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  1. Sorry lol . . . Sneeze Screens are the protective screens for retail or work environments, here's a pick of them . . .
  2. Hi BankFodder, We produced 5 bespoke sized Sneeze Screens, 1x 1200mm x 700mm and 4x 1600mm x 700mm, the latter being the case in question. They were packed into 4x Parcels, the parcel in question was containing 2x 1600mm x 700mm pieces of shaped 5mm Acrylic material and the 'feet' were in a separate box. The Screens had been hit on the corner, the packaging was ripped off that corner and left the corner exposed, I have pics if required. 6x of the Feet were 'snapped off' again I have pics to help you see what the products are if you like.
  3. Sorry lol . . . i've an acrylic fabricating company making retail/display products out of acrylic and we ship our products around the UK and Ireland and currently use APC for our overnight shipments. As with all carriers there are times of annoyance when things get damaged in transit, on this occasion it was a shipment of sneeze screens which for some reason got split into 2 separate deliveries, 2x the first day and 2x 3 days later, the first parcels arrived perfectly, however the second lot were damaged. My customer sent me pics of the damages and I made a claim towards APC for the cost replacements and free carriage to send them out. I've then received the usual claims form which i completed. They then contact me to say they're really sorry but they don't cover acrylic products in their terms and conditions and promptly had attached the said t&c's with markers to highlight the relevant parts. So that's it in a nutshell . . . up the creek without a paddle or am I? Thanks I must add i'm used to dealing with these claims, 30+ years, and ALL carriers are the same in their processing or should I say the slowing down of the claims process so you give up, but this is the first that i've seen have terms and conditions saying they're not 'covering' the insurance of these products or materials they're made of.
  4. Hi Caggers, My company sends parcels and pallets out on a regular basis, we've recently had another damaged in transit thrown out by APC due to their Terms & Conditions where they state they don't insure Acrylic Products through their network. Therefore they have walked away from our claim, almost £170 at cost to replace the said damaged goods. I've been here before with another carrier and successfully received £300+ back on damages they said they wouldn't pay out on but I had to issue court papers to get it, so a pain for sure . . . that company though didn't have these acrylic bits in their Terms & Conditions so i'm unsure where I stand re APC, any words of wisdom will be gratefully received. Thanks
  5. many thanks for that, i'll get looking into it . . .
  6. Hi Caggers, I have a company which supports the retail sector and acquired a new customer with a good spend. We agreed as a trade supplier to sign their NDA, although we knew who the end customer was as this contract has been around for a while and i've been privvy to it's supply chain for a number of years prior to our new customer's business. However, during the first year's trading we had a disaster which we almost didn't recover from, fortunately with lots of hard work and effort we did, however the damage between our two companies was irrepairable and sadly we parted. Now the last communication with our customer was over 18 months ago and we are looking to have the NDA cancelled as we no longer wish to be bound by its terms etc . . . legally how can we cancel it?
  7. ok, thanks sent that, ofgem were great yesterday and have taken on our case and given us a reference number
  8. Thanks . . . ok ofgem has to be the next step, the replies we have had from the complaint has been incompetent at best, i'm guessing here, it's an overseas department in delhi or such like . . . clearly have no real grasp on English as the replies have been totally bland and non-engaging regarding the content of my complaint.
  9. many thanks ericsbro . . . i'll start with your suggestion with her . . . will be back with an update was the ombudsman link meant to be for Gas Suppliers? or Banks? thanks Stu
  10. Hi Caggers! I have a friend who is at the end of her tether with Scottish Power. She has a Gas Key for prepayment, however, has not used gas for approximately 6-9 years, possibly longer. This was due to the boiler breaking down and this was the only usage of gas, therefore she only uses electric immersion for the water heating. SP sent an invoice for money owing and after she quizzed them due to none usage they told her it was for X amount of standing charges for the gas meter. The agent for SP told her to ignore the bill due to none usage of gas and therefore she accepted that until she received another demand. Once the next agent told her a different story she requested the gas meter to be removed from her house. This request was made approximately 6+ years ago and was never actioned, until April 2018.Now of course they are demanding the standing charges for the last 6+ years at approximately £465. After numerous calls chasing up the removal and she was always told they were going to send somebody to do the removal. After many years of waiting they now sent her a bill for the entire periods of standing charges, which she disputes as she requested the removal, common sense eh? Now due to the hassle factor she has agreed to pay weekly when she tops up with her Electric Key to stop the hassle, but they do not appear to register these payments against her account as they have now issued a DC to chase her for the 'debt'. Now she contacts SP to inform them she has already made 3 payments to the account which they confirmed, but since then they know nothing of these payments and the DC keeps hassling her. Firstly, can she fight SP to actually cancel this debt in the first place as her request for removal was ignored? Secondly, how can we get this monster of a company to realise her payments already made need to be linked to her 'gas account' although she never buys gas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. regards stuscfc
  11. previously the police just said it was nuisance calls and of course wouldn't get involved, now things have progressed to racial abuse i'm pushing for them to make it a criminal enquiry . . . not all of the calls are racially abusive but it only takes one . . . these poor people are just simple folk working under intense volume pressures to serve our local community. The police visit for statements is tomorrow and i'll hopefully get down there to help push it along for action instead of blah, blah, blah . . . just wanting to know if the truecall device would actually reveal any masked telephone numbers? or reveal withheld numbers?
  12. great read this thread, i've got friends who have a chinese restaurant and are having no end of trouble with idiots thinking it's funny to ring 100+ times a day to take the micky out of their restaurant name . . . clearly the problem is the genuine customers that call for take aways etc, will this device be easy enough for them to sort their problem out? we have contacted the police, bt and i'm going to speak to ofcom to see what help they can provide . . .
  13. without naming them on here, they have had their signage doctored in photoshop to say a rude word and of course with social media these days it's gone round like wildfire . . . this has now been going on for over a year, police do jack and it did die down but has now resurrected itself and they are getting like 100 calls during service which is 5pm til midnight . . . The numbers they log are false, i've spoken to the police and they're coming to interview them tomorrow, they've checked the numbers and confirmed they are incorrect so they must be masking them via some internet site or something i'm guessing? So the question I have to you all is, what can my friends do to cut through the masking to find the correct numbers and then of course pass on to the police? i'm speaking to BT to see what they are able to do as they are a BT customer . . . and finally the telephone intercepting device that CAG has promoted on here would that expose the correct number if they withhold it or mask it? thanks in advance guys, my friends are really at the end of their tether . . .
  14. i'm guessing it's the warrant they're wanting to serve me, this is a letter saying 'don't ignore' etc from the court and tribunal service . . .
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