I can tell and I have read. Let me point out that 25 years ago I pleaded guilty to false representation for income support when I opened a business and didn’t go down the employments support start up route (dont know the correct name) but two dates and I pleaded guilty. Since then I have always stuck to the rules!! I claimed previously with my useless ex husband and then removed him when we separated. I then had my business and claimed single everything was fine! I took in a lodger he claimed housing benefits that was above board then he moved in above my business again above board. We did see each other on and off! I had to go bankrupt In 201 1due to ex and could not get bank account so the lodger/tenant got me a business account (registered at my address) as my business and he opened a savings account for me to use as I wasn’t allowed one my TC and CTC went into it. Then we started seeing each other and opened a joint account in 2014 (he was still in my flat) but account registered at my home address. Mainly as he had lodged there and had not changed post and also as I was using it. We split up again in 2015 and he was still at my flat till June (have bills and council tax letters confirming he was there till then) when I got rid of the flat and business. He then moved into my caravan and I used the rent to help me through university to change my life. In 2016 we started a proper go at things and I changed my name by deed poll to his before qualifying from my degree as didn’t want it in ex name. In jan 17 I declared in writing to TC that he had moved in provided his last 3 months wage slips and his NI and dob and he signed as well. I didn’t think anything more of it as money went down the same as it went down when I notified them of my first full time employment after uni. It further went down when I changed jobs again everytime I wrote to them. I wrote to them 31 May 18’and told them son had left full time education expecting it to stop. Last week I got a compliance letter asking if I knew my partner which of course I do. I then started to panic. I am terrible with the renewal notices I just don’t bother opening them (stupid I know) I just check what’s gone into my account to see if changes have been made. They have asked for information for 3 months 6/4/17 to 6/7/17 which I have and shows him with me as you would expect. I then rang them as I noticed money for ct was still being paid. I mentioned the letter they said they had not received it yet had seen the online notification (child benefit) I did on the day I got the compliance letter from them. Even so not actioned that either as I had been paid. I asked about all the other letters I sent and she said hadn’t received any!!! Now I know what it sounds like but I sent them! I don’t know what to do. I am scared they will accuse me of fraud when that has never been my intentions. I don’t know what to do. Do I send them the copy letter which I have about jan 17 - we finally decided to move in properly as I had my first full time job after uni and had completed my 3 months probation period. I am frightened they will send me to prison. I am happy to pay any backdated money. I haven’t signed this years declaration as when I finally opened it I saw they did have my income correct which again I had notified them of but they didn’t have partner listed. What do I do. I want to be honest but frightened if I send the copy letter they will go back further and not believe the complicated on off relationship and friendship we have had. Will they only look at the 3 months they have asked for. If I am prosecuted I will lose my job and will never be able to work in the field. I can’t talk to my boss or my family. it’s taken me years to turn my life around. Sorry for long post but I’m at the end of my tether. Please help I’m in such a bad way
  8. 've had one of those worrying letters! We have info linking "your ex" to this address. Please send bank statements, bills etc. We have genuinely been separated for six years and been through this before and found "not guilty" he pays 105 per week into my account for the kids and 115 per month maintenance for me, will this be a problem? All the bills are in my name apart from the mortgage which is still joint for future equity reasons. Is is it worth sending additional stuff or just what they have asked for. I really want this closed. Ex can supply tenancy agreements of where he is living, do you think it's worth me sending things like holiday bookings that are clearly just me and the children going away. Just wondered if it would help. Feels like a big cloud and although I know I'm doing nothing wrong still very stressful.
