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  1. Any help would greatly be appreciated. 1 Date of the infringement - 16/10/18 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] - 21/11/18 3 Date received - 23/11/18 (via email from the company I lease car from.) 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] N 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes number plate & time stamp of entry/exit 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up your appeal] N Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up N 7 Who is the parking company? Par
  2. Hi all, I'm giving myself brain ache with this so I hope someone can help me out? Long (looooooooooong!) story short, my Aunt leased a retirement bungalow in 2011 from a company called Anchor. She paid a monthly service charge which went up every year. Sadly she passed away in June 2016, but the property only sold a few months ago. When my Mum, as the co-executor with her [utterly useless] brother, got the Statement of Account from the solicitor (who has NOT acted on her behalf in any way, shape or form) we noticed they'd paid Anchor almost £8,500.00 for a "Sink
  3. Hi there, I have recently left a rented business property and paid my rent up to date. The landlord has since complained that I had not left the property in a good state of repair, a claim I strongly dispute. The lease expired several years ago and I never received another one. The LL has now produced an amendment to the lease, which I never saw or signed, but even that has expired by more than one year. The property has been re let but the LL has now sent me a demand for several thousand pounds for restoration work and a surveyors report. I have had threatening letters from a solic
  4. Hi Everyone, Mt friend has asked me for some advice, I used to post of here in the past but as I am a little out of touch I thought it best to ask you guys. He has a small business in the event industry and now the season is over in the next 4 months he is going to struggle to pay 2 agreements he has. The first is a Finance Lease agreement and the second is a Hire Agreement (where you keep the goods at the end for one further payment. The first one , the Finance Lease is with Armada Investments for approx 1K a month and the second the Hire Agreement with 1pm ltd for £500 a
  5. Is it legal, for council run car parks, to lease some of their bays? I have been using a particular car park; 30 years plus. It has six levels. First level has a row of bays painted pink [nice] for 'Handicapped' & 'Parents with children.' All the other bays are painted blue. Rightly or, wrongly, this colour has been considered for the use of all others It is a pay & display. It was busy. I drove up to the fifth level. All the bays were blue. It was 80 per cent full. Saw a bay and reversed in. Bought a ticket - onto windscreen. When I returned, there was
  6. I have a problem "landlord" The lease is a 3 year lease with no break clauses The"Landlord" who showed us the property and prepared the lease is not the landlord and in fact an "agent" The "Agent" has signed the lease as the landlord and not on behalf or any words to that effect I have checked the land registry and indeed the landlord is somebody else who lives in another country. He recently took us to the small claims court and lost - the claim was struck out due to the poor setting out of the claim. I feel he will try and take us to court again. He claimed that we owed him 10
  7. I own a retirement flat. I decided to extend the lease, prior to selling. I contacted the lease company (a large organisation) and agreed price + costs for the lease extension. They appointed their solicitor to extend the lease. The lease he produced was sent by my solicitor to the Land Registry for registering - they returned it saying there were errors in the drafting. Both my solicitor and I have contacted the solicitor asking for it to be corrected. He has refused, saying "he knows how to do a lease extension" and that he will not correct it as the Land Registry requires. So th
  8. Hi I have a 15 year lease which states 'This lease creates a new tenancy for the purposes of the Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995 That is registered with the land registry Do I have a right to renew ?
  9. Hi, Luckily I've not had to use this site for quite some time, however I can't find any advice on this anywhere so I'm hoping I can count on this site again to shed some light on something. I have a personal lease vehicle, for which I get a car allowance from my work as I need to travel for my job. I'm an account manager so being at customers reliably is a must so I chose a decent reliable vehicle. A Skoda Octavia VRS Estate, which has been great up till this week. I have kept the car serviced as per the manufacturers instructions as I took the full service, maintenance and tyre
  10. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about longterm parking leaseholds? We have just bought a house which owns a carpark on 999yr lease to a man who lived next door and has died. The lease was refused to be transferred to the new house owner when they moved in a few years ago, yet they park here and have the carpark registered in their name, even though they were denied permission to transfer the lease into their name- is this legal? The lady who lived here before us was elderly and did not drive, she was taken advantage of by the sound of it. Can I cancel a lease
  11. Good morning all, My ex and my three school age children are coming to the end of their rental lease on December 1 and want to stay in the property. I provide maintenance and she is on benefits including housing benefits although according to her these have been cut some months ago.(she has been on housing benefit for the last 18 months)...She made an arrangement with the landlords agents to pay a three month 'buffer' when she moved into the property 18 months ago...Unfortunately my income dried up three months ago and the buffer has been used over the those three months and the landlord
  12. Hi all, It's my first post on the forum. A very good friend of mine has got into some difficulty in paying his mortgage. He obviously has been searching the net on what he can do so as not to lose the property if it comes to that. He has been reading up on lease options and although it all seems legit and genuine, has anybody actually done this and come out the other side smiling. All opinions welcome.
