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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I had a large number of improperly executed credit card agreements which I had been paying for 20 years. After advice from CAG I decided not to make the remaining payments and they are all now statute barred. Due to the length of the time I had the cards their will have been PPI payments made but... 1) Some credit cards were paid in full before I got into financial difficulty many years ago which I don't have records for. 2) Some accepted full and final settlement payments to clear the account, 3) Some accepted a final payment and marked as partially satisfied 4) Some would not negotiate and I had no money left so they were not paid anything Which of the above can I reclaim PPI for Thanks
  2. Hi there, I have recently left a rented business property and paid my rent up to date. The landlord has since complained that I had not left the property in a good state of repair, a claim I strongly dispute. The lease expired several years ago and I never received another one. The LL has now produced an amendment to the lease, which I never saw or signed, but even that has expired by more than one year. The property has been re let but the LL has now sent me a demand for several thousand pounds for restoration work and a surveyors report. I have had threatening letters from a solicitor but as of yet no court papers, should I be worried? Many thanks for any help. tibar
  3. 6.30 am - knock at door. Look through window. Evident bailiff. 6.35am - once he was off my front garden went out and spoke to him. Seeking my ex partner from August 2016. 6.45am - provided driving licence from inside house, my car was clamped. 6.50am - my car was now clamped for a fine that had nothing to do with me and not my name on the court warrant. 6.55am - I remained calm and was told on presenting my identification to take my ugly mug back inside 8.30 - phoned authority who's parking services team advised me no discussion until full payment is made I said I am not xxx xxx their response..... your card number is 9.00 - phoned courts to file a complaint advised speak to authority. 9.10-11.30am spoke to Andrew James who refused to speak to me as I was not named on the warrant yet they had my car clamped. Spoke to authority who failed to take action swiftly. 12.30 N16a injunction application filed at court and served on authority and Andrew James 1.10pm the clamp was being removed followed by a grovelling telephone call from the parking services director in the authority. Advice needed for next steps for this unlawful action and claiming lost working hours and damages for public embarrassment
  4. Hi All Summary: - I've had an agreement set up for 12 months with no issues from a debt. - Visited on 3rd August 2016 while on holiday by a HCEO, no 7 day warning in writing. Asked confidential questions to my neighbour - Visited again last Friday 12th at 06:45 am, again no 7 day warning in writing - He showed no ID, I let him in to stop any embarrassment and to genuinely sort out some confusion as a payment plan has been in place for over 12 months with no issues. - Outstanding amount before entry was £358 (oringal writ amount £2305.56), he demanded £1483.11 - Gave me no opportunity to speak with anybody from the claimants office - Served a writ - I didn't read it properly as I was in a panic with my daughter in the house - I had 1 option to pay in full, without hesitation and with no inventory made he grabs my car keys - We panic and pay the full amount £1483.11 with a credit card He leaves, leaving a trail of utter despair and emotional distress. I called the relevant parties at 09:00 the same day, the HCEO office decides to refund me £970 within 1 hour (when I mentioned the writ below) - Saying 'we dropped the ball' (the claimant and HCEO had no communication or understanding of my debt and the actual correct figures owed) From researching the past 3 days: - The writ was dated 28th May 2015 (expired) I never checked it. I've called the court who issued it and they confirmed it expired and was never renewed. - The actual HCEO who attended seemingly has no certificate according to the register I have made a formal complaint in writing but wanted to know if there is any consequence for a HCEO enforcing an expired writ? Also when a HCEO has no certificate? ...Can I take action? Appreciate any guidance. Thanks, garynansome
  5. Can anyone help? I have some large credit card debts on about 5 cards. I have sent a standard letter asking for a copy of the CCA and had replies back but some seem a bit dodgy. I'm no expert sp I joined the forum to see if there is any help here for me. Do I tell them that I dont think they have complied with what I asked for and put the account in dispute and pay the £10 for the SAR? Are they legally entitled to chase me for payments while the account is in dispute? I can post documents if anyone wants to have a look. Cheers
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