  9. Good morning, I have found this site via various google searches and really hope someone can help. I have been claiming ctc & wtc as a single person but have a partner living with me. Stupid I know. It was always a case of I will let them know but never have. I have become totally reliant on the money due to large debt issues, payday loans, doorstep loans etc. No excuse, Im just rubbish with money and an idiot. Yesterday I received a letter from HMRC compliance saying they have reason to believe Mr X is living at my address and wish to check a 6 month period of my current claim. I rang up, told the adviser that my partner indeed lives here since the date they are querying, but volunteered no more info than that and was not asked. He said he would stop the claim and a letter will be sent re overpayments (around £3000 I think). He said I do not need to do anything further. Is this all I have to do? Is it only the 6 months stated in the letter they seem to be concerned about? I am terrified they will check my last 5 years of claims as I no doubt will owe tens of thousands. 30000 + I know have been stupid and everything else. Obviously havent slept worrying about the implications of court, jail and so on. My partner knows not a thing about this. Has anyone else ever been in this situation or similar that could give me some idea of what happens next. I am so ashamed of myself and feel ill at the thought of prosecution and it all being made public. Please please can someone reply as I feel bereft. Thank you for reading.
  10. Hi, I'm on UC, the non-full service one. I'm single and living by myself. Received a letter 5 days ago from the DWP, Local Service Compliance department. It has FESL2Tv2 at the bottom right. It says: I'm latching on the fact it says "about some changes" rather than saying "about any changes". This seems to suggest they're referring to some definite changes they know about? Unless it's just poorly worded. Obviously there's some major changes happening due to the transition over the next 5 months from gateway UC to the full UC (the full version of UC will be implemented by September). Might it be about this? Or is it the wrong department? Alternatively, perhaps it is badly worded and they're checking out any possible changes in my personal circumstances. One possibility is that I do voluntary work at a charity shop. I'm not sure if my work coach put it down as official or not. Or maybe it's just a random interview? It's not under caution. But I do have to take in various identification and my latest bank statement. Appreciate any thoughts.
  11. Opened: Feb 2018 Investigation into Ovo and its compliance with its obligations under the gas and electricity supply licences READ MORE HERE: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/investigation-ovo-and-its-compliance-its-obligations-under-gas-and-electricity-supply-licences-standard-licence-conditions-31a-and-25c-slc-0-october-2017
  12. A friend of mine has been notified of a telephone interview she must have on 12th January. I called the DWP on her behalf and they confirmed that it is in relation to the £6000 she has in her ISA and that they (the DWP) have had some sort of notification that it may now be worth more than £6000. The interview is merely to confirm this fact. Has anyone on here had experience of this process?
  13. i attended a compliance interview 22 february they said hmrc informatiom about 2 interest payments leads them to believe that i could have had over 10000 in 3 accounts that they say where active at the same time when i banked with lloyds i have never had more than one current account and one savings account active at any time i banked with then from 2004 to 2015.They have said i have to provide bank statements from 2010 to present of every bank account i have held and if i dont i will lose my pension savings credit. I do transfer accounts to get the perks the banks offer for swiching so this involves 5 bank accounts.Quote from the interviewer ( you have to prove to dwp that at no time i have had more than 10000 it is not for them to prove that ive had more than 10000 ) I have comfirmation from lloyds that the 3 accounts wher 1 current account with a linked savings account after the intro offer finished for savings account that was closed and i would have put funds in my current account 3 months after that closed i opend another savings account that was closed after 3 months. LLoyds insist that it is not possible with there system to provide me with the statements.so i see no point in even trying and possible having to pay for statements for any other accounts that i have had i gave at the interview the latest statements from the 2 accounts i now have. My question is can they do what they say if i dont supply what they are asking for( and they decide i have had over payments without proof ) and say i have to repay money and i appeal against there decision what would happen could they deduct money from my state pension i do not have any other pension i receive lo rate dla and have less than 2 thousand in my bank accounts and have ccs to pay off loans with them i already contribute to my rent and council tax to make the diference up from HB aand Council tax benefit im at my witts end i did tell them at the interview that since 2010 i have had letters from dwp saying they will phone and to have bank details etc for them they asked when i answerd i dont know look on your computer you should have all details of dates etc and have details about the small lump sum payment i received from a pension when i contacted dwp and informed them and again gave bank details etc people say dont worry i cant stop worrying im not sleeping properly not eating properly i just want to give up
