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  1. Hi All, I have an old secured loan with Welcome for £7000.00. Since Welcome went bust I've not paid anything (perhaps the odd token payment) and have dodged various DCA's. 2 weeks ago the current DCA holding the account wrote to me to advise that they will no longer rely on the security in my property and will take steps to remove the security from the land registry. This seems like a really odd thing to do but I am highly suspicious? Could they be up to something? Anyone else heard of this? Many thanks, Limelight Bournemouth BTW The account has also disappeared from my credit file (Noddle)
  2. Hi Caggers! I have a friend who is at the end of her tether with Scottish Power. She has a Gas Key for prepayment, however, has not used gas for approximately 6-9 years, possibly longer. This was due to the boiler breaking down and this was the only usage of gas, therefore she only uses electric immersion for the water heating. SP sent an invoice for money owing and after she quizzed them due to none usage they told her it was for X amount of standing charges for the gas meter. The agent for SP told her to ignore the bill due to none usage of gas and therefore she accepted that until she received another demand. Once the next agent told her a different story she requested the gas meter to be removed from her house. This request was made approximately 6+ years ago and was never actioned, until April 2018.Now of course they are demanding the standing charges for the last 6+ years at approximately £465. After numerous calls chasing up the removal and she was always told they were going to send somebody to do the removal. After many years of waiting they now sent her a bill for the entire periods of standing charges, which she disputes as she requested the removal, common sense eh? Now due to the hassle factor she has agreed to pay weekly when she tops up with her Electric Key to stop the hassle, but they do not appear to register these payments against her account as they have now issued a DC to chase her for the 'debt'. Now she contacts SP to inform them she has already made 3 payments to the account which they confirmed, but since then they know nothing of these payments and the DC keeps hassling her. Firstly, can she fight SP to actually cancel this debt in the first place as her request for removal was ignored? Secondly, how can we get this monster of a company to realise her payments already made need to be linked to her 'gas account' although she never buys gas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. regards stuscfc
  3. How horrible can some women be! I had a similar with an ex. She had a credit card on my account. When we split up the card company wouldn't cancel it. They said i had to cut it up and return it to them. One day she called at my house and left the card - so i cut it up and returned it. I even phoned them and told them what i had done, again asking them to stop the card. They refused - "until it arrived". My ex made one call, said the dog had eaten the card and they immediately sent her a new card. Naturally they refused to do anything for me. Ditto the police. I was told by a [removed] that my only option would be to declare myself bankrupt. Moral of the story? Be a woman.
  4. my partner is looking to apply for a mortgage soon I've been helping him look into his credit files etc. I noticed in 2011 he has some AR markers from Vodaphone. He can't, to the best of his knowledge, remember any such arrangement. Account opened: Feb 2009 Account closed: Jan 2015 Account status: Settled/Closed Following dates marked with 'AR': 2011 - Jul, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2012 - Jan Dates thereafter: Feb 2012 to closing of account in Jan 2015 all marked as 'OK'. We've wasted two afternoons trying to get clarification from these jokers. Firstly on live chat, where they said they WOULD remove the AR markers as the account shows as settled (erm, right), but we'd need to call them. Same day called the number they suggested. 2 hours on the phone on hold and getting passed around, won't bore you with the details. Promised call back Tuesday, naturally they didn't call back. today we called back. Again, several hours on the phone - Not passed to credit file support team as requested. Listened to a load of waffle, then told credit file support team now closed anyway. Told will call back tomorrow, will receive a text with details. Haha, did we hell. I'd bet good money they won't call back. with the view of getting these AP markers removed , what would you suggest is a good course of action to take? As it stands, I've just typed up a SAR request which we will send with proof of identity tomorrow. Anyone had experience with this sort of thing? I'm doing my usual trawling of the forum for similar cases. Many thanks, as always.
  5. My late mother had dementia. She was also quite secretive so I knew nothing of this story until just prior to her death. She owned a property and ran up large debts and was sued by the department store's legal dept. They appointed golden boys Restons who succeeded in getting a final charging order on the property in 2012 following a CCJ in 2011. She paid £67 per month until her death last year. The property is in the process of being sold but a lifetime mortgage has to be paid off first. Unfortunately Restons are being tardy in processing relinquishing the charging order but... The value of the debt is greater than the balance of the sale price after the mortgage has been paid off so what happens next? Is it down to Restons whether the charging order is waived at all or can they say no sale thanks? Can they insist that the whole debt is paid first before relinquishing? Does the balance become unsecured debt? Is there any come back on Restons if they refuse to give authority to relinquish the CO. Restons' client doesn't seem to want to know and if you have tried to get in touch with Restons then you'll know it is a total nightmare!