  13. I have a portfolio of a few properties and submit self assessment for UK property income. I have a leased car which I use mostly but not exclusively for business (visiting properties / maintenance etc.). Can I claim the cost of lease (proportion that I use for business) & fuel under box 29 (Other Expenses) in the self assessment form?
  14. Hi Not been back on this website for a good couple of years (which is obviously a good thing) but recently encountered an issue which has\will threaten to undo all the good work of getting all blemishes issue's of my Credit history... I have a perfect credit score for the past 4-5 years till today. I had a lease car for 3 years (Banque PSA Finance), no payments missed including the last payment, when the car was returned that there was excess mileage and damage to an alloy....for which they then forwarded me an invoiced ..which I assumed could not be added onto the end Agreement an
  15. I am trying to get a hold of the lease hold information of a property. I want to know what they have to pay in ground rent, what rules they have to follow, what they can and cannot do as terms of the leasehold. Another forum told me to send an OC2 form to the land registry. But I dont see anything about a lease on what was sent back. Is the following documents the right ones they should of sent me?
  16. If i buy a leasehold property what am i liable for apart from the annual service charge and if the previous lease holder did not pay his fees am i liable for them ?
  17. My Partner has rents out a small flat the previous tenant stopped paying rent for the last three months and did not vacate the flat until a Court Order was issued. The tenant overstayed by over two months from the end of the lease on top of being well out of pocket on the let, the Estate Agents are asking for another £400 for their fee because the tenant stayed on longer! They know the tenant did not pay, they know about the Court Order so to try and stick on an extra cost when the tenant was not wanted plus the loss of earnings my Partner in
  18. Hello, please can someone help me. The freeholder of my flat pursued me for unpaid service charges through small claims at the county court. I settled the first charge with at the court as a gesture to try and get things sorted. I was also under a lot of pressure has a family member had just passed away. The second charge was more substantial and included major works. This was transferred to the LVT. The LVT ruled that the service charges were not currently payable because the freeholder hadn't fully complied with Section 47 of the LTA 1987. However, they also said that i would have
  19. My office was given notice to end my lease after 12years. The reason: the landlord needs the property and will not renew. The building was residential, unknown to me at the time of my occupation that the tenants were squatters they occupy 17 of the 18 flats and had been there for over 30years. I am the legitimate tenant. Few months after I started my business the squatter started to make my life a hell and make my business in operational. I complained to the landlord the reply was I must be quiet as they did not want to raise a long time problem. Several complaints were made abou
  20. My company obtained a new property in April 2015. It was agreed that we would have a rent-free period as we required to carry out substantial renovations before we could make use of the property. The property had been empty for approximately 10 years. The landlord is now pushing us to sign the lease. The terms of the lease are very unfavourable to us and we are being denied access to parts of the common business park that are essential to our business and the main reason that we moved here. We have not yet started paying any rent as we are still in the rent-free period. The lease is supposed t
  21. Basically I signed (with a friend) a lease for a 2 bed property in London through a well known letting agent. The Landlord had agreed etc, I paid a £500 deposit, had references checked from my current landlord and employer. Everything was approved, then we ring up today to ask about signing the real contract and were told the landlord was pulling out because apparently he/she found damp and is selling the property. (My guess is he/she found someone willing to pay higher outside of the letting agent), can't know for sure. This obviously leaves me and my friend in a sticky situ
  22. Afternoon, I purchased a car on a lease to buy from a company based in Scotland, I have never missed a payment until now the very last payment, The arrange was 30 monthly payments to which 29 have been repaid. The last payment and admin fee are over due by 3 weeks and they are calling myself and my mum & dad, sister. I have explained in writing the full balance will be repaid on 28 August. However they said they will visit my home address to discuss the matter, on another point as they have the spare key can they remove the car ? As I have
  23. I'm hoping someone can help as i've gone through google and can't find an answer to my problem. I have a car on lease (2 years) which was delivered in november 2014, this has only done 3000 miles due to my problem. The TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) was leaking meaning the tyre would go flat overnight (valve leaking). The valves at the time (april 2015) were on back order for 2 months with Ford so the dealer fitted a rubber valve which worked but kept the dash warning lights on. Several weeks later the new tpms came into stock so the dealer fitted a new 1 - this lasted a
  24. I have a shared ownership lease with a housing association. We have a solar system that heats the water.there is no maintenance provision in the lease at the moment. Can the housing association add this now ?
  25. This is not an area i have had much experience in so I was hoping that someone maybe able to assist. A friend of mine was a director of a small company (along with 4 other people) and also listed as a tenant on the lease for the shop. She's currently in the process of leaving the buisness and has I belive removed herself as a director of the company and signed over her shares. The only thing that is left is the lease for the shop, as i say there are 4 tenants listed on the lease (being the origional 4 directors) what would be the process for removing her from the lease? as i assume u
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