  14. Hi My friend is a carer for her husband who has early onset dementia they are both 62 he is on income based ESA and she also has health problems including several strokes, angina attacks and has difficulty getting out as she has fainting fits. Last week she had to attend a compliance meeting, it seems that her husband has a works pension and a building society account which she was not aware of ( he left her for another woman and only came back to her when he started becoming ill so there are parts of his life she didn't share), she has had no letters addressed to him from either the BS or the pension company and obviously she cant ask him about it, the DWP asked her about the date the pension started amounts etc, accused her of withholding evidence and have given her 3 weeks to get that evidence She contacted both the BS the DWP say the account is held and her husbands old company, the BS refused to give her any details about the account but are writing to her husband and her husbands old employer have refused point blank to even discuss it with her, both are citing the data protection act as she does not have power of attorney she can apply to the courts to get access she said protection order but I am not sure what that means but in any case it would take longer than the 3 weeks the DWP has set. I have advised her that if her husbands old employer wont write to her that she writes to them confirming the telephone call and confirming they have refused to release the details to her due to the DPA, send it signed for a get proof of signature then at least she can prove to the DWP that she cant get the information they require. What I don't her to be is 'piggy in the middle' where the DWP say get information and BS and husbands company say 'you cant have it' and she is left floundering surely the DWP themselves can get this information anyway without the DPA so the only evidence she needs to supply is that she didn't know about the pension which could be tricky as they don't have to believe her and that she has derived no income from the pension which would be clear once BS statements are provided and there has been no movement of funds, obviously there would still be the question about capital which may have resulted in an overpayment, she is going to CAB but any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  15. Would someone please kindly point me in direction of some recent schedule of costs examples for circumstances like this? Thanks
  16. Hi all, I have had a Notice of Enforcement from Bristow and Sutor claiming that I owe them something in the region of £65 + £75 compliance fee for a Council Tax Debt that I apparently have from an old property that I rented. I always paid by DD and only cancelled the DD after seeing that no payments had gone out for a while, therefore I believed that I was discharged of any responsibilities. Fast-forward a year and I receive a Notice of Enforcement dated 23/8/17 claiming the above figures and that this has been through the courts. How would you suggest that I proceed? If there is a genuine debt, I have no problem with paying it, however, as I had no court papers and no knowledge of this debt then I would really find it difficult to justify any fees. Many thanks.
  17. Hi, I have been claiming Esa and Pip for a couple of years and in May was awarded Pip again till 2027 and was informed that my ESA would also continue. I have recevied a letter from the DWP compliance office saying I have to go to an office interview in THREE weeks, that is along time to worry as my situation has not changed since being awrded ESA and PIP. The headline says, "We need to talk to you about some changes that may affect your benefit payments.You must be available for this isterview and have all the information listed on page 1and 2 with you". Just so I can calm down a bit does anyone know what this is about, do I need to see a solicitor am I having a recorded interview under caution?. I have looked through the internet but the more I read the more I panic. Some say it's abou fraud?. As I have said none of my circumstances have changed at all over the years being on benefits. Thankyou in advance nickscrypt.
  18. I started an important thread earlier today concerning a recent court judgment where a debtor was ordered to pay £7,000 in costs after losing his claim against Harrow Council and their agent; Newlyn. The background and Judgment can be read by way of the following link: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477808-Paying-the-creditor-direct-to-avoid-paying-bailiff-fees-has-landed-a-debtor-with-a-%A37-000-cost-order.(32-Viewing)-nbsp To ensure that the original thread does not go 'off topic', discussions about the judgment can be posted here.