  6. Has anyone had any success in removing closed payday accounts from their credit file? Unfortunately a few years ago I took out these loans and paid them back on time so all good with no defaults or late payments. The problem is they are screwing my credit file just by being there. Thank you.
  7. I'm pretty sure this can be done using the law / courts if necessary - my problem is that I don't know what laws to cite and I don't have the funds to go and see a specialist solicitor.... The story in brief: I had a credit card with MBNA. MBNA (improperly [i believe]) assigned the debt to IDEM in 2012. IDEM and I fell out in 2013 - I stopped paying. We went through the tos and fros of asking them to provide paperwork. They couldn't - they defaulted the debt in December 2013 and (improperly [i believe]) assigned the debt on to Arrow Global at the end of 2015. Arrow Global appointed Shoosmiths solicitors to pester me ... cutting a lot of crap out, I asked for sight of the (last) DEED of assignment citing the Pelias Construction case and Lord Denning's words about an alleged debtor having proof that the person demanding payment has the right to do so and that any payment on his (the debtor's) part would extricate himself from being in debt... About a month ago, they (Shoosmiths) wrote back to me to tell me that they cannot provide any documentation at this point and will be discontinuing all collection activity forthwith. I have since called Shoosmiths to ask whether their client is going to remove the default notice from my CRA file as they know they can't enforce the debt (don't have the paperwork). Cutting to the quick I was told that they believe I owe them the money but just can't prove it and as a result they feel they "have the right to protect other lenders from me".... Clearly leaving default notices littered over my CRA file is very unfair. I feel like I am facing the consequences (at least in part) and treated as though guilty. Arrow Global are not a court - nor are Shoosmiths. If they cannot or will not proceed to court as I have been threatened so often where the question of who owes what to whom could have been addressed and properly adjudicated, HOW DO I GO ABOUT INSISTING THEY REMOVE THE DEFAULT NOTICE? What law(s) can I cite in any letter demanding this be removed / suppressed until proof does come to hand and / or who do I write to in their place and / or how do I get a court order for its removal and if I set about taking them to court, does the onus of "proof" then fall back on me? Any help would be appreciated. FWIW I know that this will have to fall off the end anyway in a couple of years or so - but in the meanwhile, we'd like to move house and having this mark there is preventing us from being able to effectively transfer our mortgage.
  8. I took out an O2 Refresh contract in July. The SIM was never used. I was out of the country in a remote part of the world (I am now back in the UK). I tried to cancel and pay off the contract over the internet/live chat, but this was refused and they told me I had to call them. I called them on three occasions to do this (which was quite problematic due to my location), the outcome was instance 1 my card was declined and then they told me they couldn't retry the payment with a different card because their systems only allow a payment attempt by ANY card once per day instance 2 their systems were not working and they told me to call back instance 3 ditto So I cancelled the direct debits. I emailed them on 23rd October advising of the situation and asking how to pay. They replied in November saying I had already paid off my account. (It appears they used the wrong account (I had a previous contract), even though I included their reference in the email). Subsequently my credit record shows late payments for November and December on both the airtime and device accounts. Having asked them to remove this following paying off their bill, they have said "We have a legal obligation to notify our credit agencies with a true reading of your payment history. We are unable to request that this be amended as this could be seen as falsifying information. "
  9. Hi, First thing is that this is on someone else's behalf so I'm a little vague on exact details. The situation is simple, resolution might not be! Many years ago a lady put her property in joint names. She is still alive, albeit in her 90s and no longer lives there. The co-owner basically haven't been seen, heard from or otherwise around for 10+ years. I am unsure if they have a financial stake (as in paid anything toward) the property, but I believe not. The lady would like this property to go to a different relative instead, or be sold. However as she isn't sole owner she can't. How is this done? Can the missing people just be removed? What is the likely time/cost of this? Is there a better way? Efforts have been made to trace the missing relatives, to no avail. Thanks in advance for advice or pointers in the right direction
