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  1. I have had many loans from high street lenders over the years. I had a bad period in my life a few years ago with a health scare that meant I couldn't work and I got behind on my payments, not however with my mortgage or council tax. I stupidly took out short term loans which as I said previously were all paid on time. But it is a fact that some high street lenders will not consider lending with these showing as they show poor financial management. My credit rating is now fair to good and I'm trying to improve it further hence my original post. So I don't want to discuss my finances further, I just want to know if anyone has actually succeeded in getting the references to these past loans removed before the six years is up. I respectfully ask that you please don't reply to my post unless you can answer my original question.
  2. "no they are not" what? "What's the real reason it's poor" What does this mean?
  3. Has anyone had any success in removing closed payday accounts from their credit file? Unfortunately a few years ago I took out these loans and paid them back on time so all good with no defaults or late payments. The problem is they are screwing my credit file just by being there. Thank you.
  4. I am a member of David Lloyd and unfortunately this clause is in the T&C's. They have just ammended these and sent out a new copy. They also require 3 months notice when leaving. Heaven knows why apart from making life difficult and maximising income.
  5. Can someone enlighten me to the meaning of DCA, CCA etc?
  6. I looked at my experian report today (I subscribe to them through CPP), and my last address that I left in 1995 is still on it. Can I ask for this to be removed?
  7. Lots of 'Settled' accounts does not look good because it doesn' tell potential creditors the full story. If the account is settled or closed they do indeed have to remove the information if asked.
  8. I have just closed my Capital One account and asked them to remove all traces of the account from the CRA's and they agreed to do this. Once the account is closed they have no right to continue to hold information about the account on file. When you sign the acceptance of terms and conditions for the credit card you agree to let them record information about the running of the account with credit reference agencies. When the account is closed then that authority is rescinded.
  9. Brilliant Gary. I will send a reply poste haste. Thanks.
  10. I've just Googled the above phrase. Quantum is just a posh word for amount.
  11. I have recieved this reply today in response to my Part 18 request. The signature is illegible - maybe ir is Inga? What the hell does "quantum of your claim" mean?
  12. I requested Abbey to answer the above questions under part 18 and today they have replied with: We note that by reason of the quantum of you claim, you are not entitled as a matter of right to the information sought. We refer you to the Civil Procedure Rules in this regard. I'm not sure what "quantum of your claim" means and are they right or just fobbing me off?
  13. I have recieved identical letters to ones above. Even the £348 figure is the same! I have thanked them for the first instalment. I have already initiated court proceedings which they were aware of when paying me this money.
  14. I've just read on teletext that Lloyds have won another case. the judge said that the claimant had failed to make an adequate case! Whatever that means.
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