  19. Hi guys, long time no see. I've a bit of an issue and don't know where I stand on this and hope someone can give a little insight on what i should do. A few weeks ago my partner moved out. He was my full time carer and claimed carers allowence. I notified housing and DWP as you should albeit about 10 days after he moved out. Which I hold my hands up to, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind at the time. ( I had just found out my landlord, who was also my friend had suddenly passed away) So also have the worry about my housing situation. Another issue I may need help with. It was all very amicable and we are still very close, we just made the decision that we just couldn't live together any longer. Now I know that I couldn't discuss the carers allowence with that department because he claimed it so they cannot discuss with me. However this was over looked on his part and it wasnt deliberate either. I received an e-mail from housing benefit that they couldn't take him off my claim until I gave them an address where he was living. 1. I felt that it really wasn't my place to tell people where he was living and 2 to be honest I wasn't exactly sure where he was living. All I know is that he is staying with a couple of friends and sofa surfing until he finds something more permanent. I did state this to HB and they came back with he is still claiming carers allowance still at my address. I told them I would deal with it. I did ask him to deal with it which he said he would but just genuinely forgot. However only a couple of days later I got a visit by 2 compliance officers demanding to come into my home. It was 10am and had not long woken up and still groggy from my pain meds so i refused to let them in. Again he demanded to come into my home and again i refused. I'm very hard of hearing and registered deaf and disabled. I hadn't had time to put in my hearing aids (my dogs let me know there's someone at the door) So I really couldn't understand why he wanted to come into my home. He wasn't exactly being very friendly. He just shoved his ID in my face and wanted to come in. I felt incredibly intimidated and very anxious at this point as I still had no idea what he wanted. I asked if he had a warrant and he said yes this is my warrant and showed me his ID again. :???: I again refused to let him in and told him I didn't understand what hevwas wanting from me and he just said that my partner was still claiming as living here. Which I said he wasn't and he said he is claiming carers from my address. At this point I'm really getting very anxious and couldn't hear what he was saying so I told him I'm very hard of hearing and didn't understand what hevwas going on about and if he needed to talk to my partner then he should wait until he signed on to contact him as to why he was claiming it still. As soon as I said that he turned and started to leave saying something which I couldnt hear. I asked him if he still needed to come in and he said no I then got in touch with my partner to ask if he had contacted carers allowance and he had totally forgotten. So I got him round to do it online as he couldn't get through on the phone. My issue here is, can these men demand to come into my home knowing I'm a vulnerable female on my own? I had already explained via e-mail the situation. I'm registered deaf and disabled with Essex county council. Surely they would of known that and should of at least made an appointment, which states in their customer code of of practice. I have made a complaint, however, now worried I'm going to be sanctioned. It's bad enough that I'm worried sick about not knowing whether I need to move or not which they were aware of but now this. Any advice would be really great guys thank you
  20. Hello all, I was hoping someone here can help me regarding this issue. I took out a loan in 2011 with a Credit Union in Scotland. They have defaulted my credit file with the wrong info, including amount, default date and address. I've had both the ICO and FOS involved in this matter and am now tearing my hair out to get it resolved. A high level timeline of events: In August, I contacted the CU about the default and they gave no indication that this would happen. It was also not reported for 4 years after the fact. In September, I paid outstanding amount. They told me the default would be settled and closed. In October, wrote a letter and called the CU several times. They told me it would be marked as settled by November over the phone, no formal response. In November took to the FOS, couldn't do anything without a final response letter, until 8 weeks had past, and my letter was ignored by the CU. In December contacted the FOS and they sent a letter to the CU. In Jan, followed up with the FOS. Their letter had been ignored. They called called the CU. In Feb, they finally respond to the FOS stating the default was sorted and the FOS sided with them. I responded with a copy of my credit file and told them this was not the case (felt bad for the Girl totally deconstructed her email with DPA legislation etc, she clearly was worried in her response to me). The FOS, as part of the closure, say the default was fair to be recorded after 4 years.. .. guidance from the ICO states 3 - 6 months. I also complained to the ICO. However, the FOS reopened the case because the CU hadn't sorted the default. In March / Apr, Information gathering by myself, the FOS and Experian. In late April, FOS sides with me and awards compensation. ICO finally assign a case advisor. In May, wait two weeks for the response, then the CU say not happy with that, escalate within the FOS and I need to wait for an Ombudsman to be assigned.. .. as it was an investigator who made this decision. Today, ICO respond saying that they can't uphold the complaint as they deal with the org and not the individual, but are willing to be communicated further information. Email in progress.... but they also notify me that CU's aren't regulated under the CCA. So my questions really is... the distress this has caused has been over 9 months. I can't get a new car (which I could lose my job over), I need to sort out the Mortgage for my current residence (which means I could lose my home) and in all honesty I've spent hours on this. What can I do? The FOS is saying it now may take the ombudsman a while to respond. Bringing this whole incident to 10, possibly 11 months. The other thing I'm unsure of is if the CU isn't regulated by the CCA, what can actually be done? How can this be fair processing of consumer data? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post!