  10. Halifax mortgage. never missed payments until last year. my deal allowed for a repayment holiday. went into branch explained in difficulties, was given 3 months 'off'. may, june, july. my situation hadnt improved so then missed August. Saw their field agent [charged for] who took full statement of particulars etc; and i asked for help via interest only option. i made the payment for September. Eventually got letter confirming a reduced payment for oct, nov, dec. i took this for an interest only due to the figure offered. however struggled so hence the reason for Court possession hearing. based on their Court papers and then Witness statement, i have communicated via email with the solicitor stating i dispute the amount claimed [they have included the 3 months holiday and also the full amount rather than interest only amount for the oct-dec]. plus they state they dont know my circumstances etc, yet they have the field agents report, so they were inaccurate in their claim. i also stated that i felt their 3 month interest only offer was short sighted and not dealing with my request for long term help; as discussed with the field agent. additionally i was getting arrears letters and new payment amount letters during the oct-dec [harassment?]. i asked for the arrears to be added onto the mortgage [plenty of equity] and an interest only option for 2 years to allow me time to get back on my feet. they said no. they now say the 3 months holiday was just an 'arrangement' and not a formal payment holiday and the reduced payment was not an interest only option, just a reduced payment arrangement. hence how they have arrived at an arrears figure of c£6k based on the full monthly amounts, where I calculate it at approx £3k based on the holiday and reduced agreed amounts. their own criteria as i have now found out is that they can offer such a facility, interest only, but only if 6 months of full regular payments have been received., and only after another income/expediture provided. i have stated they have one from end august, paid for, and nothing has changed !! hence why i am in this financial position and asking for help. i then asked if i was to make 6 months payment at the full amount, knowing that financially it will be a burden, would i then be allowed to drop to interest only for 2 years and the arrears added onto the term. the response from the solicitors was that they would accept that proposal, but ask for a suspended possession order and also want a full inc/exp before confirming acceptance. BUT for any interest only and arrears consolidation i would have to discuss direct with Halifax.!! [they are on a direct computer link with halifax/BoS]. Additionally in their witness statement they state they have followed protocol to assist blah blah blah, including offering reduced payments and consolidation of arrears. I have replied stating that i am unhappy as there is no guarantee after financially struggling for the 6 months to comply with their own criteria for qualification for an interest only mortgage, they will be any more helpful than at present [words of that effect] due to their lack of flexibility. Also they have NOT offered consolidation of arrears, as they claim, even after my requesting it through my own proposal. Therefore i have advised them that the more sensible proposal is that which i originally asked for, 2yrs interest only with arrears consolidated/added to term., as that is a more financially viable, sensible and sound option and I will be attending Court to reiterate that offer. So.......... if you got this far !!! i have no faith in the court system [even longer story] to the point they make me physically sick but obviously have to go on friday. all my emails were marked without prejudice and i also referred to my right to produce/use as evidence in Court. Tomorrow i will print out [x2] copies of all my emails etc and create my own witness bundle and hand deliver to the Court so that the judge has it on file - i will email copy the solicitors also. If any thoughts or advices as to any case law i can refer to etc etc, i would be grateful for....... sorry so long winded but just decided to share this worry.......... THANKS !!
  11. Not sure where to start with this one. After a period of terrible financial decisions (or more aptly completely ignoring financial issues) after the breakdown of my marriage, I am now trying to tackle my financial situation head on and trying to fix my credit record. I have 3 defaults showing on my account, all to Lowell Group. One is for a debt of £1900 for JD Williams catalogue in 2008. I opened and account and my ex-husband bought a ton of stuff on my account, and like many of his debts to me, didn’t pay it. I had contacted JD Williams back in 2008/9 to explain and try and arrange a repayment plan, however they were unhelpful and it was passed to various DCA’s who I have ignored for years (not wise I know) and it’s been sat with Lowell for some years. From time to time they send fishing letters to my current address in my previous name, telling me how understanding they are and asking me to pay a reduced rate. I have so far ignored these too. They recorded a default on my credit record in Jan 2012 (not sure why so long later). The other 2 are for a mobile phone with Orange, where I cancelled my contract but they disputed I was out of the repayment term and charged me a whacking great amount. I went back and forth for a while then gave up and avoided the DCA letters ever since (2009). The last was for a credit card with Capital One, which I defaulted on – all my own stupid fault. I know I can’t ignore them forever as I really want these defaults off my accounts and to be in a position to apply for a mortgage in 3/4 years. Please can you give me some advice on how best to approach Lowell. I’m aware I’ll have to pay the money back, but do you think there is a way to come to a settlement with them where they’d remove the defaults if I can arrange to pay? Or is there any way to question if the defaults have been added correctly? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi all, I'm getting a bit lost with the huge wall of information available on the site, and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to help me straighten things out. I've had several thousands taken from me in bank charges in the last 7 years (I know you can only claim for the last 6, found that much already!) mostly because the charges themselves have dropped me into an unauthorised overdraft so I've been charged on them too. For the last 3 years I've been on benefits and the charges have kept coming in. I'm not at the point where Lloyds TSBs new charges system is REALLY going to sting me. I was making payments on the overdraft of 10 pound a month and was a few days late paying one month. They put a 15 pound unauthorised overdraft fee on for that, then a further daily charge (I forget how much without checking the paperwork) to go with it. Because those charges were taken there's no way I can bring my account back into the "authorised" overdraft without starving my family! Given the current situations with claims being put on hold while the test case goes through, what options do I have open to me? I'm getting calls from Lloyds TSB now threatening to pass the account off to debt collectors when it wouldn't have been a debt if it wasn't for the stupid new charging system! It's at the point where they'll charge 215 pound a month (15 pound unauthorised overdraft and 10 daily charges of 20 pound)! Thanks for any advice or "direction pointing" anyone can offer, Steve
  13. My girlfriend had a number of debts from 2008 and before. She totally ignored them and didn't know what to do and how to go about addressing any of it. Thanks to some very helpful information from this forum - we sent SARs and got back lots of information in 2012. We decided to "sit tight" with everything and wait things out until they became statute barred. As far as I can tell (having waded through the reems of information sent back) they are statute barred now (no payments made in 6 years +).. .with the last one to become so next month - July 2015. This one is still showing on credit record though (only checked noddle recently) - what do we need to do to get it removed as soon as the 6 years from default date arrives? As soon as this hits 6 years - is it worth signing up to Equifax, Experian, (any others?) and reviewing all information on them and ringing / writing to them all to as accounts are removed if over 6 years? Etc? She also was receiving various demand letters from different debt collection companies from about 2009-2013 and early 2014, but this has all dried up now with nothing recieved in over a year. Is it worth sending some kind of letter to any of the companies now to state that no contact should be made again as debts are all statute barrred , or can this just be left as it is now and all paperwork saved in case of future contact?
  14. Morning all technical bods. For ages now my MSE has detected and quarantined this gem SoftwareBundler:Win32/OneClickDownloader MSE gives me the location of it but for the life of me, I cannot find it Anyone have an idea??
  15. Hi My partner and I are looking into equity release. He is nearly 65 and I am 52. As I am underage they have said that i would need to take my name off the deeds. My question is how expensive is this and how do you go about it Many thanks
  16. This is not an area i have had much experience in so I was hoping that someone maybe able to assist. A friend of mine was a director of a small company (along with 4 other people) and also listed as a tenant on the lease for the shop. She's currently in the process of leaving the buisness and has I belive removed herself as a director of the company and signed over her shares. The only thing that is left is the lease for the shop, as i say there are 4 tenants listed on the lease (being the origional 4 directors) what would be the process for removing her from the lease? as i assume until she is removed she would be liable for the rent, though at the moment she does not have enough money to afford the rent on her bedsit so she would struggle. Any starters for 10 would be greatly appricated. Simon
  17. Hi, I have a default on my file from arrow global of £955. I sent a 'Prove it' letter about 4/5months ago and they responded saying they have no information on me, that they are looking for it but in the mean time they wont pursue me for money and they are not removing the default. trouble is now i cant get any credit at all. Im thinking of paying them a sum for them to completely remove the default. how would i go about this? what sort of offer shall i make them? are they to be trusted not to chase for the remaining amount? has anyone else done this with arrow? sorry for all the questions
  18. A friend received an email that their loan was being written off as per their new lending criteria. They received the following info in their email : What happens next We will automatically clear any outstanding debt you have with us and your balance will be set to zero. This will be done by the end of October 2014. You do not need to do anything. We are working with the relevant credit reference agencies to remove records relating to this loan from your credit report. We expect this will take between three to four weeks to be completed. This will be done automatically and there is no further action required from you. When he checked his credit file today the loan has not been removed but marked settled. This is not what their email says, it clearly say's records should be removed. Anyone else have the same problem?
  19. So i have a family wedding coming up soon. The groom has fallen out with his mum several years ago and does not want her at the wedding. The mum is adamant she is coming to view the ceremony at the church. Is the following i have been told correct? Anyone can come to view the wedding inside the church because its public, you cannot ban or stop anyone entering. The mum cannot be removed unless she makes a scene. In fact if anyone tries to remove her or starts to 'kick off' they can actually get into trouble themselves? Thanks for any help clearing things up and have pity on this usher.
  20. Hi guys, I have been silent reader of the forum and I must say that the shared information/experiences is very helpful indeed. I wonder if anyone could help me with my situation please. I requested my Credit File from Equifax and found 3 default accounts in it which has latterly messed up my rating sadly. I was into financial mess during 2012 and on the top my father’s ill health forced me to abruptly travel to my home country in July 2012 due to which I could not keep track of my finances. 1. Lowell Portfolio Ltd Current Balance: £72, Default/Delinquent Balance: £120 Start Date:01/11/2010, Default Date: 13/04/2012, Date Updated 23/01/2014 Remarks: I have got no clue that what is this default about. This default is totally unrecognized to me and I have never received any sort of letter from this company. What shouldI do in removing this default or to acknowledge them about it? 2. Virgin Media Group Current Balance: £61, Default/Delinquent Balance: £61 Start Date:26/02/2011, Default Date: 24/08/2012, Date Updated 27/09/2012 Remarks: I have used Virgin Media in the past and before leaving the country I rang them amid April 2012 to request the final bill due to 2 month early termination of the contract. But to date I didn’t receive nothing in papers/post from them.Further, I do not have any signed agreement with them as I renewed the contracton phone which expired on my previous address. Regardless, I am happy to pay the amount as it’s not a lot provided that if I could somehow remove default from my file. 3. Lloyds Bank Current Balance: £274, Default/Delinquent Balance: £274 Start Date:06/01/2006, Default Date: 10/05/2012, Date Updated 25/06/2012 Remarks: This is genuine default sadly, and the balance is Overdraft amount which I failed torepay. I am in position of repaying the amount in full in one go but only if I manage to remove the default. Again, as I left the country and my previous address in July, I did not receive any notice from them otherwise I would havehad split the amount to avoid the default. Could anyone kindly assist me a way out in removing these defaults from my file? Cheers.
  21. hi. looking for some help. just had a bit of a harrowing experience. came home to find a person knocking my next dooe neighbours door. i said hello and went into my house. 2 minutes later this chap knocked the door and introduced himself as a baliff from Swift Credit Services working on behalf of The Vale of Glamorgan County Council. He handed my a piece of paper saying that he has secured the debt againt my car outside. And i didnt pay up in full within 5 days they would be taking the car. My car was secured against a previous debt I had with the Vale of Glamorgan previouse which i paid off in full. I must admit at this point. remembering that he had be kniocking my neighbours doors looking for me really started to get my a little upset. I repeated to him that, as i had already explained to one of his colleagues a few days ago, i can only afford £50 a month toward the £419 debt. which that chap flatly refused. This guy pretty much repeated word for word "we have a contract and we cannot accept that amount" like the last guy. So, and maybe i should not have said this, but i said how do you know thats my car? he replied "we have checked its registered in your name". having been lucky enough to have had a company in days gone by i remember that being the registered keeper does not mean you are the owner I replied so you know that having a vehicle do you? and how did you get that information. maybe i am beling naive. i know i owe money but this seems just too far!
  22. Hi All, I am new to this site and first of all i would like to say good work on all the advice that you post its helped me a fair bit! Anyway at the moment i am looking for my first family home and obviously looking at applying for a mortgage. After looking at my credit file i have two defaults in regards to payday loans. One with Wonga and One with Lending Stream. The good news is i have managed to remove my Wonga default! So i've come here to share the e-mail i sent to them to try any help anyone else in the same situation! My E-Mail to Wonga: Mr Dannyboy253 1a Some street Somewhere Big City S99 9XX Wonga.com LTD 3-4 Prince Albert Road London NW1 7SN Date: 21/02/2014 Dear Sir or Madam Loan Agreement Ref - 0000xxxxxxx After recently obtaining a copy of my credit file from Experian I was concerned to note that your company has placed a "Default" notice against my account in my name. It saddens me that you have done this due to myself being a very loyal and good customer with yourselves. Furthermore to this I have no recollection of ever receiving such a notice, and I therefore require you to substantiate this data at your earliest convenience. 1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement under the legislation contained within s.78 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 (s.77 (1) for fixed sum credit). Your obligation also extends to providing a statement of account. 2. You must supply me with a signed true and certified copy of the original default notice 3. Any deed of assignment if the debt was sold on This “Default” is now seriously affecting my chances of obtaining a mortgage for a family home. I have a dependant that is 14 months old and another that is expected in May 2014, this situation is causing my partner and I great cause for concern and upset. We are finding mortgage applications are failing at the early stages and we have been informed it is because of this. In addition we are under extra stress as we are being threatened with eviction from our current accommodation due to overcrowding making this request all the more urgent. I would request that this data is provided to myself within the next 28 days, if you are unable to provide this data then I must insist that it is removed from my files as unsubstantiated. I hope that with me being a very good and loyal customer that you could help me as a gesture of goodwill and remove this. Yours faithfully Mr Dannyboy253 I sent this as an e-mail to them and also as a letter which was sent 1st Class recorded. I reciveve this responce from them today: Dear Dannyboy253, Thanks for your recent correspondence about us reporting your data to the credit reference bureaux. In relation to the default filed by us on, we can advise you we only record accurate and up to date data with the bureaux. We describe our commitment to this in our terms and conditions, and privacy policy. However, we have sent a request to both Call Credit and Experian to remove any default that may be noted on your file with regards to this account and to update your account as settled on 19/10/2011. Please allow 10 days for this to reflect on your credit file. Should you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 08448429109. Kind regards, Escalations Team Wonga.com So obviously i am delighted with this outcome, I just have Lending Stream to sort out now! If it doesnt work the first time for you like it did for me, DON'T GIVE UP! It is possible with persistance! Good Luck!
  23. Hi. I have 2 small debts (from telecoms companies), caused by my own silly oversight at the end of contracts. The Lowell one originally came from o2 (for £42), and I recently settled this in full. The T Mobile £20) one I about to settle, but I am going to use repayment as a leverage for having the default removed. These are rather low amounts, so I was wondering what my chances are of having them removed, by either cajoling or threatening them with legal action if they can't prove the defaults were served correctly. A copy of my letter (I've changed it slightly to suit each instance) is below: As I said in the letter, these are for such small amounts and have an adverse effect on my credit file, when reality I manage to pay debts totalling Circa 15k with very little problem (and I am in fact reducing my debt levels each month). I also read that Lowells routinely removed the entry completely from credit files on full payment. Their letter to may certainly didn't say that, so is this true, or am I going to have to fight to get it removed.
  24. I'm getting all in a muddle. I read its possible then I read the oposite Basically I sent SAR to halifax and egg. Both packs came back and both were missing the defult notices that appear to be the key to success in removing defults My phone call to halifax yesterday suggested she will only send templates and Basically I had terms and conditions so the defult notice wouldn't matter anyway Can you get defults removed or is it pipe dream? They were dated 2010 when I was out of work and too young/inexperienced to know that mistakes made now would cost me so much in future. (Trying to move home) Any help would obviously be amazing and any more details you may need ill add. Thanks gyus
  25. Back in Jan 2010 I had a CCJ made against me by Capquest recoveries, I then paid it off over the course of the year and was settled early in 2011. I'd a lot on my mind at the time so I didn't give this a 2nd thought. Now fast forward to last week I was going over my credit file and this CCJ was the only blip on an somewhat perfect credit report, only 1 late payment in 6 years and that was 5 years ago. I set about finding out about what this judgement was for as debts being statute barred after 6 years(5 years in Scotland) When I phoned Capquest for the breakdown of this debt last week I was told the debt was from an old Clydesdale finance store card account. This had been passed to Capquest recovery in Oct 2004, now.....the CCJ proceedings were raised in Nov 2009 just over 5 years making this debt statute barred. But when i mentioned this to the agent at Capquest a mysterious payment had been made on Jan 2005 so the debt to them was not statute barred. But back in Jan 2005 I was not even in the country i was in Iraq in jan 2005 so how could I have made a payment? I have queried this with Capquest, they tell me they have no details, just that a payment was made. My next step will be to escalate matters with the FOS if no assistance is offered. Regarding the CCJ is there anyway I can remove this? It is settled and has been for some time now, just feel a bit miffed not to have challenged it. I spoke to the court clerk and she said me paying the debt is admitting liability, well I'm not going to have bailiffs bust my door down for not paying am I? Am I right If the debt was statute barred would Capquest have no right in launching proceedings in the first place? I am looking at getting a mortgage later in the year, I do have a mortgage presently but am looking to move to a bigger house as I have another child on the way. My financial advisor reckons the CCJ will have little bearing as it is old and settled but I want to get the best rate possible. Thoughts please...
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