  21. Hi, I received a letter last week for a ' Local Compliance Telephone Interview'. The call will take place in just over 2 weeks. The letter says the telephone interview has been arranged because your circumstances may have changed and we need to ensure your payments are correct. On the back it says i need my bank statements at hand and any savings or pensions (which i don't have!). I rang the women who will be doing the interview to change my mobile number as it was wrong, i asked her what the interview was for as i had never heard of it. She said "its just to check your getting / on the correct benefits." Since googling i have seen so many stories of the LCO being part of the fraud team, i haven't commited any fraud but its still worrying me as to why I have this interview! I have had an issue with housing benefit that i have been overpaid (roughly £135) which isn't my fault it was my housing associations fault, could it be to do with this? It is sorted now though i went to sort it out last week. I also rang income support to tell them about a part time course i will be doing and i asked what a local compliance interview was and he said its the fraud team!! Sorry for rambling on. Any advice to put my mind at ease would be great, seen as i have to wait just over 2 week!!! Thankyou.
  22. I received a letter from the DWP asking me to come into their office to discuss my housing benefit claim. I have already been through the mill with the council who regularly check my entitlement for HB and I have given them bank statements over the past years. The last request from HB was only two months ago and I gave them what they asked for and got a letter saying everything was OK. This letter from DWP has came as a bit of a shock as I do not claim anything from the jobcentre. What has my housing benefit got to do with the jobcentre?
  23. Hello all Getting worked up and worried over a letter I received from the DWP. It starts with: We need to check your personal information. Dear XXX In order to make sure that you receive the correct amount of benefit, we need to check that the details of your claim are correct and up to date. We have arranged a meeting with you xx March. Why you should attent: Keeping your details up to date ensure that you are getting the correct amount of benefit. 8 out of 10 people come to this meeting. If you can keep this appointment or would like to report a change please call. Then on the back it says: Any ONE of the following forms of id: Passport Driving license Utility Bill Any of the following documents IF you have them: Bank statement ISA Wage Slip Bonds Property or land I own Please note that not attending this meeting your benefit payment could be stopped as we wil not know whether we have the correct details on file to support your claim. ----------- I haven't been asked this before and I've been receiving ESA now for nearly 2 years I think, but I've read some stories about being in a booth with 2 officers who are hostile and really checking people for fraud etc. I suffer with Agoraphobia and I have severe mental health issues BPD and depression. This is really making me panic now.. If this is just a normal routine check and template then great, if anyone could help I would appreciate it. Regards
  24. Hi, I issued a Section 10 notice (Data Protection Act) on a non-credit related matter relating to the processing of inaccurate personal information held about me. The organisation a) failed to respond within the 21 days (upheld by the ICO) and b) when they did eventually respond, have refused to comply with my Section 10. Most grateful for any guidance on next steps - e.g. how I might go about enforcing compliance through the courts, procedurally. And is their failure to respond within the 21-day timeframe actionable, e.g. distress in light of Vidal-Hall v. Google? Many thanks.
  25. I am currently receiving ESA support group which i appealed over a year ago and won. I have recently moved back to my mortgaged home ( it was empty due to pending repossession process), I am currently pregnant but we are not together, we have never been in a long term relationship, he has his own property and doesnt live with me, he will pop in on occassions to check how the pregnancy is coming along, we dont get on and know that being in a long term relationship just for a child would not work. The DWP advised that an allegation has been made that he lives with me and i have to attend in two weeks. Can anyone shed any light on what they will ask me? Thanks in